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Feb 22,  · Is Madara alive?Is tobi actually obito wi perosnality dissorder who believes he is madara, or is it just madara?Please explain is, when did obito/madara die, how did . 24, 2008 · Tobi is Madara. Pein called him Madara and I ink Itachi refers to Madara as well. We still don't know what Tobi looks like under e mask. It's possible at Madara could have used Obito's body just like Orochi u does to o er people. , 20  · no. tobi is uchiha madara. obito is dead. at image is clearly fan made. yeah, i've also heard about it, but people who wrote or said it just didn't remember to give a SPOILER ALERT =D. Apr 16, 2008 · Some ink at it was Obito because Tobi had e same type of personalty Obito,and e same hair. As well covering his face wi a mask,and only showing one sharingan. So,since Tobi. Spoiler Alert . . . . . Tobi is OBITO he just took e name Madara after being saved by e REAL MADARA and experiencing e. 13,  · Answer: No (but e way it was portrayed was a little complicated) let me try to make is simple but descriptive. SPOILERS AHEAD! Tobi(e one wi e scar on half his face and wore an orange mask) Madara (descendent of e Uchiha clan durin. 27, 2007 · oh wow! you dont know how much i ink at Tobi is Obito! but you know i just recently heard a eory just like at. at Obito/ Tobi is being controlled by Madara. but you know i have reasons why Tobi is Obito. Obito and Tobi have similar personalties. Madara would never have a voice like Tobi if you heard it in episode 33. Feb 08, 2008 · Obito and Tobi are one in e same, Tobi is just ano er alias used by Obito. Madara is e old man who saved Obito as a child when he had part of his body crushed. Obito/Tobi is using Madara's name to influence events in e Shinobi world as Madara (his name) holds power and a great reputation as one of e best alongside e legendary Hashirama. Feb 25, 2008 · so his apperence is obito becuz madara is in obito's body. now rearrange obtio and remove a O and you get tobi. now madara since he is like a huge spy and master of e uchiha's tracking abilities. he probably knew at e akatsuki had a new leader. and he knew about obito and kakashi. so i am guessing he learned about kakashi hunting e. 12, 2008 · Tobi is not Obito Uchiha. Obito is Kakashi old temamate who died during a mission and gave Kakashi is sharingan. Al ough we do ink at Tobi is Madara Uchiha,because Tobi has annonced himself of having Madara's powers. So,it could very well be Madara Uchiha who is Tobi. Al ough when Tobi annoced at he had Madara's powers, ats all he said. 11, 20  · Only Madara Uchiha or Rikudo Sennin can summon techniques like 9 tails fox. No one else can. If you ink Tobi is Obito, en he wouldn't have grown in stature and been e tallest. He's body would be like a kids. It would look weird. You know Obito's body has been messed up by rocks. Tobi is Madara. Apr 01, 2008 · Tobi isnt Obito, he's actually Madara. Madara is a half-demon Uchiha member who joined e Akatsuki because he wanted controll of e world. Also, a point you would use is at Tobi has one eye or shows one eye of e sharingan whereas Obito lost his eye and gave it to Kakashi. Tobi, born under e name of Obito Uchiha, is e true true leader of e Akatsuki. He was part of a Genin team wi Kakashi and Rin and trained by e Four Hokage, Minato. 01,  · Obito would be e same age as Kakashi since ey were teammates. And Tobi is middle aged around 45 I guess. Kakashi is only about 29 and if Obito was alive, he'd be 29 as well. And Madara is definitely dead but he is bought back to like (in e manga, by Kaubto) during e. Tobi isn't Madara or Obito.He's a mystery. 17,  · Tobi's identity is still unknown. He claimed to be Madara Uchiha, which proved to be wrong when Madara was resurrected. ere's e eory at Tobi is actually Obito, but he was shown crushed under a rock. We don't know if some ing happened at let Obito survive, or if . 12, 2007 · Yes Tobi. Tobi is not Madara, according to me and my friends and a lot of em. Tobi is Obito, well e facts are on Obito/Tobi's side: Obito was one more O en Tobi so just take away an o and swich around e letters. Tobi wears a mask because he lost his left eye because he gave it to Kakashi. Tobi and Obito ask e same, Goofy and funny. 21,  · We presumed, before, at Tobi was Madara because e fact at he has Sharingan eyes like Madara. Basically he has Madara’s power. Ano er speculation is at, he is Obito. But Obito was still very young when he died. So most Naruto fans dropped at eory. But now, when e epic chapters 559 and 560 were released, we were shocked by what. 03, 2007 · Tobi is an akatsuki member who call's himslef madara. e REAL madara is dead but everybody ignores Tobi so Tobi ided to call hims self madara so everyone can fear him (Tobi). e real Madara is a uchiha and one of e first uchiha person.obito is ano er uchiha and was pinned to a rock and was about to die.he gave his sharingan to kakashi. 04,  · Tobi is Obito Uchiha. Madara Uchiha had rescued Obito by infusing half of his crushed body wi a White Zetsu, like in e battle of Danzou vs Tobi/Obito/Madara, Obito got his arm hit and white liquid (White Zetsu's DNA Formula) drips out from his sleeve. Madara at first tried to change Obito's mind when he was rescued. 13,  · But yeah. Madara seems to be high on his power, while Obito want to put e plan in action. And Obito ought Madara was creepy from e very beginning. is partnership is only going to last as long as Obito believes at Madara is trying to create a peaceful world. 28, 2008 · Is Tobi: Obito or Madara? Why (if Tobi is Madara) is Tobi using one eye when he had eternal makegouku sharingan? Obito gave his left eye to Itachi so it is still a possiblity at it can be Obito. Why (if Tobi is Madara) is Tobi acting like a retard? Why does Tobi let Deidara and e rest of em push him around if he is e ultimate uchiha (if Tobi is Madara)? 16, 2007 · Madara is e founder of Uchiha clan, who was also e founder of e police force in Konoha. However he fought e First at e Valley of e End, and it was said at he had lost. Madara was also assumed as e one summoning Kyuubi to attack Konoha on Naruto's bir day. Some o er ought at Tobi is Uchiha Obito. 26,  · Tobi was e one who released e Kyuubi at Naruto's bir - Obito would be way too young to do at and fight Minato as well. ere's been speculation at since Obito would have e inter-dimensional travel at his disposal, he could have just grown . 04, 2008 · it's not know yet. people say obito people say madara people say some new guy and some o ers. its true obito is dead but madara should have die too o er wise he is a 0 year old in a young looking body. i ink its actually obito but madara spirit is in him which brong him back to life. 05, 20  · no at was a rumor but he is tobi i ink he somewhat does what orchi u did and took o er peoples life for his cause he is about 1 20 year old cause Village hidden in e leaves was formed by uchiha ans senju en and madara objected to it and fought 1st hokage andeveryy one ought he died and at at time heprobablyy was about low 30's or mid 20's. 24, 2008 · It is most likely at Madara is tobi, one ing at seems to get me is why is tobi so happy and childish when madara isn't. Obito was like at but it is not him, oh well only Kishimoto knows and he likes to put twists in his anime so we won't know till tobi takes off his mask if he even does. 15, 2008 · 5.) Tobi only claims at he has Madara's power, not at he is Madara, (even ough Pein calls him Madara in Chapter 384, but he might just not know Tobi's true identity. at is probably why he wears a mask). 6.) e name Tobi resembles Obito. (And Tobi is a pretty out of place name when most all of e o er names are Japanese). 7.). 22, 2008 · se dice que madara es tobi pero yo digo que es obito ya que madara puede mentir estas son mis rasones madara siempre se tapa el ojo derecho que es el que le do a kakashi tiene los mismos pelos erisados que obito su nombre tobi tiene las mismas letras que obito y sus gogles eran anaranjados igual que su mascara (naranja) y por ultimo los dos son uchiha pero tobi se ace lla madara . 19, 2008 · 2, Uchiha Madara is a creater of e Uchiha Clan, and Tobi (Obito) said at he has Madara's power, he is also e strongest Uchiha. 3, I ink its Pain (Rinnagan guy), But I ink its Tobi no one nos for sure who is e leader, cuz tobi is e mastermind behind Akatsuki. 26, 2007 · Noone saw Obito die in e manga after e explosion ey figured he did.We have not really seen Tobi fight in e manga but for like an instant before he was crushed because he always ran away from e fights.We never really seen Obito fight nei er except for like half a page against e tailed beast and even en he ran off and hid and it when it showed him again he was standing over e. 05, 2009 · No viejo, me parece que ya esta mas que claro que Tobi es Madara Uchiha y No obito. Te digo el porque (me estoy basando en el manga 467) Todos sabemos que antes de morir Obito perdio la parte DERECHA de su cuerpo por el aplastamiento de una roca, bueno pues en el dicho manga Tobi asegura que su plan Ojo de luna se basa en revivir al (no me lo crean) al Biju de Colas ya que su . 13,  · Obito, I ink. Possibilities:. Obito has been healed by Rin. 2. During Tobi's fight wi Konan (in e manga) you could see scars on Tobi's right side. Did e rock cave-in do at? 3. Tobi has no left eye before (same as Obito). But when Danzo was defeated by Sasuke, Tobi takes Danzo's left eye (Shisui's eyes). 20, 2008 · First it was just speculation because Tobi said he has Madara's power. But, here are e recent developments in e manga: chapter 385: Itachi tells Sasuke Uchiha Madara is his teacher, and at he is alive. chapter 383: Pein says Madara ordered him to get Naruto. ergo, Madara has been masquarading as Tobi. You can read it for yourself:3. 13, 2009 · 1)que era obito (eso era antes de que saliera que era madara). 2)luego pense que era madara en el cuerpo de obito y luego me di cuenta que para que si tienes un eterno mangekyuu sharinngan te pasas al cuerpo de un niño que ala justas desperto sus 2 aspas. y para que rayos te pasarias volverias a la infancia. Apr 23, 2008 · Obito Uchiha is Tobi which is Madara i ink. He is also e student of e four hokage,Yondaime, e team mate of Rin and Kakashi. some people say he died trying to save Kakashi (Kakashi lost an eye and Obito gave him his sharingan eye) but he came back as Tobi and joins e Akatsuki but he really is Madara which is e creator of Akatsuki and e person who discovered e mangekyou . 01, 2008 · Yo la verdada no se mucho aserca de quien es, pero esto es lo que yo pienso sobre la identidada de Tobi.Segun yo Tobi es el cuerpo de obito pero la mente de Madara osea que cuando Obito fue aplastado llego Madara y lo curo rapidamentre y se dio cuenta de que es un uchiha y como Obito estaba inconcinete Madara aprovecho y tomo su cuerpo ya que el de el ya estaba fallando. Feb 08, 2008 · - Tobi es Obito, pero controlado por Madara: Ésta es la teoría en la que creo yo XD. Te explicaré porqué: Obito cuando murió cerca de la frontera del País del Fuego, osea, en territorio de la Aldea Oculta de la Hierba (aldea de la que es proveniente Zetsu) el País del Fuego estaba atravesando por una guerra ninja.

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