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SSj3 Vegito would be way to powerful for SSj4 Gogeta is is e best argument and was exactly what I was inking. Gohan at is point was more powerful an I ink anybody else, now in Buu. e most powerful ever, and I mean EVER, is finally here. Can't get any stronger an. Vegito Ultra Instinct and Gogeta Super Saiyan 4 Fusion on DBZ Ten. Super Saiyan Blue Vegito literally rag-dolls Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta into e next realm over. Vegito Blue was ently superior to Fusion Zamasu, who alone would trash SSJ4 Gogeta. Also Super Saiyan God Goku from Battle of Gods arc would be roughly. Gogeta ssj4 is stronger an vegito but e fact at e potara is permanent allows vegito to train and he can be stronger an gogeta in a short period of time while gogeta is strong for only 15 min because of e dance fusion. So for my opinion gogeta is stronger but vegito can surpass gogetas power wi training so vegito is e strongest. 27, 2008 · Vegetto ssj4 fused wi Broly ssj4 vs superman? Who would win? Note: is is a battle wi out kryptonite No no no no no, I am saying Vegetto, Vegetto is e fusion of Goku and Vegeta using e potara earrings at creates a beign named Vegetto e fusion of Goku and Vegeta using e fusion dance leads to Gogeta, e difference as I know is at Vegetto is eternal fusion unlike Gogeta and . 28,  · SSJ4 Vegito vs SSGSS Vegito! SSJ4 Vegito was in e newest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes so I wanted to put him up against SSGSS Vegito! [What-If] Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta VS Super Saiyan. Reaction videos continue along wi is battle between Gogeta SSJ4 vs. Omega Shenron! Of all e series, my knowledge of GT is e weakest, but I still REAL. 05,  · You could say ey are e same ing, however Vegeto does not have a time limit like Gogeta, so I'd say Vegeto is much more deadly, not to mention Vegito seems . Tras abrir un cruce entre dimensiones. Vegito y Gogeta se encuentran y iden ver cual fusion es la mas poderosa. 23,  · VS -Current incarnations of team 2 -Fight takes place on e indestructible imperium of man home planet at e palace -Unlimited fusion time for team 1 -friendly sparring match -scaling for ssj4 gogeta is acceptable Scenario 2: After e match ey all have senzu beans and COIE. SSB Vegito is likely substantially stronger an SSJ4 Gogeta, and in e manga, was stated to be around Beerus's level if not slightly stronger. Merged Zamasu I feel was kinda pointless to really. 20,  · e difference between Vegito and Gogeta is simple: e time ey spend fused. e Elder Kai said at e Potara fusion was superior but never said why. People assume at he meant at eir power would be greater if fused wi e Potara an if ey were fused wi e Fusion dance. 26,  · Eso es cierto toei le dio esa cifra ademas en los libros actualizados de Dragon ball gt perfec file,se dice que goku ssj4 es un poco mas fuerte que super vegito,conclusion,gogeta en ssj4 barre el piso con el,solo los fanboy chiflados exageran el poder de vegito y dicen que vegito base le gana a gogeta ssj4,que locura gogeta es el mas fuerte de todo dragon ball universe,exepto goku . 23, - Explore Stacey Green's board ssj4 vegito & gogeta, followed by 454 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Dragon ball, Dragon ball super, Gogeta and vegito.63 pins. DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own any of e sprites or music used in is video, all credit goes to eir respective owners. - Every ing is fully-credited in e vi. As a Super Saiyan, Gogeta is a 5,000. As a Super Saiyan 4, Gogeta is 400,000. at’s massive. Vegito? Goku wouldn’t have to become a to match Vegeta, so when ey come toge er eir base. Vegito emba was around Super Buu's level, and Gogeta destroyed him, however Gogeta would probably get rottled by Buuhan, because he knew a fusion wouldn't work against him, and e only fusion Buu knows about is e fusion he saw Trunks/Goten perform. He did not know about potara fusion and how it gives a superior boost SSJ Vegetto is on a different level an SSJ Gogeta altoge er. 03,  · [[Category:{{{1}}}|SSJ3 Vegito vs SSJ4 Gogeta]] I am actually willing to bet at vegito will win, all ings considered. LOL. e super saiyan 4 is able to defeat a Golden Great Ape wi relative ease, whereas e super saiyan 3 was getting his butt kicked. I am sure at SS4 Vegito would beat SS4 Gogeta, but e difference between SS3 and SS4 is so vast. It's like saying Oh well I ink. [[Category:{{{1}}}|Ssj4 Goku vs. ssj3 Vegito]] ssj4 goku is obviously stronger an ssj2 vegito, since e guys acted like ssj4 was e strongest ing ey'd ever seen, and since Vegito obviously has enough power to go ssj3, who would be stronger. P.S: no ssj4 Haters, or rants at it's non-canon. at's not what i'm asking. ssj 4 stronger So I'm assuming is is Vegito from DBZ, not. Of course any ing between 400 and 4,000 works so anyway I'd say blue Vegito because its a later (greater) transformation and e Potara's add bo fighters power en multiply ra er an being 2 * e weaker. So yes at's my answer logically SSB Vegito wins, Random power up wise SS4 Gogeta wins. Gogeta had told him in order to stay wi him, Vegito has to defeat his 7 powerful Exs in order to be toge er. Vegito accepted e challenge and do any ing to be wi e boy of his dreams! Will Vegito be able defeat Gogeta's Exs or eir little relationship will come to a waste! Apr 28,  · Vegito Ssj4. Fuente(s): 0 0. Walter. hace 5 años. gana gogeta ssj4 de sobra ambas fusiones multiplican solo que la fusion po ala tiene el bono extra, el poder de gogeta ssj4 segun funimation es de: Únete a Yahoo Respuestas y obtén 0 puntos hoy. Unirse. 27, 2008 · Vegetto ssj4 fused wi Broly ssj4 vs superman? Who would win? Note: is is a battle wi out kryptonite. No no no no no, I am saying Vegetto, Vegetto is e fusion of Goku and Vegeta using e potara earrings at creates a beign named Vegetto e fusion of Goku and Vegeta using e fusion dance leads to Gogeta, e difference as I know is at Vegetto is eternal fusion unlike Gogeta and . 12, 2007 · Vegitto obviamente pues la fusion de los pendientes Potara es mas Total que con el Baile en un sitio de internet (creo que en wikipedia) lei que Vegitto es mucho mas poderoso que el mismo Gogeta SSJ4, ademas posiblmente el pudiese transfor se en SSJ3 y teniendo en cuenta la exagerada cantidad de Ki de Vegeta y Goku esa transformacion no tendria limite de tiempo (como . Apr 27,  · To put it in short, it's been proven SSGSSS or SSB Vegito is stronger by monstrous leagues. Super Saiyan 4 is a formed obtained from Oozaru. A top evolution form of e saiyans. is gives a 4000x multiplier of ssj3. is form is pretty powerful. SSB Vegito vs SS4 Gogeta. Serious. Close. 4. Posted by. u/strawman89. 2 years ago. Archived. SSB Vegito vs SS4 Gogeta. Serious. R1: ey bo have a 1 hour time limit. Base forms only. R2: Only have 30 minutes, and SSJ forms. R3: Unlimited fusion time and SSB vs SS4. 6 comments. share. Ssj4 Vegito might still be strong it would be ssj4 gogeta all over again. Final Kamehameha didn't kill Buu so,why would Omega die by at. Plus he would be toying wi Omega too because ssj4 Gogeta and Vegito have e same personality. Omega wouldn't hold a candle to Vegito. Vegito could beat him up wi his pinky like, Gogeta. 06, 20  · Vegito (Potara: SSJ3 Goku+SSJ2 Majin Vegeta) VS Gogeta (Fusion Dance: SSJ4 Goku+SSJ4 Vegeta) - Feb 6, 14 Hypo etical SSJ Vegito GT vs SSJ4 Goku Baby saga? - 31, 13. SSJG Goku Vs. Vegito Dragon Ball - General is is a split board - You can return to e Split List for o er wait people still exist at ink bog god goku is stronger an ssj4 gogeta? i ought at crap died down along time ago for at to be e case ssjg would need to be over 4000x stronger an ssj3 bog goku since ssj4 gogeta was. Vegito and Gogeta are protective of Goku. Pissed off Vegito and Gogeta. Scared Goku. Vegito and Gogeta taking care of Goku. Some smut scene at e end. Shopping for Bikinis. Holding Hands. Some Fluff. cute moments. Sum y. Goki has been dating Vegito and Gogeta for a year now. She couldn't ask for anyone better an em. Gogeta SSJ4 vs Vegito SSB. Edit: fixed. level 2. 11 points. 2 years ago. edited 2 years ago. Not found?!? Edit:After remembering a sprite fight linked is (you meant is right?) View entire discussion (143 comments) More posts from e dbz community. 3.2k. Posted by 2 days ago. Fanart. Super Saiyan Blue Vegito by @riiya_am. 29,  · vegito ssj4 vs gogeta ssj5. son goku ssj2 vs freezer y cooler fusionados. majin vegeta ssj5 vs son goku ssj5. ssj dios vegeta vs ssj dios goku. uub veces mas fuerte vs el dragon de 1 estrella esferas absorvidas. goten ssj4 vs trunks ssj4. gohan ssj4 vs baby vegeta mono. super buu gogeta absorvido vs vegito ssj3. 15,  · 1: Mr Buu vs Cell Super Perfecto 2: Goku SSJ4 vs Super Buu Gohan 3: Super Buu vs Kid Buu 4: Super emba vs Super Buu Gotenks 5: Goku Niño (Primer Capitulo De Dragon Ball) vs Mr Satan 6:Krilin Saga Cell vs Krilin Saga Buu 7: Super Vegito vs Gogeta SSJ4 hasta aqui las preguntas voy hacer otra parte por que es que si pongo muchas a los usuarios les va a dar flojera contestar . 20, 20  · re: Vegito (Potara: SSJ3 Goku+SSJ2 Majin Vegeta) VS Gogeta (Fusion Dance: SSJ4 Goku+SSJ4 Vegeta) SSJ3 Vegetto would wreck face. SSJ2 Vegetto vs SSJ4 Gogeta(Z) would be . , 2007 · He will say he feels a larger force en Majin Buu. Go Fuse and fight Buu. During e final fight instead of fighting Kid Buu, Vegeta will say to go find e larger power and defeat it. Beat Broly to get his capsule. After Goten and Trunks will challenge you to a Fusion fight at e world tournament arena as Gotenks Vs. Gogeta.

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