how to create a ebook for free

how to create a ebook for free

For Ads. Create an eBook Online Free A well-designed eBook is a powerful lead magnet and is guaranteed to attract new customers. Design eBook. Make your Own Stunning eBook Ever dreamt about releasing your own book? Try for Free. Templates Customize Edit Resize Objects. Customize eBook.

Edit Your Design Want to change a few things? Resize in One Click The beauty of Crello templates is that you can resize your interactive design into other preset or custom dimensions in just one click of the Resize button in the top right part of the editing interface.

Resize Design. And last, the software for creating your ebook should let you export the finished product in any format you want. That ensures that you always have an ebook in the right format , no matter what your audience uses to access the content. The final step is actually creating your ebook.

First, name your ebook and choose how you will import your content. Or you can create a blank project. Just use the URL of an existing blog post , press the Import button, and some behind the scenes wizardry will help you create an ebook in two minutes or less. Next, choose a template. You can preview any template to see how it will look on the web or as a PDF. To edit any element, just click on it. You can also use the sidebar menu to add new elements, such as text, and images.

You can also easily rearrange elements on the page via the drag-and-drop interface. Upload your logos and other branded visuals. Customize your fonts using our curated library. The Brand Kit offered through Venngage Business makes it easy to save your logos, color scheme and fonts. How's that for consistent branding? A lot of the time, writing an eBook takes teamwork. The Team feature offered with Venngage's Business plan makes it easy to collaborate on your eBook with your team, no matter where your team members are.

Team members can access, share, edit and download your collaborative design anywhere. Venngage's Business plan also allows you to save your own templates, so your team can create consistent designs over and over again. You can also share your eBook to social media directly from the editor.

Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Have you downloaded an eBook recently and thought… have I gone back to the 90s? But how do you create an eBook from scratch? Here are some important things to remember when starting to build your eBook. There are some key aspects to an eBook cover that you need to remember: Make sure your title is compelling Ensure the font is legible Communicate what value the customer will get in the title Only use an image if it actually adds something to the cover sometimes less is more Adding a subheading is also something you should think about.

This file will automatically adapt your eBook to a range of different tablets and devices and flow the text over pages with ease. This is the best bet if viewers read your eBook on their smartphone.

The most obvious file choice to save your eBook is a PDF. And make sure the images are of good quality no pixels! First, you need to make your material easy to work with. Just copy and paste your stripped-back material into it, like this: Keeping up?

Use Formatting Marks To make sure your eBook is going to display correctly, you should turn on formatting marks in your Word document. Check out these steps to make your title specific. For example, it allows you to convert the standard Google Doc file to a PDF instantly, and it also has a reliable range of fonts to choose from.

People will download your ebook because they want to figure out how to do something. For this reason, you should start with the outcome that they are looking for and work your way backward when planning your ebook.

Other times, you can just write like crazy, get all your ideas down, and worry about the layout later. When your ebook gets passed around, you can use this page to introduce yourself and point new readers to your website and mailing list. Have a look at all of our posts here on Blog Tyrant.

The reason for this is because people hate digesting large chunks of content. While long-form content is getting more popular, you need to format it in a scannable way. The same applies to your ebook. Use subheadings, short paragraphs, lists, and visuals to get your message across.

Ideally, this should be a professional editor or a knowledgeable person in your industry, someone who can give you the hard truths about your writing style and execution of ideas. Before you share the ebook, use an online spell checker or editor like Grammarly to get all the obvious spelling and grammar mistakes ironed out.

Then your professional editor can focus on whether the ebook is solving the problems you say it is, and check there is a coherent flow. We already mentioned about formatting your text, but adding images and graphics can help illustrate important points and get your message across. You really only need to use a basic font like Arial, Verdana or Georgia at size 14 or 16 with a simple color scheme like black with one other.

There are so many different places to get images for your blog or ebook , but two of the best solutions we like are to use Shutterstock and your own photos. Remember, when using photos, you need to make sure you purchase the correct license and get permission. Plus, you want to avoid stock photos that have been used thousands of times before. And Shutterstock covers those bases. And this can be expensive. Another way to enhance your ebook is by highlighting quotes or stats within your design.

Just be sure the quote or stat you're using genuinely adds value to the content. Whether you're emphasizing a quote or adding a visual, keep all your content within the same margins. If your copy is consistently 1-inch indented on your page from both the left and right side, keep your designed elements aligned using that same spacing.

Now that your content is written and designed, it's time to optimize it for lead generation, reconversion, and promotion. Think about how you got here -- you clicked on a call-to-action CTA in an email, on a social media post, or somewhere else.

A CTA is a link or visual object that entices the visitor to click and arrive on a landing page that will get them further engaged with your company.

Since your ebook readers have probably converted into leads in order to get their hands on your ebook to begin with more on this in Step 2 below , use the CTAs within your ebook to reconvert your readers and propel them further down your marketing funnel. For instance, a CTA can lead to another offer, your annual conference's registration page, or even a product page. Depending on what this next action is, CTAs can be an in-line rectangle or a full page teasing the next offer see both images below.

We've even designed 50 customizable calls-to-action in PowerPoint you can download and use in your ebooks. You can grab them here. Now, we don't have a dedicated CTA template slide in the PowerPoint ebook templates for you to customize Once you've finished writing your ebook -- CTAs and all -- it's time to convert it to the right file type so it's transferrable from you to your recipient.

Why can't you just attach what you have to a landing page and be done with it? Word documents, PowerPoints, and similar templates are perfect for creating your ebook, but not for delivering it. Because these templates are editable, the contents of your ebook are too easily corrupted, distorted, or even lost when moving from your computer to the hands of your future leads.

That's where PDFs come in. You've seen these letters at the end of files before. Short for Portable Document Format, the. PDF file type essentially freezes your ebook so it can be displayed clearly on any device. A popular alternative to PDFs is the. EPUB file type. Your ebook should be available for download through a landing page on your site.

This is how you are able to convert your visitors into business leads that your sales team can ultimately follow up with. For instance, you went through this landing page in order to access this ebook template.

To learn more about how to optimize your landing pages for conversion, download this free ebook. Once your landing page is all set, you can use that destination URL to promote your ebook across your marketing channels.

Here are five ways you can do this:. For instance, you should have landing page analytics that give you insight into how many people downloaded your ebook and converted into leads, and closed-loop analytics that show how many of those people ultimately converted into opportunities and customers for your business.

And with that, we've built an ebook, folks! You can check out the packaged version of the example I built through this post here:. So, what should you write about in your ebook? I'll answer that question with another question: What do you want your readers to get out of this ebook?

You know, the kind of how to create a ebook for free that enhances your reputationand makes visitors to your website want to subscribe, or even buy. But what if you could find a content format with a proven track record, and make the creation process easy? The hlw reason to create ebooks is that yo read and share them. Hubspotwhich is a great example of good practice in marketinguses ebooks as lead magnets. That means they give them away free in exchange for an email address. This is a pretty successful strategy for Hubspot. Their most successful ebooks get shared thousands of how to create a ebook for freeand how to create a ebook for free them generate targeted leads. How to create a ebook for free way to use an ebook is as a dbook upgrade. The content upgrade strategy is usually used with blog postswhere you give away an item related to the post in exchange for an email address. Content upgrades are proven ror help you grow your list and generate high-quality leads. You know where else you can use ebooks? On Slideshare. A PDF ebook is the perfect format to do that, as it only takes a couple of minutes to upload one there. And, of course, creating ebooks is an excellent way to establish your expertise and authority, and to give you a resource you can send traffic to. The first step in creating ebooj ebook is to figure what your ebook is going to be about. This flash media server 3.5 download free involves creating buyer personas or customer avatars. how to create a ebook for free Customize your. › features › make-an-ebook. Ebook is short for "electronic book," and uses either a computer, mobile device, or ebook reader to display long-form texts in book form. Ebooks. Create any genre of custom eBook designs for free with Canva's impressively easy to use online ebook creator. Want to make an ebook to offer for free in order to attract more email subscribers? Follow our step-by-step guide to create an ebook from. Hubspot, which is a great example of good practice in marketing, uses ebooks as lead magnets. That means they give them away free in exchange for an email. Create an EPUB or PDF ebook for free! Start Your Ebook. ebooks benefit - fully digital. Fully Digital. Make your book available to. Create an eBook Online Free. A well-designed eBook is a powerful lead magnet and is guaranteed to attract new customers. Make a professional-looking eBook. eBooks - How to create, format, and publish an eBook. Learn how to make your own eBooks and sell them on Amazon's Kindle, iPad, Nook, Kobo & more! Not only can you make your eBooks look amazing (for free!), you can also use eBooks to build your audience and create more conversions for your business. To do this, it needs to have an original edge on a very relevant topic. Create a dedicated landing page for your ebook. Customize Add your own images, edit the graphic elements, change colors, adjust sizes or change fonts. And if you're compiling a data-heavy ebook, you might want to download our free data visualization ebook for tips about designing compelling charts and graphs for your content. For tips on how to write an effective introduction, check out this post. Marketing 16 min read. It is a book that is published or released online in a digital form. Instead stick to plainer fonts for your main content. Choosing a topic is the most initial part of writing an eBook. If your topic does not suit you well, there is a chance that book will not work out. Use different free tools available to do formatting of your eBook. how to create a ebook for free