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the girl with all the gifts free ebook

Cooperation partner: bote. Terms of service. Privacy policy. Cookie policy. Change language. The cell is small and square. It has a bed, a chair and a table. On the walls, which are painted grey, there are pictures; a big one of the Amazon rainforest and a smaller one of a pussycat drinking from a saucer of milk.

Caldwell, who is dying from sepsis , uses its equipment to urgently continue her research. While Melanie sates her hunger away from the others by eating wild animals, she finds a group of child hungries. Melanie sees that they, too, retain their mental functions, although they have no language of their own, being uneducated.

Afraid that they will be experimented on, Melanie instead tells the adults she saw a large group of junkers, but reveals the truth to Justineau. Gallagher, scared of junkers, flees the lab. He is found by the intelligent hungries, killed, and eaten. While Parks and Justineau search for Gallagher, Caldwell—obsessed with finishing her research before dying—captures one of the intelligent hungries and experiments on him.

She makes remarkable findings but does not let the others inside, fearing that they will interfere. Melanie finds a giant mass of fungal fruiting bodies that have grown in the years since the infection began; while there are enough spores to infect the entire world by air currents, the pods that contain the spores sporangia do not open on their own.

Melanie tricks Caldwell into letting her inside. Before dying, Caldwell shares her findings with Melanie: There is no cure or vaccine for the fungus. Intelligent hungries are second-generation ones, conceived by hungries who retained some human behavior. Those born in this way retain their mental abilities. What if you saw the apocalypse, through the eyes of a zombie, who has retained its intelligence? The majority of the human population has been infected by a virus, which entered the world through the maternal womb of blood and saliva.

The virus has caused most of those infected, to become starving flesh eating monsters. Caroline Caldwell is stationed at a military base where she is passionately working on producing a vaccine.

At the military base, there is a group of young children who are kept within cells. Caldwell has great faith that these children DNA can cure the disease.

How can a group of young tykes, save the world for a zombie apocalypse? These children while behaving like normal tykes, are infected with the disease and are also in fact zombies. Unlike the previous victims across the world, these children minds have not deteriorated. For me, this book is the next step in zombie fiction, delivering on the survival and post-apocalyptic elements we all know and love, while pushing the envelope with new ideas and deep characterization.

But seeing the themes of mercy and compassion enter into the equation here is a nice change of pace. A lot of this is due to Melanie.

There are lots of surprises, including an unpredictable ending that truly stunned me. I loved this book to pieces. Haunting, powerful and poignant, The Girl with All The Gifts is a novel I would recommend highly and without reservation. View all 21 comments. Actual Rating: 4. This is a bad habit of mine, if a bunch of people I trust have liked a book I sometimes don't even bother seeing what it's about before adding it to my TBR. In this case, avoiding the synopsis was this book's saving grace because I'm not sure I would have picked it up if I hadn't.

I just really don't find it interesting for the most Actual Rating: 4. I just really don't find it interesting for the most part, and I think there's only so many ways to do it before it ends up being super repetitive.

You get the picture. The only works in this category I have ever enjoyed are Warm Bodies , because it is different from the norm, Shaun of the Dead , because it's freaking hilarious, and Zombieland , because it is also hilarious. But The Girl with All the Gifts was such a pleasant surprise, a diamond in the rough. So many wonderfully intricate characters to consider and questions to be answered. When it comes down to it, are we willing to do what is best for others over what is best for ourselves?

Do small atrocities get overlooked if they're committed in the name of preventing larger atrocities? Do we value our own lives enough to save them even when we feel as though we don't deserve life? Is blind faith enough to carry the spirit forward when the mind has mapped out every logical reason to give up? This is absolutely a character and philosophy driven novel. Carey does an excellent job giving each person depth, keeping them interesting and realistic. The plot wasn't necessarily unique, but it was so enhanced by the characters that it almost didn't matter.

I just wanted to know more about each one of them, and I loved watching them interact in the context of a zombie apocalypse. Sometimes these characters were so frighteningly real that I felt compelled think "What if this were me?

I've probably never before read such elegantly crafted scientific language. Images just fell into place so smoothly in my head, I didn't get lost in even the heavier technical language. But it was so strange, because while being written so smartly, it was also written very informally? Whatever it was, it definitely worked for this novel. Sometimes great books can have the wind knocked out of them by a crappy ending, but this was one of the best endings I have read in a long while.

I cannot wait to see the movie for this one! You can watch the trailer here. View all 22 comments. I think I just found my new favorite zombie book.

Dr Caldwell calls her "our little genius. She loves learning about spelling and sums and the world outside the classro I think I just found my new favorite zombie book. We get many POVs, including the little hungry kid. I liked it. I thought each POV sounded different, that each character was fleshed out perfectly.

Unlike the movie where Melanie is dark-skinned , the girl in the book is extremely white and blonde. I don't mind either depiction of her, as Sennia Nanua does an amazing job of bringing her to life. The grown-ups didn't really need to spell out anything for her. I also liked her emotional development.

She started as a happy little girl who needed only Miss Justineau to brighten her day. Slowly she started experimenting with fear, shame, sadness and so much more. Her journey to Beacon is very important as Melanie gets to experience the real world. And that world is so much more than her cell and her classroom. Her interactions with her teacher show clearly that Miss Justineau is like a mother to her and she loves her dearly. And speaking of Helen Justineau played by actress Gemma Arterton in the movie version , she is the dark-skinned one in the book.

She always wears a red-colored item. I liked that Helen didn't start emotionally-attached to the hungry kids. At first she mimicked it in order to see the children's response. And she ended up loving Melanie anyway. And I also liked Miss Justineau's interactions with Dr. Caroline Caldwell , a ruthless scientist set on finding a vaccine for the Ophiocordyceps unilateralis fungal infection.

Each time Helen put Caroline in her place I was cheering for her because I thought of the doctor as a bully or a mad scientist who had no problem cutting up kids and making other people do it, too.

She was simply despicable. I found it appropriate and logical. Everybody did the right thing in the end. That being said, I would label this book as adult, not YA. I highly recommend The Girl with All the Gifts.

It is thought-provoking and very entertaining, one of my all-time favorite books. I just saw that this is my number review. Yey me! I'm glad it was for such an amazing book. View all 10 comments. When Joss Whedon says, "read this," I heed the call. Only 10 years old, Melanie is brimming with curiosity about the world and unabashedly enthusiastic about school.

Blessed with a genius intellect, a kind heart, and a love of mythology, it's easy to fall in love with the precocious protagonist of The Girl With All the Gifts. However, despite these gifts, the world is very afraid of Melanie--every morning, two armed guards arrive at her cell, strap her by the legs, arms, and neck to a wheelchair, When Joss Whedon says, "read this," I heed the call.

However, despite these gifts, the world is very afraid of Melanie--every morning, two armed guards arrive at her cell, strap her by the legs, arms, and neck to a wheelchair, and escort her to her classroom. This is fine with Melanie as it's the only world she's ever known and as long as her favorite teacher, Miss Justineau, is there, Melanie has everything she needs.

It's not until the outside world comes crashing in and Melanie is saved by Miss Justineau that she learns how truly dangerous she is to others.

I'm working hard here to avoid spoilers as most of the enjoyment of The Girl With All the Gifts comes from the fact that M. Carey plays his cards close to the vest during the first fourth of the novel. It's also obvious that the publishing company went to great lengths to keep the secret with that awful cover and perplexing title.

To be honest, had I known what the book was about I would have never bought it because this genre view spoiler [zombies hide spoiler ] isn't my bag, baby. I go out of my way to avoid it and it's hard for me to express how much I detest this genre, both in literary and movie form. Part of the reason as to why I was able to lose myself in a book I'm hardwired to hate is that, despite there being some of the obvious genre tropes, there are plenty of inventive twists.

Carey has developed a believable world, complete with a devastating history and scientific origin for the tragic events that unfold I really appreciate that there is a "why" offered instead of going with a "who-cares-how-it-just-did-so-let's-move-on-to-the-awesome-stuff" explanation.

The other reason I enjoyed it is because of the strong characterization of Melanie and her ability to constantly adapt as the world she knew crumbles around her. The novel's title is a reference to Melanie's favorite myth, that of Pandora, whose name means "all gifts.

Caroline Caldwell, and Private Kieran Gallagher are given depth by the same moral duality and by pasts that haunt them as they move into an uncertain future. The quick narrative pacing and the inventive spin on a tired genre make The Girl With All the Gifts well worth a read. Cross posted at This Insignificant Cinder Readers also enjoyed. Science Fiction. About M.

It was so long ago now that Justineau has forgotten most of the details. Three years after the first wave of infections, when the freefalling societies of the developed world hit what they mistakenly thought was bottom. In the UK the numbers of infected appeared briefly to have stabilised, and a hundred initiatives were discussed. Beacon was going to find the cure, reclaim the cities, and restore a much-longed-for status quo. In that strange false dawn, two mobile labs were commissioned.

Instead they were jury-rigged quickly and elegantly by refitting two vehicles already owned by the London Natural History Museum. Intended to house travelling exhibitions, Charles Darwin and Rosalind Franklin—Charlie and Rosie—now became huge roving research stations. Each was the length of an articulated truck, and almost twice as wide. Each was fitted with state-of-the-art biology and organic chemistry labs, together with berths for a crew of six researchers, four guards and two drivers.

They also benefited from a range of refurbishments approved by the Department of Defence, including the fitting of caterpillar treads, inch-thick external armour and both forward- and rear-mounted field guns and flame-throwers.

The great green hopes, as they were called, were unveiled with as much fanfare as could be mustered. Politicians hoping to be the heroes of the coming human renaissance made speeches over them and broke champagne bottles off their bows. They were launched with tears and prayers and poems and exordiums. Things fell apart really quickly after that—the respite was just a chaos artefact, created by powerful forces momentarily cancelling each other out.

No amount of expertly choreographed PR could prevail, in the end, against Armageddon. It strolled over the barricades and took its pleasure. Nobody ever saw those hand-picked geniuses again. Only Caroline Caldwell can save us now! God fucking help us. Caldwell makes a non-committal gesture, purses her lips. She wears lipstick every day, despite its scarcity, and she wears it to good effect; puts up an optimal front to the world.

In an age of rust, she comes up stainless steel. You wanted them to impose a moratorium on physical testing of the subjects. Justineau has no answer, apart from the obvious one. You refused. The job still remains to be done. I choose to hold you to your contract. If you keep me here, you have to put up with minor inconveniences like me having a conscience.

I define the programme, and your part in it. You seem to have made a fundamental error of judgement, and unless you can step away from it, it will taint all your observations of the subjects. An error of judgement. And mostly displaced towards the top end of that range? The works. Caldwell shrugs.

High-functioning hungries. The fact that they can talk may make them easier to empathise with, but it also makes them very much more dangerous than the animalistic variety we usually encounter.

It justifies anything. Justineau laughs—a harsh and ugly spasming of breath that hurts her coming out. And you did it without anaesthetic. Their brain cells have a lipid fraction so small that alveolar concentrations never cross the action threshold.

Back before I got here. Before you requisitioned me. You stopped because there were no surprises. So yeah, I went over your head because I was hoping there might be somebody sane up there.

It will be a relief. It will all be over. The tank is about eighteen inches by twelve by ten inches high, and its interior is completely filled with a dense mass of fine, dark grey strands. Like plague-flavoured candy floss, Justineau thinks. She points. We finally figured it out. The swift onset, and the multiple vectors of infection, seemed to point in that direction.

But there was plenty of evidence to support the fungal hypothesis. In the chaos of those first few weeks, a great many things were lost. Any testing that was being done on the first victims was curtailed when those victims attacked, overpowered and fed on the physicians and scientists who were examining them.

The exponential spread of the plague ensured that the same scenario was played out again and again. And of course the men and women who could have told us the most were always, by the nature of their work, the most exposed to infection. Caldwell speaks in the dry, inflectionless tone of a lecturer, but her expression hardens as she stares down at the thing that is both her nemesis and the focal point of her waking life.

But its growth cycle is slow. Quite astonishingly slow. In the hungries themselves, it takes several years for the mycelial threads to appear on the surface of the skin—where they look like dark grey veins, or fine mottling. In agar, the process is slower still.

The sexual or germinating structures—sporangia or hymenia—have yet to form. It can only bud asexually, in a nutrient solution.

Ideally, human blood. Through the cultures I took from badly decayed hungries—cultures like this one—I was able to establish that the hungry pathogen is an old friend in a new suit.

Ophiocordyceps unilateralis. And its behaviour in that context made it notorious. Nature documentaries dwelled on every lurid detail. Back when she first identified the hungry pathogen as a mutant Cordyceps , she was so happy that she just had to share.

She persuaded Beacon to approve an educational programme for all base personnel. They filed into the canteen in groups of twenty, and Caldwell started the show by playing a short extract from a David Attenborough documentary, dateline twenty years or so before Breakdown.

Foraging ants pick them up, without noticing, because the spores are sticky. Images on the screen of ants convulsing, trying in vain to scrape the sticky spores off their body armour with quick, spasmodic sweeps of their legs. The fungus gets into the driving seat, puts its foot on the accelerator and drives the ant away. The sporangium sheds thousands of spores, and falling from that great height they spread for miles.

Which of course is the point of the exercise. Thousands of species of Cordyceps , each one a specialist, bonded uniquely with a particular species of ant. But at some point a Cordyceps came along that was a lot less finicky. It jumped the species barrier, then the genus, family, order and class. It clawed its way to the top of the evolutionary tree, assuming for a moment that evolution is a tree and has a top.

Of course, the fungus might have had a helping hand. It might have been grown in a lab, for any number of reasons; coaxed along with gene-splicing and injected RNA. Those were very big jumps.

Inside their brains. Justineau shakes her head. Caldwell shrugs off-handedly. For the moment. Waste not, want not. The first thing it does is to consolidate its control of the motor cortex and the feeding reflex. The bite gives nourishment to the host and spreads the infection at the same time. Hence the extreme caution we take in the handling of the test subjects. She takes hold of the lid of the fish tank and wrenches it open.

Caldwell gives a wordless yell as she recoils, hand clasped to her mouth. She glares at Justineau, her cool detachment holed below the waterline.

When they. She thinks they don't like her. She jokes that she won't bite, but they don't laugh. Dr Caldwell calls her "our little the girl with all the gifts free ebook. When they come for her, Sergeant keeps his gun pointed at her while two of his people strap her into giftss wheelchair. The Girl With All the Gifts is a genre-defying, emotionally charged thriller that will shatter your expectations of the classic zombie novel. For more from M. Short-link Link Embed. Share from cover. Share from page:. More magazines by this user. Close Flag as Inappropriate. You have already flagged this document. Thank you, for helping us keep this platform clean. The editors will have a look at it as the girl with all the gifts free ebook as possible. Delete template? Cancel Delete. Magazine: B. Cancel Overwrite Save. Don't wait! the girl with all the gifts free ebook EPUB (encrypted). Digital Rights Management (DRM). The publisher has supplied this book in encrypted form, which means that you need to install free. The Girl With All the Gifts - Kindle edition by Carey, M. R.. Next. Amazon Business: For business-only pricing, quantity discounts and FREE Shipping. Register. The Girl With All The Gifts, however, offers a very subtle but sharp contrast to this portrayal of the zombie apocalypse. I will simply state this. Read or download The Girl With All the Gifts (M. R. Carey) at Shakespir, your free ebook reading partner. Available in TXT,PDB,LRF,RTF,PDF. The Girl With All The Gifts by M. R. Carey PDF Free Download, Read online, ISBN: By M.R. File Host, Download Ebook, Read Now, Format. To ask other readers questions about The Girl With All the Gifts, please sign up. Publishers and authors send me free books in the hope I'll read them and The. The Girl With All the Gifts. information book: Author: M.R. Carey Pages: Language:eng. Release Date–4– ISBN Publisher:Orbit. Download The Girl With All the Gifts Ebook | READ ONLINE Download File => PDF Download The Girl With All the​. The Girl with All the Gifts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. For the film, see. The scholarship provided in Enriched Classics enables readers to appreciate, understand, and enjoy the world's finest books to their full potential. Visit Free-eBooks. If you will be choosing a file from any of the sites below, please make sure to download that format and not the other. You have to log in to download these books, but registration is free or you can use LinkedIn. Dr Caldwell calls her "our little genius. Watch fullscreen. This free book site is really simple to use, but maybe too simple. Because of an amendment to that act, works published between and can enter the public domain 95 years after their creation. Founder of Ebook Friendly, ebook enthusiast, and self-published short story author. But first she must find her own power and stop waiting for other people to save her. The key to Kindle ecosystem is your Amazon account. Will she listen? Downloads should be free and without retribution under U. Or even food for their own Melanie? Or was it falling now as he salted the cabbage? the girl with all the gifts free ebook