the silva mind control method ebook free download

the silva mind control method ebook free download

Once reached, these levels proved more effective than Beta in learning. The proof was in his children's sharply im- proved grades over a three-year period while he con- tinued to improve his techniques. Jos6 had now scored a first—a very significant one, which other research, principally biofeedback, has since confirmed. He was the first person to prove mat we can learn to function with awareness at the Alpha and Theta frequencies of the brain. Another first, an equally astonishing one, was soon to come.

One evening Jos6's daughter had gone to her "level" to use today's Mind Control terminology , and Jose" was questioning her about her studies. As she answered each question, he framed the next in his mind.

This was the usual procedure, and so far the session was no dif- ferent from hundreds that had gone before. Suddenly, quietly, the routine was momentously changed. She an- swered a question her father had not yet asked. Then another. And another. She was reading his mind! This was in I9S3, when ESP was becoming a re- spectable subject for scientific inquiry, largely through the published work of Dr.

Rhine of Duke Univer- sity. Jos6 wrote to Dr. Rhine to report that he had trained his daughter to practice ESP and received a disappointing answer. Rhine hinted that the girl might have been psychic to begin with. Without tests of the girl before the training, there was no way to telL Meanwhile, Jos6's neighbors noticed that his chil- dren's schoolwork had remarkably improved.

At the be- ginning of his experiments they had been wary of his probings into the unknown, an unknown perhaps pro- tected by forces that were best not tampered with. Would Jose" train their children too? After the letter from Dr. Rhine, this was just what Jose" needed. If what he had accomplished with one child could be accomplished with others, he would have chalked up the kind of repeatable experiments that are basic to the scientific method.

Over the next ten years he trained 39 Laredo chil- dren, with even better results because he improved his techniques a little with each child. Thus another first was scored: He had developed the first method in his- tory that can train anyone to use ESP, and he had thirty-nine repeatable experiments to prove it Now to perfect the method.

Within another three years, Jose" developed the course of training which is now standard. It takes only 40 to 48 hours and is as effective with adults as with chil- dren. So far it has been validated by some , "experiments," a measure of repeatability that no open- minded scientist can ignore.

These long years of research were financed by Jos6's growing electronics business. No university or founda- tion or government grants were available for so far-out a field of research. Today the Mind Control organiza- tion is a thriving family business, with its profits going largely to more research and to support its accelerating growth. There are Mind Control lecturers or centers in all fifty states and in thirty-four foreign nations. With all this success, Jose" has not become a celebrity, nor a guru or spiritual leader with followers or dis- ciples.

He is a plain man of simple ways, who speaks with the soft, almost lost accent of- a Mexican-Amer- ican. He is a powerfully built, stocky man with a kindly face that creases easily into a smile. A few examples: A woman wrote to the Boston Herald American beg- ging for some way to help her husband, who was tor- mented by migraine headaches.

The newspaper printed her letter, then another letter the next day from some- one else, also pleading for a way to control such head- aches. A physician read these letters and wrote that she had had migraine headaches all her life. She had taken Mind Control and had not had one since. Absolutely mobbed. An entire marketing company was organized as a co- op by graduates who used what they learned in Mind Control to invent new products and devise ways of marketing them.

In its third year, the company has eighteen products on the market An advertising man used to need about two months to create a campaign for new clients—about average in his field. Now, with Mind Control, the basic ideas come in twenty minutes and the rest of the work is done in two weeks. All their individual averages improved, most of them dramatically. The husband of an overweight woman suggested she try Mind Control because all her diets had failed. She agreed, provided he went too. She lost twenty pounds in six weeks; he stopped smoking.

A professor at a college of pharmacy teaches Mind Control techniques to his students. Everybody already knows how to use his or her imagination. I just get my students to practice it more. I show them that imagination is valid and that there's a form of reality in imagination that they can use. You did, your own mind. Josi will be teaching you the basic elements of his Silva Mind Control course.

To benefit fully from Josfs chapters, be sure you have well in mind the way to read them. You will find this in the Introduction. I am going to help you learn to meditate. When you learn to do this, you will be at a level of mind where you will be able to free your imagination for solving problems.

But for now we will be concerned only with meditation; problem solving will come later on. Because you will be learning without an experienced guide, I will use a method slightly different and quite a bit slower than the one we use in Mind Control classes. You will have no trouble with it. If you only learn to meditate and stop there, you will be solving problems anyway. Something beautiful happens in meditation, and the beauty you find is calm- ing.

The more you meditate, the deeper you go within yourself, the firmer the grasp you will have of a kind of inner peace so strong that nothing in life will be able to shatter it Your body will benefit, too. One of the beauties of meditation at the Alpha level is that you cannot bring your feelings of guilt and anger with you. If these feelings intrude you will simply pop out of the meditative level.

As time goes on, they will stay away longer, until one day they are gone for good. This means that those activities of the mind that make our bodies sick will be neutralized. The body is designed to be healthy. It has its own healing mechanisms built in. These mechanisms are blocked by minds not trained to control themselves. Set your alarm for fifteen minutes later in case you drift off to sleep during the exercise. Close your eyes and look upward, behind your eyelids, at a degree angle.

For reasons not fully understood, this position of the eyes alone will trigger the brain to produce Alpha. Now, slowly, at about two-second intervals, count backward from one hundred to one. As you do this, keep your mind on it, and you will be in Alpha the very first time. In Mind Control classes students show a variety of reactions to their first experience, from "That was beau- tiful! It will be more or less familiar to everyone. How to Meditate I 31 is that when we awaken in the morning we are often in Alpha for a while.

To go from Theta, the sleep level, to Beta, the awake level, we must pass; through Alpha, and often we linger there through our early-morning routine. If you feel that nothing happened during this first exercise, it simply means you have been in Alpha many times before without being particularly aware of it Simply relax, don't question it, and stay with the exer- cises.

Even though you will be in Alpha on the very first try if you concentrate, you still need seven weeks of practice to go to lower levels of Alpha, then to Them.

Use the hundred-to-one method for ten mornings. Then count only from fifty to one, twenty-five to one, then ten to one, and finally five to one, ten mornings each. Beginning with the very first time you go to your Alpha level, use only one method to come out of it This will give you a greater degree of control against coming out spontaneously. The method we use in Mind Control is to say men- tally, "I will slowly come out as I count from one to five, feeling wide awake and better than before.

One- two—prepare to open your eyes—three—-open eyes —four—five—eyes open, wide awake, feeling better than before. This is useless work. Once you have learned to reach your level with the five-to-one method in the morning you are ready to enter your level any time of day that you choose. All you need is ten or fifteen minutes to spare. Sit in a comfortable chair or on a bed with your feet flat on the floor.

Let your hands lie loosely in your lap. If you prefer, sit cross-legged, in the lotus position. Hold your head well balanced, not slumped. Now con- centrate on first one part of the body, then another, to consciously relax it. Start with your left foot, then the left leg, then the right foot, and so on, until you reach the throat, the face, the eyes, and finally the scalp.

You will be amazed the first time you do this at how tense your body was. Now pick a spot about 45 degrees above eye level on the ceiling or the wall opposite you. Gaze at this spot until your eyelids begin to feel a little heavy and let them close.

Start your countdown from fifty to one. Do this for ten days, then ten to one for another ten days, then five to one from then on.

Since you will no longer be limited to die mornings for this practice, establish a routine of meditating two or three times a day, about fifteen minutes a session. Once you reach your level, what then? What do you think about? Right from the beginning, from the very first mo- ment you reach your meditative level, practice visu- alization.

This is central to Mind Control. The better you learn to visualize, the more powerful will be your experience with Mind Control. The first step is to create a tool for visualization, a mental screen. It should be like a large movie screen but should not quite fill your mental vision.

Imagine it not behind your eyelids but about six feet in front of you. You will project onto this screen whatever you choose to concentrate on. Pro dicta euismod eu.

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