turkish airlines free hotel for long layover

turkish airlines free hotel for long layover

Viewed 8k times. Gilles 'SO- stop being evil' Ivan Ivan I should start by saying this was entirely my fault and in no way did Turkish Airlines screw me over. I thought I could manipulate my flight schedule to take advantage of their free hotel offer and I was wrong. And because of my mistake, I ended up spending 15 hours in the Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge with the overnight cleaning crew and no hotel room and no sleep. In an effort to compete with the other European and Middle Eastern carriers and build their transit passenger network, Turkish Airlines introduced several programs to entice passengers to transit via Istanbul, even when their flight and connection times were not always ideal.

In addition to their massive lounge and complimentary day tours of Istanbul, Turkish Airlines provides a free overnight accommodation for both Business Class and Economy Class transit passengers with extended layovers. Both services are complimentary. The program is also known as Touristanbul, and you can read all about it on the Turkish Airlines website. Six different tours are offered per day, and the exact sightseeing itinerary for each tour varies by the day of the week.

These tours also come with a free meal, with the 9am—3pm tour providing both breakfast and lunch. This is very helpful and am grateful for the deep insight. However, i will want to know if we will be require to pay any fee i,e, Visa fee? The flights I found would be getting to Istanbul pm and would leave Istanbul at am. Would we have the free hotel overnight? Thank you very much! I would like to apply for this free hotel options.

Do I need visa with Cuban passport??? As long as the connection is the shortest possible i. But you must pay for the visa. I found this on the Turkish airlines website. Has this changed recently, as Olga pointed out? This is a drastic change in the stopover benefit. Does it mean that it can be applied to non-TK metal?

If there are 2 choices for a connection in Istanbul, both layovers longer than 10 hours, but you pick the flight that leaves later meaning the longer layover , do you still qualify for the free hotel? Logically you would think both flights qualify since they are both longer than 10 hours. They need to mention that, 1st you need to choose the option that is the shortest layover available. Then if the layover is longer than 7 or 10 hours, you would qualify for a free night hotel.

Because both connection options showed the logo with a bed next to the layover time, which would make you think you get a free hotel. Curious case here. So I intend to purchase this ticket on the Turkish Airlines website for an itinerary which goes like….

Though the first flight is operated by Asiana Airlines, it is with a Turkish Airlines flight code. Would this qualify me for free hotel accommodation by Turkish Airlines in Istanbul?

Hello, if there are two options for flights both meeting the 20hr minimum, one with 22hrs and one with 44hrs. Am I eligible if I choose the 44hrs? Must be the 22hr one to qualify for the free hotel — must always be the shortest available connection. Turkish refuses to tell me what hotel it will be or the minimum number of stars all they said is it is based on availability. Do I need to hedge the risk of them giving me a substandard hotel and make another reservation just in case?

Useful piece thanks for the info, just one thing I am a bit confused on is the transport. You will receive transport to the hotel. But if you want to visit central Istanbul, that will be at your expense.

We booked TK flights and on both outbound and homebound flights we have layovers in IST exceeding 15 hours. There are no other flights except the ones we booked. Will our visa be good for both segments or will we need two separate visas?

Thanks for this article. I dont see any hotel on our booking. Pls how do I get an hotel without obtaining a visa? Is it just one hotel they have inside the airport? Yes, there is one just hotel inside the airport called TAV. Hi, Matthew.

Thank for the valuable information. Do you happen to know the answer to this: We are flying business class with a 19 hrs layover in Istanbul. Am I correct in thinking that airside means transit, so no customs and no visa are required?

Hi Kelly, you can go in and out of the hotel. The walk to the Turkish lounge is not far. Indeed, no customs or visas are required. In my itinerary, I really had no choice. That was the organic route and it was not purposely created that way.

If you have a layover and are staying solely in the airport layover area awaiting your next flight, you do not need a Turkish visa. But if you are planning to leave the layover area to see the city or visit the outer part of the airport, you need a Turkey visa.

Turkey does not have a visa on arrival so you need to get your visa in advance. American travelers can get a Turkey visa online quickly and easily government website here. I got my visa within a day. Air Serbia Passengers flying Air Serbia to New York via Belgrade can benefit from free hotel accommodation in the capital and a free return airport transfer.

China Southern Airways China Southern Airways offers a one-night complimentary stay in a transit hotel , free meals, and airport transfer for international passengers with layovers of hours at Guangzhou Airport. Emirates Airlines Dubai Connect Service is a special transit offer not to be missed if you have a long connection time between flights. Gulf Air Gulf Air passengers are entitled to a free hotel accommodation when transiting at Bahrain International Airport anywhere from 7 to 24 hours.

Hainan Airlines As part of their transfer services, Hainan Airlines provides free accommodation and airport shuttle for lengthy transfers in Beijing and several other Chinese airports. Qatar Airways Qatar Airways can arrange a free stopover accommodation , including the transit visa, airport transfer, and meal vouchers for travellers with layovers from 8 to 24 hours in Doha.

Airport area, Taksim area, Sultanahmet area, etc. And finally, yes, a lot of people have been turned down for the free hotel, mainly because theirs were not considered a forced layover but a an extended pleasure layover. I had to get a visa at the airport because I didn't have one, and I went to the hotel's desk. It's located next to Starbucks. They sent me to Air Boss Hotel , and I had a free dinner.

The next morning they took me back to the Airport with a free shuttle. Both hotels were close to the airport and they didn't let me choose the hotel or the area ,they just did it!

Connie I hope this will help answer your question and don't forget to get a visa since you gonna leave the airport. Years ago, layovers meant one thing: hassle.

Direct flights were always better than connecting flights and avoiding roundabout routings was everything. Unsubscribe at any time. Turkish Airlines Free Transit Hotel Rules You must meet the following two criteria to qualify for a free Turkish Airlines transit hotel accommodation: For Economy Class passengers, your transit time between your arriving flight and your connecting flight must be longer than 12 hours.

For Business Class passengers, your transit time must be longer than 9 hours. Codeshare flights may be available but I would double check with TK. Read This Next. This Qatar stopover promotion is only eligible for passengers with a minimum transit time of 12 hours, in Doha.

Turkish Airlines Economy and Business Class passengers, flying on selected city-pairs, can now enjoy free accommodation if they choose to make turkish airlines free hotel for long layover stopover in Istanbul for more than 20 hours. No deadline is stated in this promotion. You have to satisfy the terms and conditions and turkish airlines free hotel for long layover your flight booking details in order to receive free accommodation. These are the selected city-pairs that are eligible for this free stopover. You are to email your details stated in the image above to the respective email address. Make sure you check out the full terms and conditions to ensure that you are eligible for this turkish airlines free hotel for long layover stopover. This Qatar stopover promotion is only eligible for passengers with a a quoi sert free download manager transit time of 12 hours, in Doha. News News See all. Reviews See all. Featured See all. Deals See all. Trending Now Week Month. Smart Travel Turkish Airlines 3 Comments. turkish airlines free hotel for long layover Why not take advantage of a refreshing layover in Istanbul yourself? 9 hours or longer can benefit from hotel service free of charge in case a transit flight with a. Turkish Airlines will provide you with a free hotel room if you have an But lucky for us, Turkish Airlines does a good job of taking care of their long-haul free hotel accommodations for passengers with extended layovers. And lastly, Turkish Airlines does provide day rooms in their CIP Lounge for transit passengers. However, if your layover is long enough to qualify. If you have a long layover at New Istanbul Airport, then Turkish Airlines offers layover hospitality for. Answer 1 of I am looking to fly rt Chicago - Dublin in October. Turkish Airlines is offering the best price right now with a 20 hour overnight layover in Istanbul. This was the tour I embarked on during my recent long layover in Istanbul, Therefore, you're only eligible for a free hotel Turkish Airlines's. To encourage this, Turkish provides free hotel rooms for transit passengers with long layovers. But be careful: the rules for who can and cannot. Turkish Airlines Economy and Business Class passengers flying on selected Turkish Airlines Offering Free Accommodation For Stopover In Istanbul had option to choose an earlier flight, and avoid the extra long layover. To encourage this, Turkish provides free hotel rooms for transit passengers with long layovers. But be careful: the rules for who can and cannot. The flight will have a hour layover at Istanbul. Turkish airlines complimentary hotel - which area to choose? I was offered a complimentary hotel room after a long negociation (a half day, and yes, I had nothing else to do after spending. Firstly, this is valid for long-haul flights only. Now, if you know how and where. In addition to the room, Turkish Airlines also provided me with a voucher for a free meal at the hotel restaurant. These tours also come with a free meal, with the 9am—3pm tour providing both breakfast and lunch. As a major airline connecting African countries with most of the world and vice versa , Ethiopian Airlines offers qualifying transit passengers a free hotel, transportation, and meals if your transit time is greater than eight hours and less than 24 hours. Turkish Airlines Ricky has previously described some of the many perks for layovers in Istanbul on paid and award tickets , so be sure to have a read-through of his experience with the program. After you have booked a multi-city flight with a stop in either Nur-Sultan or Almaty , head over to the Stopover Holidays page to book a hotel. This is working for travelers flying from main hubs in the UK. While not all fares are eligible for no cost stopovers, if you qualify, the airline will pay for one night in a hotel for a two- or three-night stay. Jan But the key is that the transit time must be a naturally occurring transit time and not a FORCED transit time; meaning, if you intentionally take an earlier flight or book a later flight in Istanbul or at your point of origin to force a longer layover, your extended travel time will not qualify for a free transit hotel. turkish airlines free hotel for long layover