free association avec le serveur freebox en cours

free association avec le serveur freebox en cours

J'ai mon adresse mail principale chez free et mon site aussi mais je surf via wanadoo. Ca marche? Je peux garder ma raie manta? Si tu ne souhaites pas recevoir ce Modem et conserver l'ancien Je tiens a signaler que les 2 mois offerts etaient une offre de lancement. Depuis le 1er Janvier, elle n'existe plus. Tu te retrouve donc bien avec 2 modems, et pas de mois gratuits Et Un certain nombre de grosse boite utilise Oleane A mon avis oleane fait passer tout les clients pro cad en LS par un autre transit pour ne pas se faire insulte et perdre de l argent.

Rien du tout. Je bosse dans une boite d'hebergement et depuis ce matin, impossible de se connecter chez free en passant chez FT. Putain c'est vraiment des technocrates chez FT Mais j'aimerai qu'on mexplique pour je me prend Les autres reports de fautes d'orthographes dans les autres posts n'ont pas recu cette distinction. C'est juste pour moi? Il faut laisser les fautes de francais? C'est vraiment hallucinant Nerim: j'ai pas d'avis.

Je vais pas me plaindre. J'en suis pantois! T'as eu un modem ethernet rien qu'en le demandant? Et ben. En gros ils te fournissent le technique rien que le technique et tout le technique. Tu n'auras pas le joli portail web, les pubs dans la boite au lettre, le kit de connexion Jamais ils n'iront te filtrer des ports parce que tu n'utilises pas leur smtp ou ce genre de truc, tu es totalement libre. Je suis chez Nerim depuis presque deux ans. AU niveau technique : rien a dire.

Enfin si, un seul mot : bravo. Une doc linux tres bien faite par exemple. Pas d'obligation d'un kit wanamoo pour eviter que le serveur smtp rejette tes mail avec un relaying is denied. Charles II was known as 'The Merry Monarch' because he liked to party and had at least 13 mistresses.

He ruled from One of the first major inventions of the so-called Industrial Revolution, the spinning jenny, was invented by James Hargreaves in While it has been claimed that the device was named after his daughter Jenny, there is no evidence that Hargreaves had a daughter by that name. The leaders of the Revolution became known as the American 'Founding Fathers.

It may derive from eankke, the Cherokee word for coward! Before the French Revolution , there were two 'estates' or power groups: the nobles and the clergy. Thus when the people began to demand a voice in government, they were called the 'third estate. Bolivia was named after him. The 'locomotive' or 'location mover' was a very important invention; the term was first used in Trains were given nicknames to advertise their speed advantages over other forms of transportation: Rocket, Comet, Catch-Me-Who-Can.

Since we're discussing the 'evolution' of nicknames, let's note that Charles Darwin was called 'Gas' by his friends because he did so many chemistry experiments. Huxley, who became known as 'Darwin's Bulldog. The period from to is known as the 'Gilded Age. Evan 'Strangler' Lewis was the first superstar professional wrestler, claiming the championship in with his famous stranglehold. Martin 'Farmer' Burns was the next superstar wrestler, winning the championship in and never losing a fall from In the s the 'Gold Dust Trio' with their champion Ed 'Strangler' Lewis introduced body slams, suplexes and scripted theatrics to pro wrestling.

Ed Lewis was not related to the original 'Strangler' but copied his nickname and signature move something other wrestlers would also do. In the s 'Lord' Patrick Lansdowne aka Duke Finnegan would enter the ring wearing a velvet robe and doublet, accompanied by two valets. The Lord demanded that the British national anthem be played as he entered the arena; thus the 'bad guy' or 'heel' was born.

George Raymond Wagner aka 'Gorgeous George' started his career by fighting for 35 cents at carnivals, then 'wised up' Herman Gustav Rohde Jr. Ric Flair was the second 'Nature Boy' and he copied Rogers' bleached blonde hair, strut and even his finishing move! For more colorful wrestling nicknames search this page for 'wrestler' or 'wrestling. One of their telegrams was signed 'Your loving Nicky. The 'Great War' commenced in It was also called 'The war to end all wars,' but of course it didn't.

When Charles Lindberg became the first airplane pilot to fly nonstop across the Atlantic in , he was hailed as Lucky Lindberg. Alice the Goon was a brute who who stood eight feet tall. She caused controversy with protective mothers, who claimed her frightening appearance alarmed their children.

Alice was therefore 'toned down' in later appearances. But the term 'goon' stuck. BTW,'thug' is a Hindi word meaning cheat or swindler. Thugs practiced Thuggee and would rob and kill travelers.

The original thugs apparently belonged to a religious cult that worshipped the goddess of death and destruction and killed in order to please her. Joe, dogface, dog tags, mud eater infantryman , civvies, Jap, jeep, pineapple hand grenade , that's all she wrote, walkie-talkie, zombie.

The S. There was never an agreement as to whether Gilligan was a first or last name. Bob Denver, who played the character, suggested that Gilligan was a nickname created by the irate Skipper pronouncing the name 'Gil Egan' too quickly! Skipper was definitely a nickname; the character's 'real' name was Jonas Grumby. On a more somber note, the final day of filming the show's pilot was Friday, November 22, , the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. This is the reason there is an American flag flying at half mast while the Minnow leaves port in the first season's opening sequence.

In addition to being in our top ten list for his own nicknames, Muhammad Ali was a prolific creator of nicknames for his opponents. Unfortunately, the ones he came up with were less than flattering! When the US finally won its first Olympic gold medal in curling, it was called a 'miracurl on ice. During his presidential campaign, Van Buren supporters carried OK signs, and the abbreviation became popular slang for 'kinda good' or 'not so bad.

His headquarters were described as being a combination of 'bar-room and brothel. In any case, 'hooker' certainly caught on, if you'll pardon the pun! Skating's thrilling 'axel' is named after Norwegian figure skater and speed skater Axel Paulsen.

In addition to inventing his namesake jump, Axel Paulsen also invented the modern speed skate, with a metal blade attached to the boot. Kareem Abdul Jabbar's patented shot had its own nickname: the 'Skyhook. Benjamin was the smallest of the twelve Hebrew tribes and the name has connotations of smallness, of diminutiveness.

Ironically, there was a tiny English 'tribe of Ben' made up of lesser writers who admired Jonson and 'literally' walked in his footsteps. William Shakespeare once acted in a Ben Jonson play. Shakespeare's first nickname was derogatory. He was called an 'upstart crow' by a rival, perhaps because he rose from the ranks of commoners to challenge the 'university wits' of his day.

Bollywood is a portmanteau derived from Bombay and Hollywood; there is no actual place called Bollywood. Lee was called 'Granny' because he was considered by some critics to be too timid and cautious about attacking. He was called the 'Marble Model' because he was a model student and the first West Point graduate to never earn a demerit. He was called the 'King of Spades' because he ordered his men to 'dig in' and create defensive fortifications; when the strategy worked it became a term of endearment for his troops.

An exultation or ascension of larks. A pride of lions. A bloat of hippos. A ballet or lamentation of swans. A murmuration of starlings. A gaggle of geese. A murder of crows. A clamor of rooks. A conspiracy of ravens. An ostentation of peacocks. A gatling of woodpeckers who really do sound like Gatling guns in action. A litter of puppies and they really do litter! A horse's ass of politicians, perhaps, or a confederacy of dunces? The 'Hook 'em Horns' hand gesture used at the University of Texas is inspired by a steer's horns.

Sir Big Spur, the rooster mascot of the South Carolina Gamecocks, serves as a 'muse' to local artists. A golden eagle nicknamed the War Eagle flies over Auburn University home football games.

The University of Georgia's bulldog mascots, all named Uga, are buried in marble vaults at the stadium when they die. Unfortunately, Smokey X was not a fan of bad tuba playing, and had to be retired after biting the same UT tuba player in consecutive games!

Sandwich: John Montague, the The Earl of Sandwich, loved to gamble so much that he often skipped formal meals and would eat cold leftovers served between slices of bread.

Hot Dog: In the early s there were rumors that cheap Coney Island wieners contained heated dog meat. And who knows, perhaps they did! Hamburger: No, hamburgers did not start out as ham sandwiches!

Rather the name comes from Hamburg, Germany, where 'Hamburg steaks' were served on bread. Oppo pop: Not a soda, but the ability of a baseball player like Bryce Harper to hit with power to the opposite field. Nickname Trivia: I once had the honor of publishing poems and photographs by Leonard Nimoy, better known to the world as Mr.

Spock, or just Spock. But then he had a change of heart toward his alter ego, and twenty years later, in , he wrote another book titled I Am Spock. So according to Nimoy, he was both Spock and Not-Spock! And long before he became famous, his nicknames were Lenny and Dimples. Many of the nicknames were humorous endearments.

Gandhi once said, 'If I had no sense of humour, I would long ago have committed suicide. Tolstoy appears to have been a 'spiritual father' of sorts for Gandhi, with his ideal of 'simplicity of life and purity of purpose' with love as the 'law of life' and the principle of non-violence.

Gandhi called Albert Einstein 'dear friend' although they never met. But what a meeting it would have been! Hipp a really with-it football player Richie Incognito although he's hard to miss at , pounds! But a few bad eggs apparently spoiled the whole bunch, reputation-wise.

But shouldn't they all be paying the Beatles royalties? Eisenhower was known as both Little Ike and Big Ike! Hyde aka Dr. Richard M.

Apollo was the god of poetry, and his chariot was pulled by swans! Homer was considered to be the greatest of the Greek epic poets, Pindar the greatest of the Greek lyric poets.

Virgil was considered to be the greatest of the Roman poets. On the other hand, Robert Greene called Shakespeare an 'upstart crow' because he was a lowly actor and commoner who dared to write plays and poems like his superiors or at least his alleged superiors in class and education.

Bob Dylan is the stage name of Robert Zimmerman, who took his last name from the first name of the great Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. Steppenwolf were named after a novel by the German poet Hermann Hesse. Supertramp were named after the title of a book by the Welsh poet W. Davies:The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp. Burch , The Churnalist Michael R. Wrestler and Wrestling NicknamesEvan 'Strangler' Lewis was the first superstar professional wrestler, winning the championship in Ed 'Strangler' Lewis was not related, but borrowed the nickname and signature stranglehold in the sThe 'Gold Dust Trio' introduced flashy moves and scripted theatrics to professional wrestling in the s'Lord' Patrick Lansdowne aka Duke Finnegan was the original theatrical heel with flamboyant robes and 'valets' in the s'Gorgeous George' aka 'The Human Orchid' adopted the Lord's capes, valets and 'atomizer' perfume dispenser 'Nature Boy' Buddy Rogers was another 'early adopter' of the Lord's theatricsRic Flair was the second 'Nature Boy' and he copied Rogers' bleached blonde hair, strut and even his finishing move!

Bush, to differentiate him from his son President George W. Harding Junie, Junior Gerald R. Ford Jr. Arthur Elegant Arthur James A. Truman: GeneralDwight D. Eisenhower: ProvidenceJohn F. Johnson: VolunteerRichard M. William H. Wyatt Earp said of Doc Holliday, 'He was the most skillful gambler and the nerviest, fastest, deadliest man with a six-gun I ever saw.

But apparently 'thou shalt not steal' and 'thou shalt not kill' didn't entirely sink in. The James family never owned slaves but they were staunch supporters of the South. Frank joined Quantrill's Raiders and said that he loved William Quantrill at first sight, calling him 'gallant' and a 'demon in battle.

Cole Younger was a captain in the unit. The James-Younger gang was made up of former Confederate bushwhackers. When the James brothers became outlaws, one of the banks they targeted was owned by Union General Benjamin 'The Beast' Butler, so some of their crimes may possibly be seen as continuations of the Civil War.

Harvey Logan adopted the surname Curry as did his brother Lonny. While Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid allegedly tried to avoid killing, Kid Curry was accused of killing nine lawmen some of whom he sought out for revenge and two civilians.

The famous Hole-in-the-Wall Gang was actually a loose collection of whatever gangs and individuals happened to be hiding out there at the time.

Josie Bassett claimed that Butch Cassidy visited her after he had reportedly shot to death in Bolivia. Etta Place was Sundance's lover, a sure shot with a rifle, and the first woman to own land in Argentina.

But she's so mysterious that no one knows her real first or last names, where she was born or raised, or what happened to her after the famous shootout in Bolivia. He later formed his own gang called the Oklahombres who are now better known as the Doolin Gang. Like Butch Cassidy, Bill Doolin was generally well-liked and tried to avoid killing the locals.

Comment mettre en couleur me code d'un langage de programmation sur une page web. Faire un bouton d'authentification Google sur votre page web. HTML 5 - Template de page avec les essentiels. La scruture d'une page HTML 5 avec l'essentiels. Les balises DIV.

Les bases absolues - partie 1. Les bases absolues en HTML pour debuter et faire votre premiere page web avec le principe des balises. Les bases absolues - partie 2. Introduction au proprietes et aux ID. Les bases absolues - partie 3. Apprentissage des balises B, U, A pour les liens hypertextes. Indication d un referentiel de toutes les balises. Personnalisez vos page avec les CSS. Effectuer une redirection sur une page securisee en ASP.

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Installation de Citrix Profile Management. Installation de Citrix Receiver avec l'adresse d'un StoreFront. Installation de la Web Interface 5. Comment installer la Citrix Web Interface 5. Passer en mode installation d'application sur un serveur Citrix. Comment passer un serveur Citrix en mode installation d'application en ligne de commande. Upgrader le serveur de licences. Installer un serveur Citrix Xen App 5. Installer un serveur de licences Citrix pour Xen App 5.

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