i robot full movie free download

i robot full movie free download

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Spooner finally gets Sonny to confess that he killed Lanning, at Lanning's direction. Spooner points out that Sonny, as a machine, could not legally have committed "murder".

Sonny, now looking for a new purpose, goes to Lake Michigan where, standing atop a hill, all the decommissioned robots turn towards him, fulfilling the image in his dream. It started with an original screenplay written in by Jeff Vintar , entitled Hardwired. The script was an Agatha Christie -inspired murder mystery that took place entirely at the scene of a crime, with one lone human character, FBI agent Del Spooner, investigating the killing of a reclusive scientist named Dr.

Alfred Lanning, and interrogating a cast of machine suspects that included Sonny the robot, VIKI the supercomputer with a perpetual smiley face, the dead Dr. Lanning's hologram, plus several other examples of artificial intelligence. Several years later, 20th Century Fox acquired the rights, and signed Alex Proyas as director. Jeff Vintar was brought back on the project and spent several years opening up his stage play-like cerebral mystery to meet the needs of a big budget studio film.

When the studio decided to use the name "I, Robot", he incorporated the Three Laws of Robotics, and replaced his female lead character Flynn with Susan Calvin. Akiva Goldsman was hired late in the process to write for Smith.

Suddenly the policeman becomes a target for attacks by these new robots, which he cannot prove occurred. What happens next? The film has really good special effects and a strong storyline with solid actors.

The famous three laws of robotics steer the storyline well and logically extended and I am sure it uplifted from an original' I Robot' book. The storyline is helpful and I have seen it several times, but I now realise where the storyline is going for the first time, so either it's previously well hidden or I am not following this all that well? Well, I'm still very new to this 3D-TV lark, but I find that watching 3D on the television is far better than seeing it in the cinema, for some reason.

The thing that really impressed me about I, Robot is that the 3D is unobtrusive once your eyes have settled down, as it were. I don't believe that this filmed was actually filmed in 3D, which means there aren't all those trite "in your face" moments that can make 3D so cringeworthy. Instead, the depth of field generated by the 3D simply adds to the overall high definition clarity and makes it feel like you are looking at reality rather than a trick of the light. The cityscape at night is quite breathtaking, as is one of the final scenes where the robots are looking up at the figure on the hill.

The film loses a star for the dreadfully overt product placement, which marrs the film far more than any hokey "let's poke things into the audience" 3D stuff. Everybody in the world relies on a huge system of robots, which are programmed to help humans and not harm them in any way. But one person doubts this. Del Spooner. He receives a call from the United States Robotics about a recent death of renowned robot scientist Dr.

Alfred J. Spooner immediately blames this incident on robots without justifiable reason or proof. He begins his investigation on Lanning's death, only to discover Sonny, a "unique" robot. What Spooner does not realise, is that something is about to happen. IP Address of mytamilyogi. As a community of filmmakers and film lovers, we're here to tell stories, expand imaginations, build bridges and deepen empathy.

This movie is Coming Soon. In the following story, the medium and his assistant, Saad, is returning from the school when their car crashes. The medium dies from a heart attack. The man was a genius in the way he wrote, he invented the three laws of Robotics, as the very beginning of the movie tells us, they are: 1 A robot can never harm a human.

Because of this and because of the fact that I knew Will Smith was the leading actor in this movie I went into this movie with lowered expectations. I expected to see a corny movie full of explosions and killer robots. I did get that, or at least the explosions part, but imagine my surprise when the movie ended up exceeding my expectations and more. Even though during the ending credits it says that the movie was suggested by the books by Isaac Asimov most of the movie seemed to play quite well with Isaac Asimov's ideas about robots.

The movie played with concepts that Isaac Asimov played with, if the three laws can be made, they can be broken. And it was an Asimov-ish "whodunit" as well. Will Smith managed to pull off a stunning performance as "Del Spooner", a Chicago detective that is suspicious of robots and is against technology. His acting is much more like his acting in "Enemy of the State" than his performances in his other two Science Fiction flicks, "Independence Day" and "Men in Black".

He is a believable character, one that you end up sympathising with as you learn why, exactly, he hates robots so much.

A highly critiqued point usually comes from the fans of the book in that Bridget Moynahan plays Susan Calvin. It is true that Moynahan as Calvin is much younger than the Isaac Asimov version, but beyond that I found her to be a pleasant surprise as well. She plays her persona very well, delivering a wooden, robot-like performance. She is obvious in the fact that she likes robots much more than humans, and her dislike of Spooner is amusing.

I, Robot. Confirm current pricing with applicable retailer. All transactions subject to applicable license terms and conditions. Superstar Will Smith stars in this futuristic action-adventure about a techno-phobic police detective who teams up with a humanoid robot to thwart a worldwide revolution.

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