ark of war free commander event

ark of war free commander event

Please enable cookies from your browser's settings to contact us. Something went wrong! Please reload and try again. Unplayable with a new account. Player balance is so tilted that new or less experienced players have no chance of progression due to constant bombardment from players x your power level. Upgrades cost so many resources that it is mathematically impossible to complete without paying several hundred if not thousands of dollars to progress beyond a basic point.

Price differences between countries have put Chinese players at a massive advantage, and nearly every server is completely dominated. Any prolonged engagement between factions drag out for hours until time zones favor teams in the Asian time zones.

So-so Sep 6, By Useleosdetails. You need to either start on a new server, have preestablished friends, or be willing to spend large amounts of money. My advice is to play the newbie game. When that wears off, delete the game and go find another. It never gets any better. Unless you want to spend real money stay away. Jul 29, By Dragonjon. But on the other hand if you like building things then having people come tear it down by all means.

Broken, this is a money pit! Aug 17, By Kona Dawg. Not enjoyable at all! The game is so unbalanced that it makes it impossible to make any progress unless you spend lots of Real Money!

Would not recommend this game unless you plan on spending lots of money and wasted time! Not true Oct 19, Game says it is not a pay to win, but it is! You never have enough resources to have fun, unless you want to do one upgrade then wait 24 hrs for your resources to partially replenish.

Everything u do costs an excessive amount of resources. Good concept and well built, but in the end I do not want to pay money to get enjoy, and I have too see what would happen. I have discussed with many other players in the game and they agree. Since it is new many will pay, but then down the line it will falter as many have already begun to quit because of this pay to win attitude.

Badly Misleading! May 1, Anyone expecting this game to be even remotely like the advertisements show are in for a very disappointing surprise. The game graphics are horribly childish. Bad cartoon style graphics. Where are the first person combat views? Cool looking ships going into combat? All that really cool stuff in the advertisement? Apparently they spent a ton making those videos and did nothing for the actual game graphics.

They hired Hollywood for the video and high school students for the game. The combat is a joke. Zero detail at all. Timers everywhere. Everything is on a timer. You can buy speed ups so much for not being pay to win , but they just get longer and longer.

Upgrading gives the appearance of being customizable but the complex predicate upgrades really make the upgrade process linear. This game really is little more than a time waster for users to click and wait. Click and wait. Something seriously wrong Oct 18, I like the idea. The premise. The grinding. But there is something completely wrong when you can get attacked one time and lose your whole army.

An army that will take you days upon days just to recoup. Most of the people in my server are quitting this game because of this. Defense Sep 23, I was enjoying the game and many minigames it has on the side until i was recently attacked. I attempted to defend but my troops despite being higher in number and level got mopped.

The defending is new and innovative but extremely flawed. I understand not being able to put your whole army on defense as it makes bigger player next to impossible but on the flip side it takes smaller players out of the game. Maybe letting defenders garrison more troops by having the garrison able to stock a number as well as your commander so as to be a little less harsh on the little guy.

Pay to win at its finest Oct 28, By Carnix. If you start on a brand new server, the game will be fun for a couple weeks. All of your work and effort and money if you paid money are for nothing. Take my advice - avoid this and all other games of this type. Spend the money on a new car or a vacation, or a few nice high-end bikes, or a small boat And yes All high rated reviews of this game are either A fake, B made by people willing to pay amounts equal to or higher than a monthly mortgage payment on the game, or C made by a player that has played less than a week or two.

Be warned. Unplayable, unenjoyable, and just trash. Jan 29, By Cmdrbrian. Any game that would allow such a great unbalanced act like this one to go on is not a good game. When a level 17 is permitted to attack a level 9 consistently just to milk you daily, not a game that anyone should want to be a part of.

If you are a masochist, you will love this game. By DarkShadowdb. Do you enjoy a unfair fight? Look no further than AOW! Come one come all to the server merge with players reaching so far as million power! Even with your shields you will never catch up to the Chinese and Russian players that spend hundreds of dollars a week!

So be sure to spend everything you own on our unfair game! See you in the next server merge! Pay to win, Awful support Sep 16, By krispyaaron. This game has a system in it that basically requires players to pay to win.

Its fun for a while on a new server, but within a few months theres a clear gap between the players paying and the players not. The game does hold attention for a while and has a couple ways to earn in game currency, but the pay to win model ruins the balance between players.

Terrible upkeep Feb 7, By Purevoyager. Especially when a server is dominated by a single guild who has multiple high level people sending out attacks against literally everyone on the server. This is a frustrating game where the only way to defend yourself is paying real cash.

BS and Bias Feb 5, By Ytheseyru. Unless your IP indicates that you are battles will never be fair. Hey, but on the bright side you will get refined apologies from inept, inexperienced, powerless help department contact employees.

I would strongly urge you to toss your brand new I-phone in a wood chipper before you download this game. Pay to play garbage Jun 18, By Tibedeux. You want a game that you can blow hundreds of dollars on and get scraps then this is your game. Then this is your game. Want a game full of hacks and glitches, this is your game. Want a game with zero tech support, you guessed it, this is your game.

It is complete trash now, do not play this game if you do not want to be bullied by players X more powerful than you could ever be. By mr. This game needs to get a better way to stop higher level players from atop farming lower players. I would get attacked by a player about 5 levels above me farming me and leaving me no troops and get teleported to some new location.

Well the second you get teleported there is another player waiting to farm you and you are left with no defense resources in a couple of hours. Never Get Account Back Jun 24, By xUnsatisfiedx. I recently broke my iPad. Purchased another iPad and tried to get my account back. After giving invoices of purchases and giving all my details and commanders in my line up, ship name, commander name, upgrades, gold left, last lot of links to my email address with there passcodes.

The developers still would not give my game account back. I could even email them the proof but they never gave an email address. All the money spent on the game is gone. Game deleted Nov 13, By kelliaquilo. I started playing this game on the encouragement of a friend. Started and liked the play. Played for maybe a month and was getting more involved with it. Got to lvl 7 and friend wanted me to join his alliance. Impossible to do when you reach lvl Just got on today and my game has been deleted and starting new is the only option.

You guys are taking your game down. I know my lvl 7 is small, but still, what if I was lvl, 14 or 15 like my friend?? No point in spending time if game play is not saved. So long, a possible good game off my list Fun yet flawed Apr 22, By ECA I had a alot of fun playing this game in the past, but what stopped me from playing on was the constant ganking and bullying I would get. As soon as I recovered from one attack, I was already under attack and another attack was on its way, constantly forcing me to force teleport to who knows where.

There should be a system put in place to limithow many times a person could be attacked per day. One time I counted and I was attacked 13 times in one day, all in the span of a few hours.

Great game but a paradise for players who like to bully others. No rewards for hard work Sep 15, By Mighty punch. This is a good game but it lacks heavy on rewarding players with hard work but instead rewards players who spend money. Would be nice if they change their ways for more rewards for grinding instead of money.

Incompetent Admin Aug 26, By killkenny After each battle, you will receive Spice reward, depending on what damage was done to the enemy Commanders.

Extermination of the entire group will bring additional prizes. After defeating the last imperial squad, you will receive rating prizes depending on the level of damage for each member of this squad.

If you defeat an entire army within 24 hours, you can challenge higher-level troops. The highest level - 5. With the growth of the level you will receive more and more prizes. During this test, you will not incur losses among the soldiers, your commanders are also not in danger of any damage, so you can relax!

What is a Commander? Interstellar prisons contain criminals from worlds across the galaxy. Some of them are vile villains, some are heroes persecuted by the Empire, while many others are imprisoned for other reasons. They can be useful for you if you decide to give them freedom. Commanders are the core of your troops, they determine the maximum number of troops that you can send to battle, as well as various bonuses.

Do not forget to increase the level of your commanders and their skills, their leadership and equipment worn on them. Your commanders are your most valuable investment. What is the Commander Level? Commanders gain experience during the battle and, after receiving enough, increase their level. Raising the levels of commanders will allow them to have increased leadership, energy and skills of a higher level.

Raising the level of the commander is very important to increase the combat power of your troops. What are commander skills?

Commanders can improve their skills. The maximum skill level depends on the level of the commander. Skills give commanders and troops various types of bonuses and are important for each army. What is commander equipment for?

A blacksmith ship can create a variety of equipment items that are used by commanders and give them and their troops numerous bonuses. Equipment is very important for every commander. What is Commander Leadership? The size of your army is determined by the leadership of the commander. Commander leadership can be enhanced by reading magazines or leveling up. Such magazines are numbers from a series about the best management practices in the universe called The Art of Management. How to get extra leadership?

Leadership commander has two components. The first is their own leadership depending on the level of the commander and their strength. There are also other ways to increase leadership. After reading the magazine, the commander receives 2 bonus leadership points. The more magazines the commander read, the less chance of a successful leadership increase, up to the moment when they cease to be of any use. By playing in the interstellar casino and exploring random regions, as well as completing various tasks and events, you can win chests containing magazines inside them.

What are the differences between the classes of commanders? S Rank is the highest available. The rank of the commander affects their leadership, equipment and skills the higher the rank of the commander, the better the skills available to him. If you have two or more identical commanders, they will leave you medals upon their dismissal. When the commander has accumulated enough medals, they can increase their rank.

What is the Commander Arena? You can send your commander to the Temple to train in the arena. Heroes in the arena continue to gain experience, but there is a maximum limit to the experience gained. How do I free a commander from prison? In the main interface, click on Warp Kratk of the Ark to open the commander hiring menu. There are two ways to do this:. What is a "Free Event for Commanders"? During the event, you can use 1 powerful commander for free.

Complete all the tasks of the event before the allotted time expires and you can get this commander to your service. After clicking on the Event button on the Ark page, the countdown to the end of the event will begin. During this time, you can freely access the associated commander. Every day you will receive several tasks, and these tasks must be completed with the participation of an event-related commander.

You will receive a massive gold reward after completing tasks every day. If you complete all the tasks before the event ends, you will receive this commander for free.

If you did not manage to complete all the tasks before the time expires, the commander will be blocked and all his equipment will be removed. The next time you get this hero, his level, experience, leadership, technology, etc. What is a commander leadership takeover?

Monthly Card. Gold will be sent to you in your mailbox. Quantize Pack. Information Seller 7 Pirates Limited. Size Category Games. Compatibility Requires iOS 9. Price Free. App Support Privacy Policy. How to obtain "extra" leadership? What are Commander classes? Different Commander states. Thank Yous! Gift code!!! The first captains to use this gift code can get the gifts freely! More - Redeem. Introduction about the simulated battle.

Please note: Tech and Hull bonus will take effect in this simulated battle. These are descriptions of the New function - Plugin Skill. See More. About the locked commander slots About points decreasing and increasing: Players will lose more points if they lost battles with those whose point is much lower than them, no matter challenging or being challenged. Defense or Attack order: The defense order is fixed when you set until you reset it again.

About rewards: Firstly, players can only get points when they win battles, there is no extra reward for each challenge. About Status updating: When you enter into All-Star Contest, all status will be updated automatically and you need to update it manually next time once your status such as commander, hull, tech , soldier, etc changes.

New Function: All-Star Contest. Also, throughout each year, there is a special "cross-server" type of event called "The Galactic Campaign" that offers great prizes to every member of each guild that competes. Each of the daily events, and the weekly Ultimate Boss events, all offer various prizes; both for participation in the event and for placing in the leaderboard against other players during the event period.

There are several Daily Events that happen throughout each week. Description In this event, players must increase the leadership of their commanders in order to earn points.

Your browser does not allow you to contact us from this page because third party cookies are disabled. Click continue to open this form in a new ark of war free commander event. Your browser's cookies are disabled. Please enable cookies from your browser's settings to contact us. Xrk went wrong! Please reload ark of war free commander event try again. We're sorry for the inconvenience. You're navigating to a different ark of war free commander event. You'll be able to continue the current conversation only when you switch back to the vree app. Ark of War. OR Contact Us Contact. Thanks for contacting us. Your message was received. What is a Commander level? What do Commander skills do? What does Commander equipment do? What's Watch the matrix online free english subtitles leadership? How to obtain "extra" leadership? What are Commander classes? Different Commander states. ark of war free commander event In Ark of War, there are a multitude of events that happen throughout the year. Every successful increase of leadership to a commander will grant points in this because it gives a bonus increase for free, meaning that it guarantees at least. So far on my server # we have had events for both Chief and Galileo. I wasn't able to How 7P uses false advertisement to get you to download Ark of War! › ark-of-war › s=commander. View all 14 questions in Commander. What is the Free Commanders Event? What is Commander Leadership Absorb and Leadership Transfer? See more of Ark of War - The War of Universe on Facebook Update your game and get your free Gold, K Food, K Parts, 8 Magazines and 5 Mid-​Year Event (1)Commander: Commanders in Simulated battle will be at Class S​. Garrison: the commander is in the garrison of the ark. You can find out What is a "Free Event for Commanders"? During the. Save or buy enough gold to fill them all up, train only tier 1 infantry and upgrade your commanders and skills as often as possible (commander level upgrades are​. M. It is hard to go back to 'regular' play, after playing Ark of War the BlueStacks way! a class but they will never beat an s class from the free commander event and getting an a class to s is super expensive because it requires spin 10 events. Positive & Negative Reviews: Ark of War - The War of Universe - 10 Similar Apps, and fun guild events but I am going to quit playing because I find myself more like you're being forced to spend gold for the so called “free” commander. Formerly a football star at the Ohio State University , Nathan retired after shattering his kneecap and having his leg amputated due to an undiagnosed infection. In Ark of War , there are a multitude of events that happen throughout the year. Nova Empire App Page. Billionaire Casino. Retrieved After this, he appeared in issue 2 of the series, DC Universe: Legacies , which chronicled the superheroes of the s. A Hero! He then joins the Justice Society to defeat the Fourth Reich. Every successful increase of leadership to a commander will grant points in this event. He tries to help Power Girl during her battle with the newly reanimated Kal-L , but is knocked aside by the hero, who mockingly refers to him as a "paperweight" compared to him. Justice League characters. For every point of leadership, your commander can field one Unit's worth of troops in each of their six Troop slots. ark of war free commander event