visa free countries for sri lankan passports

visa free countries for sri lankan passports

Business Trips. Eastern Europe. Middle Africa. Middle East. Northern Africa. PS: still stuck in Syria, please help me get out of here. Dear Lolita, Thanks for faithfully following all my work!

I understand my pol katuwa accent is difficult for you to comprehend even via written word, so I'm just going to re-post these here in the hope that you understand it a second time: 1. Why on earth one would visit India. Insightful and good to know article. Of course governments will change these even in the instance that we write these comments.

Best to write a disclaimer or have links for sites that have the real time updated information. But all in all it gives an fair idea - thank you. Thanks Rucky, valid point! Added a disclaimer. Unfortunately there are no sites with constantly updated visa info that we know of :. To get to most of the 'visa free' places, Sri Lankans need to transit somewhere. That's when the problem arises.

They dont even let you transit. Not only was this an enjoyable read but very useful in terms of getting an overall idea as well!

Clearly you aren't a visa office as some seemed to have misinterpreted with going into all the nitty gritty details and what not: Indonesia here i come! What a nice and useful article. Sinha-le : has much more meaning to it… England, Scotland, and some other flags as the LION in their flags, ranging from 1 to 4 - this has a political significance than literally meaning 'lion's blood'…. I traveled to Singapore in last year… airport immigration officers are checking more , they are count my money…I don't know how about that…?

I am a chairman of multi propose society company limited i sri lanka…and the government officer…that tired for me…please explan to me……. Hi Asoka. Singapore was one of best immigration officers I met. Never had any issues from the day one. It like entering to Sri Lanka. Have visited more than 20 times. I guess if you improve your English you would not have this issue next time.

Damn Mahinda, he is a poor fellow. Yeah MR, so much for being a populist. This is a well known fact about entering Singapore. Singaporean immigration officers often ask to show money, specially from the first timers from countries like Sri Lanka. It is fair to ask. Can you send all details please. Hi everyone, It pointless complaining in the forum. Try to do something about it by writing directly to Maithri at the link below. At least they are obliged to look into it!

Hi everyone…. Its great to share our experiences…each-other…coz we can plan our next journey without fear……just drop your comments on visits on above free visa countries…. HI, so do we need to do any paper work before for Seychelles or you get an visitors permit on arrival?? HI, Yamu Team, im working in malaysia with work permit, can i travel above countries or some others from here with visa?

Do they ask for accommodation details for the entire duration of your trip? Extension of Sri Lankan Visa. Galle beaches Negombo beaches. Related Articles. We are now a Middle Income Country with a good segment of the population having a disposable income that can be used for travel. We find that several countries which are only marginally better off than Sri Lanka in terms of poverty levels and development are placed much higher in the Visa Restrictions rankings, with visa free access to many more countries.

For example, many developing countries in South America enjoy visa-free access to more than countries and for many African nations, this figure is around 80 countries.

Citizens in neighbouring Maldives can travel visa-free to 80 countries, double that of Sri Lanka. Indians can travel visa free to 52 countries. One other factor that should help other countries to view Sri Lanka favourably is that the war is now over. Vatican City. Northern Cyprus. Travellers with Artsakh visa expired or valid or evidence of travel to Artsakh stamps will be permanently denied entry to Azerbaijan. Arrival by sea to Gaza Strip not allowed. Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.

Undefined visa regime in the Western Sahara controlled territory. Visa on arrival. South Ossetia. Multiple entry visa to Russia and three day prior notification are required to enter South Ossetia. Visa required [] []. Registration required after 24h. Hong Kong. Faroe Islands. Caribbean Netherlands. Includes Bonaire , Sint Eustatius and Saba. Sint Maarten. French Guiana. French Polynesia. French West Indies. New Caledonia. Saint Pierre and Miquelon. Wallis and Futuna. Cook Islands. British Virgin Islands.

Cayman Islands. Falkland Islands. Visa exemptions for holders of a valid UK multiple entry visa Or holders of an EU family residence permit. Visa not required. Isle of Man. Tourism continues to increase. The capital city of Colombo, the Cultural Triangle Dambulla, Anuradhapura, and Polonnaruwa , the cities of Kandy and Galle, and many southern beach towns have good tourist facilities, and the roads connecting many of those destinations are generally good and improving.

During the war, the LTTE had a history of attacks against civilians, though none were directed against U. There have been no terrorist attacks since the end of the conflict, and the government has authority throughout the island. Visitors can travel to all provinces; former prohibitions on visiting some provinces no longer exist. Visitors are strongly urged to use the online system to avoid lengthy delays at the port of entry.

This travel authorization allows entry for up 30 days. Sri Lankan regulations define tourist travel as sightseeing, visiting friends and relatives, receiving medical treatment including Ayurvedic and yoga, and participating in sporting events, competitions, and cultural activities.

Foreigners entering Sri Lanka on a tourist visa cannot convert their visa to a non-tourist one, and risk deportation if they engage in other activities without the appropriate visa. Transit passengers are defined as foreigners who expect to enter Sri Lanka and remain for a period not exceeding 2 days while waiting for onward travel. Passengers who do not cross Sri Lankan immigration lines, but who transfer between flights inside the airport, are defined as transfer passengers and do not require an Electronic Travel Authorization ETA approval or a visa.

Business ETAs are not available online. Business travelers must obtain travel authorization either from the nearest Sri Lankan Embassy or Consulate before arrival in Sri Lanka, or at the port of entry in Sri Lanka. These visas are not available at the port of entry or through the online system. All visitors staying beyond the expiration date of their visa must obtain a visa extension from the Department of Immigration and Emigration in Colombo and pay the relevant visa fees.

Travelers must have yellow fever and cholera immunizations if they are arriving from an infected area. A yellow fever vaccination certificate must also be obtained by all passengers over the age of one who have traveled through the following African and Latin American countries within nine days immediately preceding entry to Sri Lanka:. There are several honorary Sri Lankan consuls general and consuls in the United States. The U. Sri Lankan law allows immigration officials to refer visitors and foreign residents to a physician for examination if a public health risk is suspected.

In practice this is a rare occurrence, but travelers should be aware that Sri Lankan law allows for the denial of entry to any foreigner who, upon referral from an immigration officer, is certified by a physician as posing a public health risk. Travelers who refuse a medical examination under these circumstances may be refused entry. The Sri Lankan military continues to maintain a significant presence in the north. Although the government and international non-governmental organizations NGOs continue operations to locate and dispose of landmines in the north, a number of areas are still mined.

To enter Sri Lanka, passports should have one blank page and be valid for no less than six months ftee the date of arrival. Only nationals of three countries Seychelles, Singapore and the Maldives do not need a visit to Sri Lanka. All other nationals, including visa free countries for sri lankan passports referred to in the chart above, must get a visa before visiting Sri Lanka or obtain one at the port of entry. It's recommended that you apply before you travel. There is an ETA desk at the international airport where you can apply on arrival credit cards or US Dollars onlybut you could be subject to long queues. A visitor wishing to stay more than 30 days in Sri Lanka may apply for an extension for up to 90 days from the date of arrival at the first instance and further 90 days at the second instance. Free update windows 7 to 10 for an extension should be submitted to the Visa Section of visa free countries for sri lankan passports Department of Immigration head office by visiting passprts Department or through an Authorized Agent. This is issued at the discretion visa free countries for sri lankan passports the authorities who must be satisfied that the applicant has sufficient funds and holds an onward or return ticket for travel. Sri Lanka ivsa beautiful, authentic and a cultural gem, these useful travel tips will help you make the most out of your time in this sun-kissed visa free countries for sri lankan passports nation. Introducing Sri Lanka. Plan your trip. Travel to Sri Lanka Where to stay. Before you visa free countries for sri lankan passports. Book your flights. Places in Sri Lanka Airports. Galle beaches Negombo beaches. Related Articles. All rights reserved visa free countries for sri lankan passports Barbados - No visa required for first 6 months. - Visa on arrival for 90 days. Burundi - Visa on arrival for 90 days. - Visa on arrival. Comoros - Visa on arrival. Djibouti - Visa on arrival. Dominica - No visa required for 6 months. › blog › srilanka-visa-countries. As of 02 July , Sri Lankan citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 42 countries and territories, ranking the Sri Lankan passport 99th in terms of. Sri Lanka passport holders can visit 26 countries visa free. Sri Lanka citizens can have visa on arrival for 24 countries and can get e-visa for 24 countries. So border-services have very little problems and have respect, especially if they see you are what you say. If not you don't need one! Does Sri Lankan passport holder require to get Ukraine visa? At the time duration of thirty minutes, the traveler would get the visa immediately. Saudi Arabia. Must obtain an entry clearance from the Gambian Immigration prior to travel [77]. Ceylonese Why on earth one would visit India. Sinha-le : has much more meaning to it… England, Scotland, and some other flags as the LION in their flags, ranging from 1 to 4 - this has a political significance than literally meaning 'lion's blood'…. Visa required [73]. Papua New Guinea. Why on earth one would visit India. North Macedonia. I like to travel Vanuatu. Miguel Delaney. Climate Blogs. visa free countries for sri lankan passports