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X Inscription au blog. Votre adresse email :. Jason Thirsk, bassist for the group Penny wise. In men the shape of the outlet is narrower than that in women, but this is of no clinical significance. In women the shape and size of the pelvis vary and are of importance in childbirth.

But it may be my fault, he said. Pietroluongo said he believes the country star will come around, but he's not sure when that will be. However, even when open market rates have gone down, the government rates have not shown any decline. That money stemmed from donations from businesses such as Walmart, Cox Communications and Bridgepoint Education, among others.

If you throw school fees, tuition, computers and other electronics into the mix, the amount can be much greater. They can be washed and reused and are great for wax polishing as well as lighter dusting. What's that, mate? The kitchen shuts at 2.

On a Sunday? Madison didn't ace the SAT not by a long shot and I doubt his grades place him near the top 10 percent of his class. He also used to act in school plays as a kid in Newmarket, and in he played Vince Fontaine in a production of "Grease" in Toronto. This is an area for great concern as many of the band members have died through suicide or drug overdoses.

They sit atop steel horses, riding on a concrete court. Swinging lance like weapons, the players battle each other in a variation on a classic sport. The game they play is bike polo. Les grands classiques de Jay Z et les mlodies modernes et complexes deIls sont rsolument diffrents, mais leur complicit sur scne donne un spectacle cohsif.

As a much smarter choice alternative for traditional tobacco cigarettes, they are setting the example of what smart Cincinnati smokers should and can do for themselves and the ones around them when they buy electronic cigarettes. Very expensive. At Okhla. Take her classic white shift dress with the art deco inspired sequined sailor flap. Was the security okay? Five bones serve 12 18 people. Good value for large numbers.

During the 's, there was a noticeable shift in the design of the traditional perfume bottle. Clark should apologize and tender his resignation immediately. It is only when that occurs that we may feel secure that the leaders of our community are not using that power to corrupt and poison the next generation. This is a museum of traditional houses that represent the homes of different ethnic groups and tribes of Tanzania. The craftsmen there will be demonstrating their carving and weaving skills.

The Social Security Handbook. See also the SSA's policy interpretation There is also a three credit course on modern Latin America that is part of a series of workshops held this fall on the relationships between the United States and Latin America.

Had the still unexplained separation occurred when school was in session, it could have been devastating. When I started talking in English, it was from the front bench that the first clap started. It was only after that the educated class clapped.

You are right. I am truly sorry for all the hurt I have caused. It was also a part of the celebrations of Indian cinema completing years. The poll constituted a list of films from different Indian languages. Punk nowadays is comprised of a majority of middle class whites as opposed to the original inner city working class minorities. An important aspect to note here is that youth have consciously chosen to reject their privileged places in society.

But then he was criticised for turning football middle class. The students were all recognized for their outstanding leadership at the school and in the community. It's reporting on a fun and unpredictable classes. We caught up at her backstage to find out more about her line and the one celebrities she dreams of dressing. He is. Very friendly staff. Youths have a wide selection of fashions and they are fearful of making a poor fashion choice.

One can also gain experience by working as an assistant to a fashion designer. I'm not going to get a quilted vest or coat just because I had one in the '70s.

Place the tuyere pipe in the trench so that it projects about an inch into the hole with the base of the pipe about 1" from the bottom of the hole.

This gives a little space below the air inlet for ash and clinker to drop into. The majority of our Canuck pals, for example, in an endeavor to galvanise the local economy, favour local produce.

They scored goals. Math game projects encourage students to work together and come up with fun math games the whole class. That could work against Coe in the civil commitment process, Bowers and Williams said. The tear is only mucosa deep and the infection is deposited in the fascia where an abscess develops.

This has the potential to erode into the peritoneal cavity. That's not your style, though; you'd rather look cute while showing off your team spirit.

Add a piece of Auburn class with this Dayna U Rosette elastic headband. The beauty college in California are east known as well its beauty institut. Fashion bracelets not only make you look stylish, With the wide variety of fashion bracelets available, to create your own unique handamde jewelry.

You could compare a high school graduation to a preschool or kindergarten graduation. This is one week where goofing off is not only welcome, it's encouraged. And that is something bothers many teachers. But style is vital in other ways. If you put it negatively she is a bit stubborn. D Watches are uniquely trendy yet distinctive and classy! This is a sturdy looking watch with high durability for everyday use.

Of course, the deadlines for these special offers may be limited, so try different dates if you have some flexibility. It's one option of several under consideration by the state's Board of Governors as it grapples with an increasing need for an educated workforce, rising tuition and a loss of utility tax money for construction of new buildings. C'est une des plus belles baies du monde, j'y vais souvent avec ma femme, qui pilote un hlicoptre. On mange la maison du homard.

Mark Martins, told a press conference Friday night that he would study the ruling. He also has special preference of Ray Ban and we can see from this photo, he uses RB made his unique and attractive fashion image perfectly. That's a piece of software that sneaks into your computer by pretending to be something else. The end may be clear. The tragedy is not over. It's so enormous I practically need a satnav to find her somewhere in the middle. The increase in gadgets purchased for elementary school students has forced parents to increase the overall budget at an earlier age, said Barbary Brunner, chief marketing officer at PriceGrabber.

And then a job offer. Your brother the school board liberal twisted an arm and you have two hours in which to decide. This decision by Rehman Malik is simply ridiculous, Kamran Ahmed, a schoolteacher, said. One Democrat Rep. Marko Liias of Mukilteo broke ranks and voted against it. Both organizations were victims of the previous cuts. Power over Ethernet PoE combines power and data over Ethernet cables.

These rivers empty into Cumberland Basin, and their general course is from north east to south west. And I would pass on the cocktails, which were either too sweet or too watery. The university plans to emphasize that to the classes returning in the fall.

They were underwater with their mortgage, they worked opposite shifts and no longer had a home phone or cable television. All four runs are scored by opening batsman Vinod Kambli, who is not out at the end of the match. Exam1pass information technology experts design these tools with complete requirement of exams in mind and mental approach of the students of a particular level. The fees are dependent on the choices made on the courses and payments are made in a convenient way.

You're all chatting online, using instant messaging to keep up with school gossip and grouse about homework. But if we had to choose two favorites it would probably be the Red Hot and the Parkway. The information reported was blacked out. People everywhere are looking for more affordable approaches to higher education and lifelong learning. MOOCs are seen as an answer. To some extent this is resulting in the unbundling of higher education.

First it was animal cloning and then some declassified and unreported human cloning in some parts of the world. And the latest clone trend? Enter website cloning. The city needs to do an educational process once they amend their bylaws, and say, 'This is where these things are supposed to be. When people feel more secure in their jobs and wealthier, they tend to spend more. For example, in March consumer spending inched up one half percentage point.

It becomes meditative. Our elite homes with high end facilities thoughtful facilities are sure to keep you your folks enchanted all the time. First, a shout out to a fellow TC grad! I hope you had a good time when you were on th Street. So, I have such a hard time getting to the gym! I still work in education no longer a teacher, though and I'm just so drained by the end of the day. That you are a strict mom?

Of course not! It says that you are a Pink Floyd fan! It is after all, a line from their cult classic Another brick in the Wall, the song that talks about needing no education.

If I have to talk about middle class mass segment its Etios and Liva, which is basically a B segment. It is the early stage of educating a child. As a parent, you have the power to know if your kid is already ready for school or not.

Apply some strategies. Toddlers have the greater ability to learn new skills and information compared to those aging 5, 6, or 7 years old. Many fast food chains use tie ins with films or popular TV shows to draw kids into their restaurants. We went to the PADI website and it was a very well designed beautiful website. What this company does is offer Professional Scuba Diving Courses. These course start at the beginning level which can be taken online up to the most advanced certifications.

Arin Gencer is a native of Texas and covers schools and courts in Carroll County. Each year close to 30, students compete for approximately 6, seats in these schools. A man in a German jersey rushed from the crowd and gave him a hug. All members of the academic community have a responsibility to ensure that academic honesty is maintained. London: The Stationery Office. We'll still have daily free stuff for you.

But he says the Government didn't think it was important enough and held back on clearance. The theme to Engie Benjy written by Clint Boon is a personal favourite. After initial talk of demolishing Cole Hall, a plan was made to remodel in the interior. Cole Hall once housed two large theater style lecture classrooms. Dressed all in black, the cast showed us that Cory's life should be judged not by how it ended but by the amount of love he inspired and gave during his 31 years.

Their relationship became sexual when he was 12 and she was a 34 year old married mother of four, a teacher at Burien's Shorewood Elementary School. For example, rose and camellia are polypetalous flowers. If anything, I jealous because I was only offered the chance to be an invited walk on in my sport. It is a requirement for those who would want to dive into the ocean of financial markets, most specially if you want to be at least In re formed markets, customers are slow to abandon older systems that work, even if they're not optimally efficient.

But I am not exaggerating when I say that the kulchas, chhole, Amritsari Fish Tikka and jalebis Ista serves are bursting with the flavours. We model our radial-velocity data assuming a circular orbit and find a planetary mass of 1.

Our radial-velocity observations rule out line-bisector variations that would indicate a specious detection resulting from a blend of an eclipsing binary system.

TrES -5 orbits one of the faintest stars with transiting planets found to date from the ground and demonstrates that precise photometry and followup spectroscopy are possible, albeit challenging, even for such faint stars. Sus primeros pasos en el hemisferio sur. Mallamaci, C.

Spiegel, David S. We find that published Kepler and Spitzer data for HAT-P-7b appear to require an extremely hot upper atmosphere on the dayside, with a strong thermal inversion and little day-night redistribution.

The Spitzer data for TrES -2 suggest a mild thermal inversion with moderate day-night redistribution. Mazzoleni, C. Aerosol optical properties affect planetary radiative balance and therefore climate. The optical properties are related to chemical composition, size distribution, and morphology, which also have implications for human health and environmental degradation. These measurements were performed using the Los Alamos aerosol photoacoustic instrument with an integrated nephelometer LAPA operating at nm.

During the campaign, the Aerodyne mobile laboratory was moved to different sites, capturing the influence of spatial and temporal parameters including location, aging, elevation, and sources on ambient air pollution.

During the same period we collected ambient aerosols on more than Nuclepore filters for scanning electron microscopy SEM analysis. Filter samples were collected during specific pollution events and different times of the day. Subsequently, SEM images of selected filters were taken to study particle morphology. The elemental composition of a few individual particles was also qualitatively assessed by energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy.

Daily changes of aerosol loading and pollutant concentrations followed the expected diurnal variations of the boundary layer height. Here we report a preliminary analysis of aerosol absorption, scattering, and morphology at Pico Tres Padres for three specific days 9th, 11th and 12th of March The single scattering albedo ratio of scattering to total extinction during these three days showed a characteristic drop in the.

Geochemistry and organic facies of La Luna- Tres Esquinas cycle: Maturity, biomarkers and kerogen issues. Four surface sections from the Venzuelan Andes were chosen for this study. The results show interesting trends for exploration of the Andean Belt. San Lazaro section has a fault contact showing La Luna post-mature, inertinitic shales in contact with gray shales, ftanites and carbonates bearing marginally mature, highly fluorescent organic gels.

From these results, two provinces can be separated today: a highly tectonized, post-mature, Eastern Andes Province and a very rich, marginally mature, Central Andes Province. Ground-based K-band detection of thermal emission from the exoplanet TrES -3b. Context: Secondary eclipse measurements of transiting extrasolar planets with the Spitzer Space Telescope have yielded several direct detections of thermal exoplanet light. Since Spitzer operates at wavelengths longward of 3.

This region is at the peak of the planet's spectral energy distribution and is also the regime where molecular absorption bands can significantly influence the measured emission. Aims: So far, 2. The aim of this paper is to measure the secondary eclipse of the very hot Jupiter TrES -3b in K-band, and in addition to observe its transit, to obtain an accurate planet radius in the near infrared. Both observations involved significant defocusing of the telescope, aimed to produce high-cadence time series of several thousand frames at high efficiency, with the starlight spread out over many pixels.

Results: We detect the secondary eclipse of TrES -3b with a depth of This corresponds to a day-side brightness temperature of TB 2. Analysis of the transit data shows that TrES -3b has a near-infrared radius of 1. Much current work focuses on characterizing exoplanets.

We observed several known exoplanets using the 2. Our goal was to quantify planet-to-star radius ratio, a ratio that is potentially wavelength dependent due to exoplanet atmospherics. Complementary data from the literature are utilized to supplement our analysis.

An analysis of six groups of M. Mackebrandt, F. Transit events of extrasolar planets offer the opportunity to study the composition of their atmospheres. Previous work on transmission spectroscopy of the close-in gas giant TrES -3 b revealed an increase in absorption towards blue wavelengths of very large amplitude in terms of atmospheric pressure scale heights, too large to be explained by Rayleigh-scattering in the planetary atmosphere.

Aims: We present a follow-up study of the optical transmission spectrum of the hot Jupiter TrES -3 b to investigate the strong increase in opacity towards short wavelengths found by a previous study.

Furthermore, we aim to estimate the effect of stellar spots on the transmission spectrum. Methods: This work uses previously published long slit spectroscopy transit data of the Gran Telescopio Canarias GTC and published broad band observations as well as new observations in different bands from the near-UV to the near-IR, for a homogeneous transit light curve analysis. Additionally, a long-term photometric monitoring of the TrES -3 host star was performed. Results: Our newly analysed GTC spectroscopic transit observations show a slope of much lower amplitude than previous studies.

We conclude from our results the previously reported increasing signal towards short wavelengths is not intrinsic to the TrES -3 system. Furthermore, the broad band spectrum favours a flat spectrum. Long-term photometric monitoring rules out a significant modification of the transmission spectrum by unocculted star spots. We measure the mass and radius of the star and planet in the TrES -2 system using 2.

The light curve shows evidence for ellipsoidal variations and Doppler beaming on a period consistent with the orbital period of the planet with amplitudes of 2.

We present an asteroseismic analysis of solar-like oscillations on TrES -2A which we use to calculate the stellar mass of 0. Using these stellar parameters, a transit model fit and the phase-curve variations, we determine the planetary radius of 1.

We measure a geometric albedo of 0. We find that an atmosphere model that contains a temperature inversion is strongly preferred. We hypothesize that the Kepler bandpass probes a significantly greater atmospheric depth on the night side relative to the day side. The dispersion of suspended sediments and their concentration in the surface layers of the water are considered.

A five year survey of the region during both dry and rainy seasons was performed. The drainage network was analyzed based on the patterns of dessication, water rises and soil use in the supply basin. Surface layers of the reservoir were tabulated as a function of the levels of gray in the imagery. In situ observations of water depth and reflectance were performed. PubMed Central. Multiple approaches to understanding the taxonomic status of an enigmatic new scorpion species of the genus Tityus Buthidae from the biogeographic island of Paraje Tres Cerros Argentina.

Tityus curupi n. We also present a molecular species delimitation analysis between Tityus curupi n. Furthermore, a cytogenetic analysis is presented for these two species which contain different multivalent associations in meiosis, as a consequence of chromosome rearrangements, and the highest chromosome numbers in the genus.

These planets are too large to be explained with standard models of gas giant planets. In contrast, HAT-P-3b has a radius of 0. Analyses of the transit timings revealed no significant departures from strict periodicity.

Ricci, D. Two of the facilities present their first scientific results. New 10 HAT-P-3b light curves and new 26 TrES -3b light curves are reduced and combined by filter to improve the quality of the photometry. Combined light curves fitting is carried out independently by using two different analysis packages, allowing the corroboration of the orbital and physical parameters in the literature. Results find no differences in the relative radius with the observing filter. Herndon, S.

The Aerodyne Research, Inc. T0 located at the Mexican Petroleum Institute, IMP is heavily influenced by various emission sources in the local area, predominantly roadway traffic. Relationships between VOCs, and combustion tracers will be used to gain a crude understanding of the initial photochemical processing of the urban emissions. How the initial photochemical processing of Mexico City's air may relate to secondary aerosol production is also explored.

We detect its thermal emission with an eclipse depth of 0. After differential photometry and light curve analysis, the physical parameters of the two systems are obtained and are in good match with the literature. Combining with transit data from a lot of literature, the residuals O - C of transit observations of both systems are fitted with the linear and quadratic functions.

With the linear fitting, the periods and transit timing variations TTVs of the planets are obtained, and no obvious periodic TTV signal is found in both systems after an analysis. Thesis; [BRazil. The relationship between the dispersion and concentration of sediment in the superficial layers of the Tres Marias reservoir and the dynamics of the drainage basins of its tributaries was verified using LANDSAT MSS imagery. The drainage network, dissection patterns, and land use of each watershed were considered in an analysis of multispectral images, corresponding to bands 4,5, and 7, of dry and rainy seasons in , , , and The superficial layer water layers of the reservoir were also divided according to the grey level pattern of each image.

Two field trips were made to collect Secchi depths and in situ water reflectance. It is concluded that it is possible to determine the main factors that act in the dynamics of the drainage basins of a reservoir by simultaneous control of the physical variables and the antropic action of each basin. Shallow groundwater of sulfate type in the NW zone is explained by the rise of CO2-H2S vapor from a shallow magma chamber and the subsequent heating up of a shallow aquifer.

Low-permeability characteristics of the geological formations of the study area support the hypothesis of a fracture and fault-dominated, subterranean-flow circulation system. The Na- Cl-HCO3 composition of springs in the NE and SE zones indicates influence of ascending geothermal fluids, facilitated by radial fault systems of the Reforma caldera and probably the existence of a shallow magma chamber.

Close to the surface, the rising geothermal fluids are mixed up with meteoric water from a shallow aquifer. HCO3-type surface water from the southern zone between San Ignacio and Mezquital is of typical meteoric origin, with no influence of geothermal fluids. Due to arid climatic conditions in the study zone, recent recharge in the geothermal area seems improbable; thus, recent interaction between the surface and the geothermal reservoir can be excluded.

Furthermore, isotopic and hydrochemical data exclude the presence of marine water from the. The GTC exoplanet transit spectroscopy survey. An overly large Rayleigh-like feature for exoplanet TrES -3b. Methods: Our analysis is based on a Bayesian approach where the light curves covering a set of given passbands are fitted jointly with PHOENIX-calculated stellar limb darkening profiles.

The analysis is carried out assuming both white and red noise that is temporally correlated, with two approaches Gaussian processes and divide-by-white to account for the red noise. Results: An initial analysis reveals a transmission spectrum that shows a strong Rayleigh-like increase in extinction towards the blue end of the spectrum, and enhanced extinction around the K I resonance doublet near nm.

However, the signal amplitudes are significantly larger than expected from theoretical considerations. A detailed analysis reveals that the K I-like feature is entirely due to variability in the telluric O2 absorption, but the Rayleigh-like feature remains unexplained. Dividetur Mens in Partes Tres? Takes issue with Leslie Hart's concept of the triune brain. Argues that there is no evidence showing the three brains are at war with each other for control or that the threatening classroom inhibits the New Mammalian brain.

Describes the French government's plan for a new national library which would be a state-of-the-art showcase and the nation's largest postwar cultural project.

The discussion covers plans for the proposed building, the nature of the new library, and the renovation and future role of the existing national library. Aerosol optical properties affect planetary radiative balance and depend on chemical composition, size distribution, and morphology. During the campaign, the laboratory was moved to different sites, capturing spatial and temporal variability. Additionally, we collected ambient aerosols on Nuclepore filters for scanning electron microscopy SEM analysis.

Participants were Dutch students who completed weekly maze measures over a period of 23 weeks. Criterion measures were school level, dyslexia status,.

Using a mixed methods approach, this study was conducted in Jordanian schools to determine the perceptions of seventh - and eleventh-grade students toward citizenship. Specifically, the study determined what students believe are the attributes of a good citizen, what activities they participate in that are related to good citizenship, and what…. The purpose of this study is to investigate whether there is a significant effect of project based learning approach on seventh grade students' academic achievement in the structure and properties of matter.

In the study, according to the characteristics of quantitative research methods, pretest-posttest control group quasi-experimental design was…. This mixed-method explanatory research examined factors that influenced Jamaican Seventh -day Adventist SDA members to pursue higher education.

It sought to investigate whether the source of the motivation is tied to the Church's general philosophy on education or to its overall programs as experienced by the membership at large.

The question of…. Comparison of cancer morbidity and mortality rates between Mormons and Seventh -day-Adventists and the corresponding rates in the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States, reveals that mortality from malignant neoplasms in general is much lower in Mormons and Seventh -day Adventists than in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Similar patterns are found in laryngeal carcinoma. Tumors that are related to both alcohol and tobacco, such as carcinomas of tongue, pharynx and esophagus, are also significantly less frequent in Mormons.

Malignant neoplasms of the female genital tract show distinct analogies: cervical carcinoma has a morbidity rate of only Accordingly, mortality rates of Mormons and Seventh -day Adventists show a significant lower level when compared with cancer data of lung, colon and rectum, and prostate from the best German cancer registry Saarland.

Some tumor rates are higher in Mormons, e. The life expectancy is generally elevated by years in Mormons and Seventh -day Adventists. The association with the particular life style of both religious groups, especially the strict reduction of tobacco consumption, and factors of dietary and other habits is discussed.

Methods: The authors compared the levels of willingness to donate organs between black and nonblack students in an availability sample. Background: The purpose of this study was to characterize the temporal, social, and physical contexts for physical activities commonly reported in a diverse cohort of boys and girls from fifth to seventh grade. Methods: Data were obtained from a multilevel longitudinal study, the Transitions and Activity Changes in Kids.

The Physical Activity…. We developed a method, named GraDeR , which substantially improves the preparation of membrane protein complexes for structure determination by single-particle cryo-electron microscopy cryo-EM. In GraDeR , glycerol gradient centrifugation is used for the mild removal of free detergent monomers and micelles from lauryl maltose-neopentyl glycol detergent stabilized membrane complexes, resulting in monodisperse and stable complexes to which standard processes for water-soluble complexes can be applied.

We demonstrate the applicability of the method on three different membrane complexes, including the mammalian FoF1 ATP synthase. For this highly dynamic and fragile rotary motor, we show that GraDeR allows visualizing the asymmetry of the F1 domain, which matches the ground state structure of the isolated domain.

Therefore, the present cryo-EM structure of FoF1 ATP synthase provides direct structural evidence for Boyer's binding change mechanism in the context of the intact enzyme. Full Text Available This study aims to describe attitudes of th graders towards universal values and examine the impact of their age, gender, grade level, academic performance, parental level of education, and family income on their attitudes towards universal values.

This device is schematically illustrated Reference 1 as an example. A Blast Simulator Model. The Gramat Facility in France1 consists of a driven tube with a nominal diameter of 12 m. In order to Although only four tubes are shown, Gramat actually has seven 1. The decaying wave in this facility is. Full Text Available Objectives: The aim of the study was to compare the effect of fifth and seventh generation bonding agent on sealant success. Materials and Methods: Sixty-four school children aged six to nine years received sealants in four permanent molars in a split mouth design, such that each patient received sealant in the first permanent molar with fifth generation bonding agent in one arch and seventh generation bonding agent in the other arch; contra-lateral molars were sealed with sealant alone.

The evaluation was carried out at baseline, three months, six months and 12 months, according to the criteria by Feigal et al, in Chi- square test was used to analyze data at P seventh generation groups; whereas, no significant difference was found for sealant retention between seventh generation and sealant group at three, six and 12 months.

Conclusion: As separate etch and rinse steps are not required for seventh generation bonding agents, and almost similar results were obtained for both sealant and seventh generation groups, it can be concluded that application of sealant along with a seventh generation bonding agent may enhance sealant success and can be used for caries prevention in preventive programs.

Cancer, coronary artery disease and smoking: a preliminary report on differences in incidence between Seventh -day Adventists and others. A study was made of the incidence of certain types of disease among Seventh -day Adventists, a religious group of special interest because they refrain from smoking and drinking. Epidermoid cancer of the lung, previously shown to be related to smoking, was 10 times less common among Seventh -day Adventists than among the general population, even among those Seventh -day Adventists living in the Los Angeles area where all are exposed to smog.

Similarly, cancers of the mouth, larynx, and esophagus, previously shown to be related not only to smoking but also to heavy drinking, were at least 10 times less common among Seventh -day Adventist men than among men of the general population. All other types of cancer, with the exception of cancer of the bladder and cervix, occurred among Seventh -day Adventists with the same frequency as in the general population.

The latter occurred slightly less than in the general population. Myocardial infarction in Seventh -day Adventist males was less frequent and occurred at a later age than among males in the general population; while the age distribution of the disease among the Seventh -day Adventist females was similar to that of females in the general population.

Associations between physical activity of primary school first- graders during leisure time and family socioeconomic status. In , an international survey on obesity among first- graders and its risk factors was performed in Lithuania. The objective of this study was to assess physical activity of first- graders during leisure time according to family socioeconomic status.

The study was performed in Siauliai region schools selected randomly in The anonymous questionnaires were distributed among first- graders and filled out by parents response rate was It was showed that physical activity of first- graders during leisure time is insufficient. More than half of them Mostly children watched TV for 2 hours on workdays Mostly children spent about an hour per day playing on a computer: one-third of first- graders spent it on workdays; during weekends, the percentage of children spending about an hour per day playing on a computer was lower One-third of first- graders The associations between family socioeconomic status and physical activity of children were observed.

The lowest percentage of children attending sports or dancing clubs and playing computer games was seen in low-income families and families where parents had low educational level. They spent more time outside on workdays compared with those children whose parents had university education and high income. Fewer first- graders from families living in villages than those living in cities attended sports or dancing clubs and played on a computer, but more of them spent leisure time outside.

Determinants of ischemic heart disease in Seventh -day Adventists: a review. Most data from several countries shows Seventh -day Adventist men to have lower rates of ischemic heart disease IHD mortality. Similar data for women are somewhat conflicting. There is clear evidence that Adventists have lower serum total cholesterol and lower serum HDL cholesterol with the ratio of total cholesterol to HDL cholesterol being similar to that of non-Adventists.

The risk relationships of this ratio may differ in different populations. There is a certain amount of evidence that vegetarians may have lower blood pressures but this is not clearly supported by data from Seventh -day Adventists. The lower risk for IHD in Adventist men, at least, is probably related to their dietary habits, nonsmoking status, possibly their better exercise habits, and greater social support.

Nutrient intake and hormonal status of premenopausal vegetarian Seventh -day Adventists and premenopausal nonvegetarians. The relationship between dietary nutrients and plasma estrone, estradiol beta, estriol, dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate, and prolactin levels was investigated in 14 premenopausal Seventh -day Adventist vegetarian SV women and 9 premenopausal non- Seventh -day Adventist nonvegetarian NV women.

The SV subjects consumed less fat, especially saturated fat, and used significantly less fried food than the NV subjects. Plasma levels of estrone and estradiol beta in the SV subjects were significantly lower than in the NV subjects.

SV estradiol beta and estriol levels were positively correlated with linoleic acid and protein intake, while NV prolactin levels were significantly correlated with intakes of oleic and linoleic acids and total fat.

The data suggest that specific dietary nutrients were related to the hormonal milieu of these SV and NV subjects. Prevalence of overweight and obesity among Seventh -day Adventist African American and Caucasian college students. All age, sex, and racial groups are affected by the obesity epidemic in the United States, although disparities exist among these groups. The Seventh -day Adventists are a religious group of people who are believed to live longer and healthier lives than do their non-Adventist counterparts because they do not smoke or drink alcohol and they eat a healthier diet.

This study assessed the prevalence of overweight and obesity among Seventh -day Adventist college students attending 2 private universities in the southern United States. Most students' body mass index In all ethnic subgroups, the prevalence of overweight and obesity was lower than that among non-Adventist students reported in other studies. Raising voices: How sixth graders construct authority and knowledge in argumentative essays. This qualitative classroom-based study documents one teacher-researcher's response to the "voice" debate in composition studies and to the opposing views expressed by Elbow and Bartholomae.

The author uses Bakhtin's principle of dialogism, Hymes's theory of communicative competence, as well as Ivanic's discussion of discoursally constructed identities to reconceptualize voice and to redesign writing instruction in her sixth grade classroom.

This study shows how students, by redefining and then acting on that voice pedagogy in terms that made sense to them, shaped the author's understanding of what counts as "voiced" writing in non-narrative discourse. Based on a grounded-theory analysis of the twenty-six sixth graders ' argumentative essays in science, the author explains voice, not as a property of writers or of texts, but as a process of "knowing together"a collaborative, but not entirely congenial, exercise of establishing one's authority by talking with, against, and through other voices on the issue.

As the results of this study show, the students' "I-Ness" or authorial presence within their texts, was born in a nexus of relationships with "rivals," "allies" and "readers.

Exaggerating the terms for voiced writing built into the curriculum, the sixth graders produced essays that read more like caricatures than examples of argumentation. Their displays of rhetorical bravado and intellectual aggressiveness, however offsetting to the reader, still enabled these sixth graders to composed voiced essays. This study raises doubts about the value of urging students to sound like their "true selves" or to adopt the formal registers of academe.

Students, it seems clear, stand to gain by experimenting with a range of textual identities. The author suggests that voice. The development and validation of a test of science critical thinking for fifth graders.

The paper described the development and validation of the Test of Science Critical Thinking TSCT to measure the three critical thinking skill constructs: comparing and contrasting, sequencing, and identifying cause and effect.

The initial TSCT consisted of 55 multiple choice test items, each of which required participants to select a correct response and a correct choice of critical thinking used for their response.

Data were obtained from a purposive sampling of 30 fifth graders in a pilot study carried out in a primary school in Sabah, Malaysia. Analyses were conducted to check on difficulty index p and discrimination index d , internal consistency reliability, content validity, and face validity.

Analysis of the test-retest reliability data was conducted separately for a group of fifth graders with similar ability. Findings of the pilot study showed that out of initial 55 administered items, only 30 items with relatively good difficulty index p ranged from 0.

The Kuder-Richardson reliability value was found to be appropriate and relatively high with 0. The content validity index obtained from three expert judgments equalled or exceeded 0. In addition, test-retest reliability showed good, statistically significant correlations [Formula: see text]. From the above results, the selected item TSCT was found to have sufficient reliability and validity and would therefore represent a useful tool for measuring critical thinking ability among fifth graders in primary science.

Increasing participation and improving the quality of discussions in seventh -grade social studies classes. An experiment was conducted to evaluate procedures to improve classroom discussions in seventh -grade social studies classes.

An increased number of students participated in discussions when rules were stated for discussions, students were praised for their contributions, the teacher restated or paraphrased students' contributions aloud or on the blackboard, the teacher planned an outline of discussion questions, student contributions to discussions were recorded and were used to determine par BIT's Seventh Annual International Drug Discovery Science and Technology Congress, held in Shanghai, included topics covering new therapeutic and technological developments in the field of drug discovery.

Investigational drugs discussed include the anticancer agents astuprotimut-r GlaxoSmithKline plc and AS Antisoma plc. The central philosophy of the congress was "bridging together" all major specialties in the field. This article summarises the highlights of the meeting as it relates to ambulatory paediatric cardiology.

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