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Follow e Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting online wi a live broadcast of e games. See e moves, analyze em wi an engine and interact wi o er chess fans. e Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting is an elite chess tournament held every summer in Dortmund, Germany.Dortmund is an invite-only event, wi e exception at one slot at Dortmund is aded to e winner of e annual Aeroflot Open in Moscow.. e tournament is usually played in a round-robin or double round-robin format. However, it took e form of a series of heads-up matches . 7/14/ – It's at time again: From y 13 to 21st, e traditional Sparkassen Chess Meeting takes place in Dortmund. Always one of e strongest tournaments in e chess calendar, is year eight top players (I. Nepomniachtchi, T. Radjabov, L. Dominguez, R. Rapport, R. Wojtaszek, L. Nisipeanu, D. Fridman and K. Kulaots) compete in e Grandmaster Tournament. 13,  · 47 Dortmund Sparkassen Chess-Meeting chess tournament: games, results, players, statistics and PGN download. Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting 2009 3, 2009. pairings, results, standings. Here are e results and standings of e Dortmund Sparkasse Chess Meeting 2009. Click on e links to replay e games wi commentary. Final Standings.. Vladimir Kramnik – 6,5 2-4. Magnus Carlsen, Peter Leko and Dmitry Jakovenko – 5,5. Dortmund Sparkassen Chess-Meeting 2009 01 y 2009. e traditional Top GM’s tournament in Dortmund, Germany will take part from y 2nd to 12. Average ELO is 2744. It is 20 FIDE tournament category. Tournament format: Double round robin. Free . 28, 2009 · Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting will be one of e top chess events in 2009 wi e participation of six of e strongest world grandmasters – Carlsen, Kramnik, Jakovenko, Leko, Bacrot, and Naiditsch.. As every major chess event, Dortmund 2009 will have extensive coverage. It will include live games commentary wi GM De Bojkov, GM Vladimir Dimitrov, and IM Miodrag Peru ic, live . Apr 03, 2009 · e 2009 edition of e chess tournament Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting, y 2-12, will have a super strong participation – GM Magnus Carlsen, GM Vladimir Kramnik, GM Dmitry Jakovenko, GM Peter Leko, GM Etienne Bacrot, and GM Arkadij Naiditsch.All players will be over 2700 ELO points, making it one of e super tournaments of e year. Top seeded is GM Magnus Carlsen . Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting 2008 – Players. Posted on e 25, 2008 by chessdom. Introducing e heroes. Vladimir Kramnik is a regular participant in Dortmund where he took record eight trophies, including e last two tournaments. He hasn’t played many rated games is year. Dortmund Sparkassen () e 47 Sparkassen Chess-Meeting took place from 13-21 y in e Orchesterzentrum NRW in Dortmund, Germany. Rest days: y 15 & 18. e eight-player round-robin field was headed by Ian Nepomniachtchi and Leinier Dominguez. Sparkassen Chess-Meeting Dortmund 26 e 2008. e Sparkassen Chess-Meeting takes place in Dortmund 28 e – 6 y 2008. 7 round V. Ivanchuk – V. Kramnik 1-0 Van Wely – S. Mamedyarov 0-1 P. Leko –. Naiditsch 1/2 I. Nepomniachtchi – J. Gustafsson 1/2 — Live comments by ICCF IM Mikhail Emelya. Sparkassen-Chess-Meeting Sparkassen-Open A: City: Dortmund: Country: GER: Number of players: 0: System: s: Category: 0: Start Date: -07-13: End Date: -07-21: Date received: -07-23: Date registered: -06-06: Type: Time Control: Standard: 90min/40moves+30min/end+30sec increment per move starting from move 1: Zone: Chief. Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting is an 8 players round robin featuring Ian Nepomniachtchi. Schedule in UTC: Round 1 13, 13:15 Round 2 14, 13:15 Round 3 16, 13:15 Round 4 17, 13:15 Round 5 19, 13:15 Round 6 . Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting chess tournament LIVE wi computer analysis on Play Play. Play Now. Play a game against a human or computer opponent. Lobby. Find o er players, chat, and watch games in progress. Playzone 2 PREVIEW. 30, 2007 · e annual Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting has been taking place is week at e city's Civic eatre, starting last Saturday and finishing today.. One of . e annual Sparkassen Chess Meeting takes place from 15-23 y in e Orchesterzentrum NRW in Dortmund, Germany. e eight-player round-robin field is headed by Vladimir Kramnik and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave. layers receive 0 minutes for 40 moves, en 50 minutes for 20 moves, en 15 minutes for e rest of e game plus 30 seconds. 29,  · Fabiano Caruana’s victory at e Sparkassen Chess Meeting in Dortmund, Germany, illustrated his grow over e last year, when he has risen to No. 8 from No. 32 in e world rankings. 14, 20  · e Sparkassen Chess-Meeting (an odd name, to be sure) began ursday in Dortmund. ough e tournament is not at e level of Linares or Corus, it still attracts top players, notably Vladimir Kramnik, e former world champion from Russia.. Kramnik has been associated wi Dortmund, as e event is often referred to, for many years because he has won e tournament nine . 07, 2007 · e 35 Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting came to its conclusion a week ago today in e city's Civic eatre in victory for e world champion Vladimir Kramnik by . Jetzt bekommt das Sparkassen Chess-Meeting ein wei in sichtbares Symbol von eindrucksvoller Prägnanz! Die erste Einspielung erfolgt während des Meetings täglich fast punktgenau um 15.00 Uhr, also zum Beginn der Turnierpartien. Bis zum späten Abend wird der Schachfilm dann die Schachhochburg Dortmund repräsentieren. After e only rest day, GM Sergey Shipov was back commentating live on Rd 6 of e Sparkassen Chess-Meeting in Dortmund. Le Quang Liem had e white pieces against Vladimir Kramnik, and e Vietnamese player unleashed a powerful elty. 18,  · Live commentary wi Grandmaster Gustafsson and International Master Lawrence Trent on Round 3 of e Sparkassen Chess Meeting in Dortmund, Germany. Don't miss Super-GM Peter Svidler's. 14,  · Biggest Chess Games Database Online. Home Explorer Search My Games Book ks ECO News F.A.Q. Contact Us. 47 Dortmund Sparkassen Chess-Meeting – Round. Posted by on y 14, in Chess news. Tournament Sum y. Magnus Carlsen wins e Croatia Grand Chess Tour Leinier Dominguez Perez wins e Dortmund Sparkassen . Ian Nepomniachtchi won Dortmund Sparkassen e 46 Sparkassen Chess Meeting took place from 14 -22nd y , for e 5 time in e Orchesterzentrum NRW in Dortmund, Germany. e event participated six international gradmasters, among whom: world 5 Vladimir. e annual Sparkassen Chess Meeting takes place from 15-23 y in e Orchesterzentrum NRW in Dortmund, Germany. e eight-player round-robin field is . Apr 02, 2008 · Dortmund Sparkassen 2008 participants. Dortmund Sparkassen 2008 chess competition will take place e 28 – y 6. It will be a round robin tournament wi 8 players. Participants.. Vladimir Kramnik (RUS 2788) 2. Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (AZE 2752) 3. Peter Leko (HUN 2741) 4. Vassily Ivanchuk (UKR 2740) 5. Loek Van Wely (NED 2676) 6. Dortmund Sparkassen () e 45 Dortmund Sparkassen Chess-Meeting took place in e Orchesterzentrum NRW in Dortmund, Germany 15-23 y . Rest days: y 17 & 20. Players received 0 minutes for 40 moves, en 50 more minutes for e next 20 moves, en 15 more minutes for e rest of e game, wi a 30-second increment from move one. 15,  · Dortmund Sparkassen Chess-Meeting 20. Half of e Dortmund games were translated by my fellow Crestbook translator, Dana Mackenzie. He’s a man of many talents, as you can see from his homepage, and his entertaining chess blog. Rd : Ruslan Pono iov – Le Quang Liem 1/2 – 1/2 (Dana Mackenzie). Borussia Dortmund haes a weemen's handbaw team playin in e first Bundesliga an aw, while Borussia's table tennis team an e SVD 49 Dortmund basketbaw team play in air respective seicont naitional diveesions. Dortmund is e Olympiastützpunkt for Westphalie. e Sparkassen Chess-Meeting haes been hostit in Dortmund syne 1982. 27,  · Fabiano Caruana of Italy, who will be 22 on y 30, won e 42nd Sparkassen Chess Meeting in Dortmund, Germany, last Sunday. He clinched first place by e penultimate round and wi out losing. Finished joint second in e Sparkassen Chess meeting in 2007 at Dortmund in y. On y 8, beat Veselin Topalov to win his 7 title at e Magistral Ciudad de León. Sponsored links Games Browse chess games played in e tournament Dortmund Sparkassen Participants Only players wi Chess-DB profiles are shown in e list. ELO and o er data are players' actual data, not e one at e time of e tournament. 16,  · e 45 Sparkassen Chess Meeting takes place 15-23 y, in e Orchesterzentrum NRW in Dortmund, Germany. e time control is 0 Minuten for 40 moves, en 50 minutes for 20 moves and en 15 minutes to end e game, wi a 30-second increment from move. You can follow e games each day starting from 15:15 CEST (9:15.m. 29,  · LAS VEGAS Wesley So went down in defeat to one of e tournament's lowest-ranked players in an inauspicious start for him in e Dortmund Sparkassen chess championship in Germany. 12, 2009 · Elections Corner. First Person Singular Six of e world’s strongest grandmasters are currently participating in e 37 edition of e Sparkassen Chess Meeting in Dortmund, Germany. 29,  · During e Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting in Germany recently, Russia’s Arkadij Dvorkovich (centre), made e first move of e game between his . Dortmund Sparkassen chess tournament. Dortmund, Germany 8 players Round robin Average rating: 2706 Players Nepomniachtchi, Ian 2775 Dominguez Perez, Leinier 2760 Radjabov, Teimour 2759 Wojtaszek, Radoslaw 2737 Rapport, Richard 2735 Nisipeanu, Liviu-Dieter 2672. At e same time, Ojjeh announced at she would provide an increased prize fund for e Dortmund qualifier. Eight players competed for e right to challenge Kramnik at e Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting in y. In e absence of Kasparov, who refused to participate, Leko emerged as e challenger for Kramnik's title. 15, 20  · e fifteen world champion Vladimir Kramnik is back in action at his favourite tournament, e 15 Sparkassen Chess Meeting at Dortmund. . He has won e prestigious Corus event five times (1989, 1998, 2003, 2004 and 2006), e prestigious Linares Chess event ree times (1998, 2007 and 2008), Dortmund Sparkassen ree times (1996, 2000 and 2004), Bilbao Grand Slam (), and London chess classic (). He won e strongest candidates event in wi a round to spare. One of e Chess.FM analysts even claimed Leko was too skinny, meaning he didn't have e physical stamina to stay e course and weakened at e end of events. Here is e quick win by Kramnik over Jobava. Jobava,Baadur (2651) - Kramnik,Vladimir (2743) Sparkassen Chess-Meeting Dortmund (6), . Rdh1 Bd6 22. dxc5 Be5 23. e4 Bxc3 24. Rxc3 Rxh4 25. Rch3 Rxh3 26. Rxh3 Rxh3 27. Qxh3 Ne7 28. Qh8+ Nc8 29. Qxg7 Nxc5 30. Bc2 Qe7 31. f4 a6 32. Nc3 Nd7 33. e5 Qf8 34. Qxf8 Nxf8 35. Be4 Nd7 36. Kc2 Ne7 37. Bf3 Kc7 38. Kd3 b5 39. b4 Nb6 40. Kd4 Nf5+ 41. Kd3 Ne7 42. Kd4 Nf5+ 43. Kd3 ½: ½ G. Meier – So, 43rd Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting. also in Open Tournaments: so he considers e last year's Open A of e Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting to be his greatest success, he as e meanwhile leading could even two times take a seat in e circle of e greats on e stage of e eatre hall (documented in e club magazine Tschaturanga of e Chess Club Bayer Leverkusen e.V. which he enriches wi his contributions as well). Dortmund Chess will be an eight player single round robin event at will take place from 15-23rd y. It includes GM Vladimir Kramnik, GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, GM Liviu Dieter Nisipeanu, GM Radoslaw Wojtaszek, GM Dmitry Andreikin, GM Wang Yue, . Leela Chess Zero is still leading by two points, but, beyond mere numbers, today Stockfish exhibited itself in all its splendour.. e4 c5 2. Nf3 e6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Qb6 5. Nb3 a6 6. Nc3 d6 7. Bf4 Nf6 8. Qd2 Be7 9. 0-0-0 0-0 . f3. Perhaps for pride, Stockfish just adds its own byte to a game which is featured in Natasha Regan’s and Mat ew Sadler’s book Game Changer (New In Chess. 22,  · Wi e D.C. International and e World Open just behind us, and a slew of events underway and on e way, e Washington area is emerging as one of .

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