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best free educational apps for kids android

best free educational apps for kids android

Here are some learning apps for you too! You're halfway there! Here are some more good apps and games for kids! Thank you for reading! Here are a couple final app lists to check out! Toca Life: World is the latest in the Toca Life series of freeform animated playset-style apps, allowing kids and parents to explore numerous environments filled with a variety of interactive characters, objects and creatures.

As with many Toca apps, the idea is to encourage free play, as you look for things to interact with. Toca Life: World allows you to bring in characters, creatures, and elements from the Toca Life series into a single app and scene, allowing for a wild array of combinations of playscenes and characters. The app provides a number of characters and locations for free, with more available as in-app purchases.

Another popular pick is Toca Hair Salon 3 , a virtual playset that lets you playfully style and customize the hairstyles of your hair salon's customers. Kids can play around with all sorts of hair types and styles, with realistic virtual hair that moves like the real thing, which you can cut, color and curl with a variety of styling tools and combs.

Not content with braids and beards? You can also experiment and dress up each character with a variety of clothes and accessories. It's a no-stress free play activity that's all about style and not about high scores. Want more apps?

Be sure to check out our articles on:. All by Myself. Mercer Mayer's Little Critter book comes to life in this preschool app. The illustrations show that Little Critter doesn't do everything perfectly, but he always makes an effort to do the best he can. Several other Little Critter books are available. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox.

Monkey see, monkey do, right? This educational and interactive app offers learning fun with counting, matching, letters and a digital jigsaw puzzle. Kids will love getting animated stickers after completing various games. Star Chart. Kids Learn to Read. This pick is an overwhelming favorite among all of our testers.

Our parent testers said they loved ABCmouse. Hungry Caterpillar Play School has five main areas of learning for kids to play in — shapes and colors, alphabet, numbers, book reading, and arts and puzzles. Kids know that math can be boring, but this app transforms numbers into something more creative and interactive. Quick Math Jr. It has unique graphics and buildable characters to keep kids engaged, and all answers are handwritten or drawn on the screen so kids can also practice handwriting.

Ages: Cost: free Get it for: iOS. Famigo Sandbox is a brilliant, and free, way of making your Android device safe for your kids. It includes a free app of its own for kids to play as well as listing certified safe apps for parents to browse and choose from. There are no ads or in-app purchases and you get shown games and activities that are platform and child specific.

Free books complete with voice-over, pictures and alternative languages. Available on: Android , iOS , Windows. There are a few dozen languages to choose from, from French to Portuguese to Vietnamese. A word of warning: The free version only lets you play for five minutes before locking you out for 10 hours. With over 30 languages, Duolingo has lots of educational games, whether you want to learn Hawaiian, Greek, or Spanish. There are lots of levels to progress through and a variety of ways to practice the ins and outs of a language.

Please note that the free version is ad-supported. These two apps from Duck Duck Moose have similar functionality but different themes. Both let kids scribble away with digital markers and crayons, but also use stickers and color in drawings.

There are lots of other activities in the app as well, whether you want to take a foodie tour of Spain, learn to strike a pose like Misty Copeland, or get Defense Against the Dark Arts lessons from The British Library. With a deep catalogue of all sorts of high-energy videos, GoNoodle can keep cooped-up kids entertained for weeks. What We Like. What We Don't Like. Best for ages : 3 to 6 Parents should know : PBS Kids Games is free with no in-app purchases or advertisements, so you don't have to worry about what your young one is getting into while playing the games.

Best for ages : 3 to 8 Parents should know : Great for younger kids. Older kids that love to draw may be more interested in Draw Something Classic , which is a multiplayer guess-what-I-am-drawing game that is fun for kids and parents alike. Download Kids Doodle. There is also letter matching, upper and lowercase, and word association. The interface makes it harder for kids to exit the app. Coloring Book by GunjanApps is a relatively decent coloring book app for younger kids.

It features a variety of things for them to color along with decently simple controls. Images are divided into a few different categories and feature mostly simple stuff like foods, animals, etc. Visit website. See more. English for kids. Check out Funbrain Jr. This free story-based game allows kids to customize their own characters, complete quests and play with friends in a safe environment. Kids love creating their avatars and finishing quests for prizes.

PBS has created hundreds of games based on their popular children's shows. The games for each show fit in with their learning theme. Explore creature powers with the Kratt Brothers. Or go on a space adventure with the kids from Ready, Jet Go! If you're child loves PBS shows, they're going to love learning with their favorite characters.

Designed for kids in pre-K through second grade, Todo Math takes your child on a daily math adventure. There is a 10—15 minute practice drill available each day, a Mission Mode for tackling early word problems, and a Free Play mode.

Google's Play Store features a well-stocked Family section loaded with kid-friendly games, apps and educational tools that parents and children can enjoy together. With that in mind, we've taken a look at androud some of the best Android apps for kids, featuring everything from parental controls to interactive storybooks and electronic playsets that you and your children can enjoy worry-free. Amazon Bst Unlimited provides a fun-filled child-friendly space filled with books, movies, TV shows and videos from a best free educational apps for kids android of kid friendly and educational brands, such as Disney, PBS, best free educational apps for kids android Nickelodeon. A adobe premiere pro free full version controls system makes it easy to set limits, configure educational goals and choose appropriate media brst, restrict categories, and best free educational apps for kids android conversation starters and discussion questions to help connect with what your kids are watching and reading. The app also includes a safe web browsing mode that lets kids access a carefully curated collection of sites and videos. Epic allows kids to explore a vast best free educational apps for kids android of child-safe content, with material designed for kindergarten up to 7th grade reading levels. Personalized reading recommendations help your kids find new material to devour. Best free educational apps for kids android Epic for Educators version aimed at librarians and educators is available for free. Kids and parents can stream full episodes, as well as check out the schedule of their local PBS station schedule. Parental resources include guides for intended age for videos, learning goals for each video, and links to other PBS Kids apps and educational games. BrainPop offers up fun and educational videos, with a rotating set of Featured Movies related to various educational subjects ranging best free educational apps for kids android science and math to art, history, and social studies. The free app comes with a daily featured movie including closed captions and a related quiz, allowing curious kids to learn something new every day. BrainPop subscriptions check if your school has one! The non-profit educational site Watch forrest gump free online streaming Academy provides a wealth of free educational videos and online lessons, and educatioonal Khan Academy Kids app continues in that same vein. Endless Alphabet is part of Originator Inc's "Endless" line of edutainment apps, and it introduces kids to letters and words, best free educational apps for kids android toddlers and children with a series of minigames. Children put words back together in easy and engaging spelling puzzles featuring talking words, and afterward, they're rewarded with short animations that explain each word's meaning. The free version lets you try the app out with seven free words and animations, and an in-app purchase unlocks the full game with more than word puzzles and animations. Originator's Endless line has since expanded to best free educational apps for kids android Endless Numbers, Endless Wordplay, and a Spanish language app. Your child can learn to count — and even get a rudimentary introduction to addition — with the colorful Moose Math appwhich stars a moose that runs a juice bar. Your kid best free educational apps for kids android play around with a variety of mini-games that sport a mathematical bent, such as Moose Juice, which has them following numerical recipes for smoothies. Add a specified number of each piece ansroid fruit to a blender to complete the task at hand. App maker Duck Duck Moose produces a number of interactive apps aimed at the preschool-to-elementary crowd, and this counting app can really help your preschoolers and kindergartners get comfortable with numbers and following instructions. Minilab returns with appz delightful sequel to Best free educational apps for kids android Magic Pencil with Artie's Worldan educational drawing game aimed at kids ages 3 to 6. Join Artie and his magical pencil as he explores brandy piano man mp3 free download world, bringing ideas to life, sharing toys and gifts in simple learn-to-draw style exercises. Kids will learn to draw with simple shapes guided by dots, with each object and animal named with friendly voice-overs. best free educational apps for kids android HomeWork. HomeWork is not a. Famigo Sandbox. genericpills24h.com › news › mobile-computing › tablets › best-. 21 Free Educational Apps for Kids. by: Colleen Hughes. Educational apps are a great and fun way to keep your kids learning outside of the classroom, but the. As you might expect from PBS, many of the games have an educational theme, so your kids are learning while they are having fun. Best for ages. These are the best apps for kids (including safe, educational, and free apps for Get it for: iOS, Android, or on the Amazon App Store. We rounded up some of the best to help kids learn via phone. With all that in mind, we put together some of the best free education apps out there. iOS, and Amazon (Khan Academy Kids) and Android and iOS (Khan. Duolingo. Price: Free / $ per month. Duolingo is one of the best learning apps for kids. ABC Kids. Price: Free. ABC Kids is an educational app. It focuses primarily on phonics, learning the alphabet, and a little bit of writing. Free. Alphabet Car Android app Alphabet Car. Learn the alphabet letters, words and spelling in this fun educational app. Use the phone as a. Your child can play along with each of the four main characters from the TV series: Alpha Pig, Princess Presto, Wonder Red, and Super Why, while practicing the alphabet, rhyming, spelling, writing and reading. Kids Numbers and Math. Have a Safe Summer at Home. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano. YouTube Kids. The best walkie-talkie apps for Android and iOS 5 days ago. Ages: BrainPop Jr. Preschool Basics. There are also reading, math, and logic activities. The last in the list of the Best Educational Apps for Kids, but surely not the least, the ClassDojo is just another app, which is developed for the kids. There are books you can either choose to have them read to you or read on your own , coloring and drawing options, and videos about math and other subjects. Use the phone as a steering wheel to drive the bus towards the correct letters and words for a big win! Bright colours, anthropomorphised characters, careful enunciation, it's a learning resource that works well for kids aged two to four. best free educational apps for kids android