how do you get simpoints on sims 3 for free

how do you get simpoints on sims 3 for free

Right I bought stuff at the store.. But now it looks like I found the only guy with brains at EA-support! Thanks again for your help! Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 22 Jan, am. Me too. Message 1 of 6 11, Views. Reply 0.

Re: Get started button and redeem free simpoints button. January zeddsun9 go to thesims3. Message 2 of 6 11, Views. February Hey so I clicked on that button multiple times and it didn't go away.

What is a My Page? How do I get more involved with The Sims 3? How can I receive more information about The Sims 3? How do I find out about Cheats for The Sims 3? The freedom of The Sims 3 allows for endless creative possibilities to amuse players with unexpected moments of surprise and mischief!

Players can create unique Sim characters and control their lives, customizing everything from their appearances, to their personalities, and even the home of their dreams. Players can also send their Sims out to explore new locations around town and to meet other Sims in the neighborhood.

The Sims 3 offers an online community where players can go online to download exclusive content and show off their own creations to the world. With quick challenges and rewarding game play, The Sims 3 gives players the freedom to choose whether or not! Players can select multiple traits for their Sims ranging from Evil and Paranoid to Romantic and so many more.

Players can create their Sims and form Sim families to be used in game, or share them on The Sims 3 Exchange for other players to download. Controlling Sims: Sims have wishes that range from short term desires to lifetime goals. Players can choose whether or not make their Sims wishes come true or deny their every want. Will your Sim be married?

Have kids? Become a Rock Star or an Expert Thief? The choice is up to you. There is new content available in The Sims 3 Store every week for purchase and player-made creations for download in The Sims 3 Exchange. New worlds are also available to add to your game from The Sims 3 Store. Thank you so much for writing that! I used Chrome as my browser though. Thanks for the suggestion! It worked for me a couple hours ago once I reinstalled Firefox my least used browser and I was able to do it five times.

Just like everyone else reported, it is working just fine for me. Via, google chrome. Enjoy your day simmers. I got my 50 points yesterday. Also love the fact that the premium content items for SimCity with the toothpaste is U.

EA wants to thank you for thanking them. People can be rude now a days and they appreciate customers who understand. I find it disturbing that I essentially get fifty cents for popping several of my brain cells by watching five ads while knowing that EA is making exponentially more off the ads than I did while not having to watch them. They are turning us truly into sheep lol. Not working for me. My budget does not extend to any more dollar outlays.

I don't know; they left the Sims 2 Store in place for a while after Sims 3 came out. Plus, supposedly, TS4 isn't doing as well as they thought, so I'll give them a few more years before we see the end of the TS3 store. There's a discussion back the official forum about these points and it seems that they are tied to the original base game and World Adventures EP; kinda like re-registration. So if you're not getting points, you either don't have WA minus points or both the base game and WA are too new no points.

This is the info I gathered. Years ago when I registered my base game I got points, WA couldn't get registered, for whatever reason my serial code was invalid it's a common issue as I've seen many players having the same problem so after couple years I decided to go to EA support chat and the attendant gave me a new serial code to register it to solve the issue and I got my points. I checked the OP tip and got the button and points.

I was able to click twice and get 1, Simpoints both times! Dress for both teen and adult from the Homecoming set, the Regal Victoria Dress from the African Inspirations set, and the Fully Formal skirt from the Fanciful Fashions set, so my Victorian simmies will be happy and I can finally download that Jane Austen sim I've had my eye on! I have registered both WA and the basegame, and back when I did, I received points for them.

Is that why I'm not getting points like y'all? Because I already received them? No, that's not the reason. I also got the points when I registered those game the first time, as has many others.

There are still some people back at the official forum, as well, who haven't gotten the points for some reason. So, in addition to the reasons I posted, there could be a some kind of glitch also going around. Whether or not these points are intentional If it's not intentional, then that could explain this randomness. I think there's hope in that, then. I'm gonna keep trying a few times each day. I love the idea of getting Roaring Heights and Monte Vista I used to actually play the game, and loved it, too.

I think the points had to do with when you could originally register TS3 and WA and get 1, free points back when they were first released. I'm pretty sure Monte VIsta can only be gotten with money, not simpoints. I was able to click twice and get 1, Simpoints both times Wow, me too!

A very pleasant surprise! I have basegame and WA since, well, quite a lot of years now and i'm not seeing that damn "free points button" Maybe it's a country-based thing? How many europeans got the free points button? Get simpoints at the sims 3 store - Answer HQ Save When I bought the game a while ago, and it said on it that you could get free simpoints when I joined online.

Mod The Sims - So what are simpoints and how do I get them? Event Hot Come to CouponUpto. Verify 55 People Used. Sims 3 cheats how to get free simpoints — Best Contacts Online Gift This rather easy-to-use Sims 3 Hack requires nothing more than your Sims 3 username. Completely Random Free Simpoints! Check out this item from The Sims 3 Exchange! Never miss a coupons! Let us notify you when fresh coupons are found. Get Alert. Saving Tips. For the CD version you were only supposed to get free points for base game and WA but it seems if you buy the digital versions you get points for each pack after WA as well.

Happened to me when I bought a bunch of packs via Amazon [online code] including stuff packs. Mrknowitall Posts: Member. March I was just able to claim the free 1, points 6 times. I now have 9, points LaracroftEyes1 Posts: Member.

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January Players who register their game on TheSims3. Keep in mind you might have to register on both TheSims3. Some users have to register their game through The Sims 3 Store, in addition to registration comment avoir la 4g avec free TheSims3. To dk your game on The Sims 3 Store, take a look at the following instructions:. If you did not enter a serial key when you created an account on TheSims3. Your SimPoints should be automatically added to your account. You should see your SimPoints addition reflected on the top left-hand corner of the page, under the Logout link. Once the game is registered the bonus sims points will be added to your account total in the upper right of thesims3. Hey so I clicked on that button multiple times and it didn't go away. I have points Do you have the game appearing in Origin? Origin is the present DRM for this simpoinys since Although the sites should communicate you should have the base game and packs appear in Origin. Does your game appear in Origin? Not all packs generate a bonus. Please post gow product you purchased and where you are trying to redeem the code. The Orange redeem free points button on the sims 3 store. The thing is I didnt register all my how do you get simpoints on sims 3 for free and stuff. This fo happened today if it matters. How do you get simpoints on sims 3 for free game fof appear in origin but I bought everything through steam. how do you get simpoints on sims 3 for free The Sims 3 had included free SimPoints but I think it was removed when the game got a new cover (I have the first cover). I have read somewhere. › Sims3 › comments › unlimited_free_simpounts_f. I went to the Sims 3 website and under My Account there is a 'Redeem Free Simpoints' button and I have clicked it 4 times already and keep getting › gettingstarted › faq. Unlike Simoleons that your Sims use in-game, you cannot earn SimPoints, but All content on The Sims 3 Exchange is free to download, however some may. Offer · Want 50 free daily simpoints? All you have to do is watch an add five times on the Sims 3 Store page! Each time is worth 10 simpoints, and. 17th Nov , AM. I just got 1,! This is ridiculous. WHAT is going on over at EA?! I'm glad, though, because I have had Simpoints. Each time is worth 10 simpoints, and you can watch it 5 times daily! To watch it, just log into the Sims 3 website, go to the Store, and look to the. Free simpoints. I registered my game on the sims3 site and got no points so far ​anyone else with this problem? Is there a way to fix it myself or. Use your SimPoints to enrich and customize your game at The Sims 3 Store. Choose from hundreds of unique items and content sets that you won't find anywhere. Email Preferences. Cancelling a Treasure Hunt. Register now. Players can create unique Sim characters and control their lives, customizing everything from their appearances, to their personalities, and even the home of their dreams. I'm glad, though, because I have had Simpoints for at years and been unable to buy anything with them! Search instead for. How can I earn bonus SimPoints? A zillion times. Posts: Thanks: 83 in 1 Posts 3 Achievements. You may have entered the code wrong. DrewRowland Posts: 2, Member. how do you get simpoints on sims 3 for free