kawasaki versys 650 service manual free download

kawasaki versys 650 service manual free download

This motorcycle was not intended to sure that you have not adversely be equipped with a sidecar or to be affected any lighting components, used to tow any trailers or other ve- road clearance, banking capability hicles. Kawasaki does not manu- i. Weight attached to the handlebar or that the effects can be adverse and front fork will increase the mass of that Kawasaki cannot assume re- the steering assembly and can re- sponsibility for the results of such sult in an unsafe riding condition.

Fairings, windshields, backrests, Furthermore, any adverse effects on and other large items have the ca- motorcycle components caused by pability of adversely affecting stabil- the use of such accessories will not ity and handling of the motorcycle, be remedied under warranty. Poorly lb. Neutral Indicator Light E. High Beam Indicator Light G. Tachometer I. Red Zone J. Clock B. Odometer C. Trip Meter A D. Trip Meter B E.

Speedometer C. Both the hour and minute displays start blinking. Speedometer - The speedometer shows the speed of the vehicle in digital value. The hour display only blinks. Both the hour and minute displays start blink- button to advance the hours. The dis- plays stop blinking and the clock starts working. The hour display stops blinking and the minute tarily advances the hour or minute step by step.

Pushing and hold- display starts blinking. Push the ing the button advance the hour or MODE button to advance the min- minute continuously. This kilometers traveled since they were last meter cannot be reset. TRIP A: 0. The they are stopped and locked. When the fuel tank is full, all the seg- ments are displayed. As the fuel level in the tank goes down, the segments disappear one by one from F full to E empty.

When only the most bottom segment is displayed, approximately 5. Furthermore, when the lowest A. Stand, Fuel Gauge cannot show the amount of fuel in the fuel tank exactly. The warning indi- goes on. If the warning indicator pushed to the left or right, the cor- light goes on, have the DFI system responding turn signal indicator light checked by an authorized Kawasaki blinks.

This warns the operator that ter for more detailed engine oil informa- the water temperature is too high. If the tion. Prolonged en- tank cap. Record the key number in the space provided and store the num- ber in a safe place. If your keys came with a plate, store it in a safe place as well.

In the event you lose your keys, you will need the key number to have a du- plicate made. If you cannot locate your key number, contact the dealer where you purchased your Kawasaki motor- cycle. If the key number is lost completely, you will need to replace the ignition switch and all other locks operated by that key. Contact your Kawasaki dealer to pur- chase additional spare keys either us- ing your original key as a master or us- ing the key code on the tag or your key.

Store one key at home and keep an- other spare in your wallet or riding gear, in case the original is lost. All electrical OFF This is a four-position, key-operated circuits off. The key can be removed from Engine on. Steering locked. Engine LOCK off. All electrical circuits off. Engine off. License plate, tail, and city lights on and turn P Park signals can be used. All other electrical circuits cut off. ON Position C. One headlight D. P Park Position released after starting the engine.

Dimmer Switch B. Turn Signal Switch C. Horn Button D. Passing Button E. When the horn sounds. When the Hazard Switch headlight is on low beam, only one If an emergency requires you to park headlight goes on.

When the turn signal switch is Push in the hazard switch with the pushed to the left or right ignition switch in the ON or P Park , the corresponding turn sig- position. All the turn signals and turn nals blink on and off.

So be careful not to use the hazard lights for more than 30 minutes. Engine Stop Switch B. Starter Button Engine Stop Switch In addition to the ignition switch, the engine stop switch must be in the position for the motorcycle to operate. The engine stop switch is for emer- gency use. If required, move the switch to the position. Each adjuster all the electrical circuits. Ordinarily, has 5 positions so that the released the ignition switch should be used to lever position can be adjusted to suit stop the engine.

Push the lever forward and turn the adjuster to align Starter Button the number with the mark on the lever The starter button operates the elec- holder. Adjuster A. Adjuster B. Mark B. Mark C. Brake Lever C. Insert the ignition key into the fuel tank cap and turn the key to the right. To close the cap, push it down into place with the key inserted. The key can be removed by turning it to the left to the original position.

Close the key hole cover. NOTE A. Key Hole Cover B. Fuel Tank Cap without the key inserted, and the key cannot be removed unless the cap is locked properly. Turn does not get contaminated. Do not smoke. Make sure the area is well-ventilated and free from any source of flame or sparks; this includes any appliance with a pi- lot light. Never fill the tank com- pletely to the top.

If the tank is filled completely to the top, heat may cause the fuel to expand and overflow through the vents in the tank cap. After refueling, A. Tank Cap make sure the tank cap is closed B. Fuel Tank securely. If gasoline is spilled on C. Top Level the fuel tank, wipe it off immedi- D. Filler Neck ately. If this condition is mulated fuels as part of a strategy to allowed to continue it can lead reduce exhaust emissions.

The types and volume of fuel oxy- Gasoline quality is important. Environmental ing standard industry specifi- Protection Agency include a broad cations may result in unsatis- range of alcohols and ethers, but only factory performance. Operating two components have seen any signif- problems that result from the icant level of commercial use. Gasoline con- mance problems may result. Be extra careful not to spill gasoline or gasoline oxygenate NOTE blends during refueling.

Fuel containing these oxy- with the gasoline in the fuel tank. Before storage it is recom- mended that you drain all fuel from the fuel system. See the Storage section in this manual. Do not sit on the motorcycle while it is on its side stand. Always kick the stand fully up before sitting on the motorcycle. This switch is de- Insert the ignition key into the seat signed so that the engine does not lock, located on the seat cover.

Seat B. Seat Lock C. Ignition Key D. Pull up and rear A. Slot C. Tabs D. Receptacles E. Hook F. Do not ride dures explained in this manual. Install the U-shaped part and lock separately and secure them each with the bands not supplied.

Tool Kit B. Band Part No. U-Shaped Lock not supplied D. Stay B. Rear View Mirror C. Remove the bolts ing, make sure to tighten all four bolts on the windshield. Windshield B. Bolts A. Wellnuts B. Windshield A. Bolts B.

Bolts C. Wellnuts C. Wellnuts D. Rivets D. The following rules should be observed during the break-in period. Run the engine for two or three minutes at idle speed to give the oil a chance to work up into all the engine parts. A break-in period of km miles is necessary to establish normal tire traction.

During break-in, avoid sudden and maximum braking and acceleration, and hard cornering. In addition to the above, at 1 km miles it is extremely important that the owner have the initial maintenance service performed by an authorized Kawasaki dealer.

Neutral Indicator Light B. Ignition Switch A. Engine Stop Switch C. ON Position B. Af- starter lockout switch. However, the gine. NOTICE Do not operate the starter con- tinuously for more than 5 sec- onds, or the starter will overheat and the battery power will drop temporarily. Wait 15 seconds between each operation of the starter to let it cool and the bat- tery power recover.

Clutch Lever B. If this is not practical, a 12 overheating and damage may volt booster battery and jumper cables occur. Wear eye the motorcycle battery. Do not use the negative — at least 5 minutes. Seek medical terminal of the battery. Do not make this last connection at the fuel system or battery.

Take care not to touch the positive and nega- tive cables together, and do not lean over the battery when mak- A. Do not B. Footpeg connect to a frozen battery. From Booster Battery Negative — could explode. Disconnect the negative — cable from the mo- torcycle first. When shifting down to a lower gear, do not shift at such a high speed that engine rpm jumps excessively.

Downshift at the vehicle speeds shown in the table in this sec- tion. When the mo- torcycle is standing still, the transmis- sion cannot be shifted past neutral from 1st gear. Normally the front brake should be applied a lit- tle more than the rear. Shift down or fully disengage the clutch as neces- sary to keep the engine from stalling.

When turning a cor- A. Front Brake Lever ner, it is better not to brake at all. Re- duce your speed before you get into the corner. Rear Brake Pedal vehicle-down sensor, which causes the engine to stop automatically and the FI warning indicator light to blink when the motorcycle falls down. During removal of the air cleaner, Emergency dirt is allowed to enter and jam the Your Kawasaki Motorcycle has been fuel injection system.

Once this and craftsmanship, it is essential that stopping procedure is initiated, the en- you, the owner and operator, properly gine stop switch may be used to stop maintain your motorcycle and become the engine. If the engine stop switch is thoroughly familiar with its operation. Two of the most common causes of throttle failure are: 1. An improperly serviced or clogged air cleaner may allow dirt and dust to enter the throttle body and stick the throttle open.

Make sure the area is well ventilated and free from any source of flame or sparks; this includes any appliance with a pi- lot light. The converter reacts with car- cause a fire, and can result in bon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitro- property damage or severe per- gen oxides to convert them into carbon sonal injury.

Never touch a hot engine, ex- haust pipe, or muffler during op- eration or after stopping the en- gine. Never use leaded gasoline. For safety, eye protection and a When riding always keep both helmet are strongly recommended. Removing the applicable safety regulations in your hands from the handlebars or force prior to riding your motorcy- feet from the footpegs while riding cle. Gloves and suitable footwear can be hazardous. If you remove should also be used for added pro- even one hand or foot, you can tection in case of a mishap.

A motorcycle does not provide the impact protection of an auto- Before changing lanes, look over mobile, so defensive riding in addi- your shoulder to make sure the way tion to wearing protective apparel is clear. Do not rely solely on the is extremely important. When going up steep slopes, shift Riding at the proper rate of speed to a lower gear so that there is plenty and avoiding unnecessarily fast ac- of power to spare rather than over- celeration are important not only for loading the engine.

Ap- plying only one brake for sudden On rough roads, exercise caution, braking may cause the motorcycle slow down, and grip the fuel tank to skid and lose control. When going down long slopes, When quick acceleration is neces- control vehicle speed by closing sary as in passing, shift to a lower the throttle.

Use the front and rear gear to obtain the necessary power. The time required is minimal, and habitual performance of these checks will help ensure you a safe, reliable ride. If any irregularities are found during these checks, refer to the Maintenance and Adjustment chapter or see your dealer for the action required to return the motor- cycle to a safe operating condition. Always perform daily safety checks before oper- ation.

Inhaling carbon monoxide can cause serious brain injury or death. DO NOT run the engine in enclosed areas. Operate only in a well-ventilated area. Adequate supply in tank, no leaks. Engine Oil Oil level between level lines.

Air pressure when cold : Front kPa 2. Drive Chain Lubricate the drive chain if dry. Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners Check that steering and suspension components, axles, and all controls are properly tightened or fastened. Action smooth but not loose from lock to lock. No binding of control cables. Brake pad wear: Lining thickness more than 1 mm 0. No brake fluid leakage. Clutch lever operates smoothly. No coolant leakage.

Coolant level between level lines when engine is cold. Electrical Equipment Engine Stop Switch To Name. From Name. To Email. Faster previews. Personalized experience. Get started with a FREE account. Load more similar PDF files. PDF Drive investigated dozens of problems and listed the biggest global issues facing the world today.

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use kawasaki versys 650 service manual free download cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Kawasaki Versys Owner's Manual. Haji Mohd Johar. NOTICE is used to address prac- Always follow safe operating and main- tices not related to personal in- tenance practices. This manual offers many safe riding tips, but its purpose is not to provide instruction in all the techniques and skills required to ride kawasaki versys 650 service manual free download motorcycle safely. Kawasaki strongly recommends that all operators of this vehi- cle enroll in a motorcycle rider training program to attain awareness of the mental and physical requirements necessary for safe motorcycle operation. To ensure a long, trouble-free life for kawasaki versys 650 service manual free download motorcycle, give it the proper care and maintenance described in this manual. For those who would like more detailed in- formation on their Kawasaki Motorcycle, a Service Manual is available for purchase from any authorized Kawasaki motorcycle dealer. The Service Manual contains windows media player free download vista tailed disassembly and maintenance information. Those who plan to do their own work should, of course, be competent mechanics and possess the special tools described in the Service Manual. Kawasaki Versys Owner's Manual This manual should be considered kawasaki versys 650 service manual free download permanent part of the motorcycle and should remain with the motorcycle when it is sold. All rights reserved. kawasaki versys 650 service manual free download Download Kawasaki Kawasaki Versys User Manual PDF. Pages·​· MB· Downloads. authorized Kawasaki motorcycle dealer. Get kawasaki versys service manual PDF file for free from our data size approximately , for those who like to download it and read. We'll deliver the Good Times™ Get vehicles, parts, accessories and apparel shipped straight to your door. learn more locate a dealer. FREE UPS Ground. Hi, any of u guys here have the Versys () service manual in pdf to share? Cheers:smile2. and physical requirements necessary for s afe motorcycle operation. To ensure a long, trouble-free life for your. Nov 16, - Instant Download Service Repair Manuals Kawasaki Versys /ABS Service Manual Motorcycle Pdf Download. nov - Instant Download Service Repair Manuals Kawasaki Versys Service Manual Motorcycle Pdf Download. Versys sporting knobblies - Motocycle Pictures and Wallpapers Custom Motorcycles, Custom Bikes, Cars. PDF Drive - Search and download PDF files for free. Feb 28 Kawasaki Kle Versys Abs Service Repair Manual. To ensure a long, trouble-free life for your motorcycle, give it the proper care and The Service Manual contains de- tailed disassembly and maintenance information. Kawasaki Versys Owner's Manual This manual should be considered a As the fuel level in the tank goes down, the segments disappear one by one. Lifetime: Local storage does not expire. Have the wheel balance inspected whenever a new tire is installed. Kawasaki KX Download. Have your motorcycle thoroughly the engine in enclosed areas. Tank Cap B. Page In that case, ask an authorized Kawasaki dealer for inspection. For Accessory Socket B. Page Pull the left frame cover outward to system. See your Kawasaki dealer or go to Kawasaki. Center Pin A. kawasaki versys 650 service manual free download