vmware virtual disk manager download free

vmware virtual disk manager download free

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From VI-Toolkit. To expand the size of a virtual disk, use the following:. This increases the maximum capacity of the virtual disk to 40GB.

Renaming a Virtual Disk. Then use the following:. To rename the disk and locate it in a different directory, use:. Note: The paths used in these examples assume a Windows host. To locate the disk in a different directory but keep the same name, use:. Some styles failed to load. Thanks for helping keep SourceForge clean. X You seem to have CSS turned off. Briefly describe the problem required :. Upload screenshot of ad required :. Sign Up No, Thank you.

As a result, I saw that my disk was ok:. File verification completed. Index verification completed. Security descriptor verification completed. The operation took me about 2 minutes. I used vmware-mount utility to unmount the virtual disk from host OS. Now everything was ready to start expanding the vmdk disk. However, before I had to backup my virtual machine to be sure that I could always restore the virtual machine if things went wrong.

Step 2. Backup of the virtual machine. The command looked as follows:. It took me 7. Step 3. Solving snapshot problems. To my astonishment, this was the most time-consuming out of all the steps. To resolve this problem, I deleted all snapshots except the one selected for further extending. The result of this step was the following:. Alternatively, you can clone the selected snapshot into a standalone disk. I fulfilled the step in 10 minutes. Virtual disk expansion. The essential step of the whole procedure is expanding the virtual disk capacity.

Having prepared the backup, I started expanding my disk using the VMware utility called vmware-vdiskmanager. The command window utility vmware-vdiskmanager. For more information about shrinking, see Defragmenting and Shrinking Virtual Disks. Caution: You cannot shrink a virtual disk if the virtual machine has a snapshot. To keep the virtual disk in its current state, simply remove the snapshot.

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