best free kick takers in the world

best free kick takers in the world

David Beckham Beckham is world renowned for many things and his ability to strike a football is just one of them. Juninho Pernambucano When a foul is committed 45 yards from goal it should be considered a safe distance for the defence but somehow Juninho would regularly find a way to make the net bulge regardless of where he lined up.

You may also like. About the author. View All Posts. Add Comment. Real Madrid. That Eureka moment had been that Juninho Pernambucano 's inimitable technique was actually somewhat imitable, as long as you used three toes instead of five at the moment of impact. Using this as a platform, he moulded it to his own unique feet, crafting the 'Maldetta' - his signature free kick - which translates to 'The Cursed One'. Well, yeh. Some aggregators may have him at second in the all-time free kick scorers list with 70 goals , but how many of those came as part of the he scored in unofficial games and coordinated friendlies?

We don't know. Even more pressing than that, though, is the fact I have received many a Pele lecture in my life, most of them justified, but not one has leaned on the player's set piece prowess. Here's where that Pele placing gets tricky, because at least the guy actually scored a few. The thing is, though, that fails to take into account all of the international thunderbolts as a lot of these stats do , the most important of which being THAT mind-bending effort against France.

He may not have been consistent, but he was always unbelievable. Nothing to see here, just a Paraguayan goalkeeper perfecting his craft at the World Cup. The second highest scoring keeper in the history of the world is probably most famous for scoring the only ever custodian hat-trick ever recorded, but they all came from the penalty spot, so we'll skip over those and head to his free kick exploits, because they were just as impressive.

His most impressive, you ask? Well, in he scored from inside his own half against River Plate. Yeh, seriously. Therefore his near-perfect greatness houses a single stain. With 50 goals scored, he ranks 5th. However, it must be noted that Xavi used to be the first choice set-piece taker for FC Barcelona. One of the most skillfully adept players, Ronaldinho is one of the few with almost no hater. Charming the world with his skills and his magical smile, he was one of the finest ever to grace the pitch.

His charismatic appeal was as such that Real Madrid fans applauded his skillful display when Barcelona visited Santiago Bernabeu. Scoring 66 direct freekicks in his career, he ranks high up the order as one of the best freekick takers in history. With the ability to change the course of a match at any instant.

His last-minute screamer against Greece in the World Cup qualifiers is remarkably memorable. In total, Beckham scored 65 direct freekicks. Post-retirement he ventured into the commercial side of the business by buying a football club in addition to his other business ventures. Pele was 18 when he lifted the World Cup for the first time.

With over 1, goals scored official , he ranks as the second-highest scoring player in history. Nationality: English. While an aging Gerrard is slowly declining in form and ability, we can always remember how amazing he was at set pieces. He is best known for his powerful and precise strikes from outside the yard box. His ability to make the ball dip or curve leaves keepers and defenders alike wonder, "how did the ball get to the back of the net?

Nationality: Uruguayan. One of the breakout players during the FIFA World Cup, he has thrived as a prolific goal scorer and an amazing free kick taker. After a summer move to Inter Milan from Atletico Madrid , he has not been able to show his true form. Brazilian legend Juninho Pernambucano is the best free-kick taker of all-time, according to the stats. The year old was an absolute master from dead-ball situations and scored a ridiculous 77 free-kicks playing for Lyon, Vasco da Gama, Al-Gharafa and hometown club, Sport Club do Recife.

Many of those came from dead-ball situations, be they penalties or free-kicks, thanks to a wonderful guile and precision that he displayed time and again. Down the years, there were more than a few teams, both at club and international levels, that felt the full force of Koeman's excellence. At his peak, he mixed an extravagant array of flicks and tricks with explosive bursts that took him away from defenders, as well as moments of sheer brilliance and genius.

Then, there were also his goals and the wonderful set pieces that have been a staple throughout his career, even into his twilight at Atletico Mineiro. Alessandro Del Piero was nothing less than a Juventus legend, a No. His greatest attribute was his loyalty, a characteristic which ensures he will always be revered by supporters of the Bianconeri. A World Cup winner, he spent 19 years with the Old Lady, scoring goals in games with them, all the while showcasing a wonderful intelligence and technique.

And the Italian, who currently can be found in the Australian A-League with Sydney FC , has throughout his wonderful career shown an excellence in dead-ball scenarios, not least shooting directly for goal. The Divine Ponytail was one of the deadliest dead-ball specialists seen in "calcio" in the last 30 years. Blessed with sublime technique, intelligence and his own wealth of inventiveness, Baggio's all-round game was a joy to behold. The former Barcelona idol approaches the ball from the side in order to get extra curl.

The result is often a shot that bypasses the wall and ends up in one of the top corners. It is not all about power, for Ronaldinho often caresses the ball over a wall to get the desired result. One of his most famous free-kicks came against England in the World Cup.

Free kicks are one of the best ways to score a goal in football. Curving, dipping and power are all essential parts in the creation of the perfect free kick. I won't takerss time fref about them so here it is, the 15 best free kick takers the world has ever seen. Current Club: Inter Milan. Sneijder has proved to be not only a master of the midfield, but an excellent free kick taker as well. His pinpoint accuracy is what gives keepers such a difficult time. As demonstrated best free kick takers in the world the video above, he can curve and dip the ball to his liking. The Dutch international has become vlc beta for android free download driving force behind the Netherlands' international success, as well as Inter Milan's past success. Nevertheless, he was able to take jaw-dropping strikes. Arguably the best winger in the world, Robben has excelled since his move from Chelsea to Bayern Munich. Better known for his beautiful crosses, the Dutch international can also place the ball best free kick takers in the world the keeper during set pieces. Any team that has him will have an edge over their opponents. Nationality: Japanese. Many may not know this player, but I assure you, he is quite amazing. He measured his run up perfectly, and put the ball exactly where he the meg watch online free hd. He left the United keeper standing, watching the ball as it soared past him into the back of the net. In the second goal, he left the keeper tajers a diving attempt to save another beautiful free kick. This quick and agile attacking midfielder can best free kick takers in the world fear into any keeper's heart when given a free kick. It might turn out to be the buy of the year for Best free kick takers in the world, who secured Van der Vaart from Real Madrid for only 8 million best free kick takers in the world. Since his move to Tottenham, he has become a prolific goal scorer. Current Club: Boca Juniors. Nationality: Argentinian. best free kick takers in the world #8 Ronald Koeman. #6 Diego Maradona. #3 David Beckham. #2 Pele. Pele was 18 when he lifted the World Cup for the first time. › topfreekick-takers-in-history. Brazilian legend Juninho Pernambucano is the best free-kick taker of all-time Didi, who won the World Cup with Brazil in and , was. Free kicks are one of the best ways to score a goal in football. Curving, dipping and power are all essential parts in the creation of the perfect free kick. "It was the best free-kick I've ever seen," said Sir Alex Ferguson, his former manager at Manchester United, of one effort against Portsmouth. And. For many, Lionel Messi is the world's best player. He was even considered third-choice free-kick taker at Barcelona youth level, according to. 30 of the Best Free-Kick Takers in World Football. Sam Brookes 24 Apr 78 k; Perhaps the greatest footballer of all time, Diego Maradona led Argentina almost single-handedly to the World Cup. Coaching from the Sidelines. Lionel Messi The Argentinian international and Barcelona forward is arguably the best football player that the world has seen. At the age of 41, Nakamura is still playing. A controversial character off the pitch by that I mean almost every kind of terrible , Sinisa Mihajlovic could sure wow us with a dead ball. Into his mid-thirties, his influence around the pitch may have been waning, but he could still do his familiar two-step run-up and plant one in the top corner. For at heart, we are all free kick fanatics. It's always worth reiterating, because all football fans are preternaturally riddled with short-term memory loss, Zinedine Zidane was an absolute CHEVRE. And, even then, probably thousands hours more to maintain it. He may not possess the pace that he once had, but you don't have to do much running for a free-kick, do you? best free kick takers in the world