vegan gluten free banana bread recipe

vegan gluten free banana bread recipe

Caitlin Shoemaker September 6, - pm yes! Caitlin Shoemaker November 6, - am Hi Celeste! Caitlin Shoemaker October 4, - pm Yay! Glad to hear you enjoyed them, Vanessa! Caitlin Shoemaker October 24, - pm Awesome! Christine October 26, - am Great recipe! Caitlin Shoemaker October 26, - am That sounds delicious, Christine!

Jana October 29, - pm Hi, today I made this awesome banana bread. Marina November 7, - am Hello! Caitlin Shoemaker November 7, - pm Thanks, Marina! Danielle S. November 13, - am Hello Caitlin, I found your blog today when looking for a gluten-free, vegan banana bread to make to use up some over-ripe bananas.

Caitlin Shoemaker November 14, - am So glad you enjoyed it, Danielle! Regina November 24, - pm Hey!! Caitlin Shoemaker January 8, - pm Interesting! Marva January 2, - pm It is so nice to have someone who eats the way I eat, and knows how to make so simple, though tasty, recipes. Caitlin Shoemaker January 8, - pm Hi Marva! Marva January 9, - am Hi Caitlin!

Marva Ben Aharon January 14, - am Thanks! Taylor January 4, - pm Do you use raw apple cider vinegar? Caitlin Shoemaker January 8, - pm Yes, I do. Erin Mcilvaine January 5, - am Oh my goodness — this recipe is so perfect!

Karina January 6, - pm I made this recipe once and very good! Tammy January 7, - am I made this 3 days ago and followed the recipe almost exactly which I never do! Caitlin Shoemaker January 8, - pm Great idea to use the blender to save time! Peter Smikel January 7, - am Hey Caitlin, love your recipe. Caitlin Shoemaker January 8, - pm Lol!

Irthe January 9, - am Hey Caitlin! Natalie January 9, - am This banana bread looks amazing! Anita January 9, - pm Can I add frozen blueberries to the batter? Or would it affect the structure?

Caitlin Shoemaker January 10, - pm That should be fine, I think you could add up to 1 cup — just fold them in right before baking!

Kim January 10, - pm Caitlyn you have out done yourself! Caitlin Shoemaker January 16, - am Thank you so much, Kim! Ana January 13, - pm Could I use old fashioned rolled oats to make oat flour?

Caitlin Shoemaker January 16, - am Yes! You can use rolled oats or quick oats, but not steel cut oats. Caitlin Shoemaker January 17, - am You can substitute with lemon juice, or distilled white vinegar! Shelly January 16, - pm Delicious!

Caitlin Shoemaker January 17, - am Woo! Thanks for the review, Shelly! Caitlin Shoemaker January 21, - pm Thank you, Brenda!

Taylor January 19, - pm This bread turned out delicious. Caitlin Shoemaker January 21, - pm Great to hear that, Taylor! Amrita January 20, - am Hi Caitlin! Caitlin Shoemaker January 21, - pm Yay! Elena January 21, - am I love your recipes! Caitlin Shoemaker January 21, - pm Thanks for the feedback, Elena!

Luna January 22, - pm Hi Caitlin I was wondering if I can make this bread without any sugar? Mingxuan Shen February 6, - am Extremely fluffy and delicious!

I just love it!!! Caitlin Shoemaker February 10, - pm Yay!!! Julia February 7, - pm Amazing!! Caitlin Shoemaker February 10, - pm Love the idea of mini muffins! K February 9, - am This bread is amazing! Caitlin Shoemaker February 10, - pm Yes, the recipe was updated in early !

Caitlin Shoemaker March 4, - pm Yaaay! Denisa February 27, - am I have already made oat flour in my pantry.

Feli March 4, - pm Made this but replaced the flour with half oat half brown rice and it turned out great. Caitlin Shoemaker March 4, - pm Yum! Yoonsun March 17, - am OMG this recipe is sooo amazing! Caitlin Shoemaker March 20, - pm Great to know that rye flour can work too! Nettie March 18, - am Thank you for this yummy recipe! Caitlin Shoemaker March 20, - pm Hi Nettie! Dorene March 19, - pm The only problem with this recipe is it will get eaten very quickly!

Abby March 22, - pm I have made this recipe twice now and it is the BEST banana bread recipe I have ever tried even compared to non-vegan recipes. Caitlin Shoemaker April 2, - am yum!!! Anh March 23, - am I tried soo many banana bread recipes but this was by far the best one!

Jennifer March 31, - pm Hi, do you have the nutritional info for this? Andd can the sweetener be omitted? Caitlin Shoemaker April 2, - am I do not calculate nutritional information for my recipes, sorry! Sanne April 2, - am Tried it with a cup of spelt flour, cup of coconut flour and spelt flakes. Super delicious! Caitlin Shoemaker April 4, - am thanks for the review! Barbarita Aymat April 18, - pm Amazing, yummilicious, healthy!

Fluffy Vegan Banana Bread […]. Natalia Majer May 13, - am This recipe looks great and I will definitely try it! Team From My Bowl May 14, - pm It may end up a little more dense but the flavors should still be good! Cory Shaw May 18, - pm Banana bread is really the only thing I bake.

Thanks for the kind words! Anna May 19, - pm This recipe is so so good!! Elizabeth May 22, - am I love this recipe! We just recommended granulated sugar to manage the texture.

Cass August 30, - pm Hi, did you sub the sugar with maple syrup ? Thireindar May 27, - pm Could i use an egg instead of flex egg here? Banana Bread […]. Caitlin Shoemaker June 20, - pm Hi Jean! Tatjana June 27, - pm Great recipe! Nice innovating! Team From My Bowl July 2, - am Definitely give a lower temperature a try and just cooking it for maybe a little longer, checking on it along the way.

Team From My Bowl July 12, - pm Did you make sure to wait until it was completely cool before slicing? Danielle Sanislow July 7, - pm Can I use this to make muffins? Sheila July 17, - pm This banana bread recipe turned out great. Lily August 12, - am Hey Caitlin!

Ruth Mackson August 19, - pm I absolutely love this recipe! Ronny September 8, - am Hi can we use banana flour instead of oats? Autumn September 10, - pm Hey Caitlin!

Love hearing when people make recipes their own! Amber October 1, - pm Hello! Caitlin Shoemaker December 2, - pm Hi Amber! Methods: Since first posting this recipe, I have since adapted it to be mixed in one bowl making for an easy banana bread!

Making vegan banana bread is as easy as 1 — 2 — 3, this is the 1 bowl method! Make your slice even better by adding a smear of this healthy Cashew Sweet Cream or Triple Berry Chia Jam for a delicious breakfast or snack! Store your banana bread, covered to maintain moisture, for up to 3 — 4 days on the counter. Can I make banana bread gluten-free? Absolutely, you can make banana bread gluten-free by using any gluten-free flour blend or buckwheat flour, replacing 1 — 1 the amount of flour called for.

My husband is allergic to sugar and still cannot have the coconut sugar either. Do you know if I can substitute honey for the coconut sugar and how much i should use? Meghan, love your creativity and healthy take on all the recipes. This came out really well.

May your creative juices keep flowing! Cynthia, I wanted to avoid sugar, so, I tried with 4 bananas adding about a cup or less of chopped dates to the banana mush and let it soak up for a few minutes.

Followed her recipe otherwise and added some walnuts and chocolate chips and couple of spoons of trader joes fig butter. I love baking and I feel that this is the best banana bread that i have ever tasted. This bread is amazing!

I am exciting about incorporating other add ins like nut toppings, etc. Do you think buckwheat would work instead of a blend? Please come back and let me know if you try it. Coconut butter could possibly work?

Vitamin C 2. Iron 0. Author Recent Posts. Kelly Roenicke. Mom to two boys with food allergies and sensitivities, Kelly is passionate about allergy friendly cooking and baking. She believes that you can enjoy amazing, easy recipes even when cooking for multiple food allergies. Latest posts by Kelly Roenicke see all. Sparkling Cherry Limeade. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Comments I just made this cake and turned out great even with a quarter of the sugar. Hi would love to know the amount of maple syrup you added? So glad it worked well for you. Thanks for letting me know! What brand gluten free flour did you use? Just for a little lift — it reacts with the leavening agents! I am allergic to vanilla.

Can I make the recipe without it? It looks so good. Trackbacks […] 6. Vegan and Gluten Free Banana Bread […]. Browse my allergy friendly cookbooks. Why, yes, I DO have a print cookbook! Get started now! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

It really made our day! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Follow on Instagram. E-Mail Address. Facebook Instagram Pinterest Snapchat Twitter. Pin 2. Share This Chocolate Chip Vegan Banana Bread is so easy to make in just one bowl and it's absolutely delicious!

When it finally happens I feel like screaming from the mountain tops. A NutriBullet would work just fine. Also, this is my all-time favorite baking pan to use. Every loaf comes out perfect!

How long should I leave baked bread to cool in the loaf pan before transferring to rack? Thanks, huge fan of your site!

Print Recipe. Pin Recipe. You can leave them out or use a different nut like chopped pecans. Keywords: vegan gluten free banana bread. Thank you. OMG, so good! My bananas were very ripe and more than called for g vs g , left out the brown sugar, used orange extract, the upper value of maple syrup and used the melted coconut oil.

The coconut oil solidified in chunks after adding the mylk so I microwaved for a bit. Make sure everything is warm or room temp if using coconut oil. The bread was very sweet in spite of no brown sugar and the orange extract made no appreciable difference. Do you have any suggestions if I want to use my bread machine? Do I use the GF setting? Or cake? Do you have weight measurements for the dry ingredients? I feel like this is key in determining the outcome of this recipe!! Hi there. After 1 hour, I checked it with a toothpick and it looked done to me, according to the toothpick.

The outside was golden, cracked some on top. Looked beautiful, but I cut into it and the inside still seemed undone. I decided to put it back in for 15 more minutes. I wonder what happened?

I used brown rice flour instead of gluten free bread and instead of almond meal, I just added an extra cup of instant oats not ground. I also added broken up pieces of pecans and topped with slices of bananas. It was outstanding! Super yummy. Only added 1 tbsp of maple syrup. I made one for me and my roommate and 1 for my boyfriend using the tiny aluminum bread pans from the store and they were perfectly portioned. Thanks so much for the lovely review and for sharing you modifications, Megan.

We are so glad you enjoyed them! I have everything except for the almond meal and gluten-free flour blend. This is not your average banana bread… it is so much better.

Baked it for 1 hour and 15 mins. Bobs Almond flour. I used a real egg. Used 4 bananas because the final product was not runny at all. Must have been the coconut flour, thought maybe my bananas were smaller but I trusted the commenters saying it would work. And it did. It is hearty, perfectly sweet, and filling. Is delish with butter or vegan butter on top. It has a crunchy crust and moist, delish inside. Sorry I said moist Thanks again for another great recipe!

I accidentally bought gluten free flour and had no idea how to bake with it. This recipe was amazing! I add chocolate chips and made it into muffins, baking for about 20 minutes.

Looking forward to trying this! Could I sub oat flour for GF flour, almond meal, and the oats? Figured if I can sub them all, it would be a win! Hi Emily, we think it would end up very dense, but it might work.

We would recommend searching through the comments to see what others have tried. I also added chopped pecans. Thanks so much for sharing, Leigh. Can I do something in place of almond meal? As well as do soy milk instead of Almond? Hi Bridgie, soy milk should be fine! For the almond meal, maybe play around with adding a mix of more GF blend and oats?

Hi there, do you think it would be okay to simply not use the coconut sugar and brown sugar? And just stick with the sweetness of the bananas and maple syrup? Depends on your preference for sweetness. Omitting the brown sugar fully and it was amazing!

I love this recipe! My daughter has Celiac, is allergic to dairy and tree nuts, so I modified the recipe. I used a 12 count muffin lined baking pan and they took about 35 minutes to bake. Thanks so much for sharing! You can tag us on instagram for us to see the picture. Let us know how it goes. Thank you so much for posting this recipe! It was moist and flavorful and came out of the oven looking just like your photo : Baked it 1 hour and it was perfect.

Used coconut flour instead of a GF flour mix along with the almond flour and oatmeal the recipe called for. Subbed a flax egg like other reviewers. Used coconut sugar in place of cane and brown. Delicious and will definitely make again. Hi Barbara, we would recommend dividing in two pans as it may have trouble cooking in the center if making a double batch in a single pan. The flavor is perfect. Thanks :. We find the baking flour works better. Another idea would be to try baking in muffin cups or diving between two loaf pans to help it cook through.

Hiya, just made this with self-raising gluten free flour instead of the gluten-free blend. I did add chocolate buttons in for extra yumminess : Do you think I could use coconut flour in place of the gluten-free blend next time?

Hi Serena, the chocolate buttons sound delicious! If you want to do some experimenting, we would recommend checking the comments to see what others have tried. This bread turned out great. I had extra batter and made a few muffins with it. Baked them about 22 minutes. This is my first time leaving a comment … I followed your recipe to the T. Turned out really Great. Loved the taste n texture.

Used flax eggs. Thanks a lot Dana!! It likely depends on personal preference. This is the best GF banana bread I ever made.

I also added vegan chocolate chips. I LOVE your recipes. Thank you!!!!!! I use this recipe regularly and my family loves it!!! Thank you Dana!!! Do you think 2 cups is enough? What would you recommend? But let us know if you do some experimenting! This was sooo delicious! I made it in muffin tins and used paper liners. I added a teaspoon of peanut butter to the top of each muffin, and sprinkled with a few mini chocolate chips. They are amazing.

I could eat all of them! Highly recommend this recipe! Keywords: vegan banana bread, banana bread, gluten free banana bread, healthy banana bread, vegan baking. There may be affiliate links in this post! By purchasing a product I recommend, I may receive a small compensation. However, I only recommend products I absolutely love and use myself. Hi Erin! I did this bread and Im in love!

It is the perfect texture! I did use 2 regular eggs instead of flax eggs and it turned out amazing as well. By switching the nut butters and mix ins the possibilities are endless! Thank you! Yum just about covers it all! Happy baking! Would you have something similar that is an apple or pumpkin version with the almond meal and nuts?

If not would you consider making one or both? Anyways UP!!! I can absolutely see the similarities between you and Dug, aside from the obvious species thing. And you are better at baking.

And cooking. And you have better hair. Exhibit A on the baking thing, not the hair thing. I would say gimme a slice, but actually make that the whole damn loaf. And a blender full of nice cream too—preferably chocolate. How did I guess? And I totally love it. Happy Monday. I should be expecting a package of this bread in the mail…. Because closer than close besties! And of course your version looks absolutely perfect and has me drooling like a rabid dog!

Oh, speaking of dogs- how have I never seen the movie Up?!? Mosltly because you recommended it, but also because your spirit self has a staring role. Pinned of course! Love ya my sweets! You have to watch Up.

This vegan banana bread is also gluten-free and refined sugar-free — it makes the perfect easy breakfast, snack, vegan gluten free banana bread recipe dessert. But, I could never seem to get the recipe quite right. So I bought a ridiculous amount of bananas and impatiently waited for them to get ripe enough. It tasted good, but it was a little dense and a little gummy. So I tested three more times, and thought I got sooo close with the third try. The recipe uses a little nut butter to help keep things super soft — I used peanut butter, but any nut or seed butter will work. It uses a combo of vegan gluten free banana bread recipe and almond flour. I was actually out of oat flour by the time I got to this vegan gluten free banana bread recipe though. So easy in a pinch! I also like to dump a whole bunch of cinnamon into my banana bread. My dinner last night consisted of 3d themes for windows 10 free download slice slathered in peanut butter and I regret nothing. Hope you enjoy! Bake for 50 minutes to an hour, or until a knife comes out clean. If your loaf looks like it's getting too brown, tent with tin foil on top after 50 minutes. To make, put the oats into a blender or food processor and process for about a vegan gluten free banana bread recipe, until it's flour. vegan gluten free banana bread recipe This vegan banana bread is moist and fluffy and with a tender crumb! Naturally gluten free, this easy vegan banana bread recipe is a game changer! A healthy vegan banana bread recipe that is naturally gluten-free, moist and so easy to make. Pair with a little nut butter and a cup of coffee. The only vegan gluten free banana bread recipe you'll ever need! Perfectly textured, moist, and packed with banana flavor. However, I did have one small problem – Vegan Banana Bread always seemed to fall flat. Literally. There are a plethora of vegan recipes out. If you've baked vegan and gluten-free recipes that don't involve starches then you know things often turn out dense and gummy. I find myself. I've been dreaming of a vegan banana bread for ages. But, I could never seem to get the recipe quite right. I'd test, use up all of my ripe bananas, and give up until​. My favorite, tried and true, classic vegan banana bread recipe. Absolutely, you can make banana bread gluten-free by using any gluten-free flour blend or. One Bowl Vegan Gluten Free Banana Nut Bread (V, GF, DF): an easy recipe for perfectly moist banana bread packed with walnuts and bursting. This Gluten Free Banana Bread Recipe is Egg Free, Dairy Free (Vegan) & Contains NO refined Sugar! It's soft, moist & delicious! It makes perfect muffins. Healthy Homemade Banana Bread. This gluten-free banana bread is a little healthier than your average recipe, because it's made with no oil or refined sugar​. Hi Dana, I have a question! Tag minimalistbaker on Instagram and hashtag it minimalistbaker so we can see all the deliciousness! This recipe turned out great! Let cool completely before slicing. This is truly wonderful. Uncategorized Minute Tofu Stir-Fry. The rest of the recipe I stayed pretty faithful to. Letting it cool overnight and slicing thick slices as you mentioned can be helpful for that. Ooh, smart! As I am reading your recipes I have a banana bread in my oven and the house smells awesome! vegan gluten free banana bread recipe