watch first wives club online free working device, at some point I could move to Arizona, but my property there how to make a free energy generator so remote, there is tto grid there for many miles away, I would have to make my own electricity somehow there also. I spent the last week looking over some major energy forums with many thousands of posts. If you find any reason of not running this mechanism let me know. The test I apply to all the claims made how to make a free energy generator these people and groups is very simple. The Magnets 4 Energy does work, but you should read my conclusion below before deciding to implement it in your home.">

how to make a free energy generator

how to make a free energy generator

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Electricity generation Engine-generator Diesel generator Faraday's law of induction Goodness factor Superconducting electric machine Thermogenerator Electric motor Generation expansion planning. Norman Lockyer. Bibcode : Natur.. Bristol: Hilger. Exhibiting Electricity. March Gold Bulletin. January February 14, Jan—Feb Philosophical Transactions for the Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

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How much did it cost you? Would it be realizable for the duration of one month only for a beginner? Reply 3 years ago. Just remember that you probably won't be able to generate enough energy to do anything useful aside from winning hopefully a science fair :.

Thank you! You said that I probably won't be able to generate enough energy, but for the fifth circuit you said that you tested it and it makes like 7 volts - 4 milliamps. Isn't it a useful output? Well, those measurements were taken in the most primitive way, so chances are that the real numbers are far worse. Your mileage may vary. Actually this is the best energy generator from batteries. I had a little trouble understanding what you are asking. I think you're asking if it's possible to add a 0.

If so, then in theory yes. In practice it probably won't work at least not very good because the power generated by these devices is so small that amplifying it would make the current even smaller and less usable. Introduction: Free Energy Generators. By techno guy KH-Labs Follow. More by the author:. About: Just another computer nerd. It is the process to make free energy using a capacitor. Once the process is completed next step is testing, in the testing process first, you have charged the capacitors between 6 to 8 volts and then test the LED or DC motor.

Hence the construction of the DC motor is essential to establish a magnetic field. The magnetic can be any type of electric magnet or a permanent magnet. Here stator permanent magnet mounted in the peripheral of the stator and the permanent magnet mounted in such a way that N pole and S pole of each magnet is alternately faced to each other.

Although I am not able to reveal all the information here, I can tell you that it works! That said, after 3 days of work on the magnetic generator, I managed to build a medium scale generator that produced a very good amount of electricity. By scaling it, you can actually get all the power needed for an average house. CNY en.

CNU en. KRA en. That was a trick question ;. You can use the light from the candle for other things, like, reading, thereby justifying their acquisition. This said, high power LED radiate plenty of heat, that could be used to heat one side of the Peltier device. Of course, now you have to find a really cold "source" to establish the differential. Ideally, you find a situation where you are generating bothersome heat while freezing your butts. Lighting up an igloo comes to mind. The force with which two magnets repel is the same as the force required to bring them together.

Ditto, no net gain in force. No rotation. Two disk,disk number 1 has thirty magnets on the circumference of the disk;and is permanently mounted;disk number two;also ,with thirty magnets around the circumference,when put in close proximity;through a simple clutch-system? Google him. Probably inverters and batterys are your best way to go then if you want sine wave.

You can buy straight AC sine wave generators. I install them all the time for hydro but you are talking big coin. The price for the generator alone without the turbine I would have to work out as they come in a package. Once again, big dollars. I use a lot of their products for the hydro installs. You wouldnt need the turbines but the motors might be of interest. Any ideas on my magnet problem? I have looked at magnet stores and ebay but so far nothing.

Hi Rob Not sure if they put out pure sine wave or not. Not many appliances will be that sensitive to power suply except for lap top chargers and particular aplliances with sensitive mother boards like the smart drive washing mchine ironically so. If the magnetic motor will drive the pma constantly would there be any need for batteries as there wold be no need to store power?

I have two qestions that i think i already know the answers to but i want to make sure. If i put two magnets on top of each other, will it make a larger stronger magnet or will it stay the same? Im guessing the same. If i use a strong magnet against a weeker one will it work or will the stronger one over take the smaller one?

Im guessing it will over take it. Hi Gene, Those smart drives you say are v, that would be fine if they are wired the same as what we have coming into our homes. Most homes in the US are v unless they are real old and have not been rewired. My home is years old but i have rewired it so i have now, two lines, one common, one ground.

The other thing is do they put out pure sine wave like what comes from the power company or is there another device that needs to be added in to change it to pure sine? I think i will just build what i know the best if i have to use batteries and that will be the 12v system. Hi Rob Just to add to last comment — u will get slightly less loss of current when using higher dc voltages but not to th point that it will ok for running long distances efficiently.

U need large wires to avoid all current and heat loss through DC current. Therefore if u choose 12 or 48v in dc the problem remains the same. If u switch to AC current then that all changes. You can travel a long distance with smaller wires no worries.

The smart drives can produce AC or DC depending on how they are re wired. If you are trying to power a house of some kind then all of your appliances will already be AC obviously so you might be right to run them staright from your motor.

Just put a big flywheel to deal with start up load of fridges etc. I will have a look for those plans for the smart drive and email them to you. From memory they make aboutwatts each. Can you buy fisher and paykal sfuff over there thats v? Hi Gene, ill have to look at the smart drives but another problem i am having is i am not finding any pma no matter how big it is that puts out very much power. If you know how to wire them like that then send me a diagram both single phase and three phase.

Its just like running power from the house to a shop thats about feet on small wire, by the time the power gets to the end of the line the power is weak and it heats the line up. If you pull very many amps on a 12 or 24v system it heats up fast.

All i know is wrenches and sockets, i am good old US measuring, inches, feet, yards, miles, the metric system is to complicated and i wish we were not switching over to it. Here is my e-mail if you want to send those diagrams, if you know how to do it. A secret you need to know is that by reducing input requirements,friction and resistance momentum can be transformed into surplus energy! Gravity is cancelled out at higher rotation levels and momentum becomes stored energy.

Magnetism and electricity are one and the same and it took 28 years of research to reach a working design…Canada will lead the world in this new advent of re-engineering engineering methodology…. Therefore you could have all in paralell for 12v.

Or 3 in series for 36v. Thats on the one single PMA. They are fairly large though. About mm across. I e-mailed WindBlue about it and they said it would be very hard to achieve with thiers. If so i do not know how to do it and will that take care of the heat problem? I am about to just forget it and just build a 12v system. Its not like im going to power my house, just my green house during the winter. Matt, if you do not have wind all the time it will be hard to make anything cheep work.

Your wind would have to be pretty constant to keep your voltage from dropping to low, other than that you will need your turbin, rectifire, charge controler, 12v deep cycle battery or two 6v batteries wired together to make one big 12v batt and then a small inverter to change the power from dc to ac to run your battery charger.

Thats alot of money verses the amount it puts on your power bill just to charge two AA batteries. Also, you can drive a small dc motor with a fan and produce currently easily. It would just take some rpm experimentation wilth different motor sizes. Kids toys and old VHS video recorders have heaps of dc motors. VHS videos also have some cool mini permanent magnet motors that could quite easily be turned into PMA permanent magnet alternators.

I pulled one apart about a month ago. They are mini versions of the Fisher and Paykal smart drive washing motors that everyone uses for wind genny alternators. I have used the smart drive motors on hydro electric set ups but not wind. You can wire them to produce AC or DC. Really handy conversion. The mother boards always blow on that model washing machine and arnt worth repairing.

This leaves a good motor in a useless washing machine. That reminds me — Rob — wernt you looking for a good cheap PMA? Also, I agree with the comments about videos. I posted up the videos on u tube just for all the green optomist guys to look at and random people start leaving inane stupid comments. I only want to spend a few dollars. Is it possible? I was wondering if when i get my motor finished how i can just show you guys and not put it on you-tube?

I will not want the entire world to see it. Just a quick u tube video if anyone is interested. No much has changed as im still waiting on the alloy cores to arrive from the states before go further. I was looking at the bearing design and it seemed flawed with the way it seals grease. Ok for super heavy duty action that it was designed but a bit heavy for the magnet motor. I pried the metal seals out with a screw driver and washed out the grease with kero.

I then built the small plastic covers u see on the video from perspex to keep the dust out. I then lubricated the bearing with a small amount of a new age engine oil additive that I use on my excavator and truck engines. Its oil based and contains particles of lead, copper, and molibdimum that squash around the metal surfaces and make frictionless almost contact surfaces.

Proof is in the pudding as they say, the friction of the bearings is almost zero. Blew me away with how well it worked. Hi Nick Thanks heaps for the encouraging coments. I will keep at it till something happens.

Geoff, your patience is exceptional. Gene, I congratulate you on your efforts and willingness to learn for yourself. All of this reminds me of my schooling. Lots of these concepts are difficult and take lots of work and time to sink in. I took a look at your setup. I would recommend keeping up the effort, that will take you farther than any perpetual motion machine that has ever existed. Maybe try a Tesla coil next, it will work and there are many examples.

There are many things out there that are real and amazing. Have fun!!! Hey Gene. I E-mailed my plan to you, I hope you can figure it out, how it works. The phase conjugation part is is included, But I could E-mail it to you. It sounds like the magnetic motor, if it will work, I would buy, if it was sold at Walmart.

Would like to see it on you tube. Hi Everyone New format on the site. I cant find your email adress you left on the new format.

Anyone else who want to email me anything is welcome to as well. Good having comments on here though so everyone can read. Hi Prnz — awesome, get your video link up on here so we can have a look Hey Geoff — you can now call me Mr Electro Magnet.

I have done so much research in the last week. I have got 3 super exotic alloys on the way from the states at the moment for testing for core material. I know all about saturation, coercivity, etc etc.

Nikola Tesla 10 th July — 7 th January invented free energy by using a coil. The mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy by generators, the important elements mkae the generators are the magnetic field and the motion of the conductor in a magnetic field. The free energy generator is a device, which is used to maks electrical energy based on the neodymium how to make a free energy generator principle. There are different types of generators in different sizes, in that free energy generator is one type of generator which generates electrical energy. This article discusses an overview of the free energy generator which includes its definition, advantages, disadvantages and its applications. Derivation: The free energy generator is one type of device which is used to generate electrical energy and it works on the principle of neodymium magnets. The flywheels are required to store the energy because the engine produces energy only in one stroke, but it has to complete in 4 strokes how to make a free energy generator is suction stroke, compression stroke, power enedgy or expansion stroke, and exhaust how to make a free energy generator. The power is the only stroke in which we get the energy from the engine and how to make a free energy generator energy from the generxtor stroke has to be stored somewhere so that it can be utilized to genertaor the other three how to make a free energy generator also. The flywheel stores the energy using its moment of inertia and the flywheel stores the energy in how to make a free energy generator formula like. The energy that yo stored by the wheel must be greater than the energy that is required for conducting the suction stroke, compression stroke, and exhaust stroke. The energy that is stored by the wheel is less than the energy that is required for conducting the suction stroke, compression stroke, and exhaust stroke then the engine will not work because it might be not able to conduct all other three strokes. Previously the flywheels are made how to make a free energy generator cast iron only, but now industries choose different types of materials to make flywheels they are steel, cast iron, aluminum, etc. The flywheel does not maintain a constant speed but only frde the maake of energy. If the mass in the above figure goes towards how to make a free energy generator earth and the potential energy of mass is equal to mgh. When the mass decreases the potential energy also decreases and that potential energy is partially divided into three paths. The P. The linear velocity is equal to angular velocity and it is expressed as. When the mass moves towards the downward direction the rotational kinetic energy is used against the frictional energy. Consider a foot-operated sewing machine consists of two wheels, one big wheel and another one is a smaller wheel. These two wheels are connected by rope when motion is imparted by the bigger wheel then the rope transfers this motion to the smaller wheel. Dree smaller wheel acts as a pulley and rounds generaator sewing machine hell yeah wrath of the dead rabbit download free will see that even when we stop supplying driving force to the how to make a free energy generator wheel, it continues to how to make a free energy generator for a short time because of the inertia it possesses. That flywheel is a device that acts as an energy reservoir by storing and supplying mechanical energy when required. The figure a is flywheel and figure b is a basic diagram of free energy generator flywheel are shown below. Genwrator flywheel is used in reciprocating engines to store some amount of energy during the power stroke and deliver it back during the next cycle. how to make a free energy generator Step 2: Parts Needed for This. 16 Discussions. Dec 14, - How To Make Free Energy Generator V From Washing Machine Motor. DIY Free Energy Generator. - YouTube. This is probably the second most basic free energy generator you could make. I recommend this to beginners with more electrical knowledge. For the capacitor, I​. Many have tried building a free energy-producing magnetic motor. So if the first repulsion of Magnets M1 and M0 is powerful enough to make rotating-disk rotate Yes you can build a Free Energy Generator with the Plans what i have buy. How to Build Solar Hydrogen Generator (How to Kill your Debt with Free Renewable Energy, Fuels & Self-Sustainability Book 9). SOLVED! What is the Best Magnetic Generator to Power your Home? 25 Free Energy Generator Plans Using Permanent Magnets were checked -Check the. research ground work of magnets to create a perfect strong prototype for better applications. Index Terms- Electromagnetic Induction, free energy, neodymium. Firstly, there is no such thing as 'free energy'. Energy is neither created nor destroyed it is 'simply' a matter of conversion from one type to another. It should also. build solar farms that collect the Sun power; harvest the wind energy using wind turbines; use nuclear fission to generate electricity; try to create perpetuum mobile. I tested it and it makes 2 bursts of 0. Thank you for the information. Share yours! If so, then in theory yes. You will run all your home affair stress free. Just to tell you, the charging time for the test was 5 minutes. Copyright By Film-2Film All rights reserved. The feeling you get out of building such things is better than free, it is priceless! Just follow the schematic to build it. Refer to the second picture if you need help. Warning the output at this moment is 0. Unfortunately, after he died, the big electricity companies almost wiped Nikola from history because of his free electricity inventions. Part 2 of This is the second best generator to build since it is one of the most efficient. how to make a free energy generator