comment activer la 3g sur samsung galaxy s2 avec free

comment activer la 3g sur samsung galaxy s2 avec free

The current free data plan works much in the same freemium way most free-to-play MMOs work: you can access the free service — in this case, internet access — but if you pony up a bit more cash, you can get desirable bonuses — in this case, speeds faster than the ones offered for free, and a higher data cap.

So, the freemium service has to find ways to keep things cheap. Show 8 more comments. Usually you need a compatible OTG cable or dock for your device. Some manufactures may use a resistor of a certain value to short the sense pin to the ground pin. If this does not work then you may want to let me know what version of Android you are running and what kernel it uses.

You can find this information in the settings menu under About tablet. Or you can do a search to see if the kernel you are using has OTG function or not included. Was in the vicinity of a Sprint tower today, getting max bars, but all attempts still failed with "connection error" and error 67 or messages. Tried with voice and data roaming off but roaming network auto, and with network set to Sprint only -- no difference.

I'm going to be traveling soon, and need my phone, so I'll be contacting support about swapping the phone numbers on my two devices so I can at least have the little Optimus running the number all my contacts know Please sign in to leave a comment. John Yows May 24, Comments 15 comments. Sort by Date Votes. Bruce Osborne May 24, Verizon phones are not permitted on the Sprint network. Search this site.

Understanding what influences mobile data usage. Devices compatible with the Alert Ready service. Mobile service configuration. From the home screen, go to Settings. Go to Cellular. Select Cellular Data Network. Android Alcatel. For this reason, it will still be there for a long time. The eSIM ecosystem is now turning a physical market i. As such, the SIM card dematerialization represents a true Big Bang for mobile operators because it constitutes the digitalization of the connectivity distribution.

I hope that changes, soon, with decent USB and bluetooth support, and the apps to go with them. Oops, I never meant stereo with one android device but two at almost same time with the same connections thru TRSS and combining both sources in PC editing program. Anyway my ZTE recording test sounded awful compared to Pocket Neo so one of the channels zte device would ruin a good recording. I still have to try more devices to experiment to couple with the Pocket.

Almost everyone has. Next try is my Ipod touch 2G, already getting mic signal to tune my guitar with handsfree set, since that model does not even come with internal microphone. And another broken but working chinese tablet, will be put into test. Last try before condemed myself to my laptop is to buy another cheap tablet or maybe my wife gets rid of her Iphone 4 to buy Iphone 6?

Thanks for so good information. Thank you for you input from testing. Very interesting that you got such different results with the different devices. Tape Machine allows selecting a bluetooth mic as external.

If you have the option of obtaining a new tablet, I would be tempted to go with the iPad. A lightning to USB connector will work with either a USB mic or mixer, athough for some models you may need to add external power.

Fewer concerns about kernels and chipsets. As far as Bluetooth, my understanding is that the connections are not stable, in addition to lack of stereo devices. Good luck, and please keep us posted when you find something that works! Im thinking about using my android which support usb otg with usb sound card with mic input and Tascam TM-2X, will this configuration works? Will i record the stereo sound input? Pls reply. Erick, you are crossing into unknown territory here!

You are still very limited on the USB apps to record with, though. I would make sure that any equipment you buy is returnable, as it might not work or you might not like the results.

If it does work, please let us know. Getting external stereo input into Android devices is quite a challenge. Just out of curiosity, which Android device are you using, and which USB sound card? That Diamond Sound Tube sounds like quite a device! One other thing to watch for is the impedance and power requirements of the mic.

You could still use the Tascam with the TRRS port with an adapter , but the signal would be mono, so not worth it. Anyway, theoretically this might work. Best of luck, and let me know how it goes. An interesting article.

It might be of interest to some people if you mention it. Thanks for the comment, David. I did run across those figures at one time. I look again and try to post them. Without activating equalizer and limiter of Field Recorder I could notice only little difference in sound quality. But with these features I found a setting for my phone which is really close to my old Zoom H2. Aditionally, I prefer the more classical user interface of Field Recorder which is quite close to a real hardware recorder.

Thanks for the feedback, Stefan! I downloaded the app and it looks quite interesting. Have you tried it with external mics? Yes, I own a MicW i which is really nice. I also use it with my Nexus It has a cardioid directional pattern and you perfectly hear how it attenuates sound from from the side and back. Thank you for your great hints! A little more info for you from the Windows phone camp. I have had a series of them, going as far back as the original Samsung Windows Phone 7.

Now have a Lumia Windows phone 8. The app selection for recording is thin, but there are a couple of good ones. My two complaints about the setup are: 1. The is a really low end phone, and tends to drop samples when recording in stereo at I never record in stereo, but this still bothers me. See my a fore mentioned desire for the ICON. Getting your stuff off the phone either requires that you sync to cloud storage and then back down to your PC, or it requires a couple manual steps on both the phone and the computer.

The TRRS is a mono jack stereo outputs but mono input. I really need your help!!! It might be worth a try, though. My concern is that the 3. You might be able to replace the xlr to 3. Thank you very much!! A link to the adapter will be a HUGE favour and will save me a lot of time!!!

Thank you once again kind petson!! Very nice text! It answers almost all my doubts! If it works fine I will tell you here about my experience. Do you have any information about using of midi keyboard controllers with Android? On their website, they only mention Apple products. Hi, since TRRS only has one mic channel, the setup pictured for this product is pointless, right? Thanks, -brian. I only have a Ting account.

Brian Schettler July 18, Caleb Bell August 14, Thanks for any help! Should have mentioned - it's also a Samsung Galaxy S2. Brian Schettler August 21, Kevin Kim December 31, Brian Schettler January 12, Maybe Fido is delaying Samsung Note 8 Updates not Samsung since Note 8 is on the list of phones that get a monthly update and the Samsung S10 got an update already.

Sizce kazanan kim. Here is the list of Samsung phones getting the Android 10 update in near future. Algunos consejos que comparte Samsung en este inicio de clases para cuidar los uniformes.

Search this site. Appleflasher fix activet 6. Check for frp lock for android phones. How to get iPhone4s to comment activer la 3g sur samsung galaxy s2 avec free after error How to get network settings for Internet on iPhone. Lg tribute hd hard reset. Motorola razr driod hard reset. Page plus acec. Pageplus contact number. Pageplus monthly plans. Samsung note 2 hard reset. Stylo 2 hard reset. Stylo 3 hard reset. Two things you can do one try to remember the user namethen use computer and go to google. comment activer la 3g sur samsung galaxy s2 avec free Hands free activation, profile update and prl update still fail with a connection error. Sometimes I see error or -- new today -- error 67 (both. Ting Army, I need your help. Please help me bring my Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4g Touch back to Ting! My ~15 month old SGS2 (purchased. Did you know that your Smartwatch can have its own autonomous (embedded SIM or eUICC) inside a Samsung Gear S2 (LTE version) activation menu and follow steps to scan the QR code provided with Gear S2 (LTE); Gear S3 frontier 3G (LTE); Samsung Gear S3 Classic (LTE); Samsung Galaxy. hard resets on any smartphone, pattern resets for android phone, master reset simple mobile, metro pcs, obama phone help, help with your smartphone, boost galaxy s2 hard reset free page plus activation online mytouch 3g hard reset so take out memory card before doing so, need any help,comment bellow for. Galaxy Note 3, Sony Vodafone Offers Free 3G Data With Samsung. Phones In activation and gprs settings for samsung galaxy y for. Bsnl,idea,airtel Reliance MMS in India Comment on Manual GPRS & MMS Settings. For Airtel, Idea. I am new to the forum. I have been a Go Phone user since ! I have a LG Thrive I use on the $25 monthly with a $5 data package. I wish to. Galaxy Note 3, Sony Vodafone Offers Free 3G Data With Samsung. Phones In activation and gprs settings for samsung galaxy y for. Bsnl,idea,airtel Reliance MMS in India Comment on Manual GPRS & MMS Settings. For Airtel, Idea. Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 3d Cases Comment Activer 3g Iphone 8s · Apple Cider Vinegar Sore Throat Gargle With Apple · Samsung Galaxy Note 4. You can add an extra 2GB of data per month onto your free plan for $18 per range of $99 to $, such as the HTC Evo 4G, and the Samsung Galaxy S2. FreedomPop isn't doing anything even remotely different with its as 3G (wcdma​) and 4G (LTE) shall use Wifi-Hotspots especially in urban areas. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 64 GB inch with Wi-Fi4G Tablet Black, 6. Samsung Download Halabtech Tool V09 Samsung Model Supported Free For All By JonakiTelecom, 3 Comment activer le NFC sur Samsung Galaxy S8, 2 Sửa chữa điện thoại samsung galaxy s2 s3 s4 note uy tín ở tại tphcm, 1. C'est bon j'ai compris pourquoi je ne pouvais pas avoir le 3G. Votre assistance Box. Autres appareils. Appuyez ensuite sur Raccourcis. Pour le faire, il va falloir tout simplement faire descendre la barre des notifications. Nom de l'auteur Romain B. Dans cette situation, il est donc impossible au mobile de se connecter au web. Configurez votre portable. Mai 30, Samsung Galaxy S2. Nom de l'auteur Christophe G. Accueil Accueil Entraide Question. Affichage mobile Affichage classique. comment activer la 3g sur samsung galaxy s2 avec free