how to make free electricity for your home

how to make free electricity for your home

Hydro technology uses running water to generate electricity, whether it's a small stream or a larger river. These can produce enough electricity for lighting and electrical appliances in an average home.

Please note hydropower is very site specific. Most homes will not have access to a suitable resource even if they have a water course running nearby. Assessing a hydro site properly is a job for a professional. Find out more about hydropower. Buying energy efficient appliances. You may be able to divert the flow of water through a small turbine and let the current generate free electricity 24 hours a day.

A microhydropower system is often even better than a hybrid system because the flow of water is more continuous and reliable than wind and sun. If a full solar panel system is out of your price range but you still have some sunny real estate on your roof, a solar water heater is a less expensive way to capture some free energy. With most solar water heaters, the tank itself is stored on the roof as part of the installation, which gives it a bulkier look.

But it lets the sun do the work of running one of the biggest energy hogs in your home. Thanks a million to all! My apologies. Kudos to Mr. Lipford and Mr. Erickson, as well for this treasure trove of information! Hi Sheree, Thanks for the kind words! I am designing a small underground city for the future. Maybe people. Live, work, play, all underground producing our own energy and food. I do not care who has my e-mail, any energy info is helpfull.

There is already allot interest and some places to do this around the United States. You can live very comfortably off the grid at a fraction of the costs you outlined and maintain a negative carbon footprint if youre not lazy. I enjoyed this site immensely. I have recently purchased 10 acres in AZ. There were a couple of things I did not see mentioned in here. First, if you plan on feeding power back to the grid, they do not tell you that in order to do that, you have to use store bought equipment and have it installed by a certified professional that they approve of.

Increases the cost substantially. And will probably not ever pay off. The warranty will expire just as it pays off so only benefit is gained only if all equipment continues past warranty yeah right. This seems to be the case in most areas. So, if you plan on feeding the grid do not count on DIY equipment. Unless extremely far from property. Also, if on disability or retirement benefits same problem sometimes worse. Fortunately my neighbors have hooked up to the grid already so I just paid the utility to put a pole at the street and I am responsible for the feet back to my property.

They wanted rights to easement and run more line and transformer but I researched and found that with largest possible cable I could run ft without transformer or lines — so I gave them no rights — HaHa. Now the plan is to get initial permits and SSD approval for home while hooked to grid then disconnect and only use in emergency I will be building a large home that will be utilizing geothermic for majority of heating and cooling.

Solar for water heater and clothes drying. This will all be backed with a matched battery array and a self made generator already built.

This should be sufficient for my house, barn, greenhouse automated climate and shop income. Most of this will be DIY. I have already done it once on a slightly smaller scale since I only had 4 acres at the time. I believe that we have the ability to use modern technology and ancient methods together for a very minimal impact living. I am not a tree hugger or environmentalist and I do not believe in the validity of global warming.

All the same this method of living is beneficial for health, independence from government and financially. Thank you again for this site and all of the responses except for the misguided liberal ramblings. Keep up the good work. Hi Victor, Thanks for the feedback. We built a log cabin in rural Alabama and lived in it without power for several years with no problem, but I never applied for building permits. You see, aside from the environmental aspect, I just want to get away from ridiculous COMED and their horrible service they are the only company I know that is able to survive while treating customers so horribly!!

Almost everything is run on gas right now but I still need lights and my referigerator. This is an awesome little website for comments. We live in Alabama on 11 acres in the south in a very rural area. We are conservative already as it is. I use the sun and wind for drying the laundry outside. Nothing is on during the day except the frig and ac unit. I cook once a day and want a wood burning stove and root cellar. We are putting in a root cellar in the spring.

We have chickens. We are wanting to go off grid. What a better place than montana, wide open and not a ton of people. Things arent going to get any cheaper any time soon, why be in the southeast and surrounded by folks who will steal and kill you for what you have?

Not me. If folks can survive for all these years with out power of any kind then we can too. Lights, oil lamps, heat- stove or fire place, water dig a well and use a hand pump, dig the garden with livestock, meat- hunt or chickens. Bout the only thing I would have to have would be a washing machine and frig but woudl use a root cellar I think we would build a self sufficient home with out all solar or wind powered items.

The floor plan would have to be laid out so heat would travel properly throughout the home. Arizona2ride — I mainly chimed in to alert you to a new to me type of hand crank washing machine.

My friend just purchased one, and he loves it. I have no idea how much it was, but they are out there. Sounds like you have things pretty much planned. I would probably add geothermal to the mix in your design plans, and also an outdoor wood burning furnace to help heat your home and water, and also keep your indoor air clean.

Good luck with your endeavor! Sounds exciting and extremely challenging. I have friends in Montana on both sides of the Rockies, and they are truly hearty souls! Best wishes! Russian truck drivers use normal 20W light bulb in gas tank to warm up the fuel.

You could turn your generator into a wood gas generator instead of petroleum fuels you burn wood and can use the heat from the wood to also heat your house. I would also build an axial flux generator to add more while you have wind and you can gather the parts and build one instead of purchasing them. I have been reading with a sustained interest the various opinions and very good advices advanced by many of you. I am really thankful to you guys for your contribution. After 42 years in New York I decided to go back to Haiti and build a house in the mountain.

I have to live off the grid for the simple reason that there is no grid. THE infrastructure is inexistant where the house is located. The house has a breathtaking view of the sea and surrounding mountains nearby. My biggest problem is electricity. The idea advanced by Mr. Burkley about running a hydrogenerator is fantastic and very appealing to me. I have a huge concrete bassin filled with about gallons of water and I have two gallon containers on top of my two story-house.

Petersen it will make more sense to buying a hydrogenerator and avoid the battery leakage problem. However,I cannot find out where can I buy such a generator for home use and also how much power do I need.

I am all over the internet looking for answer. I read every single e-mail on this site and no one seems to take Mr. Can you help me Mr. As a medical doctor and a science teacher I intend to treat free of charge the local peasants and I will need a dependable source of power.

Gentlemen, I really need help. Thank you and sorry for writing such a long e-mai. You used it, you drove it. I take the same view of solar.

Once paid for up front, it is like a cancelled check, like yesterdays news but from a cash flow basis — a great improvement. I know the stuff will be better. Question One: Is there a way to go off the grid, and have water, even though there is not a well? Any idea of the cost? Question two: Will you please ball-park the cost for solar equipment not land or building using technology and dollars?

Enough rough guesses will let me know if I am having a pipe dream or if my project is doable with my budget. The dream: I have decided take some time to pursue going off the grid, here in the phoenix area, which many will understand is on the edge of the Sonoran desert, sunshine is everywhere and constant It stays above for months at a time.

I am doing it for the fun of it, and, because it seems modern. I have had or lived in largish homes for long stretches of time, and lived in dumps for longer stretches than that. My needs are now quite few and downsized.

My goal now, is to have a simple place to hang my hat, take a bath, watch tv and sleep in air conditioned comfort, surf the net, work on car and motorcycle oh, and I am building an ark with a sail for when the rapture comes but.. I know: I can rent a 1 beroom condo with a garage for way cheaper and get all the above. But I am a twist. Being totally ignorant at this moment I optomistically hope that I can buy enough roof panels and solar arrays and batteries or what ever to power a very small insulated concrete block type place.

One bedroom, a kitchen, a living room. The biggest unanswered concern I have, and something not discovered by me on this thread, is of course getting WATER in the middle of the desert. And, the humidity here is low, to state it mildly.

There is no rush here, but, the possibility must exist to eventually get water. Say for the first couple years I get a cistern and a purifyer and truck water in…. But meanwhile, I am working and making money so I can provide the capital for water production. Depending …. And would it be reliable enough so that only minor inconveniences might be encounted sporadically in a typical year?

This seems the highest hurdle. It is a showstopper. Let us not forget: This thread was started in Montana, right, 4 years ago this November. Thank you Mr. Interesting article- but it does leave the wrong impression, IMO. I do use propane for the fridge and partial hot water solsr during the day. My wife and I have been off grid for almost ten years now…in Florida and our second home in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.

I can say that living off the grid can certainly vary with your local environment. Of course, we have no air conditioning… but all the other comforts of a regular home, including a electric fridge, tv, and washing machine. In FL, I use solar primarily, with a diesel generator backup. Since we had become more reliant on the generator over the years, I just upgraded from a 1.

But it means substantially less use of the generator and therefore lower day to day costs even though we burn used vegetable oil in it instead of diesel.

People like to say, "It's not free," but you're already paying for the initial energy anyway! Like adding wind turbines to an electric car, to lengthen the battery life That was a trick question ;. You can use the light from the candle for other things, like, reading, thereby justifying their acquisition. This said, high power LED radiate plenty of heat, that could be used to heat one side of the Peltier device.

Of course, now you have to find a really cold "source" to establish the differential. Ideally, you find a situation where you are generating bothersome heat while freezing your butts. Lighting up an igloo comes to mind. This wheel is then attached to the Rotor. And the energy is collected by Stator before being transferred to a battery. Many streams and rivers flow at a near-constant rate. So hydroelectric energy is produced day and night, non-stop — effectively and efficiently.

Sadly, building and installing a functional hydroelectric plant yourself is complicated. Not impossible, but requires a lot of foresight, preparation, and planning.

And of course, you need a running body of water nearby too. Unfortunately, wind turbines present a problem for the average Joe. A turbine setup that allows you to capture as much of the wind as possible. However, this only really works in windy regions. You need a lot of consistent, reliable winds if you want your DIY wind-powered electric generator to pay off.

I have a flashlight that requires no charging, and no changing batteries. All you have to do is crank the handle until you have generated enough friction to power the thing. This is a basic type of hand crank generator , and the one that you can build is similar. This electrical generation is like the bike generator. It converts human energy into electrical energy.

That said, after 3 days of work on the magnetic generator, I managed to build a medium scale generator that produced a very good amount of electricity.

By scaling it, you can actually get all the power needed for an average house. This book contains great information that you can put into effect immediately to save on your energy bills. Plus, you even get information about where you can purchase the materials for building the magnetic generator online cheaply.

Static electricity accumulates from the friction of the air with water on both sides, is stored into the two circular cans and the collection buckets.

The charge disturbs normal water flow for a few seconds, and after the voltage difference between the two is high enough to permeate air, the spark occurs. Of course, patience is needed — the free electricity developed by this is small, but I guess pouring in higher volumes of water can yield more useful results.

There is nothing free about this electricity.

It uses a source of water, two cans and two recipients. Sounds simple enough? Presumably, this experiment involves the phenomenon how to make free electricity for your home electrostatic discharge. Static electricity accumulates from the friction of the air fere water on both oyur, is stored into the two circular cans and the collection buckets. Hans christian andersen wikipedia the free encyclopedia charge disturbs normal water flow for a few seconds, and after the voltage difference between the two is high enough to permeate air, the spark occurs. Of course, patience is needed — the free electricity developed fres this is small, how to make free electricity for your home I guess pouring in higher volumes of water can yield more useful results. There is nothing free about this electricity. You are simply converting 1 form of energy to another. In this case the energy you are converting is lift. You must lift how to make free electricity for your home water up to let gravity draw it back down. Howw means if you as a person are doing the lifting, you are converting calories into electricity. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. how to make free electricity for your home Solar and Wind Hybrid Systems. Microhydropower Systems. Solar Water Heaters. Geothermal Heat Pumps. Find out what day to day life is like living in a home powered by alternative solar and wind energy. - You can make your very own % free electricity from your own home. A little handy help and advice to get started generating your own private. It's possible to make camp and sustain yourself without electricity. Instead of Click Here To Get Your FREE Copy Of It. And one of them is near your home. How to make a free energy generator at home without battery is an ambitious is w but it can be improved to the point that you will able to charge your phone and in This effect can be used to generate electricity, measure temperature or. The savings can be huge. It's good for your finances and the environment. If you generate your own power, you'll still need your traditional source of energy. Of all the science stuff I've ever seen, this free electricity experiment has caught Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Like HHO or a fresnel lens to operate a stirling motor operate a generator running off a car alternator? ANY off grid system has a battery bank and it should supply you will enough back up power for several days not one! I am very interested in learning more about building our own solar panels, biodiesel generators, and alot of other ideas and solutions presented here. I read every single e-mail on this site and no one seems to take Mr. In response to everyone, thanks for your interest in a subject we will be seeing a lot more of. The best part is that these plans are so thorough anyone can do it and I mean anyone. You can create your own electrical power using flowing water that turns a turbine or propeller shaft with a generator attached. After Tesla died, no serious research and experiments followed until recently. May I ask what size of a inverter you are using. The Department of Energy and other sources can give you typical household energy needs based on family and home size. No time left to waste. These inverters are meant to be used to simulate grid supply in times of power failure and not for off grid living. how to make free electricity for your home