gluten free carrot cake coconut flour

gluten free carrot cake coconut flour

Total Time. By Emily Farris November You May Like. Read More. Sign Up for The Dish Stay in the know with a daily dose of the best seasonal recipes! Sign Up. Author Name: DonPB Review Body: This recipe is amazing and multiple non-gluten-free eaters asked for the recipe, but there's a few things to note: 1 2 teaspoons of salt can't be right, can it?

Review Rating: 4 Date Published: Author Name: rrj Review Body: This ridiculous the ratings are so fake there is no way people gave this a 5 star, the salt and eggs are way too much. I love the idea of date paste. I made these yesterday and the only change is that I added some unsweetened crushed pineapple. I am not gluten-free but bake for friends and family who are.

I have to say these are absolutely delicious! Definitely a recipe that I will use again and again! How much pineapple did you add? I drained as much of the juice out as I could. Your email address will not be published. Comments are moderated. Thank you so much for taking time to leave feedback! Notify me of replies to my comment via e-mail. Subscribe me to new posts via email. Like what you see and want more?

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Brittany says April 18, pm. Polyunsaturated Fat 0. Monounsaturated Fat 4. Cholesterol Sodium Potassium Carbohydrates Fiber 3. Sugar Protein 5.

Vitamin C 1. Iron 1. Comments When desserts are involved -less thinking more doing -like the Allstate commercial! I know right?! Thanks Jenn!! And thanks for the pin girl! Happy Friday! I adore carrot cake and crave it every spring! Coconut is a must too!

If you try them, let me know whatcha think! Thanks Ilona! Haha you gotta do what you can when there is time right?! Thanks friend! I love that I can get my carrot cake fix without any guilt! Lovely cupcakes! I love your cupcake stands. Breakfast, snack or dessert. It always works. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I halved the sugar and the flavor actually turned out pretty good.

The cake itself, though, was dry even though I followed the rest of the recipe to a tee and monitored it while it baked. I also made the vegan cashew frosting which, to my disappointment, tasted like straight-up cashews and not decadent at all. Overall, this cake was OK, but by no means was it stellar. I was so excited that it was a vegan gluten free one bowl style cake.

I also had tons of carrots I could use from my garden. It turned out super moist like you said! There were only two thing I did different. I swapped out the coconut oil for canola and I did use my homemade almond milk. I also used your cream cheese frosting recipe and it was perfect! I think the cake was delicious and not super sweet. I wish I could post a picture for you to see. Thank you so much for all the time and energy you put into perfecting these recipes! You make gluten free vegan taste delicious!

Hi, I am vegan and gluten free, so I have been very excited to see a rise in vegan-gluten free recipes popping up on your site. Would it be possible to replace the carrot in this recipe with pumpkin like proper pumpkin, not canned pumpkin? Try this recipe instead! I made this for my brothers birthday party and I received glowing reviews. I made it as a bundt and put cream cheese filling! I am wondering if this could be made with shredded apples. I am looking for a Rosh Hashanah recipe and it seems perfect if I could switch just the carrots out for apples.

What do you think? I was making it for a big party and was super worried about serving a cake I had never made before so I literally made 3 different carrot cakes from 3 different well known bloggers and this one was SO far beyond the other recipes that there was truly no comparison. On top of how good I thought it was…there were 2 chefs at the party and 1 pastry chef who were all begging for the recipe by the end of the night seriously I was so nervous.

So thank you thank you for being so reliable with your recipes and especially for THIS recipe! I made this today and baked it for 50 minutes as cupcakes and the inside is still batter!! Hi Dana, I love the look of all your recipes.. I have just bought your book.. I was just looking at your wondering carrot cake and would love to have a go at making it. Would you beable to tell me what size pans you use for this cake please. Kind Regards Trish.

Hi Trish! Hope this helps! I tried this today for a birthday cake. Hi Joseph! You are able to adjust the recipe by changing the serving size at the top of the ingredient list. My son requested a carrot cake for his 14th birthday. With your vegan cream cheese frosting. Now all of our birthday guests in August will have something to have for dessert. However, he is asking for cupcakes now of course, teenage boy ;-. Do you have and idea what the cooking time would be for cupcakes with this recipe?

I swear by your recipes. My all time favorite is your carrot cake. I want to use the recipe to make cupcakes for my daughter who is on the baby led weaning path. What would you substitute for the sugar in the cake as well as the icing. I hope you reply to this. I want to make these for her turning 7 months on the 31st this month. Decorated with orange roses too.

It was incredible. It was super easy to do, although I used en egg replacer instead of a flax egg Ener-G I think the brand was.

I will definitely be making it again. Thank you so much for posting this. You now have a very grateful and happy follower. Hi there…. Im just wondering is there any way to make this with eggs? I know its vegan but what i need is just a gf and dairy free cake, and i havent got the egg substitute on hand. How many eggs would make sense? Hi there the recipe says 3 batches flax eggs 3 tablespoons mix so I would need 3 eggs is that correct? She cannot have almond flour and almond milk.

I followed this recipe to a T. The only modification I did was using all gluten free flour in stead of part almond flour. I bit into one thinking it was done and the flavor is great! Clearly I did something wrong.

Hmm it sounds like the batter was too dense from using all GF flour vs. If you try it again using almond flour or another nut flour, report back on how it goes! What size cake pans did you use? I love carrot cake and this, with cashew buttercream, has become my most favorite recipe!! Hi I have never used flax eggs before. You say one tablespoon of flaxseed would be 7g. I am in the uk and realise American tablespoons are smaller than ours ours are 15g or ml but even so 7g seems a small amount for a tablespoon.

Can you confirm this for me please? I just want to make sure I am adding enough flax and water! Made this last night and used the coconut butter recipe as a frosting. It came out delicious, all my non-vegan friends loved it and wanted seconds! I used two 8 inch tins and it raised less than expected, but tastewise, it was perfectly balanced.

I used chopped peacan nuts, as I prefer them to walnuts and almond meal instead of almond flour. Thank you for the recipe! They were floored when I told them they were vegan! Lol I did a make few substitutions though..

I used crushed pineapple in place of the applesauce, I used finely shredded coconut in place of the almond flour, and I used regular all purpose flour instead of GF flour. I made your cream cheese frosting and added fresh lemon juice to it. Also…why almond meal? My daughter is allergic to all nuts can I just substitute the almond meal for extra gluten free flour?

Question: Light or dark brown sugar? I hope this recipe will replace my standard version—would be wonderful to have a go-to vegan carrot cake recipe. Looks beautiful and delish! I made this cake for a special celebration at work for all non-vegans. Thanks for the great recipe! I followed your recipe exactly and was amazed how good it turned out. Exactly as stated; moist, soft, tasty and with the cream cheese icing — superb.

The biggest complement was that my grandson has lined me up for his birthday cake maker in three weeks! Oh oh what have I done. You can buy edible flowers quite often! Whole Foods generally carries them in the produce section :D.

I went back for seconds and thirds — it was that good!!!! I will definitely be making this any time another carrot cake craving strikes! Thank you for this recipe!!! I made this for my health-conscious in-laws at Easter and it got devoured! Instead of GF flour mix, I made my own oat flour and it worked fine. I made this yesterday and the flavour was perfect! I made this for my family Easter Dinner. I loved the cake. The frosting was a little tricky for me.

I wish I had added more raisins to the cake. I think it would have given it the sweetness I felt was missing. I am new to the Plant based world and still struggle with the sugar removal from the diet. It was edible. I am not a regular GF baker but often bake vegan. This was too mushy. I wonder if I needed to bake it longer, as in, as long as possible without burning it. The flavors were good though. Hi Claire, my thought is that the problem was the cup for cup blend. Ah, I had no idea that mushy cakes with the Cup-for-Cup blend is a known problem.

I only do GF baking occasionally, so I figured making my own blend would not be reasonable. But I will make use of the bulk foods section to economically make your blend next time! Sorry for the low-star review, seems that is probably just my own ignorance. Thanks for the guidance! I frosted it with your vegan cream cheese frosting.

Thank you so much for all of your fabulous recipes! I made this for Easter dessert yesterday. Both were excellent. Since it was my first time making both recipes, I followed them exactly as the recipe instructed, except I used 3 eggs Instead of flax eggs.

The cake had a very good flavor, just a little on the dry side. What would you recommend for the next time? This recipes was perfect and so delicious. Spiced Carrot Cake Yerbabuena en la Cocina. Paleo Carrot Cake Cindy's Table. Carrot Cake Pancakes Paleo Leap. Paleo Carrot Cake 40 Aprons.

Paleo Carrot Cake Paleo Leap. Carrot Cake Recipes. You are the most reliable recipe creator I have ever known. Question — has anyone tried making it vegan yet with flax eggs? When do we add the carrots?? I hope the whole family enjoyed! So yummy and moist!!! This carrot cake is incredible. We made it for Easter and It is now my true go to carrot cake.

Thanks yet again Monique for another killer recipe. My brother wants me to make a carrot cake that is dense like a Bundt cake. Would you say this cake is like that? Also he would hate the shredded coconut. What could I replace that with? Or just leave it out? It is pretty dense and definitely delicious! I made this for my family for Easter—it was delicous.

I gave the recipe to my mom earlier in the week and she made it too, without icing in a bundt pan and it also came out great. This will become an Easter tradition for our family. I changed the recipe to make healthy sweet potato cake, one that is sugar-free and oil-free. For the dry ingredients, I omitted the salt. For the wet ingredients, I used date paste instead of maple syrup, homemade pecan butter instead of tahini, milk instead of almond milk, homemade applesauce instead of coconut oil, and shredded sweet potato in place of shredded carrots.

Turned out quite moist and yummy! I followed the recipe exactly and substituted dairy free cream cheese for the frosting left the butter as dairy and it came out unbelievable! So so good! My boyfriend is lactose intolerant so omitting some of the dairy in the frosting made it a great recipe for him. I was nervous because the batter was so thick, but it came out perfectly moist and cakey.

My husband and I are so impressed with this cake. It does not taste healthy and guiltless AT ALL, but instead extremely delectable and utterly sinful which is everything a cake should be. I made this cake for this past Easter. While the cake and frosting were very good overall, I definitely felt like the tahini was overpowering. I also noticed that the cake tasted much better the second day after being refrigerated again. I would make this again but substitute the tahini.

Bravo my friend. I believe that in the instructions the carrots are missing. I made this recipe exactly as directed, except that i made them into individual muffins with the intention of freezing some for later. This recipe came out perfectly in texture and taste. I highly recommend! My husband is the pickiest eater EVER and he loved this!

I made it for my dads birthday and it was such a hit! Perfect amount of sweetness! Has kind of a weird taste to it. Wish I had a better word to describe it.

Almost… soapy? I still used regular butter and cream cheese. I use coconut sugar instead of regular sugar in all my recipes and it always tastes great so not sure what I did wrong here. What Should I do? Maybe to offset the arrowroot taste? How much arrowroot did you use?

You could add extra vanilla extract to try to offset the taste. I am a seasoned baker and followed this to a tee. It is awful. I have no idea how anyone could give it more than 2 stars. Unless they had not had a proper baked good in far too long. The icing is good because it is normal. Waste of Time and relatively expensive ingredients. Hi Kelly! I wish I could help troubleshoot for you as this is one of my most popular cakes with tons of 5 star ratings.

You have listed this as a paleo friendly recipe. Hardest part is the make the frosting paleo. You have added powdered sugar which is not paleo. Do you know a way to make the frosting paleo? I attempted to make my carrot cake recipe and turn it paleo. I failed miserably and wasted so many ingredients.

Thank you for sharing. Try my paleo powdered sugar recipe! Finally found a go-to recipe!! Can I use regular self-raising flour in this recipe?

Instead of the almond and coconut flour. How would I substitute it please? So sorry! It will be a completely different recipe. I am trying to decide between this recipe and the gluten free carrot cake recipe for my daughters birthday, For someone who has never tried any of your recipes before me, lol which of these would you recommend? I actually have a question: if I only care about making this dairy free, can I do the same measurement of regular flour to equal the other flours?

Can I use regular almond flour instead of super fine? Absolute crowd pleaser all round! My boyfriend just his birthday the past week and his favourite cake is of course carrot cake luckily mine as well however he is a celiac so I set out to find the best gluten free recipe and I did!

Thank you so much this recipe! I will be making it again very shortly! The most delicious carrot cake! Wonderful recipe! I made these into cupcakes that yielded 15 in a regular size muffin tin.

Definitely spray muffin liners before filling them. I followed the recipe exactly with one exception: reduce the powdered sugar in the frosting to 1 cup. I made this cake a couple years ago for my sisters birthday and it became my favorite cake. Vegan cakes are hard to find in the wild, but this cake is so moist and delicious that we actually regretted frosting it.

Domi Mine loves the coconut too — in all forms! How can someone NOT like it?? Rese It must be just your part of the woods, here men like coconut as much as women Reply. Kezia Super Naturally Healthy Amazing — I have been struggling with a beetroot red velvet cake so this is perfect recipe inspiration — I think i need less beetroot and more flour! Ella I used pineapple juice instead of maple syrup and it worked well, just added some flax seed to soak up any extra moisture Reply.

Sam PancakeWarriors oh I request carrot cake every year for my birthday. Racheal Can I replace flax eggs, since one of my kid is allergic to eggs. Kmol Read the post. Dorrell Lynch. Terri Schelpe I have recently been experimenting baking cakes in my round crock pot. Michele Ingenious! Sonya Hi Megan, do you think this recipe would work with egg whites instead of the full eggs?

Alwin I love the recipe but what can i do to replace the eggs any ideas please. Tami smith. Steph Megan, you are just the best. April Thanks! Meghan Sheehan. Michele Can I replace the maple syrup with honey? Megan Yes, I think so. J No joke…. Robyn Burdett Hello, I love the look of the carrot cake recipe so will try it out!

Thank you : Reply. Sara maples The cake looks gorgeous!! Josey I halved the recipes and made cupcakes. Josey I made the lemon coconut frosting but did not like it. I do not think it needed a frosting.

Brandy This looks delish, thank you for sharing! Katie 24 Carrot Life oh my gosh this look so good. J Is the ginger called for in the recipe fresh ginger or powder? Renae Hi! When turning this recipe into healthy carrot muffins, the baking time reduces to about minutes. An ideal way to test the doneness of muffins or cake is to insert a skewer into the center. If it comes out clean or with just a few crumbs, it will be done. You could also test the doneness of the cakes by pressing the tops with a finger.

If the indentation holds, the carrot cake still needs time. If the cake springs right back after being pressed, the cakes should be sufficiently baked through. Overbrowning around the edges or cracking can be signs of overbaking.

If you really want to get fancy, you could also turn the cake into a layer cake. To do this, line a circular 8-inch pan or even a 7-inch with parchment. A smaller pan will allow more depth to the cake. Once cooled, you can slice it in half horizontally and stack the layers with some frosting sandwiched in between them.

You could increase the frosting recipe so that you can coat the sides or simply spread the icing on the top and leave the sides uncoated. It is entirely up to you! To make this a healthy carrot cake with no sugar, be sure to omit the maple syrup.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure and privacy policy. This Healthy Carrot Cake is made with coconut flour, for a naturally grain-free and gluten free carrot cake coconut flour dessert. I love how moist and flavorful it is, while being naturally-sweetened and higher in protein. That means this cake it higher in protein than gluten free carrot cake coconut flour recipes, which should leave you feeling satisfied and without crazy blood sugar spikes. A little bit goes a gluten free carrot cake coconut flour way! To properly measure coconut flourdip the measuring cup into the bag of flour, then use the back of a knife to level-off the top. Coconut flour can NOT be swapped for almond flour, oat flour, all-purpose flour, or any other flour. You also should not substitute a flax egg for any recipe that calls for coconut flour— the results will be very flat and mushy as a result, and not something you could serve to guests. I recommend looking for a different recipe that uses gluten free carrot cake coconut flour type of flour in that case. You need just one bowl and about 10 minutes of prep time gluten free carrot cake coconut flour it goes in the oven! This recipe is easiest to stir together when your ingredients are at room temperature, but it will work even if they are cold from the fridge. For an best websites to watch football online free two-layer cakeyou can spread this batter into two 6-inch or 7-inch pans. Make sure you grease the pan very well if using a Bundt pan, or line the bottom of you pan with a square of parchment paper for guaranteed easy removal. I like gluten free carrot cake coconut flour frost this cake with my Vegan Cream Cheese Frostingwhich is naturally sweetened and made with white sweet potatoes. I love how fluffy it looks, like real buttercream! I use a double batch of this frosting to generously frost this two-layer carrot cake. Alternatively, you can drizzle this cake with my Maple Pecan Glaze or Cashew Frostingor simply dust it with a little powdered sugar, if you like. If you try this recipe, please leave a comment below letting me know how you like gluten free carrot cake coconut flour. We can all benefit from hearing about your experience. Save Save. gluten free carrot cake coconut flour 1/2 cup melted. 8 eggs, at room temperature. 1 tablespoon cinnamon. 1 teaspoon ginger. 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg. 1/2 teaspoon salt. › All Recipes › Course › Dessert. This gluten-free carrot cake recipe features two layers of dense nutty cake slathered in cream cheese frosting. These Gluten Free Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Coconut Flour are tender, light, moist and perfectly spicy-sweet! No one will believe they are. The BEST healthy carrot cake made with almond flour and coconut flour. This paleo gluten free carrot cake will be your new favorite! Erin replies to Anna March 19, am. It comes out too flat… Any reason for that and any idea how to make it higher? Unfortunately not without experimenting! Next Post. Heather says:. So delicious and extremely moist!!! Delaney Melanie Makes says March 21, am. Megan Yes, I think so. You can make this cake days ahead of time and it will still be absolutely delicious! I halved the recipes and made cupcakes. I do not have coconut flour but loads of almond flour so do I use less almond flour or more liquid? I will make it again. Coconut Flour Scones Recipes. This is great! gluten free carrot cake coconut flour