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i am me i am free pdf

i am me i am free pdf

We are "ordinary", so we must know our place, this belief system contends. In truth, there is not an "ordinary" man, woman, child or blade of grass in the whole of creation, but people are persuaded to believe the myth and so they play out the role of being "ordinary". It's an act which they are conditioned to perform, like an actor on a stage. Ordinary is not what we are, it is merely what we choose to believe we are.

But it is very powerful in diminishing our sense of worth; another motivation to give our minds away to those we believe to be our "betters". It is part of the conditioning that includes the claptrap that we are all born sinners, whatever the hell that is supposed to mean.

Think about the consequences for your life and the planet that result from this frar of being YOU. If we give our minds away to others and allow them to tell us what to think and do, and if we concede our uniqueness to the fear of being different, we give control of this world to a tiny Elite who use their power and manipulation to dictate the limits of the Hassle-Free Zone.

Whoever decides the point at which a view or lifestyle is inside or outside the Zone the point at which you meet ridicule or condemnation , also dictates the limits within which billions of people live their lives because they are terrified of being different from the herd. Again and again people say they support what I am saying and doing, but they dare not say so for fear of the consequences.

Well it's time to summon the courage, because the consequences of keeping quiet are going to be far worse than speaking out and being proud of what you think and what you are. What's happened to us, for goodness sake? We have taken on a mass schizophrenia in which we have become both the prisoners of the Hassle-Free Zone and its police force.

Because we don't respect our own right to be unique, we conform to the limits of the Zone and become a slave. Because we don't respect everyone else's right to be unique, we become the police force or the farmer hassling and herding the other slaves into acquiescence. The ridicule and condemnation can only reach the levels required to frighten people into submission if the masses, the other slaves, play their part in dispensing it.

We are not frightened by what the presidents, prime ministers and global bankers think about us - it is the reaction of our friends, family, and workmates that concerns us and frightens us into conformity.

The reaction of the other slaves! The mental, emotional, and spiritual police force which controls the masses is itself peopled by. It is like having a cell full of prisoners and whenever one of the prisoners finds a means of escape, all the other prisoners run to block the exit. Prejudice is the vital word here. People are conditioned to be prejudiced against other members and groups within each culture and society, and these different forms of prejudice are used to divide and rule the herd.

The prejudice may be racial, religious or political, or based on background, income, job or lifestyle. Either way you have different aspects of society conditioned to instinctively ridicule, oppdse and condemn the views and life experiences of each other.

And the prejudice is rarely only one way. Those who see themselves as victims of prejudice are so often prejudiced themselves against other people, lifestyles and groups.

This allows the manipulation of the mass consciousness to flourish and yet if we stopped seeking to impose our version of right and wrong, good and bad, moral and immoral upon each other, we would remove the means for such global manipulation. We need to let go of all prejudice - now!

We have given up our own unique identities to such an extent that we judge ourselves and others by the 'lobs" that we do and the dogmas we cling to. How we and they serve the system that controls us has become our sense of identity, the symbol of who we are! What are you? We have to be something instead of being someone - ourselves. We also ask people we meet what they "do" for a living because we think this will give us a fix on "who" they are.

Right, got that - success, rough and dirty, complete failure. OK, I know you all now. Drink anyone? This judgment corresponds with the system's view of reality because we have conceded the right to express our own uniqueness. Someone who makes millions by abusing the planet and great swathes of humanity every day by decisions they make in the global stockmarkets casinos is deemed to have "made it" to be successful. While others who do no-one any harm, and indeed may strive to help people and give love to the world, are considered a failure if they happen to work in a low-paid job or be "unemployed".

A friend at school was always being laughed at because his father emptied dustbins for a living. But those who laughed worshipped famous footballers. This is an example of our topsyturvy view of "success". Who would we miss most if they did not work for a month, the footballer or the garbage collector? The latter, of course, because the streets and our homes would be full of rubbish and, eventually, disease. This attitude ofjudging each other by our "jobs" is to ignore and deny who we really are.

We are not "stockbrokers", "miners", or "road sweepers". These are merely roles we play on the stage of life. A stockbroker today could be a pauper tomorrow. Our "role" is not "us", just as the character that an actor plays is not the actor's real persona. Our jobs and "roles" are a temporary vehicle for experience, that's all. We are evolving consciousness on an eternal journey towards greater love, knowledge and understanding, but we have forgotten this and we have been encouraged to forget it.

We are like actors who think the movie is real and we have taken on the personalities described in someone else's script. We think the role is "us". It isn't. But we have the actor playing the stockbroker looking down his nose at the actor who is playing the road sweeper when, in another life, another movie, those roles may be reversed. It's only a game, but we think it's real. That's why it has degenerated into such a mess.

We are taking the game too seriously. It's just a movie and it is supposed to be fun. One enormous diversion that we have allowed to confuse us so effectively is the concept of democracy. We have accepted en masse that democracy is another word for freedom. Like hell it is. Democracy is not freedom, it is a dictatorship camouflaged as freedom.

The same force controls, directly or indirectly, every major political party and movement. It created most of them.

When you vote at an election, you are choosing between different aspects of the same force. The money and the media decide who becomes president of the United States and the money and the media are owned and controlled by the same people. Let us write the following in letters 20 feet high: Democracy Is Not Freedom. In fact, most governments are elected by a minority of the population and they still call it a "democratic" election. Freedom is the right of all people to express who they are, what they think, and how they wish to live their lives: free from imposition or hassle from anyone.

It is to be able to celebrate our individual uniqueness without rules, regulations, ridicule and condemnation from those who seek to impose their view of life upon the rest of us. Until we respect our own, and everyone's, right to be different, to make our own choices, and create our own conscious realities free from imposition and pressure to conform, we will remain in a prison of our own making.

We will continue to be both the policeman and the prisoner. And a handful of people with a deeply unpleasant agenda will continue to run the world. The choice, as always, is ours. We can accept the prison or we can walk out to freedom. And freedom is but a thought away. Sound like a contradiction? Here I am saying we are unique and at the same time that we have a misguided belief that we are different.

There is no contradiction. We are unique within our multidimensional consciousness, but within the limited vision of the Hassle-Free Zone there are endless "differences" we call dogmas which are, in truth, not different at all. The devotees of Christian dogma think they are different from those who are slaves ofjewish dogma. The fundamentalist rabbi believes he is different from the fundamentalist ayatollah.

But they are not. They are the same thought pattern with a slightly different dress on. They are all prisoners of a dogma who wish to convert other prisoners to accept the same dogma. They all use fear, guilt and other forms of imposition to manipulate and frighten people into line. Their line. What is the difference between the nuns at a Roman Catholic convent using fear and guilt to control the thinking of children and young people, and a rabbi or muslim cleric using the fear of hell and damnation and enormous family pressures to do the same?

Answer: nothing. They are different aspects of the same state of mind, but they think they are different to the point where their dogmas come into physical conflict. They are all arrogant enough to claim they know the "will of God" and they claim to have been chosen to tell everyone what God insists they believe. Poor old God must have a production line turning out His different "wills".

Either that, or He it's always a "He" has great difficulty making up His mind. God used to be indecisive, but now He's not so sure. Are we really being asked to accept that some God is sitting on a cloud selecting his chosen people and then ordering them to control and manipulate everyone else? Indeed we are. We can now go over "live" to heaven where God is about to announce the panel's verdict: 11 "OK, after much discussion and consideration of the various business plans, my angels and I have awarded the God Franchise Earth Branch to the Roman Catholics.

My will is that the Pope should tell all people how to live their lives and that he and the Vatican should be controlled by the upper levels of the secret society network like the Freemasons and the Knights of Malta. I also will that the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church should terrify little children to prepare them for a life of being told what to do and to ensure that they believe what the church wants them to believe.

I will that an inquisition should be formed by said Pope to burn everyone he and his henchmen decide do not believe in every single word of my bible, the King James version of which has been documented to have 36, errors in translation alone. I will that my son, the Prince of Peace also known quite wrongly as "Jesus " l , should be nailed to a cross and suffer unbelievable pain so that the rest of humanity shall be able to kill and plunder each other while having their sins forgiven forever!

Oh, my God! Sorry, oh my Me! That doesn 't sound right. It 's not very Godly and I am God after all. Er, no, er I've changed my mind: My will now is that Jews are my chosen people, even though, contrary to worldwide indoctrination, there is no such thing as a Jewish "race ", just as there is no "Aryan " race, either. I will that the Jewish hierarchy should terrfiy their children to prepare them for a life of being told what to do and to ensure they conform to whatever the hierarchy tells them.

This fear should be constantly applied throughout their lives. They should be made to fear terrorist attacks for which their own hierarchy are often responsible and made to believe that only by giving their minds and power away to the hierarchy will they be protected from their enemies. As I gave a strip of land to my chosen people thousands of years ago or so the history books tell me, I don 't remember myself, I will that the Palestinian Arabs should be terrorised out of their homes, that their land be called Israel, and that some of the terrorists involved such as Ben-Gurion, Begin, Rabin, and Shamir, should later become prime ministers and display record-breaking hypocrisy by denouncing the terrorism of others.

To sum up, I will that the Jewish hierarchy are my chosen people and, as their book, the Talmud, says: 'Just the Jews are humans, the non-Jews are no humans, but cattle ". Oh my Me! That doesn 't sound right, either.

Er, no, er, I've changed my mind again: This time I will that my real voice on Earth is the Muslim hierarchy and that they should terr [y their children to prepare them for a Ifie of being told what to do and to ensure they conform to my rules. I told all this to a guy called Mohammed a long time ago and he was very good because he and his successors led a vast army offollowers to kill and maim anyone who didn 't accept them as my representatives on Earth.

I will that the religion called Islam created in my name should be used to keep the people in fear, guilt, and order while my hierarchy use the oil money for their own benefit and keep the rest of the people in servitude and poverty in the name of my religion.

I will that women should not be able to show more than their eyes in public because, although I created the physical body, I am terribly ashamed of it. Ifurther will that men should always be in control and that women one of my aberrations, oops! I'm terribly confused. I can 't decide. Let the people choose. Go on, fight for it. Blow the living daylights out of each other. Rape the planet. Last one alive wins and sits at my right hand next to the Prince of Peace.

Some confused God looking down, searching for His chosen ones by pulling straws and saying eeni-meeni- mini-mo? And telling everyone He's on their side, so they slaughter each other in His name.

Mind you, amid His confusion there is one common theme in "God's" deliberations: frightening people to make them conform. It couldn't just be, could it, that these variations on the same thought pattern have absolutely nothing to do with "God" and spirituality and everything to do with the desire of some humans to dictate the lives of all the rest? Oh yes it could. No-one is "born" a Christian, a Jew or a Muslim. People are conditioned to be Christians, Jews and Muslims after they are born.

When we take on someone else's beliefs, lock, stock and barrel, and especially when we need to be frightened into accepting them, we walk a very dark and dangerous road: for ourselves and for the world. But so few have learned this lesson of the centuries. We still believe too much and think too little. We "feel" intuitively even less. The rigidity and manipulation of "beliefs" dogma and prejudice is how we are controlled. Today, with the dawn of the 21st century almost upon us, we still have men in dog collars and frocks sitting around a table decoding what we should or should not believe.

Billions of people continue to be controlled and limited by their devotion to the false gods called Popes, priests, archbishops, rabbis, ayatollahs and their like across the spectrum of religious beliefs which have been peddled and poisoned over the centuries by those in pursuit of control. Even worse, the desire is to pressure others to believe the same and whenever anyone asks an unanswerable question of religion not difficult out is wheeled the trusty break-the-glass-and-use-in-all- emergencies reply of "have faith".

I remember being told on a Northern Ireland radio programme after I listed a few religious contradictions that these were things that God did not want us to know! Have we learned nothing with the passage of time? And for those who have evolved beyond the child-like state of off-the-peg religion, there are other dogmas waiting to ensnare them.

Political, scientific, environmental and "New Age" dogma among them. As with religion, these "opposites" are merely aspects of the same state of mind. I am told that Communism the far Left is different from Nazism the far Right. The idea is ludicrous. The far Left, as symbolised by Josef Stalin, believes in centralised control, military dictatorship, and concentration camps. The far Right, as symbolised by Adolf Hitler, believes in centralised control, military dictatorship, and concentration camps.

Spot the difference? Of course not. When you peel away the smoke-screen rhetoric, they are the same. Yet these two "opposites" went to war with each other and across the world the Communists go on "anti-Nazi" marches and Nazis protest against the Communists. Conflict through the ages has not been between opposites, but versions of the same state of mind: the desire to control others.

Communism and Nazism did not fight for freedom in the 14 Second World War; it was a battle to decide which aspect of the same thought pattern would control the vast lands of Eastern Europe. I see "Socialists" claiming to be different from "Capitalists". Not at their core they are not. Socialism believes in taking more and more from the Earth and using these "resources" to produce more and more "things" at the expense of the planet.

Capitalism believes in taking more and more from the Earth and using these "resources" to produce more and more "things" at the expense of the planet. Socialism believes that this production should be controlled by the few at the centre who dictate the economic pQlicy.

Capitalism believes in the survival of the strongest which leads to control by the few at the centre, who dictate economic policy. On the fundamentals, they are two sides of the same thought wave and yet socialism and capitalism cartelism are portrayed as opposite dogmas offering an alternative view. On the Right, they wish to stop the free flow of information which challenges their dogma.

On the Left, the Robot Radicals, as I call them, wish to stop the free flow of information which challenges their dogma. The Right seek to assassinate the character of those who disagree with them and to deny a public platform for their views. The Left, the Robot Radicals, seek to assassinate the character of those who disagree with them and to deny a public platform for their views.

Again, spot the difference? My own experience of "Nazi" behaviour has almost always come from those claiming to be "anti-Nazis". The anti-fascist fascists are a wonder to behold. The mental gymnastics and self delusion required for such a state of mind defies the imagination. Throughout the Hassle-Free Zones of religious, political, "scientific" and economic dogma you find these "oppo-sames" fighting and condemning each other.

I welcome the efforts of the Christian Patriots to make public the plans to create a centralised global tyranny and a microchipped, robotic, population. But what is their alternative? The return to an imposed Christian dogma and national flag waving.

Some call for the people behind the conspiracy to be hanged and for people to defend themselves with guns and violence. You don't stop a tyranny with another tyranny. You don't stop violence with violence. And you don't eliminate hatred with more hatred. You just double the hatred. Nor do you remove divisions by waving your flag, putting the wants of 15 your country above the needs of others on the planet, and claiming that your nation and people are the best in the world. You stop a tyranny with freedom for all; you end violence by being peaceful; you eliminate hatred with love; you end dogma with freedom of expression; and you remove divisions by realising that all of us are One - all aspects of the same infinite consciousness we call God.

Within the Hassle-Free Zone there are so few differences between people in their basic attitudes and responses. They are aspects of the same herd. It is outside the Zone that we discover our true uniqueness. On the inside the "differences" have to be manufactured to present us with an illusion of choice and variety, otherwise we would soon realise that, yes indeed, humanity is a blob of programmed, uniform thought. For this reason "sames" are portrayed as "opposites".

It's all a con. Report Close Quick Download Go to remote file. Documents can only be sent to your Kindle devices from e-mail accounts that you added to your Approved Personal Document E-mail List.

What's the problem with this file? I booked a hotel in Brighton for the rescheduled talk. It was calledThe Brighton Oak. They accepted the booking and things seemed tobe going OK. Oh yes?

Had the people at the hotel who made that decision read my booksor heard me speak? Then where did they get their information from about what I wassupposed to be saying? Forty-eight hours before the event we heardvia the media, not the Council, that the meeting was cancelled. Thistime the Council did know what I was going to say because they hadseen a video. After viewing that recording they wrote to confirm themeeting could go ahead. So why the cancellation?

Instead ofstanding up for freedom of speech and against such intimidation, theCouncil immediately succombed to the threat and stopped me speaking. One phone call and one threat was all it took because people are so Once again we see the combinationof the baa baa and the fear. In this way, we have the quite ludicrous situation in which I highlight the backgroundto the ADL in..

Unfortunately such people have beenconditioned to believe the alternative media as unquestioningly asothers believe the mainstream media. The Brighton story is a wonderful example of how the few canprogramme the many, but millions of other examples are happeningaround the world every time the clock ticks. The human race is not evil. It has given up thinking to such a degree that theGlobal Elite can condition what passes for human brain-cell activityand therefore control the direction of the world.

It is not somuch that the Global Elite want to tell us what to think, it is more acase of conditioning people not to think. There are many methods,developed and honed by Elite-controlled organisations around theworld, which are designed to do this.

The key technique is something Icall problem-reaction-solution P-R-S. This isessential. Some examples: The goal of the Elite is a world government to which nation states,even continents, would be subordinate. They call this the New WorldOrder. The constant process of centralising economic and politicalpower over hundreds of years has not just happened at random: it hasbeen by manipulated design.

The centralisation on a global level witha world government is only the natural outcome of this policy. Whoevercontrolled the world government Global Elite would control the worldcentral bank and world currency, which are also part of the agendaknown as the New World Order.

In short, whoever controlled the worldgovernment would control the planet even more comprehensively thanthey do now. They have tobe manipulated into existence and at the heart of that strategy must bea plot to discredit the status quo, the community and the nation state. Ifthat is working well and harmony reigns, people are not going to accepta world government telling them what to do.

I know it sounds staggering at first, but those whofinanced Britain, Amerjca, and the Allies in those wars also funded theGermans and Adolf Hitler. Why on Earth would they do that? To followtheir long term agenda of total global control. The main aim of amanipulated war is to change the nature of post war society.

The worldbecame more centralised as a result of the First World War and evenmore so after the second global conflict. That was the idea Figure 2. A world army, which, far fromstopping wars, actually fights them! The same principle applies to thecreation of communism and the Soviet Union which was achieved viafunding and political manipulation from the United States and theUnited Kingdom. Fear, divide andrule, the old, old story. The world army scenario is another obvious example of Problem-Reaction-Solution.

If you want a world army and you want the peopleto accept it or even demand it, first of all you need a problem. If the You therefore manipulate events in places likeBosnia to ensure that the UN peacekeeping force is not working.

That was the real reason for the Bosnianconflict, hard as I know it must be to accept if you are new to thisresearch. But if you read These organisations are controlled by the same GlobalElite that manipulated the conflict into being and then funded andarmed all sides in the horror that ensued. After him came the group whonegotiated the world army in Bosnia through the so called DaytonAgreement. The former Israeli Prime MinisterYitzhak Rabin a Kissinger frontman, later assassinated also agreed armsshipments to Rwanda in the run up to the conflict.

To fight a war you need moneyand weapons. The other country or community willdefend itself and the war has begun. Many people are so full of dogmaand racial division and intolerance that finding a group who will attackanother is hardly difficult. You are spoilt for choice.

Creating a war, even a world war, is not difficult. Being invited to join or attend these groupscan be a great career move. Bill Clinton was a little known governer forArkansas until he attended the Bilderberg meeting in Badan Badan,Germany, at the invitation of his mentors, the Rockefellers. Within oneyear he was successfully campaigning to become president of the mostpowerful country on Earth. In Britain, there is a similar tale of rapidprogress involving Tony Blair.

He was a Labour Party home affairsspokesman when he was invited to the Bilderberg meeting inVouliagmeni, Greece, in The following year he became leaderof the Labour Party and would-be prime minister just as his opposition,the Conservative Party, began to suffer a stream of scandals and upsets.

When Blair visited the These common connectionsbetween top politicians, peace negotiators, and the people in the majorglobal posts, are never revealed in the mainstream media. I wonderwhy? Onand on it goes. Your mind is being stitched up and so, therefore, is theplanet. Another highly effective conditioning technique is what I call thestepping-stones approach.

The whole conspiracy is based on mindmanipulation and the Elite are very careful not to go too far too quickly. If they did, even the bewildered herd might see that something is goingon. Instead, the Elite set their goal and move towards it stage by stage.

Each of these stages are promoted as independent of each other when,in fact, they are coordinated steps towards a long agreed target. Take the European Union. It was created, as I show in TheEuropean Union, with its plan for centralised political control, aEuropean Central Bank and a European currency, the Euro, was plottedfrom the start to be the vehicle through which to impose the centralisedcontrol of Europe, itself merely a stage on the road to the worldgovernment, central bank, currency, army and a microchippedpopulation.

That, of course, is not what the people of Europe were toldwhen we were asked to join. Only now are more people beginning to realise howfar this transformation has already progressed. This has all long been planned. It is no coincidence that one of theplans of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis was the creation of what they calledthe Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft. This translates as..

TheEuropean Economic Community! After , the Nazi mentalitymerely swapped its jackboots and tin helmets for smart business suits. Appropriately, the introduction of the European single currency willinvolve the transfer of the gold, currency and bond reserves of allmember states to the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany. They become a legalEuropean dictatorship. My goodness, Adolf Hitler would have beendelighted to see his plan unfold under the guidance of another Germanleader, Chancellor Helmet Kohl, a longtime and passionate frontmanfor the Bilderberg Group.

If the government Global Elite had made them compulsory it would have triggered opposition fromcivil liberties groups and started a debate about the erosion of freedom. Then you ensure that it is increasingly difficult to operatewithout the cards and you offer incentives to carry them. In the endyou achieve your goal but without the hassle of concerted oppositionor public debate.

The stepping-stones technique is also being used to phase out cash andmove us ever closer to the day when all money will be electronic andfinancial transactions will be processed via computers and tinymicrochips under the skin which will carry all financial and personaldetails.

The real reason, however,is control. Once cash has gone we hand the power over our lives to acomputer and its programmer. If you go into a shop now with a creditcard electronic money and the computer refuses to accept it, at leastyou still have another means of purchase, you can pay cash.

But whathappens when there is no cash and the computer says no to your creditcard or microchip? How do you purchase? The computer, andwhoever programmes its responses, controls what, when, and if you buyMore than that, as some electronics engineers have warned, once we havea microchip inside us, messages can pass from the computer to the chipwhich can create mass anger, hysteria, aggression, and a stream of otheremotions.

We will literally be robots then. And this is no science fictionsometime-maybe prediction. It is desperately close and trials involvingmicrochipping are already in operation around the world. The technologyexists and the only thing left is to manipulate the human mind to acceptit.

This conditioning has been underway for some time and themicrochipping of domestic animals is becoming routine. A woman was featured with a microchip inher chest and along came the doctor with a bar-code reader like thosethey use in the supermarkets. As he ran this contraption down her front,up on the screen came her medical information. You can see the potential when you look at how satellite televisionoperates.

Each subscriber has a card programmed to accept the channelsthey have paid for. If later you wish to subscribe to another channel,you might think you would have to send away for a new card.

No, no. At this point all you see is ascrambled fuzz. Then before your eyes, the scrambled channel appearsin seconds. How did they do that?

They have the ability,even on satellite television, to isolate one card in one television in onehome. If you do nothing else to stand up for freedom, I would at least askyou to consider the consequences for you and your children of allowingthe programme of human microchipping to commence unchallenged. All these claims and more are designed to manipulate your mind intoaccepting the microchip which will turn you into a fully fledged robot. The microchip and the cashless society are part of that fundamentaltool in the control of human existence..

Ask most people why they are not doing or saying what they reallybelieve is right and the reason will be fear. Previous page Next page. Please share copies of this file wi See More. David Icke. Published on Nov 20, Instead of seeing the leader of this coup on humanity as the Devil himself as revealed through scripture, Icke believes reptilian aliens are in the senate, posing as people. He brings up enough great points to not completely write him off as a nut job, however, the end result he comes up w Oh, David Icke - so much insight and yet, so mislead.

He brings up enough great points to not completely write him off as a nut job, however, the end result he comes up with is no great revelation and, indeed, showcases that he's not read Revelation. Proceed with caution Sep 27, Cassidy rated it it was amazing.

This book is a bit like having an acid trip on an airplane. Even if you come down, you're still high. The ideas he introduces are disturbing and jarring. I can guarantee that you will be changed after reading it. I don't think you will believe everything he writes in the book, but merely entertaining the possibility is enough to change you view of reality forever.

Take a chance. But read with caution. You may end up as the raving lunatic on the street corner holding a "the end is neigh" sign. Oct 02, Simon Parker rated it really liked it. Eye opening and smack in the face shocking in places. I like David Icke and his fearless approach to getting the truth out there. Having said that, there are still some parts of some of his books that are so shocking that my mind wants to believe them but struggles. Certainly gripping, thrilling and inspirational whether or not you take it all on board.

Loved it. Dec 31, Wendy rated it really liked it. What a different world we would live in if we all could apply what he shares in this book. You cant come away from reading any of his books the same person you were before reading them. Once your eyes are opened the world looks very different. Feb 22, Maciej Bak rated it it was amazing Shelves: conspiracy.

Good book, author talks about Cathy Obrien tragedy, spirutal life stuff. Jan 09, Matt Clayton rated it really liked it. Surprisingly easy read from Mr. Liked this one. This will blow your mind You have to read it.. There will be consequences. Mar 25, Raymond rated it it was amazing.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want i am me i am free pdf Read saving…. Dpf to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try i am me i am free pdf. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — I am me I am free by David Icke. Neil Hague Illustrator. Sam Masters Illustrator. This devastating expose of the human mind as a getaway car for the psyche. Get A Copy. Frefpages. i am me i am free pdf Pages·· MB·36, Downloads·New!. The message at the heart of Read Me - I Am Magical is that everything you wish for in your life a. I Am Me I Am Free: The Robots' Guide to Freedom (​): David Icke: Books. i am me I am free The Robots Guide to Freedom o In T3 O a> jj O &0 'fe avid Icke rw □" lam me 1 am free The Robots' Guide to Freedom First published in. I am me I am free book. Read 22 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. This devastating expose of the human mind as a getaway car for th. David Icke - I am me, I am Free - The Robots' Guide to Freedom. Cen- soredThis unofficial PDF-file was created by image scanning and OCR. Télécharger PDF by David Icke, Title: I Am Me I Am Free The Robots Guide To Freedom. please view the how to use page or contact us directly. x Memory Allows you to select the location for saved pictures and videos. The best Algebra. This unofficial PDF-file was created by image scanning and OCR processing a legal copy of the real book. Please share copies of this file with. Free Download. PDF version of I am Me by Beth Lambert. Apple, Android and Kindle formats also available. One of the better books from this author. Proceed with caution By reading this book i was able to be more critic about everything that's going on in the world or well it change the interpretation that im giving to the world and it let me analyse that everybody can be a toy of the social system, by saying toy i mean that sometimes the persons can be use or manipulate by this social system and that we can change that. Oct 02, Simon Parker rated it really liked it. I can't vouch for the conspiracy stuff in the first half of the book, but I enjoyed the latter part of the What to say? You have to read it.. Would I recommend anyone to read this book? There will be consequences. Individual souls of ONE infinite, eternal Consciousness. Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book. Instead of seeing the leader of this coup on humanity as the Devil himself as revealed through scripture, Icke believes reptilian aliens are in the senate, posing as people. He has toured all over world giving presentations and has written over 10 books sharing his research and views regarding the current state of society and global events. i am me i am free pdf