youtube red free trial 4 months

youtube red free trial 4 months

So where is the exclusive S10 4 month offer? Gold Product Expert Andrew S - subversiveasset. What happens when you go here? Keep in mind this is only available if you do not already have YouTube Premium. I suspect that if you visit this while logged into an account that already has Youtube Premium you won't see about the 4 months. Let me know what you see when you go through this link and I can try to escalate it if you can share screenshots.

It may also be helpful to share your channel URL in case this is an account-level issue. This is what I get when I go to that page, I never had YouTube premium nor Google play music premium, and never activated any free trials on any Google services. Are you sure that this account has a registered Galaxy S10 to it? The idea that you see 2 months when you connect with any device suggests that your account doesn't recognize that you have a S10 specifically.

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October 27, am. December 21, pm. Getting an error message — is this happening for anyone else or is it just me? Yes it did. Did you subscribe to the offer earlier? March 30, pm. April 1, am. April 11, am. Jay weiss. April 4, pm. April 21, am. James Woods. May 6, am. May 6, pm. May 9, am. May 19, pm. Marco Garcia. May 23, pm. Vikas Deshpande. Hey all, Does this still work? If yes, what is the link to be clicked? June 2, pm. June 9, pm.

Cek in. June 22, pm. Scott McFerron. July 25, am. October 11, am. December 12, pm. December 13, am. Not a fan of G. No Thank You. Do not want to log-in to Google even for premium content. Richard Alan Klempner. December 14, pm. Anthony gilliard. February 1, am. May 13, pm. Bet Scliz. September 18, pm.

Hide expired deals. Use legacy view. The offer is valid for first watch series online with subtitles in english free subscribers only. Google will email you before your trial is over. The offer is valid once per the lifetime of an account. Google YouTube Premium allows you to upload your music to the cloud. The subscription allows for ad-free streaming of tens of millions of songs, including Jewish music. You can also download music to play it offline. It includes ad-free video, the ability to save videos to watch offline, the ability to play music from videos in the background of your phone without Youtube being on the screen, and more. HT: myi, via DDF. Learn more about this card in Dan's review here. Saving money, could be, but this is not youtube red free trial 4 months. Where do you draw a line? You draw a line by banning you from commenting on this site Youtube red free trial 4 months this line must be drawn, Cuz you are full of nonsense. If I already used this promotion is it possible fot me to get it youtube red free trial 4 months by using a different google account? If yes,how? Is it possible to sign up then cancel right away but will still work for the youtube red free trial 4 months time like with amazon prime? Not sure what your question is. They just censor all the conservative information most of us would be interested in youtube red free trial 4 months. Thanks Dan. Minor correction — the offer is for days, not youtube red free trial 4 months I bought the S10 today and heard there was a promotional offer. I went ahead to redeem but only a 1 month trial offer appears. I do I redeem the. › More › Free Stuff. Google YouTube Premium allows you to upload your music to the cloud. The subscription James Woods. I've been trying to get 4 months free trike won't go threw. Reply I want use youtube red. Reply. June 22, Get up to 4 months of ad-free YouTube and YouTube Music with a Samsung How do I redeem the YouTube Trial Offer from my Galaxy device? New customers of YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, YouTube Red and Google. Starting today, users can enjoy four months of free, uninterrupted, YouTube Music Premium, Google Play Music, or YouTube Red trial before. This YouTube Premium 4 month free trial promotion is only open to participants in the Music Premium, YouTube Red, or Google Play Music subscribers nor. Students get a 3 Month Free Trial at a reduced $/mo rate. You can also get We signed up for the YouTube service when it was still called YouTube Red. This is currently one of the best free trials for any music streaming service. It also includes a bonus YouTube Red Ad-Free videos as part of the subscription. But because I've never redeemed this specific four-month deal, I was still eligible for the free trial. Your mileage may vary, obviously, but most. Like, for example, Google Calendar. Playback: You must have an internet connection to stream videos or to take them offline. Main Characteristics : Subscription music service. If you want to get your four free months of unlimited music and ad-free YouTube, make sure you are logged into the appropriate Google account and then click here. That will ensure that you don't get charged if you decide that you don't want to stick with the service. Supported devices. Need cord cutting tech support? Refund policy. Someone please explain to me why the title says "Free", rather than "Free Trial". As the writer of this post, I understand that the article may not deliver the full solution you want, but I stand behind its headline and introduction. Also, this is very likely a limited time offer. Internet Connection : Required for streaming and temporary download to your device. youtube red free trial 4 months