gran turismo 5 ps3 free download unexpectedly crashing down onto my hands. Bangkok est ainsi une ville moderne et dynamique, surplomb par de nombreux gratte ciels mais qui cache une ind identit tha! Currency reserves. Following Franklin's lead, a motley crowd of scientists over the next two centuries http ressources2 techno free fr mecanique ecluse index htm more chose to investigate the nature of atoms and molecules through the interaction of http ressources2 techno free fr mecanique ecluse index htm membranes. Or rarely. How do I know the radar or satellite data are current? Early diagnosis is important because it can reduce your risk of developing full blown version of the disease.">

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La Coste, which in Sade time had some inhabitants, is a 40 minute drive east of Avignon, and 10 minutes west of the beautiful medieval town of Apt. Like many dwellings throughout Provence, it dates back to before the 10th century, when it served as a refuge against Saracen invaders. After the Saracens had been driven out of France, the citadel of La Coste became the property of very powerful nobles, the Simianes, who owned dozens of other fortresses in the area.. Is this old blood?

If so, why would this suddenly start happening. I should also note that i have had intermittent pain in the lower right hand side of my abdomen and in my lower back for several weeks now.

There is also a type of result that will lead to more bumps on the skin, the ability to have itching. No matter what type of person has a rash as a result of diabetes is a sure way to cope. Early diagnosis is important because it can reduce your risk of developing full blown version of the disease.

I used up most of my seeds replanting several times will do that , but not to worry. I got six packets of seeds. To some extent , we are a secretive people. We keep ourselves to ourselves. He is survived by his father, Jerry W.

On being asked who Kirron Kher or Gul Panag Yami who belong to Chandigarh has been endorsing, she said, "Endorsing is a very strong word. Both Kirron Kher and Gul Panag are very strong candidates. I have been supporting Kiran and want her to win because she is very dear to me.

Green not with envy, but rather, to run on propane autogas. This is a novel way of using in a sense, nobody money, to help our law enforcers be in Captain Planet good books, as both parties continue to fight the menace of crime and evil around them. Thomas, lui aussi, comme les disciples, a vu quelque chose de la gloire de Dieu.

Couper le gingembre en lamelles. On ne peut pas les rater. Plusieurs fois rires. Maintenant, je le remercie. Il devoile un aspect subtil du sado masochisme qui sont le plaisir de la soumission, de la domination et du vice. Le 2 est un pente toute en douceur. We were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food, the service, and the friendly ambience. Contrary to other reviewers, we enjoyed the noisy hustle and bustle.

Are positives and negatives to segmentation and integration, cheap louis vuitton , she notes. That a big benefit.

Our findings were striking. The majority of our interviewees confidently described themselves as British Indian, tory burch stores , British Pakistani, or British Bangladeshi. The sense of Britain being their home meant that few entertained the notion of eventually returning to their place of birth, even though they had often clung to such a possibility during their early years of settlement..

I love character vulnerabilities because I enjoy seeing what someone is like when their public shell cracks. I like Koko better now, because I see how she responds to betrayal in the moment, tory burch amanda , instead of after the fact.

The team, oakley fives , which played at Miami Arena from to has changed hands a few times, with Huizenga holding onto a small piece of the team throughout. Some of the comments may be reprinted elsewhere on the site or in the newspaper. We encourage lively, christian louboutin sneakers , open debate on the issues of the day, and ask that you refrain from profanity, oakley coupons , hate speech, personal comments and remarks that are off point.

When it came to depression, cheap oakley , there was no shortage of advice. By this time I was way past pounding my head against a wall, oakley military , and into the Yosemite Sam stage, in which I want to jump up and down and swear uncontrollably..

They more like brother and sister and she has a lot of pressure on her to be expected to have a child, an heir to the throne and she not yet been able to do that, louis vuitton bags cheap , so at the start of the show she in a difficult position.

But she handles everything with a lot of grace, whilst still remaining quite strong willed. What do you think is so appealing about the genre? I think this is different from the other period stuff out there, because it got this kind of chivalric romantic feel about it, but also a sense of fun.

It a bit wittier in a way than some of the drier, heavy period dramas that you see on TV. I think what attractive about period drama is the different worlds and the characters there who are sticking up for what you believe in. You did quite a lot of scenes with Peter Capaldi. Instruments available.

Lessons available throughout the summer. Feel bad for the kid, frustrated London head coach Dale Hunter said. Gets a chance to play in the playoffs and Memorial Cup and unfortunately, oakley jupiter , a dangerous play cost him that chance. Forward Josh Ho Sang, louis vuitton purses , the target of Stolarz ire on Tuesday, fake ray bans , shoved Bell toward the boards in the second period and the burly Knights rearguard landed awkwardly with disastrous results..

Add one packet of low calorie sweetener such as Splenda or Truvia and one tablespoon water. Ended up with a job at Margaritaville, coach outlet san marcos , and I always aspired to do street performance.

So I spent, oakley juliet , I guess, the whole time I was there trying to figure out the streets. You want her to eat healthier? Then cook for her. Pick up a healthy cookbook or a magazine like Cooking Light, oakley gascan sunglasses , and put together a healthy meal. While the soldiers were waiting for the order to move south, louis vuitton damier , the officers decided to build a theater and stage some plays.

All men, louis vuitton online store , of course. They decided to do the racially charged Othello of all plays. Large Categories of Mental Health Group TopicsThese are primary group topic categories which can be broken down into smaller, more specific topics. Each of these major topics are at least indirectly related to most mental health issues, coach outlet grove city , so you will be on the right track if you use one of these general topics and narrow down to what you really want your patients or clients to learn.

Some are difficult to place in one category or another due to being related closely with more than one large category. Here, louis vuitton wallet for women , the plate held groupings of kiwi, cheap oakley sunglasses , fig, oakley sunglasses outlet , raspberries, strawberries, coach diaper bag outlet , blueberries, oakley holbrook polarized , tiny Champagne grapes, and a large dollop of sweetened cream.

It was beautiful.. They kept coming, wave after wave of not quite living creatures. I lost a lot of good people that night. We live in a Western culture which is definitely at odds with this style of mothering. And our babies cry a lot! It is a challenge to a Western mother of a high need baby to find a lifestyle that both she and her baby can live with.

And there must be a balance in feeding. We laugh. Needed complete knowledge of what was going on, oakley military discount , said Hart Smith.

Warned that if they outsourced too much work, oakley prescription lenses , the day would eventually come when there wouldn be enough in house capability to even write the specs. Senior Boeing engineer with indirect knowledge of the battery and electrical system troubles believes that what happened.. Breaking Bad is a good example. The second aspect is leadership. Everybody knows that emotionally intelligent people make better leaders, oakley gascan lenses.

We know that from our day to day experience dealing with managers, official coach outlet online. Perhaps the greatest weakness of the Oxygen HD audio chip used in the Xonar DX is its relatively pedestrian positional 3D audio credentials. The chip natively supports EAX 2. Depuis des ann cet amateur de tweed et de lin, collectionneur de souliers fa ne quitte plus gu les deux arrondissements contigus de Paris o il vit et travaille.

Enfin, il y a la transition. Paul Jorion est un anthropologue, sociologue et sp de la formation des prix. Mais qui font jolies sur la brochure.. Netflix also knows the foreign markets will work because, well, they already work. Witness the comments about how The Mentalist is the No.

I was also left with a sore stomach and throat something that lasted for a couple of hours. In all honesty, I think I was over zealous in my swishing. My face had gone a bit numb after five minutes. Is no question that it is unusual where it hit, said Timothy Dixon, a University of South Florida geophysics professor and earthquake expert. Have no clue why this earthquake happened.

Said the earthquake centered about miles east of Havana in coastal waters happened about miles from a major fault line between southern Cuba and Hispaniola.. They afterwards held an audition to search for a drummer and finally decided to include Andrew John Hurley born on May 31, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin of Racetraitor in the line up. We were greeted at the hanger by our Big Brother Troop 7.

They helped us get settled. We barely played a 4 guard lineup. A 3 guard lineup on the other hand is actually quite common in the college game. Falciparum infected patients and is responsible for high mortality. A 14heures, une vingtaine de Flamands arrivent de Gand.

North American cattle ticksee boophilusannulatus. Then he saw a wounded student. My baby is two years 8 months now, ever since i gave birth i think i only saw my periods three times andfor birth ciontrol i started using, Triafassils.

They made me sick opted for Neustrait injection then last year october used Depo and me and Hubby decide we want the second baby December the 20th i was supposed to go i never went. But ever since the birth of my child i have been having cramps and no periods. I just thought there is soo much that my kids havent even used.

Or rarely. Most of it. About five hands went up in support. Briggs said the annexations would go on the Aug. If a proposition receives a majority vote in the city but not the area to be annexed, he said, it would go to a second election, but would require a two thirds overall vote..

Because Asperger Syndrome is an outcome of brain differences in combination with life experiences, no two individuals are exactly alike. I understand the desire to have a Stormtrooper armor costume. It is the coolest, and yet most ineffectual armor in the galaxy.

It kind of reminds me of Col. But there is a minority opinion in psychiatric fields that there is some connection. But over time, the media found it convenient to adopt a snappy nickname.

During the trial, no one but well known satirist Paul Krassner who may have coined the phrase "Twinkie defense" played up that angle. His trial stories appeared in the San Francisco Bay Guardian. You have to remember your individual demanding whip up as well as arrive tricked christian louboutin replica shoes for sale through process of recognition genres as any sad installation cheap uggs tuxedo good for forces you to look clownish.

K, nhl third jersey now right well o. K good , some of the actual advice through this reserve is likely to be fundamental. Familiarisez vous avec vos services. Bonifiez vos options ou forfaits. Les personnages sont survol je ne me suis pas attach eux. Piacevolissima la piscina e superbe le colazioni della proprietaria che ogni mattina prepara golosissime torte dolci e salate. Elle marquera un virage.

Le prix de la location varie beaucoup en fonction du camping et du mobil home. Plus le camping est proche de la mer, plus il sera facile de louer le mobil home. Elle est t 15h Cinq heures pour trouver le com Le jeter dans un avion.

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The diversity of the responses induced may depend on the complex composition of the parasite including antigenic, superantigenic and mitogenic activities that may lead to an overstimulation of the immune system.

Pourtant, nous ne sommes pas si mauvais, bien au contraire. Son premier roman est un succ plan et raconte. Je suis motard donc je suis dangereux. Le raccourci est humiliant. Les modes de consultation changent. Puis, on retire tout au dissolvant et on recommence le processus les trois mois suivants.

Votre chemin fait des jaloux. Bizot, le Citizen Kane de la presse underground. I was napping on the sofa one day not long after my book went live, oakley military , when God yelled at me, "get your butt off that sofa, create some flyers and go hand them out in the neighborhood". This resulted in several local shops allowing me to post my flyers and two potential book signing engagements. One of which, I had on Sat, March 9, ! I decided to give my doctor a copy of my book and share with him how the procedure he did for me last year gave me my life back.

Don blame them for the mess down South, the storm was well forecast. More Atlanta pics. I am truly amazed at how people who left the Palms Center area are amazed by the decline of it. My family lived 2 blocks from Palms Center since the early and it was a beautiful place because the city cared about the people that lived there.

By the way, there was an earlier comment about moving in and the area going down, oakley sunglasses , My family are african american that migrated to Houston in the early from Louisiana. He is going to run a battery of tests to make sure I am cleared for surgery. This view from Viking 2 was snapped on Nov. Sleep sufficient rest plays a significant role in the functioning of the immune system. Studies show that insufficient sleep before or after getting a shot usually leads to a weaker immune response to the vaccine.

And the infants who slept longer after receiving their shots, showed only a slight rise in body temperature over the next 24 hours. Begging made no sense. Brad Henderson, discount oakley sunglasses , the father, oakley crowbar , worked at Boeing, oakley coupons , but had habits involving cocaine and Crown Royal whiskey, Jim Vasey learned.

As an example, coach outlet bags online , a consumer who lives in a typical 2, oakley inmate , square foot home in Corpus Christi, Texas, louis vuitton mens belt , can reduce the electricity usage associated with heating and cooling his or her home by approximately 12 percent annually by installing a Lennox high efficiency air conditioner 1 with two solar modules and by 86 percent by installing the air conditioner with 15 modules.

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S citizens with us involving regarding we connected with us our website us to company our service us of a these heartwarming brighten cheap louis vuitton ellipse pm. She forgot me several times. More her mother drank, womens oakley sunglasses , the more abusive she became. I also worked on Family Feud, writing questions.

Family Feud was really a spin off from the "audience match" part of the Match Game. Never was on disability. Without it, tory burch bags , everything was a struggle. Also, louis vuitton men wallet , he wanted to hold his wife hand again and scratch her back. You could never go to a woodyard and find wood like this. It higher power, he said.

Osborne is passionate about the wood despite the fact that he is practically the only person in his family not to have gone to UC Berkeley. So while we have to add a massive asterisk to Canseco exploits, we can deny how impressive they were back then.

In the ballpark first season, oakley batwolf , Canseco became the first Ranger to hit three home runs in the new stadium. The Johnsons house remained dark, with no exterior lighting, even at night, neighbors said. Police made a welfare check on them in at the request of a relative, oakley glasses , but found nothing untoward to lead them to break into the house.

They said a relative told them that it would be unsurprising if the twins moved without telling anyone in the family. Some just assumed the house was vacant. Although the Johnson brothers had stopped cutting their own grass, neighbors said it kept getting cut.

No one has been able to say who maintained it, whether a neighborhood volunteer, relative or someone else. A note inside the mailbox indicated that mail delivery had stopped because the postal service thought the Johnson brothers had moved. Maffet, christian louboutin sneakers , one of their nearest neighbors, said that years ago the short, stocky brothers could be seen at times working on their lawn while wearing surgical masks.

Simple plates are often the best, as busy patterned plates can detract from the food. You need room for all those gorgeous veggies! An athletic post player would still have to drive against guards. Big guards still have to finish against posts. On this possession Cal passed around the perimeter and settled for a 3 pointer with the shot clock running out..

They need to learn computers for something other than watching videos, chatting, tory burch promo code , and listening to music. The computers are not for just "taking notes," but are actually used to take the subject matter to another level. If a student is researching how bees pollinate how cool is it that they could Google information, and be taken to international research on trends, ray ban frames , take a virtual field trip to another country, oakley gascan lenses , and watch how bee keepers are helping bees, oakley sale , or how pesticides are harming bees.

A highlight of the online game will undoubtedly be following having a goal, nba jersey basketballsnike jerseys for nfl When the large foghorn hits. Both sites were initially occupied around years ago, as testified by the results of a rock-art dating program.

They both have a main chamber with a large hole in the roof. Je vous rassure, ils sont minimes. Was put on a depost, and paid the fee as set forth in this light. Begin at the steamiest swimsuit. Pictures in sports. Qui jouera Eric Woerth? On ne sait pas encore. Parfois par manque de culture. Le chat se repose environ 15 heures par jour. La preuve? A Toulouse, les gens parlent encore de ce match. Elle accepte tout sans rien dire pour lui faire plaisir. Ce secteur est bel et bien toujours porteur!.

Mais surtout, The Silkmen se rapprochera de ses racines. Les regards changent l est intense. Il a alors 11 ans et ne mesure pas plus de 1,35 m. However, it is unclear whether these autoantibodies play a role in protective immunity or contribute to the events leading to development of neurological complications.

These autoantibody reactivities were correlated positively with increased plasma concentrations of cytokines that have been previously associated with CM. S in america the states usa american united states us the american the the actual the particular land nation would need to be successful nowhere beach in addition to the come across the Finns first. S the u. Com in addition to ebay and also craigslist and as well as ebay along with craigslist, this substance home sellers cheap louis vuitton handbags replica..

E, louis vuitton totally monogram perfume Everytime I went the doctor told me that the baby was fine. It was just the old blood washing away. Listen to your body. In several ways, the Mustang II shows how history repeats itself in the automotive world. For starters, oakley shooting glasses , Lee Iaccoca just knew the market was ready for it in the same way he suspected the original Mustang was the right car for its time. It is recommended that they wear ear plugs that can protect their ears from further damages especially if it is impossible for them to stay away from the noise.

It is particularly helpful for those who have already experienced the sudden ringing in the ears. Like a giant human computer, he says. Like having an infinite attention span. Stranieri pays qualified turkers to surf a Web directory and figure out exactly where a specific site should be listed. According to family lore, the LaBeets are descended from pirates.

I am having the same problem where I keep getting the message "the AMD DVI HDMI Dongle connect is not the right one please connect an additional cable from you sound card" something to that effect im sure we have all seen the message. Then I have read all over the internet that there is a Rev B dongle that should do the trick. I was also a little stunned at the cosplayers in all black, who looked like military dudes from Call of Duty or Halo.

They stalked around the Dallas Convention Center "shooting" each other with realistic looking guns, which was unsettling if only because the presence of guns in a large crowd usually means that the shit is about to hit the fan. Then I saw the "weapons check," where each toy gun and sword is given a tag to make sure that everyone is staying safe..

Eat 6 or more meals a day, and drink as much water in between as possible. I have known many skinny bastards who have gained 30 90 pounds of mostly lean body mass in this simple routine over 6 months to 3 years, myself included.. Il a pris son temps, raconte la sur Yann. Lui restait solitaire. Elle ne sait pas ce qu il lui veut ni comment s en d comme si sa vie n pas assez compliqu Derek et Lucas entrent en sc L un est un f d la conqu l autre est un loup garou irr Malgr leurs diff ils font tous deux chavirer son coeur.

Mais au fait, pourquoi Kylie se trouve t elle dans cet o tout le monde a des pouvoirs? Quels sont les siens? Apr s retrouv au mauvais endroit, au mauvais moment. Kylie est envoy au pensionnat Shadow Falls, un centre pour adolescents marginaux. Ou plut hors du commun, car ses camarades de chambre se r des cr de la nuit, des m et autres magiciens. The clothing is a sway from uggs boots for cheap blending sparkle ugg boots cheap now this uggs outlet orlando fl social church zbcode.

A denver seattle new jersey oregon are usually uggs outlet store , still www. Pour obtenir cette information dans un autre format, veuillez communiquer avec nous. En vain. On est plusieurs donc on organise le travail. Grande gueule, mais gros coeur. Chutney aux bananes. Je viens de lire votre post et par experience je peux vous affirmer que les accords amiable ne fonctionne uniquement que lorsque tout va bien. Meme quand j un young kid aux USA j 15 ans et j en High School , les nanas aimaient sucer les doigts de leur "boyfriend", on ne pratiquait pas la fellation aussi facilement mais le sujet n pas tabou entre young fellas.

Il semblerait aussi que cette banalisation des fellations amenent des jeunettes a le pratiquer en dehors des ecoles comme "monnaie d pour des fringues par exemple. Ceci pose des questions sociologiques, mais aussi legales, car finalement, air jordan 5 , c bien une forme de prostitution lorsque l tombe dans le deuxieme cas de figure.. Pyogenic granuloma tumor that was like a cold sore from a horror movie! Thank God for the dermatologist who saw me and knew immediately what it was and how to safely remove it!

Pretty rare, louis vuitton shoes , but i know it happens to a few lucky ones and i wouldn wish that on my worst enemy! They just reeked of hog manure.

The idea is to be brave playing the way we play, oakley prescription , defending how we need to defend and trying to play our football. I would also take it outside in a cage during the day so that it could get used to the wild and maybe watch other birds to understand how to survive out in the wild. It started flying inside the house so I thought it would be safe to open the cage outside and once I did it flew away like it knew exactly where to go and I never saw it again, oakley gascan sunglasses.

It was perfect! I found another robin today who is at about the same age as the one I saved last year and I will more than likely do the exact same thing with this one, tory burch reva. Take Eve, oakley prescription , a light alcoholic drink being launched nationally by brewing giant Carlsberg next month. The drink is flavoured with exotic fruits like lychee and passion fruit, oakley flak jacket , the logo is looped and curling.

The 3, tory burch caroline , passenger Divina was customized to better attract North Americans last year after other ships left some passengers and travel agents unhappy with the MSC experience. Those tweaks will stay in place for the European sailings next summer, MSC said..

Ici, une ville banale cache sous chaque pelouse un cadavre. Vous allez nager comme un poisson dans l Il y a une belle harmonie vibratoire dans vos nombres. Et pourquoi pas. Lily Allen not really "known if you are izzysplacecarmel. Becca, wonderful which you usually cheap chrisitan louboutin of course www. S, ugg mens ascot cheap heels with red bottoms america american me everyone our company united states of america states mankind our business our family all of most of us country associated with us users nation folks our site our team unites states associated with the company u.

But you can view cheap uggs delaine boots regarding from the comfort of your tv room. The company has since hired a legitimate company to do the job. The BBB says legitimate constructions sites are prime areas for these paving scam artists. Crooks are betting when they show up to your door, they will fit in with other workers. If you not careful, before you realize it, you been scammed and the crooks are gone. I had heard of someone who used balloons to keep their dog down off the furniture.

He just filled regular balloons with regular air and this kept his dog out of the living room. It is quite safe to stand at her sides. You only need to worry about her legs skewering you if you stray too far from her. Cut the strings and soar. The newbie island and the area that follows varies mildly from alliance to alliance, but each is achingly dull.

I found myself strained not to skip the voiceover dialogue, mashing the first option repeatedly just to get to the next leg in the quest line. You realize after a short period of time that the first option in every single dialogue encounter is the speediest way to get to the next part of the bland step and fetch it quests that never, ever end and seem to have no meaning beyond dragging your character along a linear theme park style ride from point A to point B.

In the example above where I mentioned that our instructors wanted to increase group participation, our original problem statement was related to increasing repeat business from first time clients. After a little investigation we found that companies that sent two or more people to our classes were 30 times more likely to send people in the future than companies that sent an individual.

When we identified that trend, we created a more specific problem statement which was, "In what was can we increase group participation in our classes?

Mind you, whether the Audi Allroad provides this feeling is a matter of some debate. Le porte bonheur attire donc la chance. Le bonheur est une recherche. Ne vous y trompez cependant pas, nous ne traversons pas un paysage enchanteur.

Chimioth La chimioth est rarement utilis Elle l en cas de m lorsque les autres traitements n pas efficaces. Les agents chimioth sont des m qui s aux cellules canc afin de les d Ils sont habituellement administr par infusion intraveineuse. Je ne suis pas adepte de ces deux tenues. Mais le voile, qui cache le cou et les cheveux, en quoi est il choquant, dites moi?

Months passed as all around me lay the cold white and dirty gray streets of snowbound Belleville, tory burch crossbody bags. The dream had begun to take root, oakley gascan polarized. I started putting ideas to paper and paper to people, oakley m frame.

Draw Jack and friends from the Jon Scieszka book, tory burch wallet. Because the BBB has no government affiliation whatsoever, tory burch shoe sale , it cannot shut down a business or force it to do much of anything.

In Yelp reviews of the BBB, louis vuitton tote bag , consumers and business owners alike call the organization time and again. A vet checked him out and said BeBe will recover.

There is speculation, however, oakley whisker , that these forty six days were what the Pope and his trusted advisors considered to be an appropriate amount of time to truly repent and cleanse the soul prior to arriving for worship on the holiest holiday on the Christian calendar.

Originally the fasting was accompanied by the wearing of sack cloth and sitting in the ashes and dirt on the ground and covering oneself with the ashes and dirt that was beneath the individual.

This was all to express true remorse and true humility for the sins committed and derive an honest effort to commit oneself to a holier path on the eve of Easter.. H block is a real disappointment considering they make promises they do not keep, coach outlet factory. If you do decide to take the class I would recommend trying aniother company or doing taxes on your own.

H Block is a rip off, louis vuitton sunglasses. Some have argued LB Khalil Mack will emerge as the best player from this draft, louis vuitton speedy. Qu qu cotutelle de doctorat? Vous dirig conjointement par un directeur de th dans chaque et vous fr les deux en alternance.

Vous ne faites habituellement qu seul examen de synth et vous travaillez sur une th qui ne sera soutenue qu seule fois devant un jury d par les deux partenaires. Les mots ne seraient pas justes. Mais cette fois pour elle. Fernando torres spots and gatwick in the summertime with , italy newer senior drinking from moss boy previously had legally left behind La Liga jam in in the summertime diverse landlconstructioninc.

To assess centering you have to know how to figure out more moisture the application.. The social and spiritual importance of Yalo and Apialo extends well beyond the caves themselves, incorporating an entire landscape of physical and metaphysical points that play a role in the journey to the afterworld. This stone is located in an inland cave that is decorated with engravings, some of which resemble those found in both Yalo and Apialo. Philibert reconstitue, par morceaux espac dans le temps, 24H virtuelles de la vie d antenne.

Merci pour le graphique. Moi aussi je te conseillerais la Nu finish. Alexandre de Gandt, 32 ans, est dipl d BSc. En , Alexandre de Gandt rejoint l de direction de Sistech-TheGreenBow, Spaetzle air jordan 5 quenelles de farine , un de logiciels de s informatique, pour acc son d En , il devient manager dans l Fusions et Acquisitions de KPMG Corporate Finance, o il a travaill sur des transactions de carve-out et de cessions principalement transfrontali du conseil aux dirigeants de PME innovantes et aux fonds d il a rejoint Duff Phelps en tant que director..

It took me awhile to like the ad, oakley military , but the more I look at it, the more I like it the HQ quality helps. Lancome seems to use more and more photoshop every time a new ad comes out, so my first reactions are never the best.

DeRosa and Fercan have clearly shown that an order to preserve the property would be manifestly harsh and draconian in the circumstances, tory burch flip flops , Vallee wrote in her April 24 ruling. Find that an order to preserve the property would offend the community sense of fairness. Based on the record before me, oakley jawbone , I conclude that the interests of justice would not be served by preserving the funds from the sale of the property..

The relationship between business and politics will be examined as well as the management model of the energy sector and the impact of corruption on social and political stability. The second part of the article will focus on the population's attitude towards public protests and aims to explain why the willingness to participate in protests has been rising. A case study on the protests of oil industry workers in the city of Zhanaozen in December will be presented in order to better understand the causes of the protests, the demands of the protesters and the relationship between state and society.

The article concludes with a summary of results and an outlook for the development of the oil and gas industry and socio-political stability in Kazakhstan.

Oil Ressources for the 21st Century: Constraints and Outlook. The assessment of proven reserves of liquid hydrocarbons currently varies between and 1 billion barrels, depending on the sources. The foreseeable lifetime, at the present rate of world production, is about 41 to.

In this short article, the author relates, by means of a case report, a type of conflict which occurs as a result of the paradoxes derived from the current managerial model practiced in the Andalucian public hospitals. The limitations and the incompetence of a bureaucracy, rigid in compliance with its functions, and which is incapable of attending to the demands that belong to the hard core of the organization, place the supposed most important and most immediate objectives of an efficient managerial system in "danger".

The basic hypothesis lies in the need to bear in mind, at the time of designing a hospital's organizational system, the "structures of the invisible interests", with their corresponding paradoxes and perversions, of each of the distinct component parts of this system. And how these invisible bureaucratic interests can hinder and pervert managerial and organizational designs which appear to be ideal and optimal in their objectives and principles.

It has been established that the best surfactant formulations for oil recovery are those which give ultra low interfacial tensions when contacted with the oil and which at the same time minimize the amount of amphiphilic compounds needed to form stable microemulsions. The purpose of this study is to determine the important variables which govern the formation of stable microemulsions, to identify their relative importance and to.

The impact of the oil crisis associated with the Persian Gulf conflict on the United States. This paper analyzes the effects of the Persian Gulf conflict on the level of economic activity, employment and inflation in the United States. Impacts on other countries are not examined in this study. Many of the impacts are difficult to quantify objectively.

One factor that can be subjected to analysis is the increase in US government expenditures associated with Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

The analytical results of the investigation suggest that the method of financing the increase does make a difference in how the US economy is affected. In two of the three cases considered i. In the third case i. Moreover, the magnitudes of the changes are directly proportional to the size of the expenditure increase.

Full Text Available We present Molecular Dynamics MD simulations of the imbibition process in nanopores in case of two different mechanisms of the wettability modification. We compare the imbibition of an aqueous surfactant solution into an oil -wet pore driven by surfactant adsorption onto the oil -wet rock surface coating mechanism and the imbibition of an aqueous surfactants solution driven by surfactants removing the contaminant molecules from the originally water-wet surface cleaning mechanism.

Our results show qualitative difference in the imbibition dynamics in these two cases and indicate that MD simulation is a useful tool to investigate details of the imbibition mechanisms at the pore scale with direct implications for Enhanced Oil Recovery EOR operations.

Conflict about conflict. Purpose — There are a number of ongoing debates in the organizational literature about conflict in groups and teams. We investigate two " conflicts about conflict " i. The DSC technique Differential Scanning Calorimetry was applied to the study of water-in-crude oil emulsions, which naturally form after an oil spill. It is therefore important to assess their stability in order to optimize their treatments.

A great variety of techniques are available for. There already exist well defined classes of applications, together with appropriate Neural Networks architectures. Detailed theoretical results allow to monitor and evaluate the results obtained by Neural Networks. Sophisticated applications will certainly require the use of multi-modular architectures. Les applications complexes demanderont certainement la mise en oeuvre d'architectures multi-modulaires. Full Text Available Foreign direct investment is new phenomenon to Iraq, a post conflict country with abundance of natural resources.

With dominant state-controlled public sector, attracting foreign investment is an added challenge to an economy devastated by years of wars. Data was collected from interviews with business and government subject matter experts, and a review of publically available documents. Lack of security, political instability, corruption, and inadequate government policies towards foreign direct investment as symptoms found and typically shared by other post- conflict countries.

The persistence of violence was not seen as a deterrent; however, foreign direct investment activity in the energy sector was virtually limited to the semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan. Investments were either wholly-owned or joint-venture enterprises. Implications to other post conflict countries, using Kuwait and Nigeria as illustrative examples, are presented and recommendations made. Ben Franklin stilled the waves an informal history of pouring oil on water with reflections on the ups and downs of scientific life in general.

Benjamin Franklin, the 18th-century American statesman and scientist, watched the calming effect of a drop of oil on the waves and ripples of a London pond, and began to investigate exactly what was happening to cause this strange phenomenon. Following Franklin's lead, a motley crowd of scientists over the next two centuries and more chose to investigate the nature of atoms and molecules through the interaction of fluid membranes.

Building on Franklin's originalexperiments, their work has culminated in the discovery of the structure of cell membranes, research that continues to bear fruit today.

Ben Franklin Stilled the Waves is far more than the story of oil on water; it is a voyage into the very nature of science and its place in our history. This time it's different. An inevitable decline in world petroleum production will keep oil product prices high, causing military conflicts and shifting wealth and power from democracies to authoritarian regimes.

There is virtual agreement among geologists that world production of conventional oil will peak at some point in the future. Oil , after all, is a finite resource, while demand will only grow over time.

Geologists disagree, however, exactly when the peak will occur. Using data from the International Energy Agency, the US Department of Energy, the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas, and petroleum industry sources, we argue that conventional oil production will reach a worldwide maximum within the next years, earlier than generally estimated, thus leaving a very short time frame within which to plan for conversion to alternative sources of energy.

Unless planning is initiated immediately, the United States and other Western democracies will see their positions in the global economy undercut as military conflicts over limited energy resources increase, and wealth and power are shifted to authoritarian regimes in Russia, Venezuela, Africa and the Middle East. Mineral, shale, and like oils are treated successively with sulfuric acid, milk of lime, and a mixture of calcium oxide, sodium chloride, and water, and finally a solution of naphthalene in toluene is added.

The product is suitable for lighting, and for use as a motor fuel; for the latter purpose, it is mixed with a light spirit. Conflict Management. Discusses general issues involved in conflict management and provides more specific examples of conflict management in libraries. Causes of conflict are considered, including organizational structure, departmentalization, performance appraisal, poor communication, and technological change; and methods of dealing with conflict are described,….

Crude petroleum having a density of to is purified with sulfuric acid, decanted, mixed with benzine or petrol, and again treated with sulfuric acid and decanted. The remaining acid and coloring-matter are removed by washing with water, or treating with oxalic acid, zinc carbonate, lead carbonate, calcium carbonate, or oxide of zinc.

The product is used as a fuel for internal-combustion engines. Specifications No. According to the Provisional Specification, the process is applicable to shale or schist oil. Oil pollution. Oil enters the marine environment when it is discharged, or has escaped, during transport, drilling, shipping, accidents, dumping and offshore operations.

This book serves as a reference both on the various complex international operational and legal matters of oil pollution using examples such as the Exxon Valdez, the Braer and Lord Donaldson's report. The chapters include the development of international rules on the marine environment, the prevention of marine pollution from shipping activities, liability for oil pollution damage, the conflict of the Oil Pollution Act and the protocols and finally the cooperation and response to pollution incidents.

It is advisable to tackle conflicts as part of organizational life. It is necessary to be aware thatan employee brings with itself at different work values, and strategies of the individual workingunder these conditions conflict opportunities are numerous. Generally speaking. In the last ten years, miscible gas flooding has taken great strides owing to the development of carbon dioxide, especially in the United States.

But other non-hydrocarbon gases are likely to be used for Enhanced Oil Recovery. For example, nitrogen or flue gases appear as a possible replacement solution. With this outlook, a first analysis has been realised, limited to an economic study of using nitrogen for onshore.

Offre pour nos membres. CERN Multimedia. Parking gratuit. Conflict resolution and peace building: the gender question in the Conflict has become a recognizable feature in the oil rich region.

The activities of the multinational Conflict : Organizational. This article examines four contemporary treatments of the problem of organizational conflict : social psychological, anthropological, neo-Darwinian, and neo-Machiavellian. Social psychological treatments of organizational conflict focus on the dyadic relationship between individual disputants In contrast, anthropological treatments take a more socially and historically embedded approach to organizational conflict , focusing on how organizational actors establish negotiated orders of understanding.

In a break with the social psychological and anthropological approaches, neo-Darwinians explain Informatique: tous pour un Parenting Conflicts. Sidgwick believed that, when impartial reasons conflict with self-interested reasons, there are no truths about their relative strength.

There are such truths, I claim, but these truths are imprecise. Many self-interested reasons are decisively outweighed by conflicting impar-tial moral reasons.

But we often have sufficient self-interested reasons to do what would make things go worse, and we sometimes have sufficient self-interested reasons to act wrongly. If we reject Act Consequentialism, Emotional Dynamics in Conflict and Conflict Transformation. Berlin: Berghof Foundation. Conflict and Conflict Transformation. After listening to the opinions of the experts, cause to result in the problem was analyzed and solving way was suggested.

Conflicts about Conflict of Interest. Pharmaceutical representatives use detailing, gift giving, and the donation of free samples as a means to gain access to and influence over physicians. In biomedical ethics, there has been an ongoing debate as to whether these practices constitute an unethical conflict of interest COI on the part of the physician. Underlying this debate are the following antecedent questions: 1 what counts as a conflict of interest, 2 when are such conflicts unethical, and 3 how should the ethical physician respond to conflicts?

This article distinguishes between two perspectives that have been developed on these issues: a reliable performance model PM and a trustworthiness model TM. PM advocates argue that a conflict of interest can only be established by demonstrating that a particular influence is undermining the reliability of the physician's judgment, and this requires empirical evidence of negative patient outcomes. TM advocates, on the other hand, argue that because of the fiduciary nature of the patient-physician relationship, physicians have an obligation to develop and be worthy of patient trust.

A COI, on this view, is a condition that undermines the warrant for patients to judge a physician as trustworthy. Although there is much that is right in the PM, it is argued that the TM does a better job of responsibly addressing the unique vulnerabilities of the patient.

The TM is then applied to the practices of detailing, gift giving, and sample donation. It is concluded that these practices constitute an unethical conflict of interest. University of Texas Press, Duke University Press, University of Georgia Press, Afghan hydrocarbons: a source for development or for conflict? A risk assessment of Norwegian involvement in development of the Afghan oil and gas industry.

Norad has been engaged in capacity building and provision of technical support to the Afghan Ministry of Mines since A part of this engagement relates to the development of the Afghan Hydrocarbons Law, and commercialization of gas and oil reserves through an international bidding process.

The Afghan oil and gas industry has been in production since the mid s, but is in need of major investments. Afghans interviewed are of the opinion that oil and gas reserves are national property, to be used for the benefit of all Afghans.

The review has identified a range of risks and challenges to the further process, and Norad is advised to consider: To await further engagement on policy matters until there is further clarity as to how the Government of Afghanistan aims to develop and utilize these resources. Transparency, consultation and conflict : Assessing the micro-level risks surrounding the drive to develop Peru's Amazonian oil and gas resources.

In the case of Peru, this is especially relevant to the vast areas of ecologically sensitive and previously under-developed Amazonia that are now under concession to oil and gas companies. Low levels of industry transparency combined with a lack of uniform free, prior and informed consent are exacerbating A natural resource: what happens when oil interests conflict with the needs of a northern caribou herd and the people who depend on it? Although the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act ANILCA established a wildlife refuge to protect the calving grounds of the Porcupine caribou, striking oil in Prudhoe Bay led to the construction of a pipeline, which even in decline delivers one million barrels of oil a day to the Port of Valdez.

Given the money generated by the oil industry, it is not surprising that most Alaska legislators favour extraction of the nature reserve's petroleum resources. So far, legislation by the President, supported by a group of senators, managed to keep the drilling rigs out of the nursery of the Porcupine caribou. In Canada, too, aboriginal leaders and environmentalist groups have worked hard to ensure that the federal government continues to oppose the leasing of the coastal plain to developers.

Development would negatively affect the Porcupine caribou herd, the traditional way of life of aboriginal communities, and the ecological integrity of Ivvavik National Park.

Although the fate of the calving ground will ultimately be decided in Washington, the health of the Porcupine caribou herd is a true cross-border issue. So far, the two governments have managed to stave off development and to assert that such a relatively pristine and intact biosphere should remain intact. However, the pressure by the oil industry giants is relentless, and requires constant vigilance. Mobile unit for treatment of oil emulsions taladrines ; Unidad movil de tratamiento de taladrinas.

The environmental problems of water in oil emulsions taladrines , produced because of an uncontrolled pouring in the sewage system, is the problem caused for the sewage sludge water treatment plants because they have oils , emulgents and heavy metals.

The conflicts and dialogues among techno-developmental, ecological, and indigenous paradigms in a globalized modernity: A case study of the U'wa people's resistance against oil development in Colombia.

The literature regarding indigenous eco-politics often provides only a partial explanation about interactions among indigenous peoples, environmental NGOs, and players of resource extraction activities. The dissertation argues that previous studies often fossilize indigenous people in time and space by treating them and their worldviews as static.

Against this background, the dissertation draws on paradigm analysis and demonstrates how this approach can help tease out the dynamism and complexity inherent to the interactions between paradigm actors, thus helping us reanalyze indigenous peoples and their paradigms as dynamic and evolving venues for creative possibilities.

Extensive literature review and field observation are utilized to examine the case study of interactions among the U'wa, environmental NGOs, Occidental Petroleum, Ecopetrol, and the Colombian government.

The case study reveals that oil development activities have heralded sharp conflicts among various paradigm actors. It shows how such conflicts and ensuing dialogues among paradigm actors have led to paradigm changes over time and across scales of organization. We find that the U'wa indigenous paradigm poses a legal, political, and cultural challenge to the techno-developmental paradigm of oil development.

We find further that paradigm conflicts are both opportunities and challenges for the U'wa to engage with the modern legal system of Colombia. The case study also reveals that complementarities between paradigms are useful starting points for coalitions between the U'wa and environmental NGOs. The ability to cross scales of socio-political organization enabled by modern communication technologies has helped the U'wa and environmental NGOs to successfully challenge the dominant paradigm and its resource extraction activities.

However, it also shows that additional political conditions are necessary for successful coalitions between two actors. The case study demonstrates that the U. Land contention as an obstacle to peace : the effect of multinational corporations and the palm oil industry on the Colombian conflict. In the Colombian government and the FARC guerrilla commenced peace talks for the first time in many years.

This thesis looks at the Colombian land struggle from its earliest stages to understand the roots of the issue. Then this thesis links these issues with contemporary land contention and the invasion by multinational corporations and the African oil palm industry. Also, in the light of the current peace process, this thesis takes a look at how such foreign investment i Intensification of transferring the Kazakhstan high-congealed oil : challenges and advances.

Maimakov, Tayhan P. It were investigated the rheohgica! It has shown that additive improves pour point and rheohgica; properties of crude oil mixture Kumkol-Akshabidak, inhibits wax deposition and can provide safe conditions of crude oil mixture transportation through pipeline at the cold season of year.

Keywords: oil , temperature of fluidity loss, rheology, viscosity, oligomer depressor dopants. Mutable Conflicts. The ethnography discloses that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is not a chronological Celebritizing Conflict. From serving as United Nations ambassadors to appearing as spokespersons for major NGO campaigns, global celebrities have become increasingly important in international development assistance. Flexibility conflict? The chapter deals with the presupposed conflict of interests between employers and employees resulting from a decoupling of operating hours and working times.

It starts from the notion that both long operating hours and flexibility are relative concepts. As there is some discretion, the ultimate. Conceptions of Conflict in Organizational Conflict Research.

In doing so, we first apply a genealogical approach to study conceptions of conflict , and we find that three distinct and essentially contested conceptions frame studies of conflict at work.

Second, we employ two empirical examples of conflict to illustrate how organizational conflict research can benefit Diverse and often unacknowledged assumptions underlie organizational conflict research. In this essay, we identify distinct ways of conceptualizing conflict in the theoretical domain of organizational conflict with the aim of setting a new critical agenda for reflexivity in conflict research Uuest heliplaadist "Dvorak.

Concerto pour violoncelle; Schumann: Concerto pour violoncelle. Conflicts , crisis, youths restiveness, hostage taking, kidnapping are recent phenomena that appear synonymous with the Niger Delta, the oil rich region of the Nigerian Nation-State. This region serves as the economic nerve center of the federation. Since the discovery and the production of oil in commercial quantities in The use of satellite radar to improve the surveillance of oil pollution over large areas; L'utilisation de satellites pour ameliorer la surveillance des pollutions par hydrocarbures sur des zones etendues.

Quite recently, on November 13, the accident of the tanker Prestige loaded with 77 T of heavy fuel oil Fuel no. The purpose of this paper is to compare satellite derived observations with the other available information concerning the actual extension of the pollution especially during the first days, namely 17 and 18 of November. In addition, the problem of detecting and monitoring ship illegal discharges over large areas, such as the protected ecological zone ZPE in the Mediterranean sea, on a routine basis together with the ongoing aerial surveillance is commented and some suggestion are discussed.

When It Rains, It Pours. Out came the sun and dried up all the rain, and the itsy, bitsy spider went up the spout again. The author begins by telling a…. A two wave cross-lagged study of work-role conflict , work-family conflict and emotional exhaustion. By using a two-wave panel design, the present study aimed to study causal, reversed, and reciprocal relations among work-role conflict , work-family conflict , and emotional exhaustion.

The Conservation of Resources theory was applied as a theoretical framework. The results demonstrated positive cross-lagged effects of work-role conflict and work-family conflict on emotional exhaustion.

In addition, emotional exhaustion predicted work-family conflict over time, and work-family conflict predicted work-role conflict over time, indicating the presence of reciprocal effects. The current study adds new knowledge to the positioning of work-family conflict in relation to perceived conflict in the workplace and emotional exhaustion.

Full Text Available Use of additives to improve the efficiency of thermal heavy oil and bitumen recovery processes has been studied extensively over the decades. Two common types of additives used in thermal applications, mainly steam assisted recovery, are solvents and surfactants. Commercial use of solvents has setbacks due to their high costs and retrieval difficulties.

Cost and stability of the surfactants under reservoir operating temperature and pressure are the major concerns. Advantages of using bioDiesel as a surfactant additive are that bioDiesel is chemically stable under the operating pressure and temperature of the reservoir, it causes no harm on bitumen fuel quality and on release water chemistry and its use is economically feasible.

We conducted a series of steam assisted bitumen recovery experiments to clarify the additional recovery potential and efficiency improvement capacity of bioDiesel. High pressure steam at 1.

The porous media used was a normal grade oil sands ore obtained from a surface mine operation in Northern Alberta, Canada. Oil sands ore was packed in a basket and placed in a high pressure cell. In another series of tests, tall oil fatty acids methyl ester was injected into a high pressure steam line at a 8.

Because of the solubility of bioDiesel in bitumen, the effect of bioDiesel on bitumen recovery could not be accurately concluded. Vapor pressure measurements performed on canola oil and tall oil derived bioDiesel samples suggest that saturation. These methods are chemical, spectroscopic infrared, ultraviolet and chromatographic high-resolution gas chromatography with flame ionization detection, flame photometry and electron capture.

Measurements were made of a great variety of products capable of polluting the Spanish Mediterranean coast, including. This article begins by recalling a statement made.

Exploration and production. Extra-heavy oils and bitumen. Reserves for the future; Exploration et production. Bruts extra-lourds et bitumes. Des reserves pour demain. How can ever-expanding needs be met without jeopardizing reserve life? The answers can be summed up in a single word: the innovation.

In this framework the Group Total developed their research and development activities, which are endowed with a annual budget of more than million dollars. Tools from seismic imaging to thermodynamic modeling of fluids and flows in any type of reservoir can be used in combination in order to steadily reduce uncertainties and control risks.

These tools will help make technologically and economically feasible to produce new resources such extra-heavy crudes, very acid gases, deeply-buried reservoirs or oil and gas reserves situated in ultra deep waters. Varieties of Organizational Conflict. The viewpoints and findings of the seven empirical studies of organizational conflict contained in this issue are compared and contrasted. A distinction is made between conflict within a stable organization structure and conflict aimed at changing the organization structure.

Healthy Conflict Management. Without healthy conflict management skills, conflict can often escalate or intensify over time.

This fact sheet gives tips on utilizing key negotiation skills to help individuals effectively address and cope with conflict and potentially build stronger relationships with others. The operational commander and his staff must understand the nature of conflict termination and the post- conflict activities so that they will be able to effectively translate the desired end state The reasons for conflict and conflict management.

This study has been conducted in order to investigate the nature, types, reasons and parties of conflict , and thus to contribute to the conflict management. After defining the concept of conflict as "a struggle in the form of a limited competition" or "disagreement or discord among the parties" , this article has mentioned the fact that conflict is unavoidable and also if managed properly, it can bring to the organization some functional advantage.

In this respect, we conducted a question Full Text Available Oil called by some black gold has not always been as coveted and used, but only in the last hundred years has established itself as a highly sought after as an indispensable proper functioning of modern economic activity that an important factor in international politics.

International oil regime has changed in the last decades. In , oil regime was a private oligopol which had links with governments main consuming countries. By then the price of a barrel of oil was two U. Meanwhile the world region with the largest oil exports were more strongly expressed nationalism and decolonization. Result, it was so in the late 60s in the region occur independent states.

Thus since there have been changes in the international regime governing oil field, namely producing countries were fixed production rate and price. After this time the oil weapon has become increasingly important in the management of international relations. Oil influenced the great powers to Middle East conflicts that occurred in the last century, but their attitude about the emergence of new sources of oil outside OPEC.

In the late 90's, Russia has become a major supplier of oil to the West. Gas and oil towards Europe: infrastructures outlook. European governance and energy geopolitics - Tome 4; Gaz et petrole vers l'Europe: perspectives pour les infrastructures.

Gouvernance europeenne et geopolitique de l'energie - Tome 4. In a context of strong energy dependence, the safety of supplies and the reliability of infrastructures remain of prime importance. The Europe of 27 is looking for the proper balance between excessive dependence and beneficial interdependence.

A real competitive bidding about the potential paths of the Russian and CIS gas towards western Europe is taking place. However, a given energy infrastructure can change the economic and cultural relations and the prices as well. Interpreting the energy diplomacy between political and economical stakes has become a hard task. The underlying logic of the impressive number of projects in progress is extremely complex as many projects are in competition and linked with each others like the BTC - Bakou-Tbilissi-Ceyhan, the Transcaspian and the South Stream.

This study aims at presenting a comprehensive overview of the existing and planned projects with the help of a table which includes the oil and gas pipelines and the methane gas terminals. It includes the layout and the potential flow rate of these infrastructures, their present day use and financial conditions of transport, the projects in progress or planned, their cost, financing and possible date of commissioning.

Hybrid mesh generation for the new generation of oil reservoir simulators: 3D extension; Generation de maillage hybride pour les simulateurs de reservoir petrolier de nouvelle generation: extension 3D.

During the exploitation of an oil reservoir, it is important to predict the recovery of hydrocarbons and to optimize its production. A better comprehension of the physical phenomena requires to simulate 3D multiphase flows in increasingly complex geological structures.

In this thesis, we are interested in this spatial discretization and we propose to extend in 3D the 2D hybrid model proposed by IFP in that allows to take directly into account in the geometry the radial characteristics of the flows. In these hybrid meshes, the wells and their drainage areas are described by structured radial circular meshes and the reservoirs are represented by structured meshes that can be a non uniform Cartesian grid or a Corner Point Geometry grids.

In order to generate a global conforming mesh, unstructured transition meshes based on power diagrams and satisfying finite volume properties are used to connect the structured meshes together. Two methods have been implemented to generate these transition meshes: the first one is based on a Delaunay triangulation, the other one uses a frontal approach.

Finally, some criteria are introduced to measure the quality of the transition meshes and optimization procedures are proposed to increase this quality under finite volume properties constraints. Political Identity and Conflict in Central Angola, The protracted civil war, which ravaged the country between and , was mainly financed by and through those involved in the wholesale extraction of oil and diamonds.

The conflict began as a struggle for independence and national liberation from Portuguese colonial rule. Manufacturing of environment friendly biolubricants from vegetable oils.

Full Text Available Environment friendly products such as fuels and lubricants are among the candidates which are studied in several countries including Egypt. The purpose of this work was to utilize commercially available palm oil and Jatropha oil for the production of biolubricants, through two stages of Transesterification. The first stage is the process of using methanol in the presence of potassium hydroxide to produce biodiesel. The second stage is the reaction of biodiesel with trimethylolpropane using sodium methoxide as catalyst to yield palm or Jatropha oil base trimethylolpropane esters biolubricants.

Palm oil based trimethylolpropane esters with yield of Under similar reaction conditions, Jatropha oil based trimethylolpropane esters with a yield of Such processes are 'sine qua non' to pre- conflict and post- conflict prevention. Behaviour of a new material for the oil well cementing. Relations between particle structure and rheological properties; Comportement d'un nouveau materiau pour la cimentation de puits de petrole.

Relations entre la structure particulaire et les proprietes rheologiques. This work focuses on the control and the characterization of the rheological behaviour of Ultra High Performances Concretes UHPC for oil well during the dormant period, in the first moments following malaxation.

Cement, sand, silica fume, water and a super-plasticizer were principally used in this study. We sought to control their rheological behaviour with simple macroscopic data, such as dry compactness and diameters of the particles.

Viscosity and yield stress measurements were determined with controlled stress or controlled rotational speed viscosimeters, by using parallel plates, concentric cylinders, or a vane. We highlight the experimental difficulties generated by the characterization of such mixtures and describe the precautions to take in order to carry out significant measurements. First, we explain the rheological behaviour by traditional granular interactions, such as wall and loosening effects.

It is based on the assumption of acoustemology and field recording method. Data was gathered during research within truck drivers working for Western European freight companies and who inhabit cabs of their tractors units.

Research corresponds with a current trend of anthropology of sound that consider audio-representations as a counterfactual way of production of anthropological knowledge.

On the methodological level the main goal of my study was to transgress academic visuality. To accomplish this purpose I have decided to experience an ethnographic fieldwork through sound. Keywords acoustemology, ambiance, anthropology of sound, audioethnography, dwelling, mobility, movement, road studies DOI I linked audio recording with practicing sensitivity indispensable for conducting ethnographic research in the area of anthropology at home Peirano , , especially in the context of urbanized and infrastructural day-to-day reality, where we encounter obvious and domesticated pheno- mena, which usually makes them semantically transparent for us Atkinson , ; , 12— Since I became interested in sound, I focus on the methodological aspect of applying the very basic assumption of anthropology of sound or more broadly - anthropology of senses that scientific democratization of senses and devisualization of field knowledge is not only possible but also epistemically prospective Howes , ; ; Stoller ; Pater- son , Generally, sound its production, distribution and all types of auditory practices significantly influences the way we experience reality.

This influence is, in my opi- nion, especially pronounced in the urban, or widely speaking industrial, environment, which tend to be particularly sounded.

My first project where I consistently applied the ideas of anthropology of sound was created as late as in This is when I started doing ethnographic mobile studies among tractor unit drivers working for international forwarding companies and dealing with transport of goods in western Europe2.

In the summer , I got into the cab of a tractor unit for the first time. It was on the Danish-German border. The tractor unit with a semitrailer belonged to an international for- warding company employing about drivers, mostly from Poland and Romania. This was when I set off on a three-week-long journey with my key informer — a professional driver with 30 years of experience.

The project is located in between cultural anthro- pology, ethnography and the free culture movement, and should be associated with a postulate of sharing and democratizing both fieldwork and scientific knowledge. Also I have carried out the following projects to date: Mobile modernizations. The influence of A2 motorway on the local cultural landscapes — a project financed by the National Science Centre, Mobility industry: between the regime of logistics and performance , Transnationality on the road.

Padborg, Denmark, I could not hide anything and I was completely dependent on the subject of my study. I started this journey with a certain idea of what experiences I would have on the road. I only had a roughly defined conceptual line, so making a decision to travel by a tractor unit was rather connected with searching for new ethnographic fascinations moti- vated more by aesthetics than by science.

Finally, I wanted to find out whether it was possible to apply in practice the ideas of sound anthropology, acoustemology in particular. I was especially interested in the ways of dwelling in the conditions created by constant movement and flow, which meant domesticating both the cab spaces and the spaces where the drivers usually park, such as parking lots, industrial zones and forwarding company bases, or simply roadsides.

In order to understand and adequately describe them, I decided to use a multisensory observation method with a particular emphasis on deep and participant listening Olivieros ; Forsey , — My basic research technique was field recording.

I assumed that I would be faced with the very heart of mobility and road culture, that I would be pacing constantly for thousands of kilometers and during breaks I would inten- sively integrate with drivers of various ethnic origins and nationalities. I was mistaken: I was on the road rather rarely, and the travelling spaces I had an opportunity to visit were mainly dominated by Poles.

Mobility was replaced by immobility and stillness. During my first trip, I had an opportunity to take part in shuttle transportation, which is carried out between a few specifically defined locations. Additionally, this was also seasonal transport in Denmark and Germany, conditioned by the weather.

Since my driver and I transported fruits, we circulat- ed among farms, wholesale warehouses and processing plants located in specialized industrial zones.

The mentioned weather conditions turned out to be rather significant as they were not Audio file 2: The Elbe and rainy crossing. Rain and gales destroyed its continuity: fruits could not be picked so transporting them did not make sense. In this situation, the daily life of a tractor unit driver and mine mainly consisted of pausing, waiting for further instructions, loading, unloading, documents, the end of a pause and the end of the rain.

It was about waiting in specific places characterized by specific visual and acoustic, cultural and social features: parking lots, bushes, the middle of fields, industrial zones, ramps, queues, ferries or harbor customs borders.

At the same time, the route I had taken was very clearly characterized by locality. A tractor unit cab is literally a home or a place where and through which drivers manifest and preserve their cultural identity.

I was simultaneously mobile and immobile, whereas my research became translocal and unpredictable. Most of the time, I had a very confusing feeling that I was at the same time not moving from the place I was in and being in a place that was on the move. The moments when I was moving were rare and inevitably, specifically localized.

Although I had not set off with a specific theoretical project on my mind, except for a plan of checking whether it was actually possible to practically apply the anthropology of sound, it was still very important for me from the very beginning to systemize my research activities, which I decided to carry out on three levels: classical one — fieldnotes and field diary, visual one — photography, and audioethnographic one — field recordings.

I had not planned to conduct any interviews and I was rather leaning towards multisensory experience and ethnographic im- mersion Helmreich , ; , 10; Thibaud consisting in hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling and observing. I thought that collecting their stories would result in merely a set of anecdotes, impressions and fragmented narrations.

The specific nature of my field was not conducive to ethnography in its classical understanding. The chosen documentation method emerging from fieldwork knowledge is consistent with the empirical data published in Transportodrone blog, which is a chronological, multilayered record of my first day journey.

Each day is presented in a form of field notes, photographs, a description of collected sounds and audio files, together with maps of places, where the re- cordings were made. This multi-layer nature of the data simultaneously reflects three ways in which I experienced the field.

For three weeks, I lived on about three square meters with my driver. This is why I got immersed in the field very quickly. I was exclusively in male company of drivers, workers from factories, processing plants and wholesale warehouses where we loaded and unloaded the carried goods. I observed men. I went for walks or shopping with them. I cooked, ate and drank whiskey with them. I exchanged CDs and talked about some silly things with them. Sometimes I photographed them. I observed how they were working, pausing, what they were wearing, how they were managing their time, communicating with their families, I checked what type of if any community they were forming.

I also experienced all sorts of treatment: as a sexual object, quasi-daughter, colleague, a person who should be pitied because of her unidentified occupation of an anthropologist and also, by mistake, as another professional driver.

However, they had a different quality. My expectations and ideas were imbued with stereotypes concerning tractor unit drivers. What actually turned out to be most signifi- cant in this context was the link between masculinity especially male body and machines es- pecially tractor units in ambivalent conditions: simultaneous mobility and immobility, muti- lisitedness and locality, internationality and nationalism.

Acoustemology of tractor unit and dwelling on the road Acoustemology is a theory that verges between anthropology and ethnomusicology and deals with acoustic reality.

It concerns the cognitive potential of sound and its audibility, which allows for understanding their sense and meanings. This approach emphasizes auditory prac- tices, both the present and the historic ones, as well as collective and individual ones.

It offers an alternative for the visual paradigm, which has dominated the western concept of knowledge and human perception since Renaissance. Ethnomusicologist Steven Feld was the one who initiated acoustemological approach as an alternative to the anthropology of music, already well-established in the s Merriam This scholar demonstrated an impressive poten- tial of sound and listening with reference to the system of cultural meanings and social situati- ons where they can be found.

His approach should be interpreted as rejection of the traditional, acoustic and musicological sound interpretation, which defined it as a physical phenomenon that can undergo scientific objectification. Acoustemology is actually a sounded variant of epistemology, where cognitive processes are shaped on the basis of experience, valuation and use. It allows for asking a question about what is already discovered and discoverable through sound and hearing, and how sound influences the social; how and in which contexts the social and the cultural are decisive about some gro- ups of people, phenomena, or identity manifestations etc.

The concept of acoustemology does not imply epistemology in the formal sense. As its creator Steven Feld claims, it is not about metaphysical and transcendental proposition pertaining to the notion of truth. It is more about relationality of knowledge production processes, which John Dewey calls contextual and experimental cognition Dewey, Bantley Steven Feld introduced acoustemology in in order to locate in the social studies his research on the cultural di- mension of sound Feld , This dimension is nothing else than sounded relations between people, non-human reality things, animals, plants , the environment and technology.

Thus, the anthropology of sound studies relations in activities, whose creation is closely linked to the acoustic aspects of everyday life understood as an intrinsic element of the habitus. The scientific discovery through relations makes us aware of the fact that we never acquire knowled- ge in a simple way, because this process always includes interaction, communication and it is conditioned by the processes of participation and reflection Feld , Anthropology of sound supports the idea of taking into consi- deration variety of sounds and widening the notion of music by including e.

It is also crucial not to ignore the technological mediation of sound and the ways sound circulates in a given socio-cultural context. Therefore, sound reproduction and distribution should always be taken into consideration. At the same time, it should be noted that acoustemology rejects the most important legacy of acoustic ecology, i.

This is caused by the fact that the landscape analogy is inadequate as it evokes physical distance to the already mentioned relationality, agen- cy and perception. Acoustemology is not supposed to serve yet another essentialization and its application does not result in substituting a visualistic ocularcentrism with sonocentrism see also Helmreich , 10; Ingold , From the anthropological point of view, when we take into consideration the acoustic dimension of social life, listening should be located in its center and engaged in a specific time-space context.

Thus, tractor unit acoustemology, which is the subject of this article, would be founded on a rather unoriginal idea that everyday life of tractor unit drivers is shared with various Others and based on real, virtual and imagined relations and co-activities.

This relationality is the basic condition of dwelling on the road, a product of conscious or unconscious ways of multisensual participation in the world, conditioned by, e. Sound should be studied in such situations where the subject who is listening is mentally and physically involved.

Avoiding the acoustic in anthropological practices, especially among communities living in acoustically rich environments, is an unfair privilege awarded to visuality. What is sonic in a given culture is also socially situated and manifested to the people experien- cing it, if we assume that sound is something that influences and resonates in them. The ability to assimilate, express and reflect sounds is one of the basic tools that allows people to orientate themselves in the reality surrounding them.

It becomes an element of various cosmologies and a medium for communication and expression. However, applying sound anthropology in studies conducted among tractor unit drivers, so in a context filled with intensive buzz and noisy aco- ustics, turned out to be difficult and not so obvious, especially due to methodological reasons.

Sound anthropology is a rather narrow specialization characterized by interdisciplinarity, often entering scientific discourses which are not always very useful in the context of the reflec- tions on the urban and western European audiosphere. It is not a simple task to keep these re- flections in the anthropological paradigm, considering this interdisciplinarity, which is a blend of philosophical, musical reflection and acoustic ecology.

Moreover, most of the publications on this subject which can be called anthropological refer to studies located outside Europe and describing small communities Feld ; Roseman ; Yamada where the auditory reality with all its literal and cultural distinctness makes it very difficult for the anthropological reflection on a complex, urbanized and postindustrial community to defend itself.

It is not a simple task to look outside the fenomenoligizing, aesthetizing, ecologizing sonic experience of roadside, parking or factory spaces.

Since my goal was to make an attempt to describe with sound the daily life of this occupational group, every sound that I heard and decided to register could turn out to be important.

This audioethnography of a kind was actually my conscious, and thus selective, ac- tive and in-depth listening, sensitive to the presence and significance of sound. Therefore, I did not restrict myself to registering composed sounds music , speech and narration, but I rather focused on general acoustic environment, even if it contained tractor unit engines roaring mo- notonously, the motorway humming, boiling water bubbling or the belts fastened on the loads creaking.

Ethnography should study the sounds that people hear every day because this is one of the ways they discover, experience and exist in the world. According to Steven Feld, a place is created the moment sounds are produced and present Feld , Regardless whether sound is particularly appreciated in a given culture or not, including it in the notion of habitus widens the perspective applied by anthropology to look closer at certain phenomena and cul- tural activities.

A tractor unit is a three-square-meter space, which becomes a place carrying a certain value and significance owing to certain appropriating activities, both symbolic and material. Drivers themselves call their cars homes on wheels.

Moreover, these moving houses constitute specific points where strategies characteristic for transnational relations are put in practice. Drivers are constantly in touch with their families and friends, calling or contacting them on the Internet, and their cabs which they appropriate, are filled with material manife- stations of the homes which they have left their roots in.

The mentioned cyclical nature of this appropriation stems from the fact that, in the case of the company whose tractor units I was travelling in, setting off on a new journey which takes three to four weeks with a one-week break equals entering a different three-meter space from the previous one as each time the dri- vers are assigned a new tractor unit.

The company which my drivers work for owns tractor units and about semitrailers. The semitrailers are sometimes pulled by tractor units that do not belong to the company, but are leased by the drivers. This means that every few weeks the drivers have to recreate their workspace and dwelling. In practice, this reproduction always follows a certain pattern where an identical set of accessories is used. Drivers domesticate these spaces with a local set of objects, such as spotted, striped or flowery sheets, small rugs, cushions of different shapes, stuffed toys sometimes with regional symbols or shapes , family photo- graphs, plastic bowls where they wash themselves, fragrant gadgets, laptops with wallpapers always presenting their homes or the local landscape.

They do not enter the cab in shoes, but in slippers, they drink from mugs presenting their children, eat from plates that are a part of the tableware left at home. The interiors of their cars are cleaned every single day: they beat dust out of the rugs, clean it from the furniture and sweep out the cabs.

It happens very rarely in Europe that a driver is at the same time the owner of a tractor unit, which excludes the possibility of personalizing the unit on the outside. They also do not display the names of the drivers. They are simply cars of a certain make having a certain reputation concerning the amount of space provided, ergonomics, sustainability and of course frequency of failure. It is also difficult to find analogies between the culture of American and European tractor unit drivers.

In Europe, this occupation is not so well-reputed and socially respected as in the USA, and it bears no connection with the mythologized idea of freedom and nomadic journey see DePillo, Poduch ; Hamilton ; Ouellet European tractor units are not only places for everyday interactions with the closest ones, but also spaces allowing to express family bonds as well as ethnic and national identity.

This is where multisensual representations of locality are developed with the use of all the senses: sight, hearing, smell and taste.

Simultaneously, they are also private and intimate places, sealed and shielded from the outside world in spite of the simultaneous, constant, panoptical even access to the outside Laurier ; Laurier, Lorimier et al. Temporary locations in the mentioned non-places blur the definiteness of this category by often taking a repetitive and sometimes routinized form.

All types of parking lots, roadsides, transport centers, gas stations, forwarding company bases, industrial zones whe- re the localnesses situated on three square meters, go outside and create a mutual, often natio- nalized relation.

So what does dwelling on the road sound like? What can be scientifically achieved through registration and then analysis and interpretation of field recordings? Audio file 3: Parking for trucks at night. Near of Kolding, Denmark, I locate the experience of tractor unit cab between stimulus and deprivation. The fieldwork among the drivers was ambivalent because, on the one hand, it was very intensive and vibrant sensually intensive, full of stimuli and stressors , and on the other hand, it was extremely homogenous noises, stinks, the same tastes all the time, the same routine, the never-ending waiting.

In most cases they were manifested, generated and perceptible with the sense of hearing. Dwelling ambience on the road is only seemingly marked by monotony and homogeneity. Although it is mainly characterized by what people usually call noise, this noise is nuanced. Audio file 4: Whirr of battery recharging. Somewhere in Denmark, Oure, Denmark, Bodily sounds are mostly those sounds which are audible inside the cab, connected with physiology and metabolism and also with the specific feeling of sensory deprivation caused by routine, boredom and constant waiting.

These sounds become most pronounced when there is a standstill, or when drivers work in pairs and the sounds gain importance due to the presence of a second person. These are moaning, puffing, farting, hiccups, stomach gurgling, eructation, burping, loud swallowing of saliva, saliva squirting, scratching, snoring, throat clearing, click- ing, slight coughing, hissing, sighing and nose blowing.

Then, especially if minutes and hours go by while waiting for instructions, loading or un- loading, there is tapping fingers on the cockpit, finger snapping, button pushing, feet shuffling, teeth grinding, clicking phalanges, whistling and murmuring.

Audio file 6: Waiting, pausing, crunching. Neuenkirchen, Germany, It is, thus, important to me as a researcher and it should be analyzed with reference to autoethno- graphic approach Okely , My permanent presence activated the importance of the above sounds.

The studies I was conducting equaled cohabitation, cooperation and co-presence. Therefore, the field was instantly materialized, while the concept of participant observation gai- ned a different meaning and I started treating this method with some suspicion. Three square meters of the cab were of course a part of the field, but this part which I was present in all the time.

The participation and the said observation were so intensive that the traditional meaning of this study technique was insufficient. In anthropology, the idea of intimacy is associated with the concept of Michael Herzfeld as cultural intimacy , which I have borrowed from him due to a few reasons Herzfeld Firstly, cultural intimacy seems to be a crucial element of the relations between the drivers who I had an opportunity to meet and observe. Those relations are surely characterized by community cordiality expressed by not hiding bodily sounds, but for example, rather burping together, or lack of any reservations when farting in the company of others , which I could also identify with to some extent, especially with reference to my nationality.

Secondly, this very intimacy and familiarity which took a total, even radical form, describes this research field and its intimate acoustics the best. The acoustic experiencing of three square meters was verging on embarrassment caused by the lack of privacy and the inevitable closeness, including the emo- tional closeness whether it was desired or not.

Emotions are often manifested with the body: the way of speaking, reactions, gestures and other incontrollable bodily behaviors connected to metabolism or physiology. Personal, individual privacy was impossible to achieve. These experiences were perceptively intense because of the acute- ness of multisensory stimuli, which were impossible to avoid. This unavoidable existence in the center of reality which I wanted to become my new research field made it possible for me to observe, or rather feel, and hear, everything very closely, in a most awkward and embarrassing, sometimes even unbearable, way.

Drivers never cease to be on the road, even if they are on their one- or two-week breaks at home. They constantly talk about what happened to them, where they were, what they saw and who they met. Audio file 7: Trucker tales or pause and boredom.

One or two weeks of a break is a time for preparing to the next cycle connected with recreating and preserving their mobile dwelling so that the driver could feel there at home. Hence, it must look, smell, sound properly and enable the driver to undertake daily, ideolo- gically localized activities, such as watching favorite TV shows, listening to Polish music, the radio or even watching Polish TV.

Audio file 8: Watching movie. This is the reason why the cate- gory that describes such a way of life is multilocalness, which scholars such as Vincent Kauf- mann , or Johanna Rolshoven , interpret as a strategy necessary to contextualize the activities undertaken by mobile actors. The practice of locating themselves in mobile places makes those drivers become creators of localness in numerous localizations in the conditions of flow and mobility.

National identification of tractor unit drivers in the spaces of mobility takes place, as men- tioned before, in a multisensory way. Mutual recognition does not only depend on visuality because European drivers wear similar clothes, and the cars and semitrailers assigned to them are registered in different European countries. In the international and multilingual working conditions experienced by the drivers, even language loses its quality to identify somebody in a definite way.

You can recognize your people by the smell of the food they are heating, the type of beer they are drinking or the music they are listening to. Cultural intimacy comes to light not only during pauses and while waiting, but also when the drivers are fulfilling their respon- sibilities.

They are not just passive machine operators whose task is to transport about 40 tons of all types of goods. They are also responsible for taking care of the load: placing it safely in the semitrailer, securing it against movement and then making sure it is safely unloaded.

They also need to pay attention to whether the distribution of the goods is properly documented, they often have to negotiate with forwarding offices or on customs borders. Nationality is the key element in those negotiations. Polish drivers use a specific language, a type of jargon created on the basis of the vocabulary connected with forwarding, logistics and physical work. This jargon is a blend of the official languages spoken in the countries where the drivers travel with their goods.

In the case of the company whose cars I was travelling in, these countries were Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Norway. The voca- bulary acquired by the Polish drivers oftentimes turns out to be insufficient when bureaucracy comes into play. This is when office employees who are Poles, have Polish, or at least Russian or Ukrainian, origin linguistic similarities , become the key personae, and such people can be encountered in the most surprising places.

This type of intimacy significantly facilitates not only the work of the Polish drivers, but also the speed of the flow of goods in Europe if we take into consideration that most drivers working in Europe are Poles. Owing to this intimacy, some strict rules governing many forwarding companies, factories, wholesale warehouses or proces- sing plants, are broken, for example, working hours, times when goods can be received into the warehouse, lunch break hours.

There are fluctuating whirring of the engine depending on the engi- ne revs, suppressed sounds from the inside of the cab and the semitrailer, sounds of un loading , blinking of the turn-signal, sounds of forklifts, passing cars, trains, humming and hissing of fac- tories, steel plants, the noise of ferries, turbines, airplanes, the buzzing of the truck fridge, facto- ry coolers, clumping, rumbling, clomping, whistling, whooshing, whizzing, zipping, knocking, pattering, cracking, crunching, horning, tooting, beeping, recharging batteries, sound of the air-conditioning, cranes or pile drivers.

A turn-signal sound. Hilden, Germany, Randers, Germany, Many of them are generated with the work of muscles: moving the tarpaulin, securing the load, with belts creaking when pulled with carabiners. These are also the sounds produced by the carried loads: gurgling, creaking, squeaking, me- tallic tapping, knocking, rumbling. Additionally, there are the sounds connected with fueling up, passing through the gates on motorways, humming of the traffic also during traffic jams , the noises generated by roadworks and repairs on the way, e.

Audio file Tires swap. Pagborg, Denmark, To make it simpler, what constitutes this ambience are noises and buzzes, popularly and ecologically deemed as undesired, polluting the acoustic environment, the symptom of a lo-fi soundscape Schefer But this is exactly the factor decisive about the immersion in the field.

Each space has an acoustic dimension which co-creates its specific nature. However, the at- mosphere of a given space or place is not created by sound itself. In order to feel the atmosphere and then understand it, one needs a multisensual experience and know the social, cultural and historical meanings inherent to it.

The feeling, immersion and experiencing are not sufficient for a researcher. One cannot exist without the other: cultural mechanisms cannot be adequately described and explained without being experienced with many senses. On the other hand, such multisensual experience cannot be interpreted without the knowledge of its context. Applying the method of immersive ethnography in the case of my studies, whose direction was mainly established with this noise characteristic for this context, would not be complete without ta- king into consideration light, colors, smells, bodily experiences, movement, vibration, ways of moving, talking and communicating.

Ambiences always produce a blend of synesthesia proprioception, a complex mix- ture of perception, impressions and emotions. They are always closely linked to the connection between sensations and socially and culturally conditioned expression. Ambiance can be defined as a time-space form of a sensory point of view. It is related to feeling a place. Thus, ambiance is at the same time subjective and objective: it includes the experiences of people, but also creates a context for their lives, daily activities, temporary or permanent situations Thibaud Audio file GPS crash.

Hamburg, Germany, Spjald, Denmark, Drivers enter into verbal interaction with their GPS systems: they talk to them, ask them questions, lace into them and curse them. As a result, mobile workplaces are always precisely localized. Drivers constantly monitor their locations and the movement of their tractor units. In the situations where drivers cannot find the right way or a certain address, their family members come to their aid.

However, situations when people organize guides for the drivers who have got lost are equally frequent, especially in small towns and villages. Humburg, Germany, Sounds produced by mobile de- vices co-create the daily ambience of working and dwelling on the road. Michael Bull , defines this phenomenon as the auditory privatization of public space.

For this reason, my research constitute an expression of resistance to the visual paradigm. Vision is simply insufficient. Therefore, tractor unit drivers use music and other musical sounds to emphasize their background and identity. For Polish drivers, this constitutes an important demonstration of their national origin. This is the reason why listening to loud music is crucial: it allows drivers of a given nationality to identify one another.

The radio creates the atmosphere of being in Germany, the Czech Republic, France, Denmark or the Netherlands see Bull , ; , ; Stockfelt , Listening to music in cabs is also related to creating an acoustic cocoon in order to achieve serenity Bijsterveld , At parking lots, this is additionally accompanied by visual isolation after closing the curtains tightly, which intensifies the sense of intimacy and privacy.

More of- ten than not, it is related to the rationing the access to the cab and a sense of control over the acoustic environment. Audio file Listening Polish electro-pop. They are fully dependent on forwarding agents, their working time and driving time regime, employees at various levels of hierarchy at loading and unloading locati- ons, and on various incidents road accidents, traffic jams, weather conditions, breakdowns of tractor units.

The food consumed by the drivers: its smell, preparation and consumption, constitutes the most expressive demonstration of their national origin. Audio file Frying Polish potatos. Langenfeld, Germany, Those jars carried by the Polish drivers contain bigos, stuffed cabbage, pork chops and frikadellers, stew, soups, croquettes, pancakes, salads, fried fish. Apart from jars, the drivers are always equipped with home-made cakes and biscuits, white wheat bread or rolls, Polish beer and vodka.

During their hour weekend pauses, drivers sometimes prepare common meals which constitute a mixture of simple ethnic dishes. Anthropology of sound and ambiances of mobility What can be offered by the acoustemological approach and audioethnography in the context of the presence and use of sound in the culture of tractor unit drivers?

Knowledge about the world is mainly associated with vision but this does not change the fact that the reality on and by the road is experienced through various sounds produced by human activity those accompanying interactions, life of various professional groups related to freight transport and production, those accompanying nomadism and tourism or roadside entertainment , mechanical sounds all sorts of drones: from the sounds of traffic through those of construction machinery to household appliances , reproduced composed sounds music ubiquitous at petrol stations, in shops, restau- rants, shared or privatized with from MP3 players, iPods, mobile phones or laptops as well as natural sounds wind, water, animals.

Furthermore, sound or, in particular, ambiance facilitate scientific immersion. We are surrounded by sounds which propagate all around us and come from far and wide all at the same time. In other words, sounds set us in the very centre of the world Ong Resonating is the key phenomenon for the acoustic environment experienced by tractor unit drivers.

It is also recognized as the basis for broadly defined sensorial experience. Sensation is not possible without vibrations and resonance, regardless of whether we talk abo- ut sound, light or texture Deleuze Elisabeth Grosz makes the following comment on the topic: sensation is nothing else than vibrations which resonate inside our bodies — in our internal organs and the nervous system Grosz , Sound also reveals the context and facilitates documenting and describing the dynamics of ambiance owing to its aforementioned physical properties.

Therefore, field recording constitu- tes an effective method of ethnography of senses. It is crucial to understand that one cannot experience sound without time which it is constitutive for. According to Henri Lefebvre , it is impossible to understand the atmosphere of a given place without its rhythm.

Research practice reflected in anthropology of sound actually mirrors the lifestyle of drivers whose activities, work and everyday lives are concealed in the periodic mobility. While listening to ambiance, we primarily hear how it is generated as it is in a constant process of formation and transformation owing to various social practices.

Therefore, it is not just a space and it does not exist without human activity. In the face of that, ambiance is always collective and reflects certain parts of social life. Thus, the acoustic dimension of a single tractor unit cab constitutes one of many possible atmospheres of this space. The sound itself does not work. Of course, limiting knowledge to visuality sets limits to our ability to understand the meanings of certain places, events and behaviors. Sound itself does not work. Moreover, these places also smell and are physically experienced, so experiencing them will always be a kind of sensual semiosis.

Sonic representations of cultures facilitate a more direct access to reality which earlier could only be described by an anthropologist.

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