command and conquer 3 tw free cd key

command and conquer 3 tw free cd key

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File Archive [3. Scrin Pods Landing. Application Details Avast Pro Antivirus V8. Convert Avast Pro Antivirus V8. From summary section of " Elite Infantry Operations Guide ". Trained using many of the same techniques that were used to shape the ancient Ninja, the Nod Shadows are elite Special Forces troops capable of infiltrating well behind enemy lines.

Shadows employ Stealth, carry rapid-fire weapons that are deadly against enemy infantry, and are equipped with collapsible powered Hang-Gliders that give them the ability to fly. The most powerful weapon carried by a Shadow is a bomb incorporating a new type of explosive. Shadows can use these bombs to destroy enemy structures with a single blast. GDI Troops are coming up against their worst nightmare in the field: teams of stealthy, flying, high-tech ninjas that can destroy entire buildings.

Commanders charged with defensive operations are advised to double up on stealth countermeasures and patrols From the " Weapons of the Brotherhood ". A Venom can engage ground targets but can also blow Orcas right out of the sky Flamethrowers are powerful Anti-Infantry weapons that have a staggering psychological effect that sometimes goes beyond their superlative combat effectiveness.

Now that our labs have created a form of concentrated fuel that permits extended combat operations, a new generation of flame weapons has been deployed with infantry and on vehicles. Black Hand heavy infantry units carry portable flamethrowers that can wreak havoc on enemy infantry. The next generation flame tank is even more powerful, capable of incinerating enemy infantry by the hundreds and clearing enemy Garrisoned buildings in a matter of seconds.

Use these flame weapons well and render GDI infantry useless on the battlefield. Unlocked: Washington DC , build a Shredder turret. From " Weapons of the Brotherhood ". To maximise flexibility, lethality, and survivability, each base defence will consist of four components: A hub and three turrets.

The turrets are all slaved to the hub - which acts as the central targeting and fire control system. The hub is also equipped with nano-assemblers to repair or rebuild damaged turrets.

These are three different base defence types: anti-aircraft Surface to Air missiles, anti-vehicle lasers, and anti-personnel Shredder guns Unlocked: Amazon Desert , automatic. GDI's dominance of space has complicated our lives. Their ability to leverage their Space-Based Weapon and Sensor Platforms against us is a serious concern. Our primary countermeasure is our Stealth technology, and recently we have begun deploying Disruption Towers around valuable assets.

The Disruption Tower creates a large Stealth Bubble over an area, allowing our vehicles and structures to operate undetected. The tower itself is still visible, so be sure to utilise proper security measures to prevent a direct assault. Dummy disruption towers have been erected in remote locations to foil Human-Intelligence gathering efforts. However, the aircraft will experience a moment of vulnerability when it must 'de-cloak' to drop its massively powerful bomb, but as soon as the air-to-ground weapon is away, the stealth field can be reengaged quickly Equipped with missile launchers that are effective against both vehicles and structures, this versatile weapon system is most useful when Commanders are aggressive, taking the fight to the enemy and making maximum use of the stealth generators.

A deft touch will enhance the survivability and effectiveness of the stealth tank - tank crews should know exactly how close to get before unleashing missiles at an unsuspecting target and how quickly they must leave the scene after firing.

Once the stealth bubble has reformed and the tank is safely away from the target zone, the missile launchers can be re-armed and the tank made ready for another strike Armed with the deadliest of Anti-Infantry weapons and Tiberium-based explosives that can collapse a building in a matter of seconds, the Commando is a one-woman army.

She is also ruthless, having survived a training program that one can only describe as sadistic Unlocked: Slovenia , build and maintain 3 Obelisks. Nod forces are deploying a new generation of their iconic Obelisk of Light along front-line weapons. It appears that the Obelisk's functionality has been improved with additional serial-channel capacitors. Although the basic architecture of the design does not deviate greatly from earlier generations, the core of the laser weapon has been enhanced for increased firing duration when the power output is reduced.

Evidently, the tower can now be set to sustained-fire mode when used against unarmored targets such as infantry and civilian vehicles. This allows the laser to fire the limited power in an arc, resulting in a cutting motion that can strike several infantry per emission.

The advanced capacitor also allows over-charging of the tower by Nod's long-range artillery platform, the beam cannon. When one or more beam cannons focus their laser weapons at a receptor on the base of the tower, it can fire over increased range by directly feeding the added energy into its mirror array. The limited targeting ability of the mirror array still suggests aircraft as the optimal answer for any Obelisks encountered on the field Unlocked: Slovenia , commandeer technology with an Avatar.

You have the privilege of piloting one of the most fearsome and capable weapon systems in the arsenal of the Brotherhood. You command a bipedal combat walker that stands ten meters tall, an all-terrain war machine so intimidating that its very presence on the Battlefield strikes fear into the hearts of GDI troops.

The base laser weapon on the Avatar is very effective against vehicles and structures, but the Avatar can be upgraded with significantly more combat power. Nod Engineers have built a unique capability into the Avatar: It can adapt key systems from other Nod vehicles for its own use.

You can remove the Stealth Generator from a stealth tank, the stealth detector from an attack bike, the anti-infantry flame-thrower from a flame tank, or the beam cannon from an artillery vehicle and use them immediately. An Avatar can equip itself with all four secondary systems.

Although the Avatar destroys the donor vehicle and kills the crew in the process of recovering the new system, rest easy in the knowledge that the dead have given their lives for the Brotherhood. Excerpt from the " Weapons of the Brotherhood ".

Multiple beam cannons can combine their beams to dramatically increase their combat power. A beam cannon can also drive the capacitors of an Obelisk of Light. Best of all, the beam cannon is mounted on a versatile six-wheeled chassis with speed, agility, and range that is unprecedented for an artillery system Once the Catalyst Missile is secured, begin deployment to all Nod combat units.

This weapon is most effective against the Visitors - prioritise use whenever combat operations have been authorised against Visitor forces. Unlocked: Goddard Space Center , automatic.

Welcome to the Brotherhood of Nod. You have joined a global order with millions of members all working together in harmony to unite the world in the name of peace - and realise the true potential of mankind. Our relationship with Tiberium has always been greatly misunderstood. Most people do not realise that the roots of our faith extend back several millennia, long before the emergence of the green crystal on Earth in While the fascist political consortium of wealthy nations known as the Global Defense Initiative attempted to control the sacred green crystal, the Brotherhood worked tirelessly to acquire samples of the precious crystal Through our research and our faith, we have affirmed that Tiberium is the ultimate gift to mankind.

It is the key to the future. Our movement grew rapidly as Tiberium spread across the Earth. The mainstream media branded us as "terrorists" but we exposed GDI as the real criminals.

They unilaterally redrew international border lines, relegating Nod followers into inhospitable Yellow Zones while they claimed the pristine and exclusive Blue Zones all for themselves. Using Tiberium to fuel and fund our efforts, Nod works tirelessly to bring order from the chaos. We make the streets safe, distribute food to the hungry, provide emergency medical care, minister to those who feel a spiritual vacuum, and inspire hope in people who would otherwise have none.

GDI casts itself as the world's guardian and savior, but they are neither. The powerful oppress the weak in the hollow name of freedom - and the only counter to GDI's power is the Brotherhood.

Nod meets strength with strength in the name of peace and progress. Nod is the only hope against GDI tyranny. This orbital necklace of death is based on a network of space-based kinetic kill weapons, lasers, and even the Ion Cannons themselves - used to intercept and destroy incoming missiles. GDI space assets have been out of reach of the Brotherhood for years, leading to a sense that the balance of power in a decades-long struggle would eventually tip decisively against the Brotherhood.

Even better, the critical personnel and equipment are concentrated in a single facility in the North Eastern Blue Zone. A well-planned surprise strike on Goddard Space Center could take all of GDI's Ion Cannons and their entire A-SAT system offline, giving the Brotherhood days and possibly weeks to conduct combat operations across the planet unhindered by space-based weapons and prying eyes.

As a bonus, the primary GDI world command hub is based on board the space station Philadelphia. Unlocked: Ayers Rock , recruit five marauders.

Six long years have passed since the once burgeoning mutant nation picked up stakes and disappeared into the Tiberium wastelands, their tragic, self imposed exile continuing to this day. Yet now, as humanity struggles to find its place in an ever more blighted world, thoughts again turn to our horribly disfigured brethren - who were they, and why did they leave? In a show of goodwill towards the vanished mutant population, GX habitat modules were deployed on the borders of Red Zones in Since then, there have been scattered but unconfirmed reports that mutants have taken shelter in the habitat modules.

Unlocked: A Grand Gesture , automatic. To: Dr. Jack, I'm running out of excuses here. One more "accident" like that and the Council will have my neck - and your budget.

You've lost almost two dozen workers in the last year alone and, as you are WELL aware, these aren't your garden-variety beaker-slingers, these are top-ranked Tib scientists and they're getting harder to replace! You have to understand, Jack, people just don't want to work for you, not with all that's happened already, no matter how many zeroes we add to their paychecks.

I understand the potential you see in Liquid Tiberium , and I applaud your passion, but I'm beginning to side with those in the council who seriously doubt whether this line of inquiry will amount to anything other than billions of credits - and lives - down the drain.

Create a Free Website at Jigsy. Play the Game! I have the same copy of the game installed on two computers. When I try to setup a game on my home network it won't allow us to play, because both installations use the same serial number.

Any "work arounds"? I'm not. Date: Size: Kane Edition was available at. Jump to: navigation , search. Main article: Second Nod Reunification War. Main article: Siege of Temple Prime. Archived from the original on Nod mission 2: " Seeds of Destruction ". Retrieved on 30 September Nod mission 9: " Core of the Problem ". Nod mission 1: " The Rio Insurrection ".

Nod mission 2: " What is Rightfully Ours ". Nod Background, "Brother Marcion, Biography". Nod mission 3: " Persuade Him Nod mission 4: " A Grand Gesture ". GDI mission " Munich ". Nod mission 5: "Keys to the Kingdom". Nod mission 1: "Goddard Space Center". GDI mission 2: "The Pentagon". Nod mission 2: "The White House". Nod mission 3: "Andrews Air Force Base". Nod mission 4: "Hampton Roads". Nod mission 5: "Washington DC". GDI mission 4: "Hampton Roads". Nod mission 6: "All that Glitters".

GDI mission 6: "Casabad". GDI mission 7: "Alexandria". GDI mission 8: "Cairo". Nod mission 6: "Amazon Desert". Nod mission 7: "Atlantic Coast". Nod mission 8: "Slovenia". Nod mission 9: "Sarajevo". Nod mission 9: "The Betrayal of Kilian Qatar". GDI mission 9: "Croatia".

GDI mission "Albania". GDI mission "Sarajevo". Nod mission 7: "The Doctor Vanishes". Nod mission "Outback". Scrin mission 1: "London". Mothership AI : "Defensive dispersal functions initiated. Minor transporter damage, proceeding as targeted. Nod mission "Hearts and Minds". Nod mission "Sydney City Wall".

Nod mission "Downtown Sydney". Scrin mission 2: "Munich". GDI mission "Cologne". GDI mission "Stuttgart". GDI mission "Berne". Nod mission "Ayers Rock". Nod mission "Northern Italy". Nod mission "Tacitus Interruptus". Kane's Arsenal, "Catalyst Missile".

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