44 svt free fr jpg 5 htm

44 svt free fr jpg 5 htm

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Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Education. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Further Issuances. Form and Denomination. Except in limited circumstances, the notes will be issued in the form of global notes. Beneficial interests in the global notes will. Governing Law. London Paying Agent.

An investment in the notes involves risk. Risk Factors Related to the Notes. Dollar or other currency occurring after such declaration; and. Risks Relating to Pesos as Currency of Payments. You should consult your financial, legal and tax advisers as to the specific risks of investing in securities that are denominated and payable in a currency other than the currency of the country in which you are resident or in which you conduct your business.

For U. Dollar would be the home currency. The notes are not appropriate investments for investors who do not understand foreign currency exchange risks. Exchange rates between the Peso and other currencies vary significantly from period to period. Historical exchange rates are not necessarily indicative of future changes in rates and should not be relied upon as indicative of future trends. Exchange rates can be volatile and unpredictable.

If the Peso depreciates against your home currency, the effective yield on the notes, measured in your home currency, will be less than the interest rate on the notes, and the amount payable on the notes at maturity may be less than your investment in home country terms, resulting in a loss to you.

Depreciation of the Peso against your home currency could also adversely affect the market value of the notes. Mexican governmental policy or action could adversely affect the exchange rate between the Peso and other currencies, which may, in turn, negatively affect the market value of the notes as well as, in home currency terms, the yield on the notes and the amount payable on the notes at maturity. Thus, a special risk in purchasing.

Table of Contents the notes is that their liquidity, trading value and amount payable could be affected by the actions of sovereign governments that could change or interfere with previously freely determined currency valuations, fluctuations in response to other market forces and the movement of currencies across borders.

There will be no offsetting adjustment or change made during the term of the notes in the event that the exchange rate between Pesos and any other currency should become fixed. Nor will there be any offsetting adjustment or change in the event of any devaluation or revaluation or imposition of exchange or other regulatory controls or taxes or in the event of other developments affecting the Peso. Exchange rate movements are also influenced significantly from time to time by political or economic developments, and by macroeconomic factors and speculative actions related to the Peso or other currencies.

All of these factors are in turn sensitive to the monetary, fiscal and trade policies pursued by the governments of Mexico and the United States and other countries important to international trade and finance. Fluctuations in the exchange rates between the Peso and your home currency could affect the value of your interest and principal payments measured in your home currency as well as the value of the notes in the secondary market.

The Mexican government currently does not restrict, and for many years has not restricted, the right or ability of Mexican or foreign persons or entities to convert Pesos into another currency or to transfer other currencies out of Mexico.

However, the government could institute restrictive exchange rate policies or regulations which could result in depreciation of the Peso against your home currency, resulting in a reduced yield to holders of the notes, a possible loss on your investment in the notes and a possible decline in the market value of the notes. In addition, any restrictive exchange controls could impair our ability to make payments on the notes in accordance with the terms of the notes. We estimate that the net proceeds from the sale of the notes will be approximately Ps.

This table assumes that no indebtedness is repaid using the net proceeds of the notes offered hereby. Information in the following table presented in U. Dollar amounts are translated from the Peso amounts, solely for the convenience of the reader, at an exchange rate of Ps. Current debt, other debt and finance lease obligation. Banco Mercantil del Norte loan. Other debt. Total current debt.

Current portion of satellite transponder lease obligation. Total current capital lease obligation. Long-term debt, other debt and finance lease obligation.

Notes offered hereby. Banamex loan due and BBVA Bancomer loan due Banamex loan due 4. Banco Mercantil del Norte loan due HSBC loan due Other debt due Total long-term debt. Satellite transponder lease obligation, net of current portion. Total long-term capital lease obligation. Total capitalization. The following summary of certain provisions of the indenture and the notes does not purport to be complete and is subject to, and qualified in its entirety by, reference to the provisions of the indenture, including the definitions of certain terms contained in the indenture.

Capitalized terms not defined in this section of the prospectus supplement have meanings as set forth in the indenture. We will file a copy of the indenture with the U. Securities and Exchange Commission. Upon request, we will provide you with a copy of the indenture. The indenture does not limit the aggregate principal amount of senior debt securities which may be issued under the indenture and provides that Televisa may issue senior debt securities from time to time in one or more series.

The notes will be unsecured senior obligations of Televisa. The notes and the additional notes, if any, will be treated as a single series for all purposes of the indenture, including waivers and amendments.

The notes will bear interest at the rate of 7. Interest payable at maturity will be payable to the person to whom principal will be payable on that date. Interest on the notes will be calculated on the basis of the actual number of days elapsed during the relevant interest period and a day year. The maturity date for the notes is May 14, The notes will not be subject to any sinking fund.

The notes will be issued only in registered form without coupons and in minimum denominations of Ps. In the event that, as a result of certain changes in law affecting Mexican withholding taxes, Televisa becomes obliged to pay additional amounts in excess of those attributable to a Mexican withholding tax rate of 4. Ranking and Holding Company Structure. We are a holding company with no significant operating assets other than through our ownership of shares of our subsidiaries and cash and cash equivalents.

We receive substantially all of our operating income from our subsidiaries. The notes will be solely our unsecured senior obligations ranking pari passu among themselves and with other unsecured senior obligations, including the 8. Claims of creditors of our subsidiaries, including trade creditors and banks and other lenders, will have priority over the claims of holders of the notes with respect to the assets of our subsidiaries.

As of March 31, , on a non-consolidated basis, Televisa had Ps. These liabilities include Ps. Payment of Purchase Price. You are required to pay for the purchase of the notes in Mexican Pesos. The agents or the underwriters may, in their discretion and upon your request, arrange for the conversion of a payment in U.

All conversions will be made by the agents or the underwriters at the applicable exchange rate quoted by them in their absolute discretion and on the terms that they may from time to time establish in accordance with their regular foreign exchange practice. Currency of Payments. Televisa will pay principal, interest and any other amounts due in respect of the notes in Mexican Pesos. Investors with accounts that cannot accept payments on notes in Mexican Pesos must determine how to convert these payments into U.

Your financial institution may automatically convert payments from Mexican Pesos into U. You will be responsible for paying all commissions and fees related to any currency conversion with respect to any payment on the notes. Table of Contents Payments on the Global Notes. For notes issued in global form, Televisa will make payments on the notes in accordance with the applicable procedures of the depositary and any relevant clearing system as in effect from time to time.

Under those procedures, Televisa will make payments directly to the depositary, or its nominee, and not to any indirect holders who own beneficial interests in a global note. Payments on Certificated Notes. All payments by check may be made in next-day funds, that is, funds that become available on the day after the check is cashed.

Televisa will pay interest due on the maturity date or a redemption date of a certificated note to the person to whom payment of the principal and premium, if any, will be made. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a holder of Ps. Any wire transfer instructions received by the trustee will remain in effect until revoked by the holder.

All monies paid by Televisa to the trustee or any paying agent for the payment of principal of, and premium and interest on, any note which remains unclaimed for two years after the principal, premium or interest is due and payable may be repaid to Televisa and, after that payment, the holder of the note will look only to Televisa for payment.

Form of Notes, Clearing and Settlement. Book-entry interests in the notes and all transfers relating to the notes will be reflected in the book-entry records of Clearstream and Euroclear.

Holders of notes may own beneficial interests in the global security through the facilities of S. Indeval is a privately owned securities depositary that is authorized and acts as a clearinghouse, depositary and central custodian for securities in Mexico. As such, Indeval provides settlement and transfer services and is the registration agent for Mexican securities transactions, eliminating the need for physical transfer of securities. Holders who own beneficial interests in the notes through Indeval may be required to certify as to their residency in accordance with the procedures of Indeval.

Table of Contents The distribution of the notes will be carried out through Clearstream and Euroclear. Any secondary market trading of book-entry interests in the notes will take place through participants in Clearstream and Euroclear and will settle in same-day funds.

Owners of book-entry interests in the notes will receive payments relating to their notes in Mexican Pesos. Clearstream and Euroclear have established electronic securities and payment transfer, processing, depositary and custodial links among themselves and others, either directly or through custodians and depositaries. These links allow securities to be issued, held and transferred among the clearing systems without the physical transfer of certificates.

Special procedures to facilitate clearance and settlement have been established among these clearing systems to trade securities across borders in the secondary market. We have no responsibility for any aspect of the records kept by Clearstream or Euroclear or any of their direct or indirect participants.

We do not supervise these systems in any way. Clearstream and Euroclear and their participants perform these clearance and settlement functions under agreements they have made with one another or with their customers. You should be aware that they are not obligated to perform or continue to perform these procedures and may modify them or discontinue them at any time.

Except as provided below, owners of beneficial interest in the notes will not be entitled to have the notes registered in their names, will not receive or be entitled to receive physical delivery of the notes in definitive form and will not be considered the owners or holders of the notes under the indenture governing the notes, including for purposes of receiving any reports delivered by us or the trustee pursuant to the indenture.

Accordingly, each person owning a beneficial interest in a note must rely on the procedures of Clearstream and Euroclear and, if that person is not a participant, on the procedures of the participant through which that person owns its interest, in order to exercise any rights of a holder of notes. This description of the clearing systems reflects our understanding of the rules and procedures of Clearstream and Euroclear as they are currently in effect. These systems could change their rules and procedures at any time.

We have obtained the information in this section concerning Clearstream and Euroclear and their book-entry systems and procedures from sources that we believe to be reliable, but we take no responsibility for the accuracy of this information.

Clearstream and Euroclear. Wotchoko P. Open Geosciences, 8, 1, Nomade S. Quaternary International, , , Addendum, Carpathian J. Earth Environm. Itiga Z. Arabian J. Geosciences, 7, 11, Platevoet B.

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