watch thirteen reasons why online free

watch thirteen reasons why online free

Chloe calls out Bryce. Porter feels remorseful. Jessica connects with Mrs. Justin works to manage sobriety. Marcus is blackmailed. Clay makes testimony about an intimate moment. Zach's discovery shocks everyone. Justin appears. Baker read Hannah's poems; Alex tries to remember the past; Tyler and Cyrus are odd. Marcus lies to clear his honor. Clay tries to figure out where the Polaroids were taken.

Justin shows up at school. Zach's revelation about Hannah takes everyone by surprise. Alex blows up at Bryce. Someone blackmails Marcus. Clay testifies about a night he and Hannah spent together. Jessica experiences a flashback.

When Hannah's parents come under scrutiny, Jessica reaches out to Mrs. Justin struggles to stay clean. Clay reconnects with Skye. Tyler goes out with Cyrus's sister.

Chloe confronts Bryce about the tapes. Jess wonders if she's ready to date again. Porter wrestles with regret. Tony opens up about his past. Sheri devises a plan to get into the clubhouse. Porter tries to help Justin. Zach and Bryce butt heads. Chaos erupts at school in the aftermath of Bryce's testimony. Jessica tells Chloe about the clubhouse. Alex's memories come rushing back.

Threats against Clay and the others escalate. Tyler faces disciplinary action. Justin testifies about Bryce, putting his own future at risk. One month later, Hannah's loved ones celebrate her life and find comfort in each other. Meanwhile, a brutal assault pushes one student over the edge.

Months after the Spring Fling, Liberty High is hit with a new shock when Bryce Walker is murdered the night of homecoming The cops question Clay about Bryce's disappearance. Clay remembers the aftermath of Spring Fling, when he raced to cover Tyler's tracks and met Ani. After learning about Chloe's pregnancy, Clay and Ani pay her a visit. Chloe recalls how she leaned on Zach for support -- and that Bryce never knew. As the police investigation sets the school on edge, Ani remembers that Jessica confronted Bryce.

Growing suspicious of Jess, Ani and Clay follow her. After Tyler admits he still has a gun, the group keeps tabs on him at school. But their worry deepens when they learn he had a motive to kill Bryce. The police search the school after finding steroids in Bryce's car. Alex remembers how Bryce supported Alex after Jessica dumped him.

The police bring in Tony for questioning. At Bryce's funeral, Ani uncovers two damning secrets. The police interrogate Justin and Clay about the night Clay pulled a gun on Bryce. Clay discovers that Ani and Bryce's bond ran deeper than he realized.

Porter interviews students about Clay, who pleads his innocence to Mrs. Learning Porter counseled Bryce, Clay and Ani question his motives. The cops name Clay as a person of interest in the murder. Ani catches Justin in a lie after learning Bryce bailed him out of a dangerous situation. Hannah's mother returns to town.

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