72 hour visa free china shanghai

72 hour visa free china shanghai

Mar 24, Would I be able to bring Bee cheng hiang jerky into usa? Mar 07, See All Shanghai Conversations. View Hotel. Fairmont Peace Hotel. Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre. We therefore advise that you contact your local embassy and the airport authorities prior to your trip to confirm your eligibility. Good morning, my family of 4 planning to travel to Japan in April, we all are us citizens, NY to Shanghai 3.

Shanghai to Nanjing 8hs layover, leaving 8am to Tokyo Japan. On the back Leaving Tokyo 1pm to nanjing 16hs layover. Leaving to Shanghai at 8am, layover for 10hs, leaving to NY at 7pm. We need a,visa for those hours?? The itinerary you presented should qualify for a transit visa exemption, as transit visa holders can freely travel within the Shanghai-Jiangsu-Zhejiang region, of which Nanjing is a part.

Nevertheless, we recommend that you contact airport authorities prior to your departure to confirm your eligibility. Is this possible with the hour visum. I thank you for your answern. I am a UK passport holder and will be travelling to Sydney in April. All flights are with China Southern airlines. My outbound layover in Guangzhou is 2. My question is if on my return journey I can still obtain the 24 hour visa exemption in Guangzhou given that my next flight will be to Wuhan?

I am not planning to leave the airports and will have my flight ticket to London with me but not sure if 2 layovers in China will mean i have to get a transit visa. We are planning to visit Beijing, China for 3 to 4 days this summer and was wondering if our itinerary qualifies for hour transit visa exemption. Flying on Emirates airlines. Dallas to Beijing via Dubai. Stay in Beijing for days. Fly out Beijing to Hyderabad, India via Dubai. Would we be able to get hour transit visa exemption?

Round-trips are not eligible for transit exemptions. We therefore recommend that you contact the airport authorities to confirm your eligibility before your trip. Assuming that you hold a passport from a qualified country, your proposed itinerary should work for a transit visa exemption. Hong Kong and Taiwan have separate immigration rules, so the transit visa would only apply for the stops in Shanghai. Nevertheless, we recommend that you contact relevant authorities before your trip to confirm your eligibility.

Where can we get the list of the cities where we can apply a 72Hours visa? I will be arriving in Taiyuan, Shanxi and travel within the province. Am I disqualified from the Beijing hour Visa-free program under the following circumstances: My inbound flight is Rome — Beijing direct. My outbound flight is Beijing — Sydney but the flight stops for 2 hours in Shanghai and continues as the same flight.

In other words, to qualify for the Beijing Visa-free program must the outbound flight be Beijing to a foreign country non-stop? I am a Indian passport holder with a NZ resident Visa. I am travelling through Beijing and have a stop over for 15 hours. Am I required to apply for a transit visa.

I am booked on a transit hotel near the airport and also on my return. I am travelling to India with Air China. Under this rule, I understand that no prior Visa is required from China embassy in India and I will not allow going outside airport in China. My total layover is less than 24 hours on each occasion. My second question is that whether I can visit Guangzhou city during Outbound: Delhi — Guangzhou — San Francisco journey on hour visa-free transit permit.

Please conform. It will take less than 24 hour. Hong Kong has separate immigration procedures and visa requirements than mainland China.

Please refer to Hong Kong authorities for information on the requirements there. I am travelling with Australian passport , going to Sydney — Shanghai- Dhaka Bangladesh , I am elizable for house transit visa, jsut checking can i go to other part of China like Guangzhau, Shenzhen, Hong kong by train? You should qualify for a transit visa with the itinerary you presented. With transit visas, however, travelers are only permitted to travel within certain areas.

If you are transiting in Shanghai, you can also travel to neighboring Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, but not to cities like Guangzhou or Shenzhen. As well, Hong Kong is a separate jurisdiction from mainland China for immigration and visa purposes. We therefore recommend you contact local authorities to confirm whether or not you would be able to receive one if you entered at Nansha port.

Because travelers go through immigration at their first port of entry when arriving in China, you may encounter difficulties when applying for a transit visa that would allow you to leave the airport.

We recommend that you contact the relevant airport authorities to confirm your status. We are not aware of 72 hour transit visas issued in Taiyuan at this time. We recommend that you contact the relevant port of entry to confirm whether they can issue such visas.

It is possible that you might encounter difficulties because you are not directly transiting to a third country. Transit visa holders can travel within the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, of which Shanghai is not a part of.

We recommend that you contact the airport authorities to confirm your status. It is the passport rather than residency that is used for Chinese immigration purposes. As India is not one of the countries eligible for a transit visa that would allow you to leave the airport, you may not be able to do so.

As an Indian passport holder, you should be eligible for a 24 hour transit visa, but will not be able to leave the airport. I am trying to see if you could help with regards to my situation. I am a US passport holder and my partner is an Australian passport holder.

We are planning to fly into Beijing from Sri Lanka, and then wanted to board the train to Ulaan Bator from Beijing after we spent 4 days in Beijing sight-seeing. Then again, I am also seeing other information that says it is ok. I plan to stay in Japan for 3 days. Would that pose a problem for qualifying for the hour transit visa?

The itinerary you described should qualify for a transit visa. The flights being from different carriers should not be a factor. Nevertheless, we recommend you contact relevant authorities in advance of your trip to confirm your eligibility. Unfortunately, your itinerary may not qualify for a transit visa. In Beijing, Beijing West Railway Station is the only railway station that issues transit visas, and these cannot be obtained for all journeys.

Accordingly, you may need to apply for a tourist visa in advance of your trip. You may wish to contact relevant authorities to confirm your eligibility. Hello, I am a US-passport holder who is going to travel to Beijing this summer. I am going to acquire an F-Visa because I am going to do Volunteering teaching. I am guessing my F-visa is going to be invalid once I leave to Seoul. My question is since I am going to return to Beijing after spending a week in Seoul and my F-visa is going to be already invalid to take my flight back to LAX, Am I eligible for a hour Visa Free entry?

I am not planning on leaving the airport. Buying a round-trip ticket is not an issue to acquire a transit visa if you are visiting a third country. Based on the itinerary you provided, you should qualify for a transit visa, including one that would allow you to leave the airport if you wish. Nevertheless, you may want to contact the relevant authorities prior to your trip to confirm your eligibility. Hello, I would be interested on how this is being handled in Guangdong province.

Would this qualify for a visa-on-arrival? Please note, however, that you must provide proof of onward travel to obtain the transit visa exemption, which means that you would need to purchase the train ticket before arriving.

We recommend that you contact the relevant authorities to confirm your eligibility for any trip you may take.

My flight layover is 2 hours there.. I Wana ask will I need a transit visa for the layover? Thanks everyone! If you are not leaving the airport, you should not have any problems transiting to your next flight. Please note that Shanghai has two international airports, however, and that the situation may be more complicated if you need to transfer between airports.

Hi there. I have 18 hours layover in Guangzhou airport and in return from New Zealand to Norway for 7 hours layover. Thanks in advance. If you are not planning on leaving the airport and staying for under 24 hours, you should not have an issue connecting. However, because Iran is not an eligible country for a transit visa, you will not be able to obtain one that allows you to leave the airport.

We recommend that you contact relevant authorities in advance of your trip to confirm your status. It is your passport rather than visa that determines eligibility for a transit visa.

If you are not planning on leaving an airport in China and are staying for less than 24 hours, you should not need a transit visa. Hello, I am a US citizen and plan to travel from New York to Shanghai airport and staying in Shanghai for 5 nights then fly to Thailand for 9 days then fly back to New York via Shanghai again no overnight , will the hour exemption visa help me here?

If so, where do I get it? Upon arrival at the airport? Hello, Yes. The hr transit visa policy is still valid in Shanghai. Please also make sure you are a citizen from the applicable countries. Hello, Based on our experience, your situation, i. Please also make sure you are citizen from the applicable countries. Hello, Based on our experience, you are eligible for the hours transit visa policy. And you should get ready to answer questions raised by immigration officers.

Please be noted, after the immigration officer confirms your qualifications for the hour visa-free transit, they will issue you a temporary entry permit, then from the next day upon your arrival in China, you can stay for another hours.

Do I need a transit Visa for my travel? I have a UK passport and will bring documents confirming my flight to Japan from Shenzhen airport. I have a valid passport with 7 years remaining, many blank pages, and a hotel reservation in Shenzhen for 2 nights.

Will I be eligible to use a hour or hour visa? I heard from another source that it is when the flight land is when the clock starts for HR.

We have a flight on November 9th from Toronto, landing on the the 10th at 4PM. Which will put us at exactly Hours if we calculate based on flight arrivals and departures… However based on the special note you have stated above, we should okay since it starts the count down the next day? Hello, Our special note is based on the information released by the official website of the State Council.

We suggest that you contact the arrival port for confirmation. Hello, Based on our experience, Karachi-Beijing-Hongkong is qualified to apply for the visa-free transit. Hello, Based on our understanding, the acceptable entering port for enjoying the visa-free transit in Shenzhen is Shenzhen Baoan Airport. Since you mentioned you will enter Shenzhen by ferry, we think you are not eligible for the hour visa-free transit.

Would I be eligible for hour visa exemption to stay in a hotel near the airport during the layover? I travel from Taipei to Shanghai to Amsterdam. In Shanghai i want to stay 5 days for business meetings in the Chinese office of my company. Can i get the transit visa for this?

What do i have to do before arrival? We noticed a problem with the reservation details The number of nights is less than the minimum allowed for property or rate plan you have selected. We noticed a problem with the reservation details The number of nights exceeds the maximum allowed for property or rate plan you have selected.

Thank you for your reservation enquiry Reservations for more than 28 nights cannot currently be booked online. We noticed a problem with the reservation details Please enter a check-in date. We noticed a problem with the reservation details Please enter a check-out date.

We noticed a problem with the reservation details The check in date you have selected is in the past. We noticed a problem with the reservation details We apologize. We are unable to book reservations more than 12 months from the current date. We noticed a problem with the reservation details Check-out date is before check-in date.

If you can provide any helpful information, for myself or other travellers, that would be very much appreciated. We met all rUles i. Flying out within 72 hours to japan.

He said whats this stamp my wife replied its a turkish visa i took my mum on a cruise. Refused entry. A us couple behind Us had a thailandbstamp refused………. We decided to take advantage of the Visa free transit To see sites in Beijing for one day. However our flight there stops in nanking for 3. We will not be leaving the airport THERE but it means that we will not be arriving to Beijing from a different country.

Does this void the eligibility? Correct, this voids eligibility. You have to be landing in the international terminal as an international flight.

Once you land in Nanking, you are now a domestic flight. I used to get a yearly visa for China. I have been there 28 times so pretty familiar with the regular visa process. This trip I used the hr visa for the first time, Here is what I learnt, hope this helps someone out there. FYI, I moved to a different hotel during the hr visa time and had no issues.

Overall is was pretty simple. To take advantage of the hour Visa so I have to arrive and depart from the same airport? I found a flight into a Shanghai airport but the best flight leaving is from a different Shanghai airport. Will that be allowed? I am bringing a group of students to tour Beijing and Shanghai six days in Beijing and two in Shanghai. Will the hour visa free apply for our group? This would save my students a lot of money. Beijing and Shanghai are in different zones.

So my airlines just switched our arrival airport from pek to the new pkx. We have tickets already to depart from pek to our next country Thailand within the time allowed for a transfer visa. Will this be a problem now and will I be denied the transit visa? I read some comments elsewhere that suggest that in order to make use of the VISA-free transit you must inform the airline during check-in for your inbound flight, and your luggage cannot be checked through to your final destination.

Is that correct? We are going to leave the airport PEK for just a few hours and dragging along all our luggage would be a bit of a hassle. For visa-free transit, you will need to get your luggage. Thankfully, the airports have paid storage for luggage that you can use.

In the meantime, can i go through China in January in transit enjoying the visa free permit without spending the visa i already applied for? You should, although I would check that the visa you applied for and received was a multi-entry visa. If it was, you can just use that multiple times without any issues! Great article. Does this policy work in reverse? THanks for the help!!

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Stunning Night View of Hongyadong in Chongqing. Beijing Highly advise to spend your days to admire the capital city in China and magnificence of ancient royal family. Shanghai Shanghai Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport both serve you the visa-free transit to enjoy the city highlights. Guilin make a short stay to leisurely enjoy the picturesque karst landscape mountain and water of Guilin.

Guangzhou one of the best gateways for you to transit with a great numbers of international flights crossing by. Chengdu hometown of giant panda, Chengdu the leisure city gives you another life style. Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport serves you to visit the best scenery and culture of the heaven on earth. For instance, if a flight lands in Xi'an via Beijing, passengers are not able to enjoy the policy. In addition, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are regarded as a third region in terms of transit issues.

Only use flights to transfer in China. Passengers using other vehicles including using flight for single trip are not eligible to enjoy the policy. Passport valid for at least 3 months from the date of entry. Actually there are cases that some passengers are denied at the immigration counter because the remaining validity of their passport is not more than 6 months, so it's better to keep your passport valid for at least 6 months to play safe. For example Beijing transit visitors can go to the Great Wall, as it's within Beijing Municipality, but not anywhere outside the Beijing border, e.

If it is only several hours more than the requirements, you can apply to enjoy this policy without waiting. According to the latest information from the airports, the 72 hours are calculated from the following day of the entry date to the scheduled departure time in almost all the airports.

However, if you happen to transfer in Beijing, you had better consult the airport in advance by dialing , just in case that the hour period counts from the scheduled arrival time to the departure time. And this transit permit has to be then registered in a police station in the 24 next hours? What happens if my stay there is only of 20 hours? Can I save myself this registration which is probably time-consuming?

From January 1,China started to implement the Hour Visa-free Transit Policy in 72 hour visa free china shanghai and Shanghai, for citizens from the appointed 45 countries holding connecting flight tickets within 72 hours. Later, more cities shanghal ports of entry have been added in the list. Until now April,there are totally 23 cities in China offering the Hour Transit Free movie streaming apps for iphone Exemption convenience for foreigners from 53 countriesmost are major tourist cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guilin, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, etc. To apply 72 hour visa free china shanghai the Hour Transit Visa Exemption, foreigners have to meet 3 crucial requirements. And there is also strict restriction of ports of entry and exit. See the shabghai visa free country list below. You should check the basic condition before departure. Upon arrival, the immigration officer at the entry port will check fref nationality to see if you are qualified to apply. A passport is the proof of your citizenship, which widely recognized in the world. Aliens are required to hold personal valid passport or other valid international travel documents. Note: Fere will vissa 72 hour visa free china shanghai granted visa-free transit, if your passport travel document is valid for less than 3 months, or have visa refusal stamp. Applicants need to present connecting flight, vessel, train ticket to a third country region with confirmed seat and date within 72 hours. It is a necessary evidence for your short-term visa-free transit in China. You can NOT use the policy if you arrival in China without exit ticket for leaving, or your last and next destination is the same. Via, foreign shanghxi need to exit from designated ports as regulated. At that time, the 72 hour visa free china shanghai passengers are only allowed to enter from aviation ports and move within administrative 72 hour visa free china shanghai of Beijing or Shanghai. Later, the 72 hour visa free china shanghai Transit Visa Exemption was 72 hour visa free china shanghai to Guangzhou, Chengdu and more cities, more ports and larger area of movement. Now, it applies to nations from 53 foreign countries in 4 continents, which is precisely the same list of Hour Visa-free Transit game of thrones season 8 ep 2 stream free. Once meet the requirements, aliens can get a transit visa-free travel in one of 23 Chinese citieseven continue your journey to another country region. For transit trip to Guilin, Harbin and Changhsacheck the following guide to plan your business, travel or family trip to the cities in China. Guilin Liangjiang International Airport is the only port for entry and exit. After entering, chiha are only allowed to stay administrative area of Guilin. 72 hour visa free china shanghai Passport holders of following the 53 countries can enjoy hours visa-free Transit via Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Pudong. It's possible to enjoy the hour visa-free policy if transiting through the (Now, as an alternative, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Beijing. Under the hour visa-free transit rule, no visa is required for international to 72 hours while transiting via Beijing Capital Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport. The hour Transit Visa Exemption was first introduced to three cities in East China's Shanghai-Jiangsu-Zhejiang area: Hangzhou, Shanghai. No visa? No problem. China currently offers a hour visa-free stay to air travellers stopping over in Beijing, Guangzhou or Shanghai on their way to another. Beijing, China. Level Contributor. 15, posts. 1. Re: Can you do hour visa free in Shanghai twice in a month. 4 years ago. Save. Yes, there is no limit on. If you are flying in to: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shenyang,Dalian, Xi'an, Guilin, Kunming, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Xiamen, Harbin, Tianjin. From January 1, , China started to implement the Hour Visa-free Transit Policy in Beijing and Shanghai, for citizens from the appointed 45 countries. This usually happens at an airport, but in some cases can be done through a seaport or train station. Beijing, Shanghai*† – hour visa-free by. When done, you get a QR code which can be scanned in the Arrival area in Shanghai and which then prints the arrival card. The destination and place of departure cannot be the same. Hi josh, please can you let me know do we eligible to get a hours transit visa. Charmaine says:. To take advantage of the hour Visa so I have to arrive and depart from the same airport? Has anyone done this type of a trip? If you can provide any helpful information, for myself or other travellers, that would be very much appreciated. For this reason, I recommend printing out something like this news item from Xinhua to explain visa-free entry. Step 3: If approved, your valid passport will be pasted a short-term stay permit a paster by the officer. Very important to note. 72 hour visa free china shanghai