virtual families 3 free download full version is one of the poorest countries in the world. With the help of a doctor and my good mate Jane Watch prison channel 4 online free, they each learn what is wrong with their diet, what's likely to happen to them if they don't take action and, most importantly, watch prison channel 4 online free action they can take to improve their diets. Talking Watch prison channel 4 online free music set to contemporary video. After all, it was just weeks since the historical change in warfare — when the Germans used chlorine gas for the first time against the Allies.">

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watch prison channel 4 online free

Miraculously, by the end of his life, he was a respected head of state - not that this cramped his style. Compilation programme featuring classic TV moments in music history including certain performances, interviews, and controversial appearances.

The Secret History of Hacking is a documentary film that focuses on phreaking, computer hacking and social engineering occurring from the s through to the s. Archive footage concerning the subject matter and computer generated graphical imagery specifically created for the film are voiced over with narrative audio commentary, intermixed with commentary from people who in one way or another have been closely involved in these matters.

The film starts by reviewing the concept and the early days of phreaking, featuring anecdotes of phreaking experiences often involving the use of a blue box recounted by John Draper and Denny Teresi. By way of commentary from Steve Wozniak, the film progresses from phreaking to computer hobbyist hacking including anecdotal experiences of the Homebrew Computer Club on to computer security hacking, noting differences between the latter 2 forms of hacking in the process.

The featured computer security hacking and social engineering stories and anecdotes predominately concern experiences involving Kevin Mitnick. The film also deals with how society's and notably law enforcement's fear of hacking has increased over time due to media attention of hacking by way of the film WarGames as well as journalistic reporting on actual hackers combined with society's further increase in adoption of and subsequent reliance on computing and communication networks.

This dramatic story of Britain's worst-ever terrorist conspiracy explores a shadowy world of subterfuge, spying and surveillance, as it examines Guys Fawke's plot to kill King James. Imagine a storm big enough to swallow the Earth, with mph winds that could smash our cities to rubble and keep on raging for years, after all signs of life had disappeared.

Imagine an unstoppable, mile-high wall of choking dust and sand, devouring the Earth at half the speed of sound, until every square foot of land was sandblasted to oblivion.

Imagine lightning bolts exploding with the energy of atomic blasts. And imagine a rain of deadly radiation ripping our atmosphere apart, until all life was extinct.

Learn more about the relationship between Nazi Germany and women, as we explore the role of females in Adolf Hitler's life and the part women played as supporters of the Nazi cause. Sometimes filmmakers latch onto a subject so unexpected and fascinating that all by itself the raw material inherently is totally engrossing. Such is the case with Television Under the Swastika , an incredible documentary about the medium's development under Nazi Germany from The only thing working against it is its brevity: 52 short minutes.

I would have enjoyed something three times as long. Hard hitting documentary about an English girl trying to break into the American pornography industry to support her daughter. Leo Regan follows his friend, photographer Lanre Fehintola, as he tries to go cold turkey detox from heroin in his council flat and without medication. Documentary looking at the design and layout of the World Trade Center twin towers and considering the reasons why they both collapsed so quickly after terrorists flew two aeroplanes into them on September 11 Includes input from engineers and those who designed and built the towers.

Napoleon's dreams of enduring empire were finally extinguished in a muddy field in Belgium, an anonymous piece of farmland that we now call Waterloo. This documentary analyses the significance of Waterloo in the context of Napoleon's life, his personality, his political career, and his military capacity.

It clarifies the facts and the forces that led to the great confrontation between Napoleon and Wellington on Sunday, June 18th, , in the battle that engaged , combatants in an area less than two miles square, and left 50, dead or dying. Why would animals be gay? How do you define gay sexual behaviour? And how do you spot it in animals? This wry documentary asks if there has been a conspiracy to keep the truth about gay animals secret.

From swans engaging in threesomes to chimpanzees that swing both ways, Scott travels across the globe meeting en-route the college professor funded by the US government to research the genetic make-up of gay sheep, and a recently divorced woman whose husband was so convinced his dog was gay he allegedly beat him to death with a vacuum cleaner. Queen Cleopatra of Egypt was the greatest female ruler of the ancient world. While doubts have been raised about her mythical beauty, few question her ability to charm.

Her intelligence and resourcefulness won the hearts and minds of Rome's most powerful men: first Julius Caesar and then Marc Anthony. This programme takes an in-depth look at Cleopatra's adult life, from her seduction of Caesar to her dramatic end, using the testimony of ancient historians and contributions from Egyptologists and historical experts.

In May the rumour that the Germans had crucified an unidentified Canadian Sergeant near Ypres, Belgium swept around the world. Was it propaganda? Was it a myth of the trenches? After all, it was just weeks since the historical change in warfare — when the Germans used chlorine gas for the first time against the Allies. In , few questioned it and The Crucified Soldier swiftly became headline news. After the war, the German government suggested that the story was libelous and demanded an investigation.

And as time has passed, reports of German war atrocities in two other Belgian towns have surfaced. With these reports came a rekindled interest in The Crucified Soldier.

This one-hour documentary delves into the history of The Crucified Soldier. Belgium and British WWI survivors recall their terror and interviews with experts and historians from Oxford, Cambridge and London explain how this type of atrocity story can take over. In recent years, astronomers have been caught up in one of the most exciting scientific quests - to find new planets around distant stars. Planets from Hell tells the story of these hostile new worlds that have been discovered and explores the tantalising possibility of one day finding a planet like Earth.

A look at how our solar system is teeming with thousands of asteroids and comets. While an impact would be catastrophic for human life, it is now thought these mini-worlds played a vital part in kick-starting life on our planet. Following NASA's successful landing of a probe on an asteroid, these mysterious objects are now yielding their secrets.

Cosmologists answer questions about the shape and size of the cosmos, and how, by decoding radiation from the dawn of time - 15 billion years ago - they can discover the limits and the ultimate destiny of the Universe. It was the sport of Emperors and it was the only sport that really mattered, its dangerous blood and guts appeal far outshining gladiatorial contests. Chariot racing was exported all over the Empire and summed up what it meant to be Roman.

Modern perceptions of chariot racing are mostly inspired by films like Ben Hur - spectacular but wildly inaccurate. Now for the first time in years a race is recreated just as it would have been as four hopefuls, two Britons and two Americans, volunteer to become charioteers under the watchful eye of expert trainer Tony Smart. The documentary follows our charioteers right through their training to the big day itself, providing a glimpse into the lives of ancient charioteers.

It also examines the universal popularity and factionalism of the sport and how Roman politicians sponsored it as a means of furthering their careers. Using historically accurate reconstructions of chariots in a specially built racing 'circus' in Spain, the four contestants pit themselves against ancient technology and each other to see who will have the physical strength and courage to emerge as the winner. In June Britain's clown prince of comedy, Ken Dodd, was charged with 11 counts of tax evasion.

Through five captivating weeks two opposing portraits of the Liverpudlian comedian were presented in court. The prosecution claimed Dodd was a calculating cheat whilst the defence argued he was an unreliable eccentric who led a chaotic life and was bad at maths.

The full story of Jonathan King is pieced together by Jon Ronson, through interviews with his friends, the police and his victims. Taking us through his life and career, Ronson tells the story of the pop impresario who, in the s and '80s, preyed upon teenage boys, using his fame and his money to lure them into having sex with him.

This is also the story of King's exploits at the now infamous Walton Hop disco, where he and others picked up impressionable youngsters. Hell on Earth is an hour-long documentary presented by Mark Kermode. It's about Ken Russell's film, The Devils which is one of the most controversial films ever made. Also included are scenes that were cut from the released film for being too controversial.

Documentary charting the Derek and Clive phenomenon. The two foul-mouthed toilet attendants were the creations of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore and were responsible for some of the filthiest comedy to come out of Britain. Despite being banned from radio and television the duo achieved great success and a cult status, but the act broke up one of the greatest comedy partnerships of recent years.

Featuring excerpts from the actual records and video footage of Cook and Moore. Freddie Mercury and Kenny Everett were among Britain's most flamboyant, outrageous and best-loved entertainers. For nearly 15 years, the lead singer of Queen and the zany radio DJ and television comedian found their lives and destinies intertwined. Meeting in on Kenny's radio show the pair instantly hit it off. While Kenny was able to assist Freddie's career by plugging Bohemian Rhapsody to enormous success, Freddie encouraged Kenny to be at ease with his sexuality.

This documentary examines the friendship between these two unique men and how the excess of shared parties, drugs and promiscuous sex destroyed their friendship and their lives. Sex BC is a documentary, dramatised in part, in which the sexual behaviours of prehistoric peoples is brought out of the closet, so to speak. From the Ice age to the early Greek civilisations this program shows how sex has not always been the taboo subject it is today, indeed in Ancient Egyptian times sex was a religious requirement.

Fertility was all. This documentary is not at all "smutty" with the subject material being handled in an intelligent and educational fashion. For many men big has always meant beautiful. Most simply take pleasure from an amply curved woman, and a host of specialist clubs and internet sites cater to the tastes of Fat Admirers. But a bizarre sub-culture is taking things to dangerous extremes. So-called Feeders are accused of behaviour that crosses the boundary from consent to abuse.

These men aren't satisfied with a merely big partner, but encourage and even coerce them to gain weight to the point where the women become immobile and risk their lives. Fat Girls and Feeders features interviews with men and women for whom feeding has become an obsession.

David Hahn in the mid-nineties was a teenage boy scout working towards his merit badges. One badge in particular, the Atomic Energy Merit Badge, caught his imagination when it required him to make a model of a nuclear reactor out of cotton buds etc. David went further and sought out household sources of the materials he would need to make his reactor. Here he talks us through what he did and the surprising results he got. Based on Norberg's much celebrated book "In Defense of Global Capitalism," this film shows his view of the impact of globalisation, and the consequences of its absence.

Norberg travels to countries like Taiwan, Vietnam and Kenya promoting ideas of global capitalism and attempting to prove why he feels protestors entering the anti-globalisation movement are ignorant and dangerously wrong. Investigation into how former mental patient Robert Kleasen was convicted of a double murder in that echoed the events of the horror film, only to be reprieved on a technicality after just a few years in prison. Kleasen, who has since died of suspected heart failure, was accused again when new evidence came to light 26 years later.

A wry documentary account of properties in the UK in which brutal murders have taken place and the people who have bought them and live in them. Biography of Prince George, Duke of Kent, the controversial uncle of the Queen, who became the source of scandals during the s involving The German Nazi Party, homosexual tendencies and conspiracy theories about his death. Profile of Richard Seaman, a British racing driver of the s, who despite winning the Berlin Grand Prix, has been largely written out of history books for his decision to drive for Nazi Germany's Mercedes team.

On 31st May , the largest naval battle in history was fought in the North Sea of the Danish and Norwegian coasts. The documentary follows an international team of divers and historians as they set out to explore the wrecks of Dreadnought battleships sunk during the battle.

Ancient Rome, it has oft been said, pioneered bizarre sexual proclivities, but even Caligula never thought to slake his notorious carnal desires with a cantaloupe. Besides, he lacked a microwave. The Scot appeared with his face obscured, in case his identity should reveal that of the melon.

His tale began when, fearful his "partner" might be cold and indifferent, he decided to warm it up - not with a massage or foreplay, but by putting the fruit in the microwave. Still, as Grub Smith, the presenter of this horrendous catalogue of freak TV, pointed out, it could have been worse. Our competitor in this sexual Olympics was topped by a New Jersey man who felt his intimate relationship with his vacuum cleaner had grown stale and had decided to liven it up - by forgoing the nozzle in favour of the main machine, unaware that the suction was provided by a metal motor similar to a miniature propeller.

The machine, no doubt disturbed by such fresh behaviour, reacted by cutting off more than just their relationship. The result? The man narrowly escaped bleeding to death. A psychologist was dragged from the set of Big Brother to explain what drove these men to such lengths.

His conclusion was simple: the sensation or the illusion of being with someone else. In the interest of health and safety, I direct the male species to the wisdom of another Scot who has never, to my knowledge, attempted to make love to a melon.

As Billy Connolly said: "Just sit on your hand until it goes numb. Les Dawson was one of Britain's most successful and respected comedians. From the s to the early s, TV viewers grew to love the unique sour-faced joker with his ingenious comic riffs. Drawing on the personal diaries of the late, great comedian, this programme offers a fascinating insight into the private world of fears and disappointments of the funny man. This is the story of Rome and Carthage - two great ancient empires, deadly foes equally matched in strength, locked in a struggle for control of the ancient world.

But Rome finally won the conflict and went on to annihilate the city and civilisation of Carthage, systematically, brutally and totally. This film tells the story behind Rome's Holocaust against Carthage, and rediscovers the strange, exotic civilisation that the Romans were desperate to obliterate.

Cambridge University historian and archaeologist Dr Richard Miles visits the key sites of the period, from Rome to the ruins of Carthage, and uncovers the real importance of this largely forgotten civilisation.

How do you fight a war without weapons? You use cunning, deceit and imagination. In fact, you fight dirty - just as the British were compelled to do in the summer of when faced with an imminent German invasion. During World War II, black propaganda, subversive rumours and outright pornography were all used by a secret Whitehall department to undermine the morale of the seemingly invincible Nazis.

As the war progressed so did this extraordinary unit's operations. Its techniques became more sophisticated, its reach longer, and it went on the offensive. And the same mix of disinformation, ridicule and smut would eventually be employed against the Japanese. Keith Allen spends some quality time with former child prodigy James Harries and his family. At first sight, they may seem to be a houseful of geniuses, but although every single member has a PhD in Metaphysics, we soon discover that some were purchased from a fake university in the USA, while the others were awarded to them by themselves.

As the documentary proceeds, it eerily becomes apparent that this is a family that believes its own mythology. They regard themselves as morally, intellectually, and financially superior to the rest of society, even though the clan housed in a mock mock-Tudor cottage in the middle of a Cardiff council estate includes a convicted arsonist, an astral projectionist, a former Bunny Girl, a part-time private detective and a sex-change daughter James is now Lauren , all of whom seem to live their lives in a parallel universe.

In the s, Adolf Hitler's Germany presented a glittering surface sheen of technological modernity. At the annual Nuremberg rallies, fleets of sleek bombers roared over the upturned faces of the Nazi Party faithful.

A system of autobahns carried traffic at speed the length and breadth of the Reich. In Berlin in , a magnificent stadium housed the Olympic Games. But beneath the tread of marching feet and the rumble of tanks on Nuremberg's Zeppelin Field, there pulsed the rhythms of a different and much older set of beliefs, a philosophy that animated the Nazi Party's early ideologues and, crucially, the man who stood behind Hitler himself — Heinrich Himmler, chief of the SS. These beliefs were anything but technological.

They were a curious mixture of ancient Teutonic myth, Eastern mysticism and late 19th-century anthropology. Whether Adolf Hitler took them wholly seriously is open to debate. But Heinrich Himmler certainly did. They lay at the heart of the SS empire he created and which became the most dreaded arm of the Nazi state. They were also the mainspring behind a Nazi expedition to secure the secrets of a lost super-race in the mountains of Tibet.

An account of the infamous Second World War battle, at the peak of which Allied troops laid siege to a medieval castle in Italy for five days in The conflict in Italy was controversial from the start, with the Allies divided over the importance and purpose of the campaign, while Hitler felt that victory here would dissuade his enemies from their grander schemes.

Tactical errors led to a devastating loss of life before a truce was agreed. Theologian Robert Beckford goes on a historical journey to uncover the true origins of the Torah and the New Testament.

He finds that Moses may not have authored the books attributed to him, and that the New Testaments accounts of Jesus were written long after he was dead by people who never knew him. As such, every monarch since has actually had no legitimate claim to the throne.

So who did? And, perhaps more to the point, who does? Who, by the right of succession, should we have sitting on the throne today? And in the end, he discovers Britain's real monarch, someone as far removed from the splendour of Buckingham Palace as Robinson could ever have thought possible.

Having found the rightful heir to the British throne, it's then time to break the news to him Matthew Collings will reappraise the Impressionists. The four stars are Courbet, Manet, Monet and Cezanne. In two hours their stories and their art will intertwine. Matt will unpack the principles of Impressionism - the strength of colour, the flatness, the patterning and the way in which ordinary life is pictured with startling truth - and argue that this is the best thing that has ever happened in modern art.

He will also show that although the contemporary art world seemingly despises Impressionism it is only because of Impressionism that the avant-garde came to be. Written by Anonymous. Bianca is an 18 year old who, like many of her age, is about to go to university.

Unlike most, however, she grew up in a nudist club. She was a naturist herself until the age of 12, when her self-consciousness, a negative image of her own body, and a lack of other teenagers interested in nudism, led her to cover up. She's been what other naturists call a 'textile' ever since.

But recently, she discovered, via the internet, that there is a new generation of teenage nudists. As well as looking into the motivation of nudists, Bianca investigates whether the whole movement is as universally innocent and non-sexual as practitioners claim. From meeting closet nudists who only take their clothes off alone, and witnessing a naked bike ride through central London, to an extraordinary and liberating nudist camp in America, this is Bianca's open, honest, affectionate and sometimes critical look at what it is to be a naturist.

Using state-of-the-art computer-generated images, dramatic reconstruction and stunning photography, this tells the graphic and moving story of Britain's capital from its early days as a buzzing Roman settlement, through to the dark days of the Blitz and its current rebirth as one of the world's most vivid cultural and financial centres.

Vinland: Viking Map or Million Dollar Hoax investigates the strange story of the Vinland Map, arguably the world's most controversial document. But it may be an almost worthless fake. But the story of the search for Anthony Hardy also revealed some painful truths about the anonymity of a city, and the complex challenges facing mental health units charged with protecting both the public and their patients. Documentary which examines the Nazi counterfeiting plot, 'Operation Bernhard', which aimed to flood Great Britain with counterfeit notes and destabilise the economy.

Testimony is provided by survivors, and illustrations from the concentration camp by one of the forgers. A film about Jonny Kennedy, who had a terrible genetic condition called Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa EB - which meant that his skin literally fell off at the slightest touch, leaving his body covered in agonizing sores and leading to a final fight against skin cancer. In his last months Jonny decided to work with filmmaker Patrick Collerton to document his life and death, and the result was a film, first broadcast in March, that was an uplifting, confounding and provocatively humorous story of a singular man.

Not shying away from the grim reality of EB, the film was also a celebration of a life lived to the full. Documentary investigating the case of Dr Crippen, hanged for killing his wife in Reveals that letters have come to light supposedly sent to the authorities from the presumed murdered Cora Crippen, and that, along with evidence may mean that he was wrongly convicted and executed.

Documentary examining Operation Bernhard, the counterfeiting scheme devised by the Nazis during World War Two to undermine the British war effort. The documentary proved to be a tough watch for many, but it was also praised for shining a light on the issue of mental health in prisons, with many calling it an "important" narrative that should be "compulsory" viewing:. So prison on Channel4 is about as uncomfortable a show as the public will watch.

These are our brothers, sons, cousins, and friends Best documentary of the year. Should be compulsory viewing for everyone. Harrowing watching Prison. MentalHealth is something that should be talked about and more awareness raised.

Watching Prison tonight and my heart was truly breaking for those suffering so severely with mentalhealth issues. Such a thought provoking episode and brilliant documentary series. If you haven't watched tonight's episode it's definitely one to catch up on. Prison aired on Channel 4. We would encourage anyone who identifies with the topics raised in this article to reach out. Organisations who can offer support include Samaritans on www.

Each year in Britain, we lock up 2, school-age children. Vinney Green Secure Unit locks up some of the youngest and the most troubled; the kids no one else can manage — whether they are a danger to each other, or a danger to themselves.

Filmed over a year, with unprecedented access to the unit, the children and the staff who care for them, this extraordinary series tells their stories and finds. This documentary is — without a shadow of a doubt — one of the most innovative and engrossing documentaries ever aired on British television. Set in Feltham Young Offenders Institution in the United Kingdom, both inmates and staff offer a glimpse into their life within the walls of the prison and — in the case of the prisoners — into their previous life outside.

But instead of the documentary part. Cutting Edge investigate what is happening in prisons across the United Kingdom.

Follow us on Twitter , email us and tweet us your suggestions rocumentaries. Watch now on Channel 4.

Our 4Viewers site has help and support information on watch prison channel 4 online free range of watch prison channel 4 online free Visit 4Viewers. A rare insight into life behind bars, exploring the issues that prison staff and prisoners face at HMP Durham, and at women's prison Foston Hall. Affected by issues in the show? Series 2 Episode 1. First shown: 17 Feb Adult prlson and strong language from the start and throughout This programme is subtitled This programme is audio described. More episodes. Series 2 Episode 2. Series 2 Episode 3. watch prison channel 4 online free committing a criminal act, you could do worse than watch Prison (Channel 4), This is what set Wivell's documentary, happily free of editorialisation, apart: Political news and debate concerning the United Kingdom. k. Members. k. Online. Young Kids, Hard Time is an American MSNBC TV show which premiered November 20th The show is about children age 12 to 17 incarcerated as adults. Channel 4 — Watch the best documentaries online from: BBC, Channel 4, Cutting Edge investigate what is happening in prisons across the United Kingdom. The funniest moments from 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown! Featuring Jimmy Carr, Sean Lock, Jon Richardson and more! Watch FULL EPISODES on All 4. Subscribe to Channel 4 Documentary: Watch the FULL series on All 4: Teens are introduced to two jail inmates who. Durham is a Remand Centre for the North East of England serving the local courts and prisons. With a vast weekly traffic of prisoners from driving offences to​. PRISON - CHANNEL 4 () - VIOLENCE - SELECTED SCENES · Paddy Wivell83 views. Paddy Wivell. PRISON - VIOLENCE () · Paddy Wivell​ Grand Prix Car Documentary Series that aired on British Channel 4 in Watch as the world's first eco-revolution unfolds within the blockade. Four of the prisoners tell what happened to the cash they produced under threat of A look behind the scenes of one of the UK's most successful online sex toy businesses. Channel 4's documentary series Prison returned tonight (July 26) for a of #​prison on @Channel4 was a seriously tough watch mental health. Can We Live With Robots? He also follows a group of forty or so younger inmates who have escaped prison by pleading guilty and agreeing to attend a fo. You need to be on the electoral register to vote in elections and referendums. Rating 3. Submit a new text post. Prison Episode 2. I have friends that I made through my time there that love being a prison officer. I mean, it's all very subjective. So if you get to that point, take it all in and enjoy it. Missed an episode of Countdown, broadcast by? While robust debate is encouraged, at least try to keep things civil. Cathedral, University, and Prison, all within spitting distance of each other. watch prison channel 4 online free