http vieux tracteurs free fr pdf

http vieux tracteurs free fr pdf

Homepage Today's Posts Search Register. Forgot your Password? Sign Up. Remember Me? Results 1 to 10 of Reply With Quote. Forum Misc. Boat Related Perkins Engine Manual - 3. Results 1 to 7 of 7. Thread: Perkins Engine Manual - 3. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Perkins Engine Manual - 3. I've found some copies online that are missing the last few sections which relate specifically to the marine engines. This will make you all laugh.

I'm working on a Manitou telehandler at the moment and after jet washing it all off i've been trying to get a few things working that haven't worked properly for ages like the cabin heating, engine temperature gauge etc etc. When I came to crank the engine it wouldn't start and the crank speed was slow and got progressively slower the longer you held the key until it stopped cranking!!!.

After refitting the starter motor to the engine and much scratching of my head and nuts I eventually found that where I had taken apart the frigging dash to fix the heating, I had inadvertently jammed the auxiliary hydraulic lever over. So with the engine cranking over like this, the hydraulic pump was putting a massive load on the starter. Well what a friggin lesson that has been.

So the moral of the story here is, only work on one thing at a time so you know what to go back to if something appears to be wrong , and think out side the box!! So 'Panel bash', could the guy that mentioned the oil type in an earlier post have something here? Thanks guys will look into oil possibility, meantime massive new development.. Close search. Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums.

Term search All of ProZ. Vielen Dank. Verena Milbers KudoZ activity Questions: 10 open 65 without valid answers closed without grading Answers: 13 France. Does this mean the there may be to many shims on the side with the excess end play? Or that the bearings are shot and need replacing?

I wonder if the last time it was looked at for brakes or bearing the reassembly job was done improperly? I am also wondering if the bearing retainer cap has seated properly? That is the new bearings were pressed on to the shaft of the axle and pressed down to the collar on the axle. The Bearing outer race needs to seat into the bearing retainer cap doesn't it? Wouldn't that happen the first time you tighten down those nuts on the posts?

Just a thought. Remember the clearance is between the ends of both axles. Jack up both wheels and pull the other side out. Then shim the side you are working on. If you do not pull the other axle out first, you will be way to loose. End play should be between. Good write up I will add Quoting Removed, click Modern View to see Ease up, don't wanna be breaking any castings.

Now they're paper. I usually clean up and re-use any metal ones that aren't broken, saves on the number of paper shims going in. Just seal up the metal good before the final install. Quoting Removed, click Modern View to see Yup, Don't go into this repair without more than you need Quoting Removed, click Modern View to see Don't know the torque spec off hand, but they need to be tightened securely. I usually only use four while setting the axle depth preload , then install all when buttoning up.

Usually we find anywhere from 3 or 4 to 6 or 8 or more shims on each side. Surprised you don't have many. Check your bearings carefully to be sure they were loaded properly before, and are OK. They are package in multiples of ten, so if you order 10 or more they usually come in a package.

You may want a couple of packages. You want enough when starting this job. You NEED to have the right amount of shims for setting the axle depth. The ONLY reason to change the amount of shims is to get the depth correct. I have done dozens of these jobs on the old Fords and have never seen only 2 or 3 shims used, when the thickness of the shims is that of paper shims. Usually takes 5, 6, 7, 8 or more on each side.

Now I'm not saying that only a couple won't give you the correct depth, only that I've never seen that few shims. You want a little end play on the axles, as little as possible. Zero end play and zero preload would be ideal. A little loose is better than a too tight. Try to set the depth prior to installing new felt in the backing plate as this can cause some serious drag, until worn in. Have at least one shim on each side of the backing plate to act as gaskets. If that gives you too much end play, seal it real good with RTV.

I usually start with too many shims, install axle, tighten bolts on both sides and check for end play. If there is too much, you could measure the end play and remove that many shims. Or just start remove shims and re-checking. That's the process - add or remove shims, install, tighten, check, repeat till done. Once you have that correct, remove one last time, seal everything up with gasket sealer and install for the last time.

Thanks for the tips!

Please use the navigational links on your left to explore our website. I have a 9n tractor that was leaking oil really bad on the right side. I decided to replace the outer seal, bearings and added a sure seal and greased the new bearing. In the process I did a brake job on this side as the shoes were totally oil soaked. I am now reattaching the axle, brake housing to the rear axle trumpet. My problem is this, Http vieux tracteurs free fr pdf I tighten down the six nuts that pulls the housing of the bearing and attaches the axle to the trumpet the bearings get so tight the axle wont spin. So i loosen up the nuts and the drum starts to turn. I have read that there is suppose http vieux tracteurs free fr pdf be shims that are used to adjust for demi lovato nightingale mp3 download free. The only items I saw that look like shims were two fiber gaskets that were on both sides of http vieux tracteurs free fr pdf back plate of the brake housing. I thought that these fiber gaskets were to stop oil from leaking into the brake lining and from leaking to the outside where the trumpet meets the back plate of the brakes. I thought the shims were metal. Do I need to order a set of shims? Http vieux tracteurs free fr pdf second question is how tight are the six http vieux tracteurs free fr pdf suppose to be? I thank you for spending some time contemplating this as this board has some great insights to these older tractors. Thanks for any input! Http vieux tracteurs free fr pdf Removed, click Modern View to see well now I see another problem I'm looking at the fo,, When I need to buy a fo-4,,, correct???? Quoting Http vieux tracteurs free fr pdf, click Modern View to see This only seems difficult because the instructions were written for another era, coming from a time when a buggy mechanic or village blacksmith might need to set up the axle bearings on an "N" with nothing more than a Crescent wrench. Looking at the beloved "FO-4" manual, the procedure is summed up by saying "The procedure will hold endplay to. Nowadays, we have "dial indicators" and it's SIMPLE to measure the endplay at one side and shim more or less evenly between the two sides to achieve that number. As good 'ol DELL would say "simple, eh"? No dial indicator? An Update: All parts have been http vieux tracteurs free fr pdf placed in. New bearings seated all the way to the scent of a woman online free shoulder mark on the axles. http vieux tracteurs free fr pdf items of procedure for the guidance of both the fully qualified and the less-​experienced mechanic. UNIT ARRANGEMENT. Included in the 'GENERAL DATA​'. Ran across this and figured someone would be able to use it. http://vieux.​ Manuel_Atelier you also need to replace that fan belt, it is hard and brittle with many cracks. able. The inside diameter of all guides is which provides a normal operating clearance of for the valves. Press out old guides from. When setscrews or studs are fitted into holes which are tapped through into the inside of the engine, a suitable sealant must be used on the threads. NOW YOU FOLKS KNOW THAT THIS IS A LINK TO THE MANUAL FOR THE ENGINE. Google the above link. Page 76 of the manual tells the correct way to do the. This is where I got the copy I have now:​ As you see if you download or. "attelage trois-points" · yanmar ym manual pdf. Document IH - vieux. RE:VUE: recsannaues. Salut j'aime bien ce site Est-ce-que quelqu'un peut m'aider? Gamme de produits Maschio Gaspardo 5 mars 3rd Avenue East. Les jeux repris ci-dessous sont avec des chemises semi- finies et sont disponibles en plus des jeux finis repris dans la section principale. Keep the batteries up, the valves adjusted and the fuel system perfect and that problem will never come up There is one on ebay right now Bonjour Lire sur un ecran n'a pas le meme charme que de lire un livre en papier.. Bonsoir Merci. Je viens enfin de trouver ce que je cherchais. Document IH Author: Mesange. The time now is PM. Poids du moteur. Re: Perkins Engine Manual - 3. Je remercie l'auteur de ce fichier PDF Merci pour tout. Nous ne stockons aucun fichier PDF sur nos serveurs. http vieux tracteurs free fr pdf